The city of Lost Souls was given that nickname for a reason; in a world of ghosts, many were found haunting the city at almost all times. Even having a dark Pokémon nearby didn't guarantee the safety of any resident in the city. Many lessons about the ghosts of this town were given daily to people of all ages. No-one wanted to die, and many ghosts were killers.

However, one of the most frightening ghosts for families was Duskull. Out of all the ghosts, Duskull were one of the most difficult to stop. Relentlessly, they would hunt down their prey until the sun came up. No matter how much they were hurt, the Duskull would usually find a way if the prey and its guardians weren't careful. Yet the horrifying thing was that the Duskull's prey was children. That's right; children.

More often than not, children disappearing would appear in the news. It happened most every day. A good portion of people try to avoid children at all costs for fear of suddenly losing them to a Duskull one day. When a Duskull crisis happened anywhere else, only few would be able to know what happened when their child was suddenly gone. But, at Lost Souls, everyone knew what it meant when a child was gone.

It meant the child misbehaved. It meant the child wasn't listening. It meant the child wasn't minding their parents. It meant the child was being a bad kid. That made them a target for the Duskull's hunt.

The child would be in their room all bitter from their parents' yelling while sitting on their bed. For protection, one of their parents might be with them along with a Pokémon. All of it would be vain, and it would be shown when the laughter was heard. Tensing up, all those who were in the room would be searching frantically for the source. Duskull was there, ready to take the child.

"W-What's going on?" was the usual question they would ask. Before an answer could come, the child would be pulled down into the ground. The Pokémon and parent would try to make a grab for their child, but it'd be too late. They'd miss, but only just barely. Only a finger would be grazed, but grips were rare. Almost always, the child would be gone. The parents would never see them again, nor would anyone else.

Few know what happened after a Duskull took away a child, but many claimed to have heard crying when walking around in the dead of night. Some laughter was faintly heard as well, presumably from the spirits that haunted the city. A key note was that the laughter was coming from the same vicinity as the crying. Whenever someone went to check, however, they would find nothing. Just an empty area void of visible life. Whatever was there, if anything, was unseen.

Just like the ghosts of this town.