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This is the continuation of Rise of the Black Prince.

An exert from the diary of Evelyn Futaba nee vi Britannia

February 26, 2027

It has been six years since the end of the war that divided Britannia and the world. Since then there has mostly peace. Although there are many factors that threaten that peace. Many mistakes were made in the war. Mistakes that are being paid for now. Mistakes that will be paid for in the future.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana

January 1, 2023, Neo-Pendragon, Holy Empire of Britannia

Lelouch and Kallen are recuperating from Milly's New Year's Day festivities. Of course Lelouch takes the time to discuss some business.

"What is your assessment of the ambassador and his staff?" Lelouch questions.

"The ambassador is a buffoon. His military advisor is an idealistic moron."

"What about the other group?"

Kallen understands that Lelouch is referring to Layla Makal and her small group of Japanese soldiers.

"The six Japanese mercenaries are solid considering who trained them. Lady Makal is unique. She dislikes her Britannian heritage and admires Japanese culture."

Lelouch smirks, "So she is s nicer version of you only with blonde hair."

Kallen nods in slight annoyance.

"Yes, you do realize that she is only being nice to you because it is part of her mission."

"Just admit that you are glad that they are back."

"Do you know where they were sent?"

"Yes, to take care of a small group of German dissidents that were led by the former German chancellor. Nothing major really. They have to make sure that Germany is following the company line."

"So that they can help control the Russians."

Lelouch grins, "Something like that. I hear the old chancellor is even getting back into politics. Democracy, what a silly notion."

Kallen grunts, "I wouldn't go that far, but it seems a little odd for them to allow someone like that get back in the government."

"He isn't all that bad. He just hates Britannia with all his being. Something about how we are an abomination to humanity. I kind of like that old guy. Too bad he is so old."

Before Kallen can respond, Anya steps into the room.

"The guest is here, Your Majesty."

"Send him in and call Gino. There is something that I need him to attend to."

"As you wish, Your Majesty."

Anya exits the room.

"Milly is going to be furious that you left her party to work," Kallen remarks.

"Don't worry I can handle Milly."

Kallen does not respond because Mohammed Shennib steps into the room.

"Did you enjoy your trip, Mr. Shennib?" Lelouch inquires.

"It was interesting, Your Majesty," the Arab man responds, "I will begin my report because I assume that your time is valuable."

"Yes, that would be prudent. I suppose that you need to return as soon as possible."

"We are slowly building up our force because it is becoming apparent that the EU is supporting several rebel groups."

Lelouch nods in agreement.

"Yes, they have been pushing for some form of autonomy for North Africa and the Middle East. Their latest proposal calls for several small city-states throughout North Africa while leaving the empty spaces of the Sahara open to nomadic people."

"As well as leaving routes open to the rest of Africa," Kallen remarks.

"You do have on advantage, Your Majesty," Mohammed comments, "You have more trained and skilled soldiers," Mohammed glances at Kallen, "Although your wives are untrained, yet are very skilled warriors."

Lelouch's glance lets Mohammed know that it is not wise to compare the skill of Lelouch's wives.

"Continue with your current stance of a united Middle East and northern Africa," Lelouch states, "At some point I may have to concede to the EU's idea of setting up several different states in the area."

"That will lead to competition between the various factions," Mohammed comments, "I will return to gather my forces in preparation."

"Will you return to Tripoli?"

"That seems to be the most practical move. I know the area well."

"Very well. I will continue to monitor things from here."

Mohammed hands Lelouch several reports and leaves the room.

"How is that man still alive?" Kallen asks.

"Because he has the eye of the tiger," Lelouch replies. He notices Kallen's glare and decides to give another answer, "It must be luck. He probably carries a rabbit's foot in his pocket or a four leaf clover."

CC, who has been sitting in the corner eating pizza, decides to give her opinion.

"His name must be Mohmamme D Shennib. People have just been saying his name wrong all these years."

Lelouch snickers at the green haired girl's answer. Kallen moves her glare towards the pizza lover.

"However he remains alive, these reports do not indicate good news. Perhaps it is time that I return to Asia."

"Aren't things still tenuous here?" CC asks, "I don't think Asia is the problem. Perhaps you need to send some spies into the EU."

"Yes, just like they sent that little blonde strumpet here to seduce you," Kallen remarks.

"Strumpet," Lelouch comments, "And I thought I was old fashioned. I will look into the matter. If I cannot find someone suitable, then, CC, you will have to head back to Europe. For now there are other more important issues to deal with."

Lelouch goes to a nearby map of Africa.

"We are going to have to wait for Karine to give us an opening to invade," Lelouch states, "Of course we will have to find a way to deal with Theseus as well."

South Pole

Charles is bidding his time. In fact time is something that is very much on his side. One day he will have his revenge. One day he will return to destroy Lelouch's world. At that moment he will bring despair upon his favorite son.

There are many things he wonders about. There are several individuals that he has not been able to speak with in the Thought Elevator. It makes him wonder about what is going on in the world. He is not ready to get involved. This is because he does not have enough support or weaponry. However this does not stop GG trying to get back in the game. Charles wonders how she was ever able to get her code. Out of the eight bearers, GG appears to be the most useless physically. If for some reason she ever got in a fight with little James, Charles would bet on his grandson. Of course the little guy has some awesome genes. Still Charles cannot allow a potential ally to simply go out into a very dangerous world.

January 5, Buenos Aires, Semi-Autonomous Republic of South America (Area 6)

The rain continues to pour down harder with each passing second. It is raining so hard that Karine le Britannia can barely see her destination. In her younger years Karine would have ordered one of her servants to make the rain stop, however now it provides her aid. For one it is quite difficult for satellites to see through the clouds. Secondly it allows Karine to cover up without having to be ashamed. Naturally this also makes spotting her difficult. Karine is meeting with Theseus to discuss potential actions.

Karine's ship completes docking at the port. If not for the rain, she would be traveling by submarine. She would probably also be landing at a more discrete location. Traveling along with her is Salacia Ravenguard, the former Knight of Five. Not only is Salacia better than Thorin at most things, but most people would find her attractive. Karine happens to know many of her brothers have a thing for female knights. She wonders if Odysseus ever got Dorothea Ernst into his bed.

Of course Theseus does not come out to meet Karine. Being several years older he imagines that this makes him more important. If that were the case, then Lelouch would not be emperor. In reality Theseus is only here because Lelouch once trusts him. Also because Lelouch knows that he can crush Theseus any time that he wants. The issue is that due to the current world sentiment, Lelouch would not simply attack without cause.

Karine glances at the person that Theseus sends to pick her up. Karine assumes that the woman must be Theseus' assistant because she certainly fits the profile of what he likes. Even though Karine is the one making the trip, she is really in a much better position than Theseus. She has better soldiers and is further from the Homeland. Although at some point she will have to do something about South Africa. No matter what Karine has to remember to force Theseus to commit to action in the Pacific. Along with the EU, they must keep pressure on Lelouch.

January 6, Marseille, France, European Union

CC wishes that Sayoko was available for this mission. Her infiltrating skills would be a huge asset; however the Japanese woman is pregnant. Still CC has her own trained team of spies. The most important issue to remember is that they can take their time. Little by little, CC and her team will earn the trust of locals. She spends most of her days looking over her roster of spies looking for possibilities. However even in peace, the EU is cautious. After all, China and Japan were not conquered by Britannia, but by Lelouch and his abilities and charm so CC cannot simply use the natives of East Asia as spies. No longer can she depend on her code to help her survive through tricky situations since Alice has it now. CC must use her brains, wits, and survival instincts which Lelouch humorously points out have been resting for centuries. CC is not at all amused by this comment.

CC continues her inspection of her team's abilities and skills. While she has been working with them for over a year, she is still getting to know them. Little by little they will begin infiltrating throughout the EU to gather information on everything. Lelouch wants to know about the military and civilian situation. He wants to know about the personal lives of the people. That is what made his conquests of Japan and China almost bloodless, he knows the people. In this case it will be up to CC to get to know the people. That is the reason why she chooses Marseille as her base of operations. Paris, Rome, London, etc. get all the press and tourism, but Marseille with its Mediterranean coast provides the opportunities that CC needs. It also has a reputation of being the home to Europe's underground activities.

CC casually glances at a report dealing with the possibility of using refrain. CC knows a little about the drug since it is technically illegal in Britannia. That does not mean that Lelouch has his agents destroy captured quantities or that his labs are not creating newer, more potent versions of the drug. This also does not take into account stores of the drug not in Britannia or that Lelouch does not know about. As CC thinks about her next course of action, she realizes that Lelouch has much more control over Britannia than Charles could ever dream. While Charles dominated through fear and his aloof personality, Lelouch dominates through knowledge and efficiency. One simply cannot tell the Emperor to mind his own business unless that person is his wife of course.

CC decides to do some investigating.

"Achilles, Moira, let's go do some reconnaissance."

CC smirks at the code names her team uses. To make things much more realistic and plausible, they each select an area of Europe or Africa that has been ravaged by Britannia. Unfortunately Asia is off limits since a lot of people there are happy with Lelouch as their ruler. Naturally they have to spend months perfectly their look and tongues in more ways than one.

"What are we looking for, Cecilia?" Achilles asks in Britannian English influenced, Greek accented French. Of course only a language expert would be able to tell the difference.

"For ways to smuggle things into the port," Cecilia responds in French, "We need to begin to make those sorts of contacts."

"Polý kalá," Achilles responds. When Moira raises an eyebrow, he responds in French, "It sounds like a good idea."

"Anything we should be looking for?" Moira asks in horrible French. This is not because she is not fluent in the language but because her background is that of an Irish peasant.

"Nothing major," Cecilia replies, "Just look for opportunities. The others will begin doing the same when they arrive. For the moment time is a luxury that we do have."

As they leave the apartment, they make sure to lock their room. Unlike others living in the area, they have valuables to protect. Obviously CC would much rather be living in a posh flat or house, however neither of those scenarios helps their cause. Perhaps one of their other team members will get to live the high life. For now they will have to make do. The three other members of their team live across the hall, but for the moment there is very little interaction between the two cells. This makes CC wonder how many other espionage cells Lelouch has throughout the world, and if the enemy is thinking about such matters as well. However none of those things matter to CC, she has a mission and that is her focus.

"Let's go," Cecilia commands.

January 7, Richmond, Virginia, Holy Empire of Britannia

Life for Sophie Wood and Miya Himmick like that of all minor nobility and wealthy Britannians is strange. The new emperor has been going after the high nobility, the military, and wealthy individuals that oppose him so anyone that is wise would pledge their allegiance to the new ruler at least publicly. In private things may be different. Of course one has to be careful who they talk to such matters about. The girls are also lucky to have found a new purpose in life. They found Jamison and Olivia Cardemonde. They give the girls a bit of hope and something extra. For the moment they must keep quiet and allow for things to develop. They will also have to find a way to

January 8, West Point, New York, Holy Empire of Britannia

Lelouch is touring the newly constructed facilities at the Britannian Military Academy. He is being accompanied by junior members of his cabinet and military staff. Cornelia, Jeremiah, and other high ranking military and government officials are touring new facilities at The Citadel, Los Angeles Military Academy, Colorado Springs Knightmare Academy, New Tokyo Naval Academy, and Neo-Pendragon Proving Grounds.

"As you can see, Your Majesty, the new facilities are now fully operational and just as you requested" Assistant Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld states.

Lelouch nods "You have done well here. About your reports perhaps it would be better to go over them at a later time. Maybe at dinner. My assistant will make the arrangements."

"Thank you for the time," Assistant Minister Rumsfeld remarks, "The cadet you requested to see is waiting in the Superintendent's office."

"Thank you, Mr. Rumsfeld. Miss Futaba will make the necessary arrangements."

Lelouch and his entourage walk towards the superintendent's office. He finds it amusing that if anything should happen, he is much safer than the dozen or so people protecting him. Although he does credit their efforts. Most of the cadets maintain a respectful distance though many are in awe of his presence as emperor and soldier.

The young cadet waiting for Lelouch quickly stands and salutes him.

"As you were, Cadet Futaba," Lelouch states, "I only have a few moments to make sure you are okay" Lelouch grins wickedly, "Evelyn is quite worried about you."

Jinta Futaba keeps his composure as well as anyone dating the younger sister of the most powerful person on Earth. Of course Jinta also knows about Lelouch's skills as a soldier.

"You may inform the Princess that I am being treated as well as any soldier in the service of Britannia."

"Yes, I believe that is what she is worried about," Lelouch remarks with a sigh, "Just continue doing your best and all will turn out well."

It concerns Lelouch quite a bit that Evelyn is becoming girly since officially dating Jinta. It is not that much of a problem since Nunnally, Euphemia, and Cornelia have varying degrees of femininity, however their significant others are very skilled warriors. Lelouch is concerned that Evelyn is lowering her standards to connect better with Jinta who not only as some amazing in-laws to compete with, but some important siblings. Lelouch signals for Jinta to exit the office.

Once Jinta is outside he lets out a slight sigh. Quite unfortunate for him, he falls in love with the sister of the man who becomes Emperor of Britannia. Even as the wars that put Lelouch in such a position occur, Jinta think very little of it. After all he is simply a Japanese commoner, but soon he discovers that his family has a history with Lelouch vi Britannia. Then his sisters and brother become some of Lelouch's most trusted confidants. Jinta still does not understand it.

"Hey Futaba."

Jinta is too lost in thought and does not hear his fellow cadet call him.

"Hey Futaba."

Again Jinta does not hear.

"Hey vi Britannia."

Naturally that catches Jinta's attention. It causes quite a commotion when the twelve year old princess makes a visit to West Point a few months again. Many assume that she wants to follow her brother's footsteps and attend the jr. academy. However most of Jinta's squad mates discover that Evelyn is here to see him.

"What do you want Longstreet?" Jinta inquires of his fellow cadet.

"Did you meet the emperor?"

It has always been quite fascinating to Jinta that others hold Lelouch vi Britannia in such awe. To Jinta, he has always been the person is sleeping with one of his sisters and placing his brother in dangerous situations. It certainly bothers the remaining nobles and wealthy of Britannia that Lelouch's other sister is also involved with a Japanese boy.

With most of the princes dead and the princesses marginalized, Evelyn, Castor, and Pollux become the topic of much speculation. Cornelia has the military. Euphemia marries Lelouch. Isabelle marries Gino Weinberg. Nunnally marries Suzaku. Naturally the three young vi Britannias are sources of contention. The rumors of the twins marrying the Sforza twins in the future has many nobles upset since the Sforza family is already connected to the imperial family through Isabelle's mother.

James Longstreet VI clears his throat.

"He didn't threaten to send you to Antarctica or anything."

"No, he didn't say much of anything," Jinta says with a sigh as he looks James in the eye, "It is a little frightening because he could snap my neck if I make his little sister cry."

James chuckles, "Why would he do that? Doesn't he have men to take care of situations like that?"

"For someone who admires him so much you know very little about him."

"Well, unfortunately some of us are not worthy enough to be graced by the glory of his Imperial Majesty," James says in a mocking manner.

Jinta grins, "What would your father said if he heard in speak about the emperor in such a tone."

"Ah well my father does have men to take care of that."

"Let's go before his Royal Cadetness puts a mark by our name."

James twists his mouth at the title they have given to their squad leader.

"What do you think she would be like if she did attend?" James asks.

Jinta decides to take the question seriously for once.

"I suppose she would act like a shorter, younger version of her brother, and since she is a girl Jeremiah and Sayoko would be stationed here," Jinta pauses, "You seriously do not want to fuck with Jeremiah and Sayoko. Hell the Emperor doesn't like messing with Jeremiah and Sayoko."

Jinta and James reach their barracks.

"Futaba, Longstreet, where have you been?" William Tecumseh Sherman II demands.

"We were in conference with the Emperor, Squad Leader Sir," James responds, "He wanted to know what we thought about the new knightmares."

"Very funny, Longstreet. You know if it wasn't because of your father you would be out of here."

Jinta finds it amusing that both cadets are named after generals from a previous Britannian civil war from the last century. Although his friend is one of several to carry the name while their squad captain is only the second. This must weigh heavily on the teenage boy.

Before the situation goes any further, several well dressed men with sunglasses and earpieces enter the room. Jinta knows that this means that Lelouch is entering their barracks, but he lets the squad leader call the men to attention.

Lelouch enters his former barracks accompanied by several of the academy and defense ministry staff.

"I see you left the new cadet barracks in much the same condition" Lelouch states.

"Yes Your Majesty, we felt that the new cadets would gain experience from the lack of comfort and space."

Lelouch looks around and finally looks at the squad leader. The cadet looks nervous under the glare of the most powerful man on Earth. Most people when first meeting Lelouch remark that he looks too young to hold such power. Although many of the cadets of the jr. academy have been hearing about Lelouch's exploits for most of their lives.

"I understand that tomorrow is you have your first match of the season. It will be an honor to attend."

When William does not immediately respond, Jinta nudges him.

"The honor is completely ours, Your Majesty. You will not disappoint me. You are my biggest fan."

Lelouch smiles, "See, colonel, and you thought they would be nervous," Lelouch turns towards the exit, "As you were gentlemen. I assume that you need your rest."

The cadets all sigh in relief. James winks at Jinta while their squad leader stays motionless.

"Squad leader sir," Jinta states, "We are already late for practice."

William Tecumseh Sherman II quickly regains his composure.

"Come on, you lugs. We do not want to disappoint the emperor tomorrow."

Jinta sighs as his squad heads for their last full practice. In a week, they will cease to be new cadets and be drafted into squads of the jr. academy. Jinta glances over at the battle hall that has the emperor's name in giant letters. He knows that it is thusly names because of Lelouch's accomplishments during his three years at the jr. academy. The actual battle ground is also named after the Knight of Two because of the same reason.

James grins as they prepare to enter the practice ground.

"In ten years, they will name buildings after us."

"Yes, the James Longstreet VI Unemployment Office does have a nice ring," Jinta states.

They chuckle for a few seconds before the assistant squad leaders get them involved in practice.

Lelouch looks over the information from the Defense Ministry before dinner.

"Are you certain about these photographs, Mr. Rumsfeld?"

"Yes Your Majesty. These satellite images are from the northern region of Area 6."

"You can confirm that these are gold mines."

"Yes, Your Majesty. A few convert operatives under the direction of Lady Gottwald (Sayoko) managed to inspect the area themselves. Unfortunately, as you know, she cannot see to the matter herself."

"Very well. I shall look over the information tonight and will formulate a plan before I return to Neo-Pendragon."

Lelouch ends the meeting to rest. He has agreed to view the next day's activities at West Point and does not want to be late.

January 9, Greenland

Salzaar Gluten is considering his next move. Staying true to his loyalties, he comes north to join Prince Schniezel's faction. He is still unsure what to think about the motley assortment of allies that Schniezel has. The unofficial or secret allies are the most interesting. Salzaar is still unsure what to think about Lelouch's purge of the moderate nobles who normally would be backing Schniezel.

As Salzaar wanders aimlessly around the complex (in what is his attempt to throw off any potential spies from the minor nobles), he bumps into the entourage of Princess Maribelle mel Britannia.

"Oh Lord Gluten, can I have a moment of your time?"

"Of course, your highness. I was not doing anything in particular," Salzaar responds, "Perhaps we could confer in one of the meeting rooms."

Following Salzaar and the princess into the room are her Glinda Knights. The Glinda Knights are an anti-terrorist unit created by Princess Maribelle mel Britannia under the supervision and support of Prince Schniezel. Of course now they have nothing to do.

"How may I be of assistance, your highness?" Salzaar asks.

"To be perfectly honest, Lord Gluten, we would to see more action from this group," Maribelle replies, "Our numbers are growing. While Lelouch is allowing parts of Britannia to slip away, we sit and do nothing. We must make a move if we are to preserve Britannia."

Having served Schniezel for years, Salzaar has spent some time in the presence of the royal family especially Lelouch. The issue for the Glinda Knights is that they have nothing to do since Luciano chases them out of Africa.

"Unfortunately your highness, you must understand that we are in no condition to engage in any major conflicts. We must choose our operations carefully."

"Very well, Lord Gluten," Maribelle states grudgingly, "but we will not wait long."

Salzaar nods and excuses himself. For almost two years he has been dealing with Schniezel's moodiness and Maribelle's impatience. He certainly is not prepared for this sort of situation. He only makes the Knights of the Round because of some unexpected losses to the group. Still the princess is right, at some point they will have to make a move if they want to be taken seriously. Eventually Lelouch will continue on his path. Unlike Kannon Maldini, Salzaar will not wait eternally for Schniezel. He does have his limits.

January 10, Federal Military District of Panama

Luciano and Aphrodite are arriving at the new home which happens to be a former vacation home for the viceroy of Area 3. Even though they are technically retired, Luciano and Aphrodite are former Knights of the Round. Some might consider it confrontational to place such dangerous individuals so close to a contested area.

"Snookums, what color should we paint the walls?" Aphrodite asks.

"Blood red," Luciano answers.

"I was also thinking of getting some tapestries and paintings to make it look nicer."

"The Emperor sent me this nice painting of us massacring a village in Africa."

"Well I was hoping for something cheerier."

Luciano shrugs his shoulders.

"Well here's one of us playing with a bunch of children."


"No, I'm just kidding. It's another village massacre."

"You guys are really sick."

"Hey don't look at me. I just posed for the paintings. He had them commissioned."

Aphrodite looks out the window towards the Britannia Canal. Despite the improvement in airship technology, there are still thousands of sea ships used for transport.

"How soon do you think he will put us into action?" Aphrodite asks.

"Whenever he needs us."

"That isn't very comforting."

Luciano shrugs his shoulders once more.

January 11, 2023, secret military base between Neo-Pendragon and Pendragon (Neo-Pendragon Proving grounds)

Lloyd Asplund is going over his notes. Cecile is busy putting the finishing touches on the latest series of specialized knightmares. Since the end of hostilities between the different Britannian factions and the EU, Lloyd and Cecile have been able to work in peace. Instead of making adaptations to the previous series of knightmares, they are starting from scratch. They also have two young apprentices, Castor and Pollux vi Britannia. Lloyd does not see anything wrong with ten year old boys having delusions of grandeur. Cecile finds it cute. It helps that the twins are rich and have rich girlfriends. In addition they have access to one of the most brilliant young minds in all of Britannia.

Evelyn is walking towards Lloyd and Cecile's lab. Unfortunately she has no choice but to bring Emily and Miranda with her. She knows Castor and Pollux are here somewhere, but having there girlfriends tagalong is a little much. As if it is not enough that she is going through the early stages of puberty in an effort to make Jinta fell more manly, Evelyn has decided to act more girly much to the disappoint of those that expect her to be the second coming of her mother or brother (depending on whose opinion it is).

"Isn't it exciting?" Emily asks, "Castor says that Dr. Lloyd is going to look at their preliminary knightmare plans today."

"I know, Pollux told me the same thing," Miranda says.

Evelyn groans, "I am certain that those are supposed to be secret plans."

Emily and Miranda twist their mouths and roll their eyes. Evelyn sighs but does not bother to turn around. Her favorite method of dealing with her future sisters-in law is to ignore them. She does not understand how her brothers are able to find such perfect matches even at such a young age. Jinta's complete averageness does not help out in this family. Most of Lelouch's wives are quite amazing at everything. Except for a little naiveté, Suzaku is also pretty awesome.

Cecile notices that Lloyd has that look in his eye when a new specimen. Of course when said specimens are a princess and two future princess-consorts, things can get a little tricky. Of course that would only be happen if Lloyd was a normal person. Being who he is, Lloyd cannot help but get excited over potential pilots. Cecile decides to begin before Lloyd says something silly.

"Your highness, thank you for coming," Cecile comments, "We are just finishing preparations for the test."

"Take your time, Cecile," Evelyn says with a smile, "We have time."

Cecile nods and returns to her work.

Evelyn observes that Emily and Miranda have wandered off, probably in search of Castor and Pollux She sees some commotion on the other side of the room and wonders what it could be. Lloyd and Cecile's lab is basically a giant knightmare warehouse. It is very much their element. Evelyn has seen other workshops and knows that this is not a universal thing. Then Evelyn notices that Lloyd becomes extremely excited, and this can only mean one thing. Lelouch must be here.

"Your highness, the simulator is ready," Cecile states.

"I will be there in a minute, Cecile."

Evelyn notes that the commotion has died down. She wonders what that means. She knows that Lelouch was at West Point a few days ago, but who knows where he is now.

January 12, Buenos Aires, Semi-Autonomous Republic of South America (Area 6)

Karine is quietly making her exit aboard a converted freighter. She is able to come to certain agreements with Theseus. Her assistant is waiting for her.

"Your highness, your guests are waiting for you in the dinning room."

Karine nods, "I assume that you have checked them thoroughly."

"They do not have any weapons on them. Other than one slight connection to Lelouch, there is nothing else wrong with them."

"Is there a reason why they did not fight in the previous war?" Karine asks.

"They were taking care of their ailing aunt, the mother of this Rivalz person."

"I assume you have taken the necessary precautions."

"Of course, your highness."

"Very well. Bring them here."

Karine takes a seat. In order to defeat Lelouch, she will have to become a much more dynamic leader with a quality force at her disposal. First she will have to get quality pilots to join her side.

Several guards bring two shackled people into the room. Karine tries to look them in the eyes, but their heads are lowered. She wonders if they are being modest or are merely acting. Either way Karine knows how to get what she wants. If they are acting, there is no need for a charade. There is very little chance of them escaping because Karine's ship is already setting sail. Karine's guards sit her guests down.

"You can remove the shackles," Karine says.

The guards glance over at Karine's assistant and Salacia. Karine simply sits and pours herself a cup of tea. She mixes in some sugar and waits for her orders to be followed.

Salacia takes the keys from the guards and undoes the shackles. She signals for the guards to exit the room. Salacia does not like the situation. Karine and her assistant would practically be useless in a fight and would most likely be taken hostage. Without Karine, the situation in Africa would deteriorate. Somehow Salacia does notice Karine serve tea to the other people in the room.

"Lady Ravenguard, have a seat. It is quite rude to remain standing while we have guests."

After Salacia takes a seat, Karine motions towards the sugar and milk. They sit in silence sipping tea for several minutes.

Finally Karine decides to begin the conversation.

"According to your information and statements you have some serious problems with the Britannian emperor."

Salacia bristles a little at that comment.

"You can begin by introducing yourselves," Karine states.

"I am Jamison Cardemonde. This is my sister Olivia. We have reason to believe that the emperor and his cronies are responsible for the death of our cousin Rivalz."

"As you can plainly see, we are not exactly able to compete with forces from the Homeland. Over the past few years, the emperor has been successfully combining his forces with those that were left on the Mainland. There are also the forces loyal to him in Asia."

"Your highness, we would be glad to pledge our humble services to you."

Karine sighs, "If it were only that easy."

"We understand that you may not trust us, your highness," Olivia replies, "What can we do to prove our loyalty?"

"Eliminate the traitors."

Jamison and Olivia appear to be surprised.

"Which traitors, your highness?"

"The ones that betrayed their emperor."

With that Karine excuses Jamison and Olivia.

January 13, Cabinda, United Areas of Africa

After a day of dodging Britannian and European patrols, Karine is able to make it back to Africa. Before leaving the ship, Jamison and Olivia present their plan to Karine. Since capturing her in the open ocean would have been the most beneficial for Lelouch, Karine feels confident that they are not his agents. However they have not been tested in actual combat. If anything goes wrong with the plan, it can always be blamed on rogue nobles. Most of them hate Lelouch. If things go right, they should disrupt Britannia and leave little proof that Karine had anything to do with it.

Still Karine will need something else if she is going to be able to compete with the major powers. Salacia, Thorin, and Paciano are not going to be enough to challenge the new Knights of the Round. One can also never forget that Lelouch is also a skilled pilot. There are also many other unknown issues. No one really knows who died in the Battle of Pendragon. Just because Lelouch claims that the former Knights of One, Two, and Three are dead does not make it so.

"I see you are finally back from your little trip," Paciano Bradley remarks, "There are some guests waiting for you in the other room. Lord Odorous is entertaining them."

Karine smirks a little at Paciano's wordplay with Thorin's name. Salacia and Karine's assistant remain silent.

"You know most people would have gone with Borin."

"Ah yes, but as you must know we keep things formal here."

Karine sighs, "What sort of guests are they."

Paciano grins, "The best kind."

Paciano leads the three ladies into the next room. As soon as they enter, Thorin stands.

"Your highness allow me to introduce members of the Holy Orders of Britannian Knights, Augusta Henry Highland, Andrea Farnese, Michele Manfredi, and Shin Hyuuga Shaingu,"

Karine recognizes the names from her time in Europe and north Africa as viceroy and commander.

Lord Highland steps forward.

"We are at your service Your Highness."

"What exactly do you have in mind?"

"We have information about a large gold mine in disputed territory that will soon be under attack from Britannian forces of different factions."

"I understand the value of gold, but how does it help us in this situation?" Karine asks.

"While the world has fallen into a few factions, there are still several that have fallen between the cracks. It will take years for the new masters of Britannia to clear out all corruptible individuals."

Paciano adds, "Having lived your life at the highest level of society, you may not understand how much a little gold can go towards making even the most diehard patriot a traitor."

Karine ponders the situation for a few moments.

"I agree to aid you with what I can, however you must do something in return."

"What is that?" Lord Highland asks.

"Eliminate the traitors," Karine says as she leaves the room. She glances towards Salacia letting her know that she must take control of the situation.

January 14, Tokyo Settlement, Area 22

Like most Japanese people, Naomi Inoue is confused about how to feel. Under Lelouch's rule, Japan is doing well economically, but there is still an empty feeling. Many of her friends and lovers are lost during the various military coup d'états. In particular the betrayals of Naoto Kouzuki and Ichiro Futaba hurt the most. She honestly believes that they were patriots looking out for the Japanese people, however now they may be the biggest traitors of them all. After all Lelouch vi Britannia is nothing more than a dishonorable Britannia so his actions are expected.

For many months after the Japanese government capitulation to Lelouch, she spends months wandering Tokyo. She works at several bars and taverns. While working she encounters many former soldiers who have been unjustly discharged for the actions of others. The requirements to join the new Japanese Self Defense Force are that the individual has to pledge allegiance to the emperor and empress (Lelouch and Kaguya). Many refuse to do this so they are unable to work any high paying jobs. Many of this individuals resort to crime and soon the area outside the Britannian Settlement becomes a ghetto and crime haven. Shinjuku in particular becomes a notorious area.

However there are several groups that resist Britannian rule in small ways. Britannia labels these individuals, terrorists, but to Inoue and others they are patriots who will not give up. Due to the strong Britannian presence in Japan, they must rely on other resistance organizations from around the world. The largest of these being a group named Peace Mark.

Inoue is working tonight and waiting for members of her resistance cell to show up for a big mission.

"Kageski, Kinoshita, I didn't think you losers would show up today," Inoue says as she slightly nods towards the backroom. The two men order a few drinks before heading back.

Inoue joins them after her shift. She heads to the backroom. Waiting are the leaders of her group, Shogo Asahina and Ryoga Senba. Under normal conditions, members the Holy Swords would naturally be the leaders of any Japanese resistance. However given that two of them are now amongst Lelouch's trusted subordinate, faith in all members of the Japanese military is at an all time low.

"Our friends at Peace Mark have a mission for us," Senba states, "They are requesting four knightmare pilots and half a dozen people for support."

"What knightmares are available for the mission?" Inoue asks.

"They have successfully reconstructed the Susanoo so Asahina will use that. They also have an Akatsuki and two Gekka," Senba responds, "At least that is what we will be able to use. In return for the successfully completing the mission, we get to keep the knightmares and some aid towards our goal."

"Peace Mark will help with the rebellion?" Inoue asks.

Senba shakes his head, "Not quite. They will provide us with funding and knightmares as long as we remain a part of the network."

"Even though it puts us in Peace Mark's debt. This is the fastest method to get what we want," Shogo states, "We will meet at location four in two days. Be prepared for battle."

January 15, Viceroy's Palace, Tokyo Settlement, Area 22

Nagisa Chiba is sitting in her office. Since she is to give birth to her third child sometime soon, she has been ordered to take some time off. However recent terrorists' activity forces her to do some work.

"I see that your friends, Senba and Asahina, have been busy," Lelouch remarks.

Nagisa nods, "I didn't expect to see you here today."

"I am just dropping in for a visit. Tomorrow I will head west towards Beijing."

"You should go see the empress. She has been anxiously awaiting your visit."

Lelouch understands that Nagisa means go somewhere else because you are the reason that I am fat and tired.

"Unfortunately she will have to wait until I come next week. I have important business to take care of."

Lelouch kisses Nagisa on the cheek and leaves the room. He heads towards Shinjuku where he has a meeting to attend.

"Well I didn't expect such a high profile guest to come here," a playful voice states.

"Miss X, as enchanting as ever," Lelouch replies, "Do you have the information I asked for?"

"Of course just as you requested. I hope that for your continued support."

Lelouch nods as he takes the file from Miss X. He looks over it for a few seconds.

"Perhaps next time we will have time to have some fun," Lelouch states.

Miss X smirks, "How many wives do you have?"

"Eighteen but I am hoping to get that number up twenty or so by the end of the year," Lelouch says as he walks away.

After a few moments Miss X is joined by a strangely masked man.

"Do not forget who it is that gives support to your organization. This mission in particular is of utmost importance."

"Peace Mark does not forget its friends," Miss X comments.

"Neither do I."

With that the masked man leaves. He quickly makes his way to his hidden airship. Once aboard he communicates with his remaining benefactor. As someone who does the biding of the royal family, it is difficult when many members are lost, and the remaining ones do not know about you or do not want your services.

"Our Japanese friends have received their orders. They should be in position in a few days. Our Peace Mark operatives are already moving."

Cassius ru Britannia rolls his eyes.

"You can take that ridiculous mask off now, Oiaguro. I am not awed by this Wizard persona of yours."

"As you wish," Oiaguro Zevon says as he takes his mask and cape off, "Miss X is becoming increasingly troublesome. It may be time to tighten our grip on Peace Mark."

"If this mission is successful, we may be to do that. I will have the secondary team ready to strike in India as soon as your operation begins."

January 16, Beijing, Area 24

Lelouch's plan is to simply visit the area and check on a few things. However Lihua discovers him and insists that they spend some time together. With his plans ruined, Lelouch decides to give the empress more than she bargained for. After wearing out the young empress, Lelouch moves on to Xianglin.

"I will make an official visit to Asia. I will probably spend the majority of the year here."

Xianglin simply nods and does not say anything about Lelouch spending time with their children because he usually does a good job with that despite all his responsibilities. After Lelouch leaves, Xianglin prepares for her day. As usual her days are busy because the empress has very little experience in government.

January 17, Pitcairn Islands

As they wait for their Japanese members to join them, the rest of the Peace Mark first team rests except for Ganabati who is working on the knightmares. For this mission they are only using eight knightmares and two VTOL. Orpheus Zevon, Rai, Ze Dien, and Ethan Hunt as is their usual custom they look at each other with amused intrigue and caution. Not sure whether to trust each other or their employers but having no where else to go.

"The lot of you should rest up," Ganabati states, "We are moving soon."

The four pilots go over to their machines before getting some rest. Naturally they want to see what Ganabati does to their equipment.

Neo-Pendragon, Holy Empire of Britannia

Jinta Futaba, James Longstreet VI, and William Tecumseh Sherman II arrive at the capital with a group of cadets from West Point (Sr. and Jr. academies).

James lets out a sigh, "It feels so good to be back in a big city.

"Personally I prefer to be out in the country," William remarks.

Jinta shrugs his shoulders not wanting to get involved in the issue. Naturally he prefers large cities having grown up in Tokyo. He understands the allure of open spaces but finds them boring. Obviously he cannot tell his friends about the times that he spent at Empress Carolina's estate in Alberta. He already gets enough grief because of his relationship with Evelyn.

"Oh there are the little speci-err, I mean cadets," lankly bespectacled man says as he saunters over.

Jinta sighs, but William and James freeze as they instantly recognize Lloyd Asplund.

"Stop right there, Asplund. These are our specimens," two young boys state.

Lloyd sighs, "Very well. I will let your highness have these guys."

The two boys walk over to examine the three cadets. A wicked grin creeps up on their faces.

"I believe that the three of you will do," the boys say as they walk away.

"What the hell just happened?" James asks.

"You have just been recruited for a knightmare demonstration by Castor and Pollux vi Britannia," Jinta answers, "At least Lloyd didn't get us. That guy gives me the creeps."

"By knightmare demonstration, you mean that they are actually going to let us pilot actual knightmares," William says.


"Real actual knightmares."

"Yes, real actual knightmares. They will probably put us against some other recruits. They may even let us use some sort of experimental system."

"All cadets are to be in the meeting receiving their instructions," a thin young woman says.

"We are sorry, Major Gottwald," Jinta says, "We will join our fellow cadets."

Jinta drags William and James away.

"How do you know her?" James asks.

"Keep walking or she will come looking for us," Jinta comments, "That is Major Lilicia Gottwald, one of the Emperor's aides."

"Like your sister?"

"My sisters take care of the government business. Major Gottwald takes care of the military issues. She might not look like it, but she is quite dangerous."

"Well there is nothing wrong with an older woman," James remarks.

Before Jinta can responds, someone calls out to him.

"Jinta, where have you been?"

"Fuck," Jinta mouths silently, "Midori, we are on our way to the cadet meeting."

"Don't be silly. They are just setting up tours for the cadets and warning everyone to be careful when out in the city," Midori notices James and William, "Are these your little friends? Naoto will be so happy have some guests."

Jinta finds it particularly ridiculous that his oldest sister is married to Naoto Kouzuki. A few years ago, Naoto would have not been too pleased to discover that Midori works for Lelouch.

James notices Jinta's discomfort and like any good friend decides to take action.

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you," James says as he takes Midori's hand, "James Longstreet VI as your service."

"You sure sound like a pompous ass. It must be your noble blood," Naoto remarks.

"Says the son of a fucking duke and brother in law to the Emperor," Ichiro comments.

"You be quiet, traitor."

"Cyborg freak."

"I'm fucking your sister."

"And Lelouch is fucking yours."


Midori shakes her head. Jinta really hopes that things do not get any more embarrassing than this. However sitting on the branch of a nearby tree is the most powerful man in the world holding a baby and his trusty MVS, Scooter.

"Look Mariko, it's your uncle Jinta and his little friends," Lelouch says.

"Your Majesty, what are you doing up in that tree with my niece?" Midori asks.

Jinta knows that Lelouch will answer with something about Scooter.

"Well Scooter wanted to go out for a walk and we decided to bring Mariko with us," Lelouch answers, "What is that Scooter?" as is his custom Lelouch pauses for Scooter to respond, "It does stink. I think we better leave before someone forces us to do some work."

Lelouch leaps off the tree and lands in front of Jinta. He hands Mariko over to him.

"We were never here," Lelouch says as he scampers off.

James and William are completely befuddled by the Emperor's actions.

"Before you ask when he said we were never here, he meant him and his sword," Jinta says with a sigh, "And before you ask he does have conversations with inanimate objects," Jinta sighs once more.

"Personally I find the Emperor to be one of the saner people in the royal family," Naoto states as he nudges Midori, " I think you better take the poop factory from Jinta before he freaks out about the symbolism of Lelouch handing HIM a baby."

Eventually James and William recover from the night's events, but not without teasing Jinta. James places his hand on Jinta's shoulder

"Well good luck with all of that," James says in a mock sympathetic manner.

January 18, 60 miles southwest of Salinas, California Military District, Holy Empire of Britannia

Lelouch is visiting the site of some of his most secret projects. While Cecile and Lloyd work on improving knightmares, others are working with different technologies. Now that he controls the Britannian homeland, all his projects are based there. At the moment Nina and Rakshata amongst others are sharing the base where the Gloucester is developed.

"Check it out, Melky; these crazy scientists are inventing stuff for daddy."

"Your Majesty, I do not believe that they like to be referred to as crazy scientists," Lilicia stats.

"Sure they do as long as they get their money," Lelouch remarks, "Now let's go see what these nerds built for me."

Lilicia sighs and follows her master.

Later that night Lelouch is lying in bed with Lucretia. Lilicia is watching their son for the night. Lelouch enjoys his time with Lucretia since she is one of the few non-code bearers who can keep up with him. As usual Lelouch cannot sleep so he sits there planning his next move.

January 19, Colombia, Semi-Autonomous Republic of South America (Area 6)

Nunnally and Suzaku are observing the movement below them. A week ago ago Lelouch sends the portion of Sayoko's team that is not undercover in other parts of the world down to South America. Since Sayoko's team is technically under Nunnally's command, she comes south to take control of the situation. It also helps that Nunnally and Suzaku are kickass pilots. In case things get complicated Nunnally can always be bled for what happens. This is the reason why Jeremiah, Kewell, and Luciano are not involved in this.

"Look Nunners, I think they are getting ready to move the gold."

"Why do you think that Suzubear?"

Suzaku points south towards road.

"Those trucks are for carrying knightmares. They will probably use the knightmares to load the gold in the trucks and then for protection on the way out."

"That seems right," Nunnally turns on her communicator, "Units A and B move in for the ambush. We take the knightmares before they come out of the trucks. Once the knightmares are gone, the airships will move in to pick up the gold," Nunnally closes the channel, "With my share of the gold, I am going to have Lloyd build me a knightmare made of gold."

Suzaku scrunches his nose.

"Nunners, I don't think that would work."

"Don't crush a young girl's dream. Then I am going to have them make a golden carriage for my little Musubi."

Suzaku notices several airships coming from the east and northeast.

"Is anyone coming to help us?" he asks.

"No, we are supposed to be on our own. Big brother doesn't want this to turn into a big operation."

"Then it must be someone else."

Nunnally looks at her monitors. Suddenly she recognizes one of the airships.

"That's the Granberry," Nunnally states, "The Glinda Knights are here. So Maribelle finally decided to make her move."

Lelouch is monitoring the burgeoning battle. To make people think that Lelouch is still back in Neo-Pendragon, the Knights of the Round are having a large knightmare demonstration. They have even invited cadets from Britannia's various military academies. The main event of the event is duel between Lelouch and Kallen. That will take place tomorrow so Lelouch has some time to play. In singular knightmare drone control the twins are quite skilled. Naturally Lelouch has other things on his mind. Today is the first test of a secret project. For the past two years Lelouch locks up Rakshata and a team of scientist until they finish it. At least that is how he thinks about it.

"Dr. Chawla, release the specimens towards the native troops. We do not want them to get in the way of this battle," Lelouch commands, "Looks like things are finally going to get interesting."

Author's note: The first two or three chapters will introduce us to the situation and characters. The chapter after that will include a time skip. All pertinent information such as what children Lelouch and others have will be given then. Mariko is Lelouch and Ayame's daughter. Melky or Melkor Sauron vi Britannia is the name of Lelouch and Lucretia's son. Musubi is the name of Suzaku and Nunnally's daughter. If it had been a boy, it would have been called Naruto. So that is the last time that they let Lelouch name one of their children.

I figure that even though Lelouch ruins Charles' dream, he is still his favorite son because of that very reason. Like in the Rise of the Black Prince there will be extensive notes at the end. For the first few chapters it will be background information to cover the gap between the two stories.

The majority of the new characters are from Oz the Reflection or Akito the Exiled. Rai is the protagonist of the Lost Colors video game. Jamison and Olivia Cardemonde are OCs. As the story progresses more characters from those works will be added. They will be different from their canon counterparts since this story is different, and the characters are several years older than they are in their respective works since we are in the year 2023 instead of 2017/18.

I really did not plan to devote such a large section to Jinta. It did strike me as interesting that he is the least impressive and politically important person that hangs around the vi Britannias. He is basically there because he is Ayame's younger brother who happens to be around the same age as Evelyn. A reviewer stated that it seems like history will repeat itself. This is not quite the situation. In Lelouch, we have Napoleon or Julius Caesar at the height of their glory only more so. It is not easy to be around the greatest conqueror in the history of mankind. It certainly is not easy when this person is your father, brother, or husband. Lelouch will still be the same Lelouch that has developed, but those around him must now contend with the monster that they helped create.

This is a list of Lelouch's wives. Below that is a list of the other couples as this story begins. I have previously explained the reasoning for the surname of Lelouch's first seven wives (Kallen through Shirley) so I will not go over them again unless someone asks for the reasoning. Wives eight through ten (Cornelia, Lucretia, and Ayame) refuse to marry Lelouch unless they get to have his surname. Wives eleven through thirteen keep their surname since they are still involved in the government or military to some extent. Anya is Knight of One. Villetta is a general in the Britannian army. Cecile is lead researcher for Britannia. This also changes the surname of Villetta and Cecile's first children since these previously were given as Lamperouge. Wives fourteen through sixteen get the surname Lamperouge. With the other couples the wives take the names of their husbands. In Faramond's case, he takes his mother's maiden name. There are some slight spoilers in regards to the twins and Evelyn although it is nothing that should surprise anyone.

Nunnally is no longer viceroy of Japan (Area 22). Kaguya holds this position. In Japan she is referred to as empress (Kogo Heika). Obviously Lihua is called Tianzi (literally son of Heaven) in China.

Kallen Elizabeth kou Britannia, Camilla Millicent ash Britannia, Carolina sfo Britannia, Kaguya yama Britannia, Lihua Jiang, Euphemia li Britannia, Shirley vu Britannia, Cornelia vi Britannia, Lucretia vi Britannia, Ayame vi Britannia, Anya Alstriem, Villetta Nu, Cecile Croomy, Sancia Lamperouge, Xianglin Lamperouge, Nagisa Lamperouge, Regina ha Britannia

Suzaku Kururugi- Nunnally Kururugi, Margravine of Cheshire
Luciano Bradley-Aphrodite Bradley, Margrave and Margravine of Panama
Gino Weinberg, Archduke of New York-Isabelle Weinberg, countess of Vermont
Faramond Langley-Monica Langley
Jeremiah Gottwald-Sayoko Gottwald, Duke and Duchess of the Greater Antilles
Kewell Soresi-Carmina Soresi, Duke and Duchess of the Lesser Antilles
Jinta Futaba-Evelyn Futaba, Viscountess of Kentshire
Castor vi Britannia, Earl of Hanoi-Emily vi Britannia, Duchess of Oregon
Pollux vi Britannia, Earl of Saigon-Miranda vi Britannia, Duchess of Draconia

This is a list of all canon characters that are confirmed dead at the end of Rise of the Black Prince. They are not listed in any particular order. Of course there have been examples of people surviving death including someone on this list.

Clovis la Britannia, Alicia Lohmeyer, Atsushi Sawasaki, Bartley Aprius, Claudio Darlton, Guinevere su Britannia, Odysseus eu Britannia, Hong Gu, High Eunuchs, Kaname Ohgi, Rolo Halliburton, Rivalz Cardemonde, Shinchiro Tamaki, Tatewaki Katase,
Yoshitaka Minami, Kent Sugiyama, Bismarck Waldstein, Merlin Suzerain, Conrad Keyshavrin, Marianne vi Britannia

This is a list of the geass abilities as of this chapter. In this story when a code bearer loses his code all his geass contractees lose their geass. This means that Lelouch no longer has any geass. Also a code bearer cannot get a geass power, but if the code bearer who granted their geass remains, they still have that geass. There are a few that I have not decided on, but they have geass.

Kallen- from GG, can see or feel other's feelings. As the power progresses, Kallen can also affect the feelings of others.

Milly- from Lelouch, Ward of Absolute Despair, makes those affected feel like there is no hope. Needs eye contact to be completely effective. However once eye contact is made, Milly can activate and deactivate its effects at will. They do have to be nearby. She can't activate it from the other side of the world.

Anya-from Lelouch, Ward of Absolute Frenzy, the opposite of her first geass. It causes those affected to go into a frenzy about even the most mundane things. Needs eye contact to be completely effective although if used correctly there is no need for it.

Evelyn- from Lelouch, Absolute obedience. She previously had the same geass but from VV.

Sancia-from Lelouch, Shinkiro (mirage), can affect the senses of others at the same time giving them hope, does not require eye contact, has a limited range similar to Rolo's geass but does not affect the caster.

Lucretia-from Lelouch, Shinkiro (mirage), can affect the senses of others at the same time giving them hope, does not require eye contact, has a limited range similar to Rolo's geass but does not affect the caster.

Nagisa Chiba- From Lelouch, Ward of Absolute Loyalty, those affected by it will give their lives for whoever or whatever they pledged their loyalty to, sort of a Jeremiah effect, Chiba uses it on herself to be more loyal to Lelouch, needs eye contact

Lilicia Gottwald- From Lelouch, can read the thoughts of others.

Hannah Gottwald- From Lelouch

Chelsea Nu- From Lelouch

Marika Soresi- From Kallen, Lines of the future, similar to Bismark's geass.

Liliana Vergamon- From Milly, Ward of Illusion, Affects vision, Only needs brief eye contact.

Schniezel- from GG, Ward of absolute persuasion. It is similar to Lelouch's absolute obedience only it takes a little longer to work. The biggest difference is that even when the geass canceller is used, the person has no idea that they were ever under the influence of geass.