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UAA means United Areas of Africa, Karine's country.

Monday, May 17, 2027

This is a BBC Homeland Report. The funerals for Princes Thesues and Cassius are taking place early tomorrow morning. In attendance are family members of both princes. Also in attendance are members of the royal family and the Knights of the Round, current and former. There is little information coming from Africa about the events that led to the deaths of the princes and several former nobles. At this point there are no negotiations to bring the deceased nobles to the Homeland for burial. The Emperor considered the return of the princes to be a priority.

The bodies will be placed for public viewing today.

Karine is watching the funeral service broadcast with great interest. She is a little surprised that Lelouch makes a big deal out of the event. She is even more surprised that he makes everyone show up for the funeral. She is almost expecting an invitation to arrive. Paciano is also watching with her.

"Those bastards sure are cocky," Paciano states.

"What do you mean?" Karine asks.

"Anyone that matters is there. All the viceroys and the best knightmare pilots, they are all at the funeral."

Karine looks at the screen again. There are still some things that she does not know. She recognizes the viceroys, but she has no idea who the knightmare pilots are. Perhaps if they are in front of her, she might be able to tell the difference.

The EU ambassador and his staff appear on the screen.

"Look at those sourpuss losers. They get pushed around by Schniezel and Lelouch for years. They get a little freedom, but they run back like a kid who misses his mom's tits," Paciano remarks.

Karine slightly agrees with Paciano. The EU seems to almost sadistically have a desire to be controlled. Lelouch continues to push and prod. Karine does not doubt that Lelouch is secretly aiding all these little rebel territories around the world. There is very little that anyone can do alone. Karine has been sending feelers to the EU and Australia about forming a large anti-Lelouch bloc. Thus far there has been no definitive answer. Schniezel is obviously confident that he can outsmart Lelouch. Australia is hopeful that its location will continue to provide a buffer.

After the fall of South America and Theseus, Karine decides to be proactive about the situation. She will not allow herself to be the next domino that falls. Her first goal is to eliminate subversive elements in her own ranks. Secondly she will have to take care of rebellious territories in Africa. Finally she will have to stir up rebellion in Lelouch's territories like South Africa and Iran. When this is accomplished, she will feel safe about her position in the world.

Anna Kreman is watching the royal funerals hoping to catch a glimpse of Layla. It has several months since she speaks with her friend. It has been years since she has seen her in person. When Layla is first assigned her current mission, Anna does not believe her friend will be able to do it. That sort of thing is not what Layla wants to do. However Layla has been quite successful because information has been coming in.

Anna is not sure about certain things that have been going on in the EU. To be able to compete with Britannia, certain changes have to be made to the way the EU operates. The governments of the individual member states are done away with as the separate military forces although Russia tries to maintain some autonomy through volunteer militia.

More seriously is this matter of the cyborgs specimens. Technically Anna is not supposed to know anything about them, but she previously works with Sophie Randall who is now in charge of the project. Anna is also in charge of designing knightmares for the cyborgs so she has to know something about them. At the moment the EU is only building the knightmares that it has already developed. Even after all these years, the EU's technology sector has severely fallen on hard times. With more pressing matters, the educational system falls apart. This leads to a shortage in qualified individuals.

Unlike other military departments, Anna's cannot simply grab warm bodies. It will take several years to train people in even the rudimentary skills. There have been some requests to unite with Africa to form a large technology team. Anna wonders who would be in charge of that. For now she will continue to do what she can to make the EU stronger.

Klaus Warrick is sitting in his office looking over paperwork. With Layla in Britannia on a top secret assignment, the W-0 is stagnant. In fact most of the paperwork deals with integrating the W-0 into the greater EU military force. A recent scholar once states that should Britannia invade Europe, they shall be buried in paperwork, Britannia that is. Even with the integration, their task will be similar; they will face frontline Britannian troops and be used in desperate situations. The decision about placing non-EU citizens in EU units or separate units is still undecided. Klaus does not have an opinion on the matter. As long as the EU military is strong, he is satisfied.

Akito Hyuga is looking over his knightmare. In a few days his unit will have a knightmare demonstration against Lord Ashford's specimens. Akito wonders how they will perform. Recently his team receives upgraded knightmares; however their biggest deficiency is teamwork not equipment. Perhaps it is a good thing that along with other exile and immigrant forces, Japanese forces are being integrated into the EU forces. Still there is some prejudice against non-native officers.

While Layla is in Britannia on an official mission, there are many in the new EU government that distrust her and anyone she was involved with. This means that Akito and certain members of the W-0 are being observed closely. In fact many of those individuals may want Akito's team to lose in the knightmare demonstration. This means that Akito will have to choose his side carefully.

Akito carefully considers the situation as he walks into Klaus Warwick's office (technically still Layla's office).

"Do you have the list of your men for the demonstration?" Colonel Warwick asks.

"Yes, here is my list," Akito replies setting a paper on the desk. Akito finds the EU's needs to have everything accounted for to be bothersome. Even a top secret knightmare demonstration has a paper trail.

Klaus looks down at the list: Akito Hyuga, Ryo Sayama, Yukia Naruse, Ayano Kosaka, Kenta Inoue.

"I will turn the list over to the secretary at the Military Affairs department. Dr. Clement will need the list as well to assign knightmares."

Akito nods and leaves the office. He has already spoken with Dr. Clement about the situation. She would like to see Layla's old team beat the specimens as well. Akito hopes to get the knightmare soon so that they can begin practicing. They have two weeks to prepare.

Lelouch realizes that many are unhappy with being forced to attend the funerals in Pendragon especially the ex-wives and children of Thesues and Cassius. Not that that sort of thing matters to Lelouch. If he has to attend the funerals, then he will force others to do the same. With his control over satellite communications and most of the world's oceans and continuous landmasses, Lelouch has few problems controlling his empire. After all it is not he viceroys who help him keep control, but his network of military subordinates.

Lelouch's plan of slowly pushing and prodding his opponents is already beginning. Unlike before when Lelouch can fight in the field, now he has to fight from the sidelines. It bothers him some that he cannot actively affect battlefields. Still with his superior pilots and knightmares, he will not need to participate himself. His only worry is that Schniezel and Karine will be much more cautious form this point forward. Lelouch will have to move quickly if his plan is to succeed in the way that he wants.

Monday, May 31, 2027

Not being able to come to an agreement on how to divide the territory, the area west of Iran, south of Russia, south and east of Europe is divided into four new nations: North Africa, Egypt, Turkey, and the Middle East Federation. While these territories are divided similar to their pre-war borders, their leadership castes and structure have been completely destroyed. In fact the majority of the populations survive on subsistence agriculture and rations from the EU and Britannia.

Even in large urban areas like Damascus and Cairo, there is very little employment. In truth the various warlords rule the area with the aid and support of the major powers. Only in Turkey is there a strong centralized government. Naturally this is all part of Lelouch's plan. Just like in South America, he plans on using small local conflicts to take over the area. Of course in the confusion the EU and Karine can also take advantage of the situation.

"Red leader, this is gold leader. We are approaching Target B. What is your position?"

"Gold leader, we are south of Target A."

"Very well. I shall contact the green and blue teams."

Suzaku turns off his communicator. Their code is rather simplistic. Target A is Abadan, and Target B is Basra. The green, blue, and black teams are to secure locations to the west and north of those two cities. Basra is the location of a local warlord who has been raiding Britannian territory. The warlord claims that they are only taking things that Britannia refuses to sell to them.

Nunnally simply declares the warlord a rebel to the Middle East Federation government and moves to take out the threat. Technically she is correct, but the official Middle East Federation government in Baghdad are little more than Britannian puppets. In fact in Damascus there is another government that claims to be official, but this one is supported by the EU. To the south there are other governments that also claim to be the official true governments.

"Gold leader, the enemy is placing heavy cannons along the river. They are also placing Bamides and Panzer Hummels."

Suzaku quickly considers the situation. In the past he would simply charge in hoping that his superior knightmare would be enough.

"Move out tanks and artillery forward and commence bombardment," Suzaku replies. "Begin to look for opening to the north and south. We will use the knightmares to flank their positions. Send in the airplane drones. Have a few knightmares prepare to cross the river head-on by force."

"Shouldn't we just fly our knightmares over their defenses?"

"No, we do not know if they have cannons or knightmares in the buildings. We do not want to damage too much of the city."

"Black team has crossed successfully at Al-Haritah. Blue team has crossed at Al Shafi. We have discovered a safe crossing point at Abu al Khasib."

"Have them continue to their destinations. Take half our knightmares to that crossing point. I will send some to the north to search for a crossing point there. I will maintain a visible presence here. With my Lancelot here, they will assume that our main attack will come from the center."

Both Suzaku and Nunnally gain worldwide reputations as being straight forward fighters. Suzaku watches as his cannons and tanks bombard the enemy positions. He uses his VARIS rifle to fire at enemy positions as well. Behind him Bors and Ios prepare sections of bridge that ground troops will use to take the city. Suzaku hopes that flanking maneuvers work quickly since he does not want his bluff called.

"Gold leader, this is Commander C. We are in position to move."

Suzaku does not recall any Commander C in his force. Suddenly a thought occurs to him.

"Cas, er Commander C, I take it that your partners are with you as well?"

"Yes, we are in position above the city. We will release our drones. Dr. C.C. (Cecile Croomy not CC) is with us as well. She has a project of her own."

Suzaku sighs. "Very well. We will take into account your attacks. We will attack across the river soon. Our bombardment will soon dislodge the enemy."

Suzaku says this in case his communications are being intercepted. He also hopes that Castor and Pollux can sense what he means by his tone.

"We will await your attack order. Commander C out."

Suzaku exhales deeply. He does not expect his little in-laws to be in the area. Basra is about to become the scene of a grand experiment. Not only is it Suzaku's first battle command, but the twins and Cecile are going to use it to try out their latest experiments.

"Gold leader, the flanking forces are across the river, but the enemy is quickly moving to attack them."

Suzaku looks at his monitors. He can see satellite images of the vehicle movement. More telling is the fact that the enemy is removing knightmares from their positions on the river. It is obvious that the main attacks are coming from the north and south not the center. Still Suzaku has some pride. He wants nothing more than to charge across the river and attack the enemy for daring to weaken their positions before him. However he decides to wait for one last event to occur.

"Gold leader, several objects are dropping from incredible heights!"

"Wait for them to land, and then commence the attack across the river. Leave the ground troop bridge for later," Suzaku responds.

Suddenly three objects descend at a slower rate. Suzaku instantly recognizes them.

"I never imagined that I would see those things again," Suzaku comments.

"Gold leader?"

"If our knightmares are spread out, have them cross the river and re-form at point 4. Hopefully the flanking forces can get into the city by then."

"Yes gold leader!"

Suzaku leads the way across the river as the twins' drones come to life and begin to attack the enemy. The three specimens help Suzaku quickly destroy the cannons and knightmares along the river.

The confusion and quick actions by Britannian forces lead to a quick surrender by the warlord. By day's end there is little scattered fighting in Basra. The twins and Cecile move south the assist Nunnally's (red leader) attack from Abadan. Suzaku wonders about their appearance. It certainly makes things easier for him. While the attacks on the cities are being carried out, the green team slips in between and cuts off the retreat of the warlord's southern troops. They are now wandering along the mouth of the Shatt al-Arab. Despite its small size, the Britannian fleet in the Persian Gulf dwarfs what the Middle East Federation has. This means that there is not hope of escaping by sea.

While small in scale, Suzaku hopes that this attack puts fear into the minds of the other warlords in the Middle East Federation. Suzaku is not a fan of these sorts of devious and crafty fighting methods. He prefers to confront his enemy head-on, however he understands that war planning is a contest between chess masters. He hopes that Nunnally finishes soon.

Mohammed Shennib is standing at a dock at Dakhla on the West African coast. The city is located in the North African Republic. Like the rest of the region between the three major powers, the former Spanish Sahara is ruled by a local warlord. In this case Mohammed fills that role. After being driven out of his homeland by EU puppets, he travels west. At first he helps the rebel states of Mauritania and Mali. Then he moves to the former Spanish colony. Along with many other changes in territory control around the world, Madeira and the Canary Islands become part of the North Africa Republic.

Mohammed quickly moves to take these territories because it gives him an excuse to form a small naval force. This makes smuggling weapons into rebel territories easier. While he has been working with Britannia these last few years, his ultimate goal is to restore autonomy to North Africa.

"Sir the weapons barge is here."

Mohammed nods and walks over to inspect the weapons that Britannia is sending to the Mauritania and Mali rebels. It is not only Mohammed's job to ensure that the weapons reach there destination, but he has to make sure that the weapons are the correct ones. Older knightmares are not built to fight in the Sahara Desert or the Sahel. Sending new knightmares is dangerous for various reasons. This means that rebels have to make due with a motley crew of knightmares, knightmare parts, and various other vehicles.

The current shipment only seems contain handheld weapons and some artillery pieces.

"Unload the shipment quickly," Mohammed orders. "This would be easier if a few vehicles came with it."

"There appears to be a larger container ship docking as well."

"I suppose that is the humanitarian ship with the medical and food supplies. That probably goes to the rebel areas as well," Mohammed answers.

"Don't those usually land down south in Lagouira?"

"They used to, but the UAA established a military base in Nouadhibou. They have confiscated the past few shipments."

Despite not recognizing rebel states, organizations in the EU and Britannia send humanitarian aid to people living in rebel state war zones. Previously the EU tries to send aid across the Sahara, but nomad tribes hijack the shipments. The UAA is occupying the majority of Mauritania's coast including the major port cities. This means that aid must pass through ports in Western Sahara. Naturally Mohammed and his men collect a transportation tariff.

"Actually sir, the ship appears to be carrying vehicles. They do not appear to be for the rebels."

"Very well. Let's inspect this other ship. Whatever it contains may prove useful," Mohammed states.

Schniezel is observing the knightmare demonstration. He is quite surprised that the specimens are having so much trouble against the human pilots. He had been hoping to prove the superiority of the specimens and their knightmare program. Still it works out because it shows his allies the pre-eminence of the EU elite. Viewing the knightmare demonstration are representatives from UAA, the North Africa Republic, Egypt, Turkey, the Middle East Federation, Australia, and other anti-Lelouch groups from around the world.

At issue is the current Britannian strategy of divide and conquer. Many are wary of aligning with Schniezel led EU or Karine's UAA because they fear a war of vengeance against Lelouch and Britannia. However all the present nations and groups want to prevent giving Lelouch an excuse to invade their territory.

Despite most of his guests wanting to speak with the pilots, Schniezel gives them the scientists instead. Schniezel realizes that very few of his guests have technological knowledge and that speaking with scientists is useless. He also assumes that some of them may have been soldiers and would feel more comfortable speaking with the knightmare pilots.

Schniezel takes the leader of the EU supported Damascus government of the Middle East Federation aside for a private conference.

"Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. al- Assad," Schniezel states.

"The pleasure is all mine, your highness. I understand that your time is valuable. I would like to discuss our strategy to combat Britannian aggression."

"That is precisely the matter I wish to discuss," Schniezel comments. Over the past few years he attempts to meet several times with potential allies around the world so that they can be influenced by his geass. It is not an easy task since Schniezel's geass depends on his words influence his target. Since gaining his code, his geass is not as effective as it previously is. Schniezel assumes that at some point his geass will no loner work.

Kannon has one of the servants bring refreshments for the guests as Schniezel and Mr. al-Assad walk into another room.

"I believe that the situation in the Middle East is tenuous," Schniezel states.

"Yes, your highness, but with your aid, we will be able to drive the collaborators out."

"Unfortunately that will not be possible."

"What do you mean?"

"In accordance with our previous agreements with Britannia and the UAA, we will have to recognize the Baghdad government."

"You cannot be serious!" Mr. al-Assad protests, "We will not be pawns or fools to dealt with so easily. We will fight to the bitter end."

"Please calm yourself, Mr. al-Assad. As I am sure you already know that Britannia is actively supporting rebel groups in eastern Turkey, North Africa and eastern Russia. We cannot ask them to curtail this activity while we support rebels ourselves."

"We are not rebels! We are the rightful government of the Middle East Federation. We will drive the Britannian invaders ourselves. You may not have the spine to face them, but we do. We will not lose."

"But you have already lost," Schniezel responds, "That is why you are in this position. In fact Lelouch only relinquishes control of the territory he previously conquers because the Homeland is such a mess. Ten years ago Lelouch pushed through the Middle East Federation with few problems despite the aid of the EU. Now he could crush you with his finger."

Mr. al-Assad silently fumes at the fact that Britannia could crush his would be nation so simply.

Schniezel continues, "Your people must cooperate with the Baghdad government. In time your faction may gain control of the nation as a whole. These sorts of things require patience and wisdom. I shall leave you to your thoughts," Schniezel says as he walks towards the exit.

"Perhaps I was a bit hasty in my comments. I will consider your words and look at the global issues that surround our decision."

Mr. al-Assad exits the room. Lilicia and Kannon enter the room from a hidden door on the opposite side.

"He does not appear happy about your decision," Lilicia remarks.

"That man and his allies should be grateful that his highness has supported them thus far," Kannon comments, "We should cut our ties solely because of his insolence."

Schniezel notes that Kannon's tone has been more infuriated since Lilicia's arrival. Her knowledge of Britannian technology surpasses that of even Lord Ashford. Over time Kannon is relegated to simply Schniezel's secretary, in other words his appointment maker and keeper.

"I believe after discussing matter with his own people and our other allies, he will begin to see things from our point of view," Lilicia states.

Lilicia's flippant and relaxed attitude also bothers Kannon. He would never say something like our allies or point of view. For him it would be all about Schniezel.

"I believe that you are correct, Lilicia," Schniezel remarks, "Now how will Lelouch react to this."

"Initially he would have to accept it, but I think he may already be considering this," Lilicia responds.

"Impossible there is no way that he can outsmart Prince Schniezel like that!" Kannon bursts out.

Schniezel and Lilicia glance at Kannon in slight amusement. At some point Kannon will have to realize that he is becoming increasing more of a sycophant and less of an advisor and assistant.

"For now we will take it a day at a time," Schniezel states. "If Lelouch reacts, we will be ready to respond appropriately."

John Joseph Bradley is silently waiting in the school director's office. With the school year ending, he wonders why he is here. It has been several weeks since his last mischievous act. Still he supposes that they want to warn him just in case he is planning anything for the upcoming graduation ceremony.

Despite what his handlers believe, John Joseph knows exactly who he is. He is the bastard son of a minor noble. He is the half-brother of a former Knight of the Round while his other brother is a dastardly and dangerous criminal. Even if he is raised as a part of the family, he would probably end up as a screw-up.

The director enters the office and does not look pleased. John Joseph wonders if one of his usual co-conspirators has been telling lies about him because he does not have anything planned until next school year.

"Mr. Bradley, over the years you have been the cause of much disruption and unrest for this academy. As much as it would please me to see you finish your time here, I am afraid that your past transgressions are too much to ignore."

John Joseph did not expect things to turn out like this. It almost feels like he is being expelled from school. If that happens, he will have to some crummy job somewhere because his trust fund only takes care of him if he is in school.

"I would like nothing more than to simply toss you out to the wolves, but you do have a taker," the school director says sliding a package across the desk. "You have a few weeks to make your choice."

John Joseph picks up the package and reads the label.

"Britannian Military Academy, Junior Division, West Point." John Joseph lets out a grunt. "So they want to send me to military school." He shrugs. "It shouldn't be too bad, and I can save what is left of my trust fund."

John Joseph will have to find a way to deal with the servants that manage his trust. At West Point he may be able to make friends that can help him deal with the issue.

William Wordsworth (Stadtfeld) is looking down at the letter that arrives a few days ago. In order to deal with his dwindling trust fund and possibly college, he begins to search for money sources. His school advisor makes a few suggestions, however few provide as much as the Britannian Military Academy, Junior Division, West Point does. William is not sure about joining the military even for a few years, but his advisor states that now is the best time to join since there are no major wars.

As William stares at the letter, he is not sure if he is afraid of being accepted or rejected.

Kallen is not sure of they make the right decision regarding her half-uncle. She supposes that it may be for the best because it would be quite a shock suddenly to be thrust into the extended royal family. Kallen glances over at Lelouch as they prepare to go to bed. He seems quite happy about his recent maneuverings.

Monday, June 7, 2027

Lelouch sits up and blinks his eyes for a few moments. Since he does not sleep much, it takes him some time to wake up. Lying down beside him is Layla who is also waking up. Lelouch wonders what sort of person Layla would be if she is given a different mission. Lelouch stands to get ready for his trip to Asia. Suddenly Layla sits up and puts her arms around Lelouch's waist.

"Um, where are you going?"

Lelouch grins a little as Layla reaches around and gives him a little tug.

"I am going on a trip to Asia to check the situation over there."

Layla pouts a little. This makes Lelouch wonder what sort of enemy she would make.

"I guess I have to go with you since being by your side is part of my mission," Layla states.

Lelouch nods and walks towards the bathroom. With his frequent nighttime activities, Lelouch has to prepare his own bathes. In addition most of his clothes are in another room, and he has to inform the servants that he is up and ready to begin his day. Of course just because the servants do not come into his room or bathroom in the morning, that does meant that others are not there.

Ayame looks up at Lelouch as she finishes preparing his morning bubble bath.

"I guess I am quite predictable," Lelouch comments.

Ayame waits for Lelouch to get comfortable in the bathe before beginning.

"I have finished your itinerary for your trip," Ayame states, "I suppose that Lady Malkal is traveling with us as well."

"Well I cannot very well leave her here, they might recall her back especially now that Schniezel is gaining power," Lelouch replies.

"Empress kou Britannia is planning on visiting Japan with hers and Empress vu Britannia's children.

"Kallen told me about her plans. She might take Euphie's boys as well."

Ayame makes a few notes on her O-Pad (a tablet made by Orange Technologies).

"Empress ash Britannia is also beginning her tour of Area 1. She will take Empress sfo Britannia's children to their mother's former home." Lelouch nods so Ayame continues. "Commander-General vu Britannia is inspecting the defenses along the eastern coast."

"I know what my wives are up to, Ayame. Do you have anything important to tell me?"

"Yes, Xianglin and Nagisa sent a list of possible inspection sites for you to visit. There is also a report from Australia."

"Leave that in my office. I will look over after my bath. Make sure that the airship is ready by tonight. I have a few arrangements to make before we leave."

Ayame nods and exits the room. Lelouch leans back and relaxes for a moment.

The next day Lelouch is in Delhi inspecting several new regiments of soldiers. He travels overnight and makes his annual official visit to the area. As Maribelle and her staff prepare for a special dinner, Oldrin takes Lelouch to several military bases.

"These are some of our newer regiments formed from various native troops," Oldrin states, "At the moment they serve mainly as ground and support troops."

"Are you testing them for knightmare compatibility" Lelouch inquires.

"Of course, we are looking at the results."

Lelouch nods and moves closer to the troops. He can tell the Oldrin and her royal guard are nervous about his reckless actions. Apart from walking around without any personal guard, Lelouch is dangerously close the common soldiers who may have pledged loyalty to Britannia but may change their minds being so close to the emperor.

Their fears are realized when three soldiers break ranks and rush at Lelouch.

"Sic semper tyrannis!"

Lelouch holds his arm up indicating for everyone to hold their ground. He points his hand palm out at the rushing soldiers. A small black light flies out and blasts the potential assassins. Lelouch pulls out his not-so ceremonial sword and decapitates his assailants. Lelouch resheathes his sword and continues his inspection. Everyone is too stunned to move.

"Well then where was I?" Lelouch asks nonchalantly. He looks at a nearby soldier. "Hey, is the food here any good?"

The frightened soldier shakes his head.

"What is you name?" Lelouch asks the terrified soldier.

"Rajat Mohindra."

"So what you are saying is that the food here is not very good?" Lelouch inquires.

"Your Majesty, perhaps we should move along," Oldrin comments.

"Why? I already took out the bad guys. I was asking Rajat about the food here because I am starving."

"I will look into the quality of the food as soon as we return."

"Why don't you do that now? I will stay here and watch the soldiers perform drills or maybe they can have a little mock battle." Lelouch says with a smile. "Don't worry about me. I am an insane womanizing megalomaniac who cannot be killed." Lelouch turns back towards the soldiers. "Now let see what sort of fun we can have before lunch."

Later that night Lelouch is preparing for bed. Oldrin informs Maribelle of Lelouch's reckless actions. Like Lelouch's other wives, Maribelle worries about his mental state.

"Perhaps it is time that I review the process for accepting volunteer soldiers. I looked over the files of the guys that tried to kill me," Lelouch says with a slight chuckle. "One of them was an ordinary infantryman. The other two are unique. They were engineering students so you would think that they would join a section of the military that would help them with that. There are several military programs that provide financial aid to students in various fields. In fact several fellow students of these two individuals are in these programs." Lelouch pauses for a moment. "Taking all of this into consideration, I surmise that they joined the regular infantry knowing that I would rather visit the common soldiers rather than any specialized units. I wonder how many others are out there waiting for the opportunity." Lelouch looks pensive as he sits besides Maribelle. "Well I'll just have to blast those guys too."

Before Maribelle can respond, Lelouch kisses her.

"We can leave that stuff for the morning. Let's have some fun tonight."

In the morning Lelouch decides to look through the local knightmare hangar.

"I thought I would find you here," Ayame states walking towards Lelouch.

"I was just thinking. We need to be careful about how we move here. This area is quite populous. Until recently they have been part of the Chinese Federation before that it was a series of small independent states under the control of various European powers. Even Britannia had a few cities under their control. However Britannia decide to concentrate on taking over the New World, and Europe turned their attention to Africa."

"The rebels in the Middle East Federation are requesting a peace conference. It appears that they are willing to surrender to the official government in Baghdad."

"Make the arrangements for the meeting. We will have a small presence there to guide the proceedings," Lelouch responds and continues with his previous point. "Coming from Japan, you may not realize that many places in Asia suffered under the rule of their own people. I am not saying that Britannia or the EU are better options, however we have been able to provide essential services and better quality of life to the natives." Lelouch sighs. "However I feel that the people may grow restless regardless of what good we do."

"What will you do if that happens?" Oldrin asks entering the knightmare hangar. "Will you oppress the people?"

Lelouch smiles, "I have not yet decided, but when I do, you can be sure that it will be an awesome decision. When do they serve breakfast around here? I'm starving."

Lelouch exits the knightmare hangar.

"Is food all he thinks about?" Oldrin asks Ayame.

"Food, sex, and anime that are pretty much all he thinks about. Every once in a while I can turn his attention to important matters, but I have to promise him a reward. It is usually a combination of those three things. He likes video games too so that works sometimes."

If Maribelle decides to continue to follow Lelouch, Oldrin has already decided to do the same. Even though she is one of Lelouch's wives, Oldrin does not feel closeness to him. Perhaps it is because he spends most of the time with Maribelle during his visits.

Lelouch decides to spend that night with Oldrin.

"Perhaps it is time to move you and the Glinda Knights to a more active sector. Maribelle will remain here, and you will take command of the unit."

"Where we will go?"

"I thought about moving you to the north and guard the border against Kazakhstan, but I have changed my mind because that might seem too confrontational at the moment. South Africa seems to be the best option. Karine is pushing from the north. Madagascar is not going the way I though it would go. Now pirates are threatening the South African coast. I may install a new viceroy in the area, but you will command the military. Stating tomorrow begin the process of transferring the Glinda Knights there."

Oldrin is a little shocked that Lelouch does not move Maribelle along with the Glinda Knights. From his previous statements, she assumes that he wants a strong viceroy who will not need to rely on the military to keep control of the area. In a sense she supposes that it is his method of showing those around him that there is trust. Of course he can step in and take over at any moment. It startles Oldrin how quickly the world forgets that Lelouch is an accomplished soldier. He is perhaps the greatest commander to graduate from West Point either division. His understanding of enemy and ally alike has no comparison.

Lelouch is standing there holding their daughter, Beverly.

"Come on let's go to bed."

"Come, momma, bedtimes."

Oldrin nods and walks towards Lelouch.

Wednesday, June 16, 2027

Oldrin Zevon, William Tecumseh Sherman, and James Longstreet are providing protection for the Britannian representative at the Middle East Federation peace conference. The conference is being held in the city of Buraydah which is in the north central part of the Arabian peninsula. It is chosen because of its distance from Damascus and Baghdad, and to include the various Arabian peninsula factions. For Oldrin it is her final task in the area before heading to South Africa. For the latter two, this will be their final task before returning to West Point to be junior knightmare instructors.

"Are these the sort of shitty assignments we are going to get? I thought we were going to see some action," one of the Britannian representative's guards says.

"Do not be foolish. We are not just here to provide protection for Representative Wilson. We must observe the other representatives because they may be potential enemies in the future. We must also study the terrain," Sherman retorts.

"Well, we will leave that to you officers, Captain Sherman. Just tell me where to go and my rifle will be pointing in that direction."

Sherman nods and sighs. Most of the enlisted troops serve primarily as infantry and support so very few actually see real combat. Knightmares, tanks, VTOL, and small airships are used in battle and to garrison cities.

"Just keep your eyes open for anything unusual. In this situation even our allies may want to harm Representative Wilson."

The soldiers nods and salute. Sherman wonders about the men. They seem rather old to only be corporals. Although he knows of a few headcases who do not ever advance because of bad attitudes. He walks over to Longstreet.

"Giving it to the men so early in the morning. You sure are a workaholic, Sherman."

Sherman lets out a small grunt. "What is taking the representative so long to get ready? As it is we are going to be the last ones there."

"Representative Wilson is receiving last minute instructions from the Emperor," Oldrin replies. "Move the men into position. I can escort him when he comes out in a few minutes."

Sherman and Longstreet do as Oldrin instructs. A few minutes later they are traveling towards the conference site. In order to keep the peace none of the representative groups are allowed to bring any military vehicles or personnel. Each side is also only allowed to bring a contingent of twenty people. This does not include unofficial groups representing the Kurds, Assyrians, other major cities as well as a group from the Sinai peninsula. In in order to keep the Suez Canal independent the Sinai peninsula is given to the Middle East Federation. There are even interest groups from Egypt, the North African Republic, Turkey, and the UAA.

In order to maintain some peace the EU and Britannia divide the security of the city evenly. As part of this deal only six knightmares per side are allowed within a hundred miles of the city. For the Britannian side it is Oldrin, Tink Rockheart, Leonhard Steiner, Sokia Scerpa, Longstreet, and Sherman. The infantrymen are disguised as personal guards to Representative Wilson.

As they approach the conference site, Longstreet feels the ground shaking. Suddenly the site for the complex explodes and disappears.

"Good God, what the hell just happened?" Longstreet questions, "Was there anyone inside?"

"Hey!" Sherman yells out. "Does anyone understand what these EU jerks are saying?"

Longstreet silently curses Sherman's only fault (not learning French) as he turns his communicator to the EU knightmares.

"Those jackasses are blaming us for the explosion, but there is no way that even our combined knightmares have that kind of firepower."

"Well we better do something quick because they are coming straight for us," Sherman comments.

"I am tracking several bogeys in the air coming from the west. But who the hell has forces out there? Is it Egypt?" Longstreet asks in confusion.

"Get your heads out of your asses boys because things are about to get ugly," Sokia remarks.

Longstreet notices that Representative Wilson's car is speeding back to their hotel. He wonders because it cannot provide the sort of protection that knightmares can. He has also been wondering about the representative and his guards. They do not seem like ordinary men. He does not have much time to think because different knightmares are entering the city.

"Well we wanted action," Longstreet states.

Lelouch turns off the television and smiles.

"If they want to push, then I will have to push back."

"Hey tou-chan, what are you doing?" Mariko vi Britannia asks. "Put your head back. Everyone is waiting for you."

Ayame helps Lelouch adjust his tyrannous head.

"Well I guess I have to move world domination to another day," Lelouch says as he lets out a roar and walks into the room where many of his children are waiting.

Author's note: Maribelle, Oldrin, Tink, Leonhard, and Sokia are characters from the Code Geass side story manga, Oz the Reflection.

On a completely unrelated note if you are looking for a completely absurd anime try Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai. It is slightly noticeable that the main character is voiced by Jun Fukuyama who also voices Lelouch.

New Areas and their viceroys

1 North America- Milly ash Britannia
2 South America- Villetta Nu
3 Southeast Asia- Annabel pe Britannia
4 Japan, Central Pacific Islands- Kaguya yama Britannia
5 China, Mongolia- Tianzi Lihua Jiang
6 India- Maribelle mel Britannia
7 Siberia- Evelyn Futaba
8 Iran, Central Asian Republics- Nunnally Kururugi
9 New Zealand, Southern Pacific Islands - Maximus va Britannia
10 South Africa-

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