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Wednesday, June 16, 2027

-This is a BBC News World Report.

Today in Buraydah several factions from the Middle East Federation are meeting to discuss possible changes to the government. For the last few years several rebel factions have disregarded the official government in Baghdad. The Emperor insists that the Empire will continue to keep its commitments the treaties signed several years ago. This includes control by the Baghdad government of the Middle East Federation. Hopefully this will allow peace to continue throughout the world.

After several weeks of waiting, Rivalz, Olivia, and Jamison are allowed to settle in Australia although their choices are quite dismal. They choose Darwin since it is away from other major Australian cities. This makes it one of the few cities in Australia where trade with Britannia is cheaper than trading nationally. Darwin is also known as the counterfeit capital of the world. Apart from its own imitation products, it also imports many from Timor which also has a bit of a reputation for producing knockoff products.

With their reputations from being on Britannia's persona non grata list, they are able to get several offers from the Darwin underground. They take jobs from a minor Mob boss. They hope to develop a reputation apart from their past.

"Alright, today you three are going with Clive on his next deal. He is meeting with Landers. We've been dealing with Landers for a while so it shouldn't be too much trouble."

Since he has the most experience, Rivalz drives the truck to the meeting place. Olivia rides in the front with him. Jamison is in the back with Clive, Jack, and their product. As if knowing what the city would turn into the city planners laid out the street out in a grid pattern. Avenues run north to south. Streets run west to east. Other street types are sprinkled in between. One main highway leads into the city with several expressways providing access to the airport, docks and suburbs. This makes it easy for the underworld to move things around, but it also makes it easy for them to be pursued.

Rivalz takes the truck to the location shown on the GPS. Clive signals for Rivalz to follow him.

"Don't worry mate, this deal should go smoothly. Landers is like the boss so he is a no nonsense sort of person. Still it is good practice for times when we have to deal with real scumbags."

Rivalz nods as they walk. They do not go very far before being told to stop.

"That is far enough, Clive. My people are taking the money to the truck."

"Rupert, it's been a while since you bought from us," Clive remarks.

"Well it's about time you guys got some good product."

Rivalz catches a glimpse of Rupert Landers. He instantly recognizes the man as Naoto Kouzuki. A few years ago Rivalz would have made it obvious that he recognizes Naoto, but now he manages to keep his cool.

"Looks like you guys got some new muscle," Rupert states.

"Yes well you now how it is," Clive replies.

Rivalz hears lots of commotion down by the truck. He instinctively knows that things are not going as planned. He wonders who is trying the double cross. The Naoto, Rivalz knows from before would not try this sort of thing, but who knows about now. Of course Rivalz knows very little about his employers so it might be them.

"Clive, you bastard!" Rupert says with clenched teeth.

"Sorry Rupert buddy, but like I said you know how it is," Clive states as he pulls out a gun. "Now me and Jack got enough to start off on our own. Nothing against you and your boys over there."

Clive turns the gun towards Rivalz because he is closer. Rivalz quickly reacts and charges Clive. His cybernetic body allows him to move faster than Clive can respond. Rivalz pins Clive to the ground.

"Wait, don't kill him,' Rupert states, "Let me put these on him."

Rupert hands Rivalz some handcuffs which Rivalz puts on Clive.

"Any special reason why you have these?" Rivalz asks with a grin.

"I had a run-in with an inexperienced police office, and I relieved him of his equipment."

Clive begins to curse. Rivalz has a hard time following his Australian slang.

Rupert shakes his head. "Don't worry. I couldn't understand a word these people were saying for a month." Rupert takes Clive from Rivalz. "Let's go. My boys should have handled the situation by the truck. We should probably have a word with your boss."

Things are not as trouble-free by the truck as Rupert had hoped. Olivia and Jamison are helping what Rivalz figures are Rupert's people. Jack has a hole in his head.

"What the hell happened?" Rupert asks.

"It's the damn Triads," one of the men replies.

"Triads, like Chinese gangsters," Rivalz comments.

"Well technically that is right, but here pretty much any gang of Asians is called Triads by the Natives," Rupert states.

"Bunch of figjam bastards," Clive mutters causing Rupert to punch him and tosses him in the truck.

"If we don't move, the cops are going to be on our asses," Rupert states.

"Hey, we got a call from your old lady. She says to get ready to move after the signal."

"Alright, everyone in the truck!" Rupert yells out. "We are busting out of here."

Once everyone is in the truck, Rupert signals for Rivalz to take the wheel.

"What's the signal?" Rivalz asks.

"You will know when you see it," Rupert responds.

"Damn those Triad bastards are getting closer."

Suddenly an explosion engulfs their attackers. Rivalz takes this as the signal and slams down on the gas pedal. He maneuvers the truck around various explosions. In the distance Rivalz hears police sirens.

"Ah just another day in good old Darwin," Rupert states as he unloads on his attackers. "As long as Australia stays out of any wars, things here will never change."

Rivalz nods as he slows down. He wonders what is going to happen next.

Lilicia Gottwald, Akito Hyuga, Ryo Sayama, Yukia Naruse, Ayano Kosaka, and Kenta Inoue are piloting the knightmares accompanying the EU delegate to the Middle East Federation peace conference. Klaus Warrick is on the ground with the delegate. Despite objections from certain EU officials, Lilicia manages to convince Schniezel that everyone in the EU delegation including the main delegate needs to be military personnel. She is certain that that is what Lelouch is doing. Who better than one of Lelouch's West Point cronies to do his will?

Kenta mutters something in Japanese.

"Stick to French, you moron," Lilica admonishes, "We do not want the other side to know who we are."

On the other side of the conference building, Lilicia can see the Britannian knightmares. She wonders who is piloting them. A small part of her wants to turn off the geass canceller connected to her heart so that she can use her geass for a few seconds; however there are too many people in the area for her to focus properly.

Lilicia is about to order the knightmares to slow down when an explosion engulfs the conference building.

Kenta begins shouting accusations at the Britannian knightmares in French.

"Is that good enough, commander?" Kenta asks sarcastically. "Let's rush those bastards before they get us."

Before Lilicia can relay orders to her team, they quickly charge the Britannian knightmares.

"Idiots, this is exactly what he wants," Lilicia says in frustration. No matter how this battle goes, Lelouch will have an excuse to meddle in the Middle East Federation.

Stealing an Egyptian warship filled with knightmares, hacking into said knightmares, and taking them all southeast to attack the Middle East peace conference is all part of day's work for the twins. They quickly destroy the warship so that little evidence is left of their actions. They make adjustments to the knightmares' operational system to make it easier to control. They also add extra weaponry before moving the knightmares towards the conference site.

"Let's see, what missiles should we use for this operation?" Pollux questions.

"Egypt is using the EU Vercingetorix II model," Castor replies, "I will adjust the power output accordingly. I believe they also use their own missiles, but we will just the information we have."

"Missiles are set. We will launch in ten seconds."

"I see the conference site coming up," Emily states.

"Deploying into formation A," Miranda states.

"Firing missiles," Castor states, "They should impact in five minutes."

"Weren't we supposed to wait for the signal?" Emily questions.


"Whoa, a major explosion just occurred at the conference site," Miranda remarks." There is lots of commotion."

"That must be the signal," Castor comments. "Let's move."

"We already launched the missiles and the knightmares, genius," Pollux says sarcastically.

"The EU knightmares are charging. Should we intercept them?" Emily asks.

"No, keep moving towards the Britannian ones. Someone else will take care of the EU knightmares."

Emily and Miranda take control of their knightmare drones. They control the movements while Castor and Pollux control the weapon systems.

"Where are Old Pete and Cump?" Castor asks.

Two Britannian knightmares charge at the drones.

"Those two are probably them," Pollux states, "Let's teach them not to be so anxious."

Matthew J. Berry, Nathan Ravitz, James Sodeberg, Ron Golic, and Mike Jaworski are in the hotel room of the Britannian representative to the Middle East Conference. They are preparing to join the battle brewing in and around Buraydah

"Next time I want to play ambassador."

"You're too ugly for that."

"Whatever pretty boy."

"Shut up both of you. We have to get there and see what has to be done."

Lilicia manages to reign in her charges. She did not expect them to be so anxious to get into the action. Suddenly four unusual looking knightmares fall causing everyone to react in the same manner.

"What the hell are those things?"

"Are those the specimen knightmares?" Lilicia asks. "Klaus, can you give me any information about what is going on down there?" There is no response. Lilica flips through her communication channels. "Klaus, can you hear me?"

Unexpectedly a familiar face appears on Lilicia's monitor.

"Hey Lili, are you ready to play?" Lelouch asks.

"You aren't here," Lilicia states, "There is no way you would put yourself in this situation."

"Maybe, but I don't need to be there to win."

"So you set this all up? It sounds like something you would do."

"Don't be silly. We are simply responding to the situation."

In the background Lilica can hear noise. Suddenly she makes a realization.

"This is a recording."

Lelouch smiles, "I assume you have figured it out by now. Well I have to run to play with my kids."

Lelouch ends the communication causing Lilicia to yell.

"Hey, finally, I have been trying to communicate with you," Akito states, "What are we supposed to do about these new knightmares. They seem to be looking in our direction."

Lilicia looks at the four knightmares.

"Those look like Karasu Tengu, but there should only be three of the specimens using them. That means that the other pilot is someone else," Lilicia comments.

"I don't give a fuck who it is. If it's Britannian, I am going to fight it!" Kenta screams as he rushes the strange knightmares.

Kallen yawns as the EU knightmare foolishly rushes at her. She slides to the side and slams her specialized MVS through one of its legs. She begins to power her radiant wave burst.

"Holy shit. It's the First," Lilicia states. "Kenta, you fool. That is the worst person, we could have encountered out here. She is someone who has little need to prove herself to anyone much less some EU pilot."

However Kenta Inoue is saved by Akito and Ryo.

"Hey you little shit, stop rushing when you don't know who you are facing," Ryo comments with a sneer. "This battle looks like it just got interesting."

"W, S, T, stay back while I finish off these insects." Kallen orders.

"Damn, I wish I knew who they used as specimens," Lilica states. "We should probably retreat. This doesn't look like a battle we can win."

"We still have to get the delegate out of the building," Klaus Warwick comments. "You will have to hold on until then."

"Well hurry up. These are not people we want to fuck with here!" Lilicia barks out.

"Shouldn't we help them out?" Yukia asks as Akito and Ryo battle Kallen.

"Are you stupid? Nothing we cannot do anything to help them at this stage," Lilicia replies.

"Well we have to do something," Ayano remarks, "What about those other knightmares? Why don't we attack them?"

"Those things aren't even human," Lilicia states, "Well technically neither is the First."

"Not human, what are you taking about?"

"Well we shouldn't just sit here!" Kenta yells, "Let's get these Britannian bastards."

"If you want to die after Akito and Ryo saved your ass, be my guest," Lilicia says, "I won't miss your stupid ass too much. As soon as the delegate is safe, we will pull out."

Lilicia looks over and notices that the Britannian forces are engaging what appear to be Egyptian knightmares. She notices that the attacking knightmares are using unusual tactics. It is almost like the pilot is not human.

"What the hell is wrong with these guys?" Sokia inquires, "They are fighting like madmen."

"Just keep them away from the representative," Oldrin orders.

"Shouldn't we come up with some sort of plan to take them out?" Tink asks, "They already damaged the knightmares those two little guys. Don't we need to settle things on the ground?"

"I already called for back-up. We just need to maintain the situation here," Oldrin replies. She wonders why they are having such trouble against inferior knightmares.

"Firing missiles at target three," Castor states.

"Stop wasting our missiles," Emily comments.

"Ah that's no fun. We have to test them to see if they are ready to be on their own in South Africa."

"I know. I know."

"Hey the controls are going wonky," Miranda states, "I am starting to lose control of the knightmares."

"Hey the weapon's systems aren't working," Pollux says.

Suddenly their knightmares turn from the Britannian forces and crash into the conference building destroying what is left of it.

"Hey we got hacked!" Castor exclaims.

"But who could have done it?" Pollux questions.

"I think we all know who it was," Emily states.

"Well we should probably get out of here. Even at this height, we may be discovered," Miranda comments.

Akito cannot believe that he and Ryo are having trouble defeating one knightmare. Other than warning them to be careful, Lilicia does not give them any information about their opponent, other than that it is the First whoever that is.

"Shouldn't we be retreating by now?" Ryo asks. "This isn't our fight."

Akito looks back at Lilicia, Ayano, and Yukiya. Kenta is off to the side assessing the damage to his knightmare. If the other Karasu Tengu are as tough as this one, then they are doomed.

"Pull back. We will have to make a quick run to the airship. Hopefully they will have it ready to go."

"What if those others follow?"

"We will have to move quickly and hope that that does not happen."

Lelouch contacts Kallen.

"Perhaps it is better if you pull out. Oldrin will lead the Britannian forces in your direction soon."

"Damn I really wanted to fight them."

"No need to be greedy. There will be plenty of chances for action soon enough."

Kallen frowns and pulls out.

Akito sighs in relief as the Karasu Tengu leave the battle.

"Let's go," Lilicia orders, "The delegate is on his way back to the airship. We should all be thankful that we are still in one piece."

The others grumble a bit but follow her to the airship.

Oldrin quickly gathers the Britannian forces and resources in the area; however the individuals representing the various factions of the Middle East Federation are dead.

"Shouldn't we be doing something about the situation?" Sherman asks.

"We are only here as observers," Oldrin replies. "As soon as the representative is aboard the airship, we will leave as well."

"What about those strange knightmares?" Sokia asks. "I think we should try to follow them. I remember seeing them before."

"Those knightmares did not attack us or the conference site. We were only here to keep the peace."

"Well we didn't do a good job of that."

Oldrin sighs, "Let's head towards the airship and wait for further orders."

Karine is watching the situation from her palace along the Congo River. Originally she plans on sending Xingke and the other cyborgs to disrupt the conference. Naturally she believes that Lelouch or Schniezel will have something in mind to do the same thing. However at the last moment she withholds the attack. She wonders how things would have turned out. Either way things seem to be a mess in the Middle East. Unlike others in the world, Karine prefers it this way. If Lelouch and Schniezel are concentrating on fighting the war in the Middle East, Africa will remain Karine's. There is also possible war brewing in Kazakhstan. Daily Karine through various channels encourages Australia to antagonize Britannia. Each new conflict gives Karine hope of surviving.

Kallen takes her units to her airship high above. She is not happy with Lelouch's decision to withdraw her team. Still it is not her place to question his judgment nor is this her arena. Soon she will have her chance to prove herself once again.

Friday, June 18, 2027, Paris, EU, 3 am

Lilicia is not happy about her trip from the Arabian Peninsula to Paris. As they travel north, the al-Assad faction decides to draft them into their war effort. The EU peace conference delegate decides to attempt to restart the peace talks, but the EU backed Damascus faction refuses. In fact they threaten Lilicia's force. She simply leaves the delegate and fights her way to the Mediterranean. Schniezel is not happy with her actions. She will deal with that when they meet.

"Lady Gottwald, his highness will see you in the morning," Schniezel's secretary states.

It seems like each day Kannon Maldini loses responsibilities in regards to Schniezel. Although it makes sense that Schniezel have a team of secretaries and assistants since he is the leader of the EU.

Lilicia ignores the secretary and continues walking into Schniezel's private rooms. She closes the door behind her.

"You have been a naughty girl," Schniezel states. "Who were the individuals in those knightmares?"

"The First and Lelouch's top specimens," Lilicia replies, "Only the scientists that created them, the First, Second, and perhaps Euphemia know who they are."

Schniezel does not ask who the First and Second are. They have discussed the terminology used in discussing Lelouch's wives.

"However given who you have Lord Ashford working on," Lilicia continues, "It is possible that they are supposedly deceased Knights of One and Two. Not sure who the other one could be since Xingke is in Africa."

Schniezel stands and walks towards Lilicia. "Now to discuss your actions regarding our Middle East allies."

"Those idiots are lucky I didn't finish them off. I just came to tell you that Nunnally is going to destroy your puppets unless you do something quickly."

Lilicia turns around and heads for the door.

"I am not done," Schniezel states.

"Well I am."

Schniezel blocks her path and points a gun at her.

"Now we will discuss your new assignment."

Lilicia grunts and quickly grabs Schniezel's arm. She flips him to the ground and holds him down by kneeling on his chest.

"You have received basic training as has Kannon," Lilicia remarks, "however you are no match for someone trained by Britannian Special Forces' officers selected by the Emperor himself. Like I said, I am done. In the morning you can go over your strategy to stop your Middle East allies from getting destroyed."

Basra, Middle East Federation (Britannian Occupied Zone)

Nunnally and Suzaku are aboard their airship in their private kitchen making breakfast. As they make breakfast they hold hands and play a little footsie. Suzaku bends down to kiss Nunnally.

"You two should get a room if you are going to do that kind of stuff."

"This is our room," Nunnally comments, "How did you get in here anyways, big brother?"

"The air ducts," Lelouch replies.

Nunnally and Suzaku turn around and find Lelouch hanging from the ceiling holding their daughter and son.

"Why do you have Musubi and Kyoshiro?"

"They wanted to spend some time with Uncle Lelouch."

"How are you able to hold both of them in that position?" Suzaku asks. "Musubi is really heavy."

"I have practice holding girls in multiple positions."

"Okay, that is enough of this," Nunnally says as she reaches up to retrieve her children.

"Well, I should probably be going anyways. Ayame says I have to meet with generals and stuff," Lelouch states as he falls to the ground. He manages to flip at the last moment and lands on his feet. "Before that I should get something to eat. A growing boy needs his nutrition."

"Uncle Lelouch is funny," Musubi Kururugi states. Her brother, Kyoshiro, nods in agreement.

After breakfast Lelouch summons everyone to the conference room aboard his airship. Along with those physically present, other important individuals around the world attend via video conference.

"Let's begin by reviewing the situation," Lelouch states. "At the moment several factions within the Middle East Federation are gathering forces. Actually this process has been happening for some time. In addition Egypt and Turkey may join the war in order to gain territory they feel is theirs. In other words things are going to get messy. We will simply sit back and allow the war to proceed."

"What do you mean we are going to sit back?" Nunnally asks. "Does that mean we are not going to get involved?"

"Not directly. If we enter the war with our forces, the EU and UAA will do the same. We will simply provide our allies in the weapons to fight. This must be a war of attrition that will continue for some time."

"You mean we are just going to let the people fight against each other."

"Yes, this area will become the world's focus," Lelouch states as he looks at a map of the area. "The area from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caspian Sea will become a battlefield. A battlefield where we fight the EU and UAA by proxy. Unfortunately no one in this room will be allowed in battle here. This is not a request but an order."

"I don't like the sound of this," Kallen remarks. "What happens if the EU or UAA enter this battle directly?"

"Then I will do the same," Lelouch replies. "This time I will finish what I started. I think that Schniezel and Karine understand this. Certainly Lilicia would understand that. Don't worry about it. Something will come up soon enough. If our territory is attacked by any warring parties, we will respond. By the lunch, everyone will have orders." Lelouch waves for the others to exit the room.

Everybody but Kallen and Ayame leave.

"Is this really what you want?" Kallen asks.

"Yes, this area is of no particular consequence. Its major natural resource is oil which we do not necessarily need. Like I said something will come up soon. This is but a mere side show."

Kallen nods and exits the room.

"Why didn't you just give them, their assignments now?" Ayame questions.

"Most of them are a little angry that they will not be able to fight now. They need time to cool down. I am going to spend some time out on the balcony. Send me a message when my airship is ready to leave."

"As you wish," Ayame says as she leaves to attend to Lelouch's orders.

Lelouch steps out onto the balcony to spend some time alone.

"I was expecting one of you people to show up eventually," Lelouch states.

"Don't turn around, your majesty. Just keep your back to me."

Lelouch ignores the warning and turns around. "Ah, you would be former Agent Ligget. We have been searching for people of your ilk for several years."

While Lelouch purges the OSI and other government intelligences services completely, several agents manage to escape. Most of these people are those that receive the most intense levels of training. Others are completely erased from official records and given new identities.

"What are you planning on doing now, Agent Ligget?" Lelouch questions.

"Eliminating the threat."

"Are you certain that is possible? I do not believe that you understand the situation."

"I understand the situation well. I am pointing a gun at you. You have locked this door so that no one bothers you."

"Yes, that may be true," Lelouch remarks, "but as you can attest there are other ways to reach this balcony."

"I have received the best training in the world. I can take you out and make it down with no one knowing I was here."

"Is that so?" Lelouch asks with a smirk. "Took you long enough to get here."

Agent Ligget does not budge but does wonder who Lelouch is speaking to since he does not hear any noise. Suddenly Agent Ligget is spun around and stabbed in the abdomen. His gun falls to the side. Agent Ligget looks you at his assailant.

"You, you are that mouthy sergeant who I pressed for information on the ground."

"You probably thought less of him because of his rank," Lelouch states. "Historical accounts say that one of this nation's greatest generals, Hiram Ulysses Grant (who you may better know as Ulysses S Grant), wore a simple private's uniform and adorned it with his general's stars."

"The man is already dying. Are you trying to quicken his demise with a history lesson?"

"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it," Lelouch replies. "The airship is beginning to rise. Just toss him off the balcony."

"Toss him off just like that."

"Yes, Anya is taking care of his friends on the ground," Lelouch says staring down at the former government secret agent. "You should have done what many of your former companions have done and moved to Australia. Don't worry, their time will come. Sergeant Williams, dispose of this person."

Sergeant Williams throws Agent Ligget off the side of the airship. Lelouch opens the balcony door where Ayame is waiting for him.

"The airship commander is awaiting your order."

"Tell him to lift off as soon as Anya returns. She is taking care of something on the ground."

"Very well."

Lelouch enters the airship and heads for his room. He is still undecided about his next move. For the moment he will have to wait for others to act. As always he prepares for any contingency.

Schniezel is quite upset about Lilicia's act of defiance earlier in the morning. However her actions save Schniezel from an embarrassing situation since Lelouch does not directly join the conflict in the Middle East Federation. Still Schniezel must find a way for his allies to win. This will not be easy since supposed allies Turkey and Egypt want to partition the area amongst themselves. Of course it would be better if one subordinate power took control of the area rather than several fragmented states. According to Lilicia, Lelouch wants the latter since it would make reconquest easier. Schniezel may have to resort to some desperate measures if he wants to get his way in this matter.

Wednesday, June 30, 2027

Rivalz decides to separate from his cousins and goes into business with Rupert. He hopes that it will be a profitable move. Over the past few years he pays more attention to politics than ever before. He does not like the rhetoric coming from Australia's leaders. He wonders if there will ever be a place that will be truly free from conflict. Perhaps if he makes enough money, he can slip away to an island in Southeast Asia.

"Come on Rivalz, we have a shipment coming in down by the dock," Rupert states. "The shipment is from one of our international sources so the transaction should be smooth."

Rivalz assumes that the source is Britannian. This would be the reason why Rupert is confident about the situation. Rivalz wonders if the situation in the Middle East will cause ripples elsewhere.

Mohammed Shennib is monitoring the situation in the Middle East Federation. The North African Republic is in no condition to participate in the war since it is facing various rebellions of its own. In fact Mohammed is leading one of them.

"Commander Shennib, we are receiving word that the government in Tunis will soon make an announcement regarding the situation to the east."

Mohammed wonders what this is about since the government previously makes a statement by not making a statement. He wonders if the EU or UAA are pressuring the NAR to make an official statement. The EU is already having problems in Kazakhstan. He knows that the Russians want to go to war with Britannia to regain lost territory. He also knows that the EU is having trouble reining in supposed allies Egypt and Turkey. The UAA is having minor problems with Madagascar and Mauritania and Mali.

"Have the troops view the broadcast. I want everyone to be prepared for the situation."

Saturday, August 7, 2027

Lelouch observes the situation in the Middle East. Thus far the fighting remains within the borders of the Middle East Federation. At some point he suspects that this will change. Britannia's refusal to directly join the war will cause someone to believe that this is a sign of weakness. In fact Lelouch has Nunnally withdraw of Basra and other cities previously taken in support of their allies in Baghdad.

Unlike those around him, Lelouch has to look at the larger picture. This is the reason why he does not previously finish the conquest of the EU and why he allows South America and Africa to be independent for some time. South America is back in the fold. This allows for easier communication with South Africa which is still under Britannian control. It also gives Britannia more control over the southern oceans with the exception of Australia and Madagascar. The latter may soon be returned to the Imperial fold once more.

Ayame enters Lelouch's office to give him up to date reports of happenings around the world.

"There are several reports from the Coral Sea in regards to Australian aggressiveness."

"Have the ambassador give our usual response."

"Don't you want to increase patrols or threaten them?" Ayame inquires.

"No, Australia does not have the power to threaten us. It is of no consequence."

Ayame nods and exits the office.

Kallen enters from underneath where the specimen room is located.

"Is it really smart to have the world thinking that you will not retaliate? At some point too many people will get the same idea."

Lelouch sneers at this comment. "Let them. The only people I should be afraid of are on my side. The only person that can challenge me is sitting in Paris with very little power. Schniezel is afraid to fight me head on. The old man is hiding somewhere and GG is probably with him."

"Hm you sound so confident," Milly says sitting down on Lelouch's desk. Milly begins to take Lelouch's make-up and mask off. "There now you look perfect."

Lelouch groans. "You do realize that it takes quite some time to put all that stuff on."

Milly grins and kisses Lelouch. "Of course I do, silly. I do have to put some of that stuff on myself."

"I suppose this means that Lelouch should cancel all his morning appointments," Kallen states.

"Yes, would you be a dear and inform Ayame and Lucretia that the Emperor will be unavailable until lunch." Milly shakes her head. "Make that dinner."

"Eh, they will figure it out," Kallen says with a grin. "Head to the bed. I will carry this silly man to the bed."

Lelouch smirks and presses his intercom button. "Ayame, cancel my appointments for the next two days. Something has come up."

Lelouch picks Milly and Kallen up and carries them to the bed.

Friday, August 13, 2027

James Joseph Bradley and William Wordsworth arrive at West Point, New York at the same time on the same day. It is a few weeks before classes begin. They are taken to their barracks by William Tecumseh Sherman and James Longstreet, graduate assistants assigned to junior cadets. Unlike most other junior cadets, they are not nobles of any rank. Of course most of the high school cadets come from minor noble families. Most of these gaining their peerage after Lelouch comes to power.

James Longstreet VI and William Tecumseh Sherman II transport a dozen junior cadet hopefuls to West Point. Neither man is particularly pleased with their current assignment. Longstreet is upset that he does not get the opportunity to speak with Lilicia during the Middle East peace conference two months ago. Both of them are upset that the emperor does not order Britannian forces to enter the war directly despite the fact they were coming to West Point after the conference.

"Hey Longstreet, when do you think we will see some action?" Sherman asks.

"I don't know. We can probably get some training against the older cadets, but it probably won't be the same."

"Ya, you are probably right," Sherman states with a sigh.

They notice that several of the prospective cadets are milling about.

"Hey, do you kids want to try the simulator?" Longstreet asks causing Sherman to raise his eyebrows.

The future cadets nod.

"Very well, then follow me. This will probably be the first time any of you experience something like this."

Sherman reluctantly follows as Longstreet leads the young men to the simulator room.

Just because Lelouch publicly states that he is not going to be directly involved in the war that does not mean that he is not going to be directly involved in the war. At the moment he is inspecting knightmare drones built by the twins. They are modeled after the type of knightmares that the EU gives to its allies. Naturally they also make drones modeled after what Britannia gives its allies. All these knightmares will be used to create chaos in the Middle East.

The war in the Middle East has been going on for two months. A few days after the interrupted peace conference, video footage of the knightmare battles that occur on that day are leaked. The EU has little choice but to denounce Egypt because of the knightmares stolen by the twins. Many also question the appearance of the Karasu Tengu since they are not associated with any nation. Many pilots remember seeing those knightmares at various battle sites around the world including the South American gold rush a few years back.

Lelouch's refusal to publicly enter the war makes it a local issue. With little centralized government or military forces, the situation is muddled. In the end the major powers may have to become involved to either settle the issue or partition the area.

Evelyn is looking over reports at the latest situation involving the Kazakhstan rebels. The EU continues to reiterate that it is an internal matter; however the rebels continually cross into territory that is officially Britannian. Lately there has also been unrest amongst the Turkic peoples of Central Asia and the Mongolian people. Evelyn wonders if all these issues are tied to Lelouch's refusal to directly enter the Middle East war. She wonders what other consequence this action may have. She supposes that Lelouch has a plan to deal with this quagmire.

Author's note: I apologize again for the time it took to write this chapter lots of stuff happened. The next chapter will deal primarily with the early West Point time of James Joseph Bradley and William Wordsworth (Stadtfeld). Naturally the other characters who are alumni will make appearances. Lelouch's kids will also make an appearance. At the moment his oldest son James is 10. This is probably not a major spoiler, but he will attend West Point Jr. Academy instead of attending regular jr. high just like Lelouch.

Rupert Landers is Naoto. Joan Landers is CC. In case anyone is wondering, the First is Kallen and the Second is Milly.

If Lilicia wants to use her geass, she must stop her heart sort of like Rolo except that her geass is like Mao's. This is because of a device that was installed when she was still in Britannia.

Castor and Pollux are basically teenage versions of Lloyd with a bit of Lelouch and Nunnally tossed in. Emily and Miranda are teenage versions of Kallen (this story's Kallen. Obviously canonical Kallen is a teenager).

Old Pete and Cump are nicknames for the historical James Longstreet and William Tecumseh Sherman, the ancestors of this story's characters.

Naturally Lelouch has a nice little plan to make the world fear him once again.

Someone asked about Lelouch's West Point buddies. I had to go back to Rise of the Black Prince and reread several chapters. Each semester Lelouch's team has 50 cadets. Now a few graduate every semester so the team gets new cadets. Over the course of three years there are probably 75 different individuals on the team. You can also add the cadets that Lelouch teamed with during his training semester. Obviously this would be the core of Lelouch's loyal troops, but all jr. cadets in all jr. academies at any one point are about 2400. This does not even include cadets who attend West Point Sr. division. These individuals would mostly be commoners. So actual trusted people regardless of social, noble, or military rank number between 50 to 100. These would be the people who guard Nunnally, Evelyn, the twins, Lelouch's wives and children, and participate in espionage activities. The Knights of the Round technically guard Lelouch. The other cadets if they sided with Lelouch (although very few oppose him) are usually commanders throughout the world.