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Friday, August 20, 2027

This is BBC News World Report.

The Emperor states that the Empire will honor its promises and treaties towards all its allies. While Imperial forces will not enter the internal conflict in the Middle East Federation, the Emperor states that the Empire will not sit still as outside parties interfere in the internal conflicts of an ally. Imperial representatives are meeting with Turkish, Egyptian, and EU to discuss their withdraw from the Middle East Federation Civil War. At the moment there is no set deadline, but the Emperor threatens action if an settlement is not agreed upon quickly.

Tensions with Australia continue to escalate. Imperial Naval forces in the Timor and Coral Seas state that it is Australia who continues to cross into Britannian waters and airspace. Australia denies these allegations and states that Imperial forces are the ones pressing the situation. Officially neither government has made any statements regarding the situation.

John Joseph Bradley and William Wordsworth are in the mess hall. On Sunday West Point holds its entrance ceremony, and on Monday classes begin officially. Although for those that arrive early, some instruction is already underway.

"Hey Wordsworth, which of these whiny noble punks do you think we will have be subordinate to?"

William looks around. If there is on thing that John Joseph suffers from, it is an inferiority complex especially with those of a higher social status.

"You know most of these cadets are actually commoners just like us."

John Joseph lets out a grunt and continues eating his food.

"Come on, Wordsworth. I want to get to the simulators before anyone else gets there."

Walking around as always are the junior instructors. It is their task to make sure that the cadets quickly get into the routine of things. For those that arrive early, their training begins the moment they arrive.

James Longstreet VI and William Tecumseh II are sitting in the office of their superior officer eating lunch. With classes beginning soon, they have to distance themselves from the cadets. They also have to begin evaluating the cadets much more rigorously.

"Hey Longstreet, what are you doing tomorrow? I have to set up stage for the opening ceremony."

"I am taking the day off and heading to New York. I have to be up before dawn on Monday for the first drill of the semester."

Sherman slightly cringes and nods. While the aim of the Jr. Division of West Point is to mentally prepare the cadets, it also has a physical component to it. Only those in the jr. high division are excluded from the first drill of the semester. However Those that end up successful tend to go to event. The First Drill of the Semester quickly weeds out the physically and mentally weak. It also shows the junior instructors where they stand with their superiors. Those chosen for tasks like setting up the entrance ceremony or preparing the first day of instruction are normally seen in a favorable light. Those have to help in the drilling during the first week are those that are thought of as deficient in certain areas. For Longstreet that area is most likely discipline. He has shown a bit of a tendency to sleep in.

"Wouldn't it make more sense for you to stay here and help with other preparations?" Sherman asks.

Longstreet shrugs. "It won't make a difference. The officers will treat me the same because of who my grandfather is just like everyone else. I just have to show them."

Sherman cleans up the table so they can get to work. It is their first day away from the prospective cadets so they have lots of paperwork to finish before classes begin.

"This class looks particularly weak compared to others," Sherman comments.

"Well traditionally the Jr. Division draws its members from the nobility which suffered greatly during the Civil War. To make up for the lost numbers, the pool was widened to include exceptional commoners," Longstreet replies.

"That may but jr. cadets tend to be officers and knightmare pilots."

"Well then, we will have to train the efficiently, won't we."

"I suppose so."

A few hours later James Longstreet is on a private shuttle flying towards the Waldstein-Astoria Hotel. Waiting for him near the entrance of the hotel are a women, two teenage girls, and young boy. Over the past four years Naomi Inoue has become quite accustomed to her role as the Emperor's mistress/wife (Being a commoner of very low rank and possibly a traitor, even in Britannia's new liberal society, few are willing refer to her as the Emperor's wife). Her younger sister, Miyako, daughter, Hoshi, and son, Souta, have slipped into their new roles even easier. The same cannot be said for Naomi's younger brother, Kenta, who defects with Lilicia earlier in the year.

"James, you're here," Hoshi states as she runs towards the young noble.

Longstreet is careful how he hugs Hoshi. Even though she is only the Emperor's adopted daughter, the consequences are still grave for any impropriety.

"Your highnesses, it is a pleasure to see you once again," Longstreet says with a bow.

Naomi smiles. "It is a pleasure to see you once again, young lord. Shall we head inside? They are preparing a nice meal inside the room."

"That will be agreeable," Longstreet replies and follows them inside.

After dinner Longstreet sits around discussing West Point with Souta. He is not sure about what will happen next.

"Tomorrow morning we plan on making a shopping trip. You may accompany us as an escort if you wish. Afterwards we knows what may happen," Naomi states, "As for now, this little man has to go to bed." Naomi drags Souta away.

Miyako stays as a safe distance as Hoshi takes Longstreet out to the balcony.

"Isn't the view here nice?" Hoshi asks. "Being near the ocean is so wonderful. Much better than being stuck in the middle of the desert."

Longstreet nods. He knows that the Emperor constantly travels, but he never considers what his family does. It would not make sense for them to travel so much.

After a few hours of sitting on the balcony, Miyako indicates that it is time for bed. She even ignores Hoshi kissing Longstreet.

"Good night James. Be ready in the morning because we are going on a wild shopping spree."

Longstreet nods and walks to his own room. He quickly begins to remove his uniform and calls for the hotel cleaning service to take it. He does not think to bring a spare so he will have to use it in the morning. He heads for the bathroom to prepare a quick shower when the telephone rings.

"Longstreet here."

"Hey James, having fun with little girls?"

James freezes as the voice. "Lilicia, is that you?"

There is no answer. James hangs the phone up. He thinks about calling the hotel staff to find out where the call comes from, but he decides that that would cause some panic. He knows that the hotel is well guarded so there is no danger. He certainly will not mention the call to anyone else. He is moving on from his previous relationship, and he knows that Kenta is a sore spot for Naomi and Miyako.

Longstreet wakes up early to prepare for his day as a royal escort. One of the other escorts brings him a uniform that way he does not have to wear his standard uniform. Although the morning is spent walking and driving from store to store, Longstreet and Hoshi find some moments to themselves. The shopping trip ends in the early afternoon. This leaves Longstreet with just enough time to get ready for dinner. He has to be back at West Point before midnight.

"Good afternoon, Lieutenant Longstreet. I understand you received an interesting call last night."

Longstreet turns and sees the Emperor and two of his sons standing by the door.

"Your Majesty, I did not hear you come into the room."

"That was the idea," Lelouch responds. "Well I shall leave you to your work."

"Nē otōsama, soreha daredesuka?" James asks. (Hey father, who is that?)

"Longstreet is sort of a soldier."

"What do you mean sort of a soldier?" Gabriel questions. "Didn't that guy go to the Academy with Ojisan Jinta?"

"Yes, there was also some other guy called Sherwin."

"I thought his name was Sherman."

"Well if you already know then why are you asking?"

"Gabriel knows, but I do not. That is why I asked," James remarks, "If he attended West Point and graduated, how is he sort of a soldier?"

"Well he does not have any real experience in war," Lelouch replies.

"Naturally if we compare him to you, then he doesn't have enough experience. Heck compared to your experience, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon Bonaparte are lightweights even if you combine their efforts."

"I am slightly insulted that you compare me to such amateurs. I am just waiting for Australia and the EU to piss me off so I can finish my conquest of the world."

"That isn't fair. I thought you were going to leave something for us."

"Don't worry you can conquer Mars."

"What of the Martians piss you off?" Gabriel asks.

"Then I will kick their asses," Lelouch replies. "You can have Alpha Centauri. Let's go. I have to eat some New York pizza in honor of CC. Then we should probably go to West Point to look things over."

"Here I thought you had forgotten about that with all your talk of space conquest and pizza," James remarks.

"You know you sound a lot like your mother."

"Really, she says that I remind her of you."

"No way!" Lelouch exclaims. "You aren't nearly as cool as I am."

"Whatever, are we going to West Point or not?" James asks.

"Yes, after pizza."

Saturday, August 21, New Roma (ruins of Rome)

Lilicia is walking through Lord Ashford's secret lab. The above ground floor levels are full of offices. Below ground is where knightmare research and construction takes place. As you go further down, the more secret the research gets. Several floors down is where the human specimens are kept, and at the bottom level is the location of The Specimen. Only a handful of people know the identity of this person, but Lilicia figures it out. She is also narrowing down the possible candidates for Lelouch's three major specimens.

Unlike Schniezel and his EU sycophants, Lilicia does not expect much from their many spies in Britannia especially Layla Malkal. Lilicia suspects that by now the former W-0 commander turned spy is another one of Lelouch's girls. Why shouldn't she be. If one looks at his list of conquests anything is possible. Lilicia does not help in that regard by sending Lelouch new candidates for conquest.

"Lady Gottwald, so glad you could grace us with your presence," Lord Ashford states.

"I just came to inform you that Miss Clement has been taken care of."

"Did you send her to help the Russians?"

"Not quite. I sent her to Britannia where her best friend is stationed."

"Isn't that risky? What if she is somehow coerced into helping the enemy?"

"There is no need to worry," Lilicia replies with a coy smile. "You son-in-law has little need for knightmare developers especially those that cannot keep up with his fertile mind. Besides I think Lelouch may be about to use Lady Malkal. This may put a stop to that."

"Speaking Lady Malkal, is it possible to have her recalled. This new situation with the EU Knightmare Corps is aggravating."

"Unfortunately she is providing decent information so the powers that be want her to remain near Lelouch."

"Haven't you been insinuating that Lady Malkal has been compromised by Lelouch?" Lord Ashford asks.

"Yes that is probably the case, but our glorious leader does not understand such matters. Do not worry, I am working on restructuring the knightmare corps. Now with Miss Clement out of the way, you should have very few problems obtaining material and test subjects."

"Yes, that will be acceptable. At the moment I require pilots to duel with my projects."

"I will prepare some viable candidates," Lilicia states "With your permission I will begin my inspection of this facility."

Lord Ashford nods as Lilicia walks away. Although he does not understand her reason for defecting, Lord Ashford quickly realizes that this young woman contains a wealth of knowledge about Lelouch. He wonders how much the EU leaders know about her. He wonders how much Schniezel truly knows about her. While Schniezel is quite intuitive and astute, something about him has been drastically different over the past several years. Lord Ashford wonders if Schniezel feels some jealously towards Lelouch. Apart from his many territorial conquests, Lelouch is quite popular amongst the common people. In addition Lelouch has many wives and children. Aside from Karine, the remaining royal children acknowledge Lelouch.

"Was that her?"

Lord Ashford snaps out of his daydreaming.

"Yes, that was the girl who served as one of Lelouch's assistants. I believe he thought of her as an apprentice. She is perhaps the best foil for him. Apart from knightmare skills and experience, she is nearly matches him."

"Knightmare skill eh, that is what I am here for. I will handle that when the time comes."

"Yes, however until that time comes, we must work on creating pilots and knightmares to match his current elite pilots and those that may come in the future. Now we just need the genius leaders to create a strategy. Hopefully this time, they will be better prepared," Lord Ashford remarks.

Lilicia finishes her inspection of the facility. She will have to continue her work in gaining influence over the military. The political leaders may continue to follow Schniezel because of geass and his intellect, but the military leaders want someone who can match Lelouch. Who better than someone who knows the way his mind works? Lilicia will also have to find a way to take over Lord Ashford's research and production. Opaca Rubrum Lux , the Specimen, is the key to the situation. It takes Lilicia some time to figure out the correct translation of name. But once she figures it, she knows that she has the elite pilot that she needs. Now all she needs is time to make her plan work

Sunday, August 22

GG travels from the South Pole Thought Elevator to the one in London. She tires of Charles' indecisiveness. She does not want to wait decades or centuries for her revenge. She wants it now. Unfortunately she will have to ally herself with Schniezel once more. Of course once again she will have to start with nothing yet again. Unlike her previous attempts at revenge, she is at a huge disadvantage. She knows very little about the current world environment. She will have to carefully maneuver and recruit carefully.

Monday, August 23

Layla Malkal kisses her son as he lies asleep. She will be using her role as the ambassador's aide to get into Australia. Hopefully she will be able to get out safely. This mission will finally prove her loyalty to Lelouch. In case anything happens, Lelouch has several ways for Layla to escape and officially defect.

"Lady Malkal, there is an urgent call for you"

"I will take the call in the study," Layla replies. She quickly walks into her study. She wants to have a final meeting with her extraction team.

"Lady Malkal, we have a situation," Ayame states. "I am sorry that you were not informed of the situation sooner, but we have just received the information ourselves."

"What happened?"

"It seems Anna Clement and Kate Novak have been assigned to the embassy as science officers. I suppose they are to help you with your assignment. At this time the Emperor is cancelling your mission."

"Is there a reason why they are being sent here? Anna should be creating new knightmares. Kate was working with the team that studied pilots' brains in regards to the ability to handle high powered knightmares."

"We do not have any information about the situation," Ayame responds. "We are hoping that you could provide us with information regarding the situation."

Ayame's tone indicates that she or Lelouch know more than they are letting on, however Layla does not know what it is.

"Very well. I will handle my friend once she arrives," Layla states.

"We expect nothing less from you," Ayame says as she signs off.

Layla dislikes the way Ayame uses we as if she is making decisions along with Lelouch. Of course it is her way of establishing the hierarchy of Lelouch's wives. The First and Second are on the top. Ayame is somewhere in the middle while Layla is at the bottom with Naomi Inoue.

"Lady Malkal, shall we prepare the guest rooms and move his highness to another room."

"Yes, prepare one guest room. Anna will stay here. Miss Novak will be provided with other accommodations. Leave Chandler in his room. I will quickly confer with the Emperor on how to handle the situation."

Layla's servants nods and leave the room. Layla knows that the servants are only here because they are loyal to Lelouch. Otherwise they would not work for a European aristocrat. Like the ambassador, Layla would have to bring her own staff. Of course relying on Lelouch helps her official mission. She wonders how much Lelouch knows about the situation and what plans he has for Anna and Kate.

Lelouch is traveling back to Neo-Pendragon from West Point. James and Gabriel are soundly asleep. He allows them to participate in West Point's first drill of the semester. Despite being several years younger than all the cadets, they perform quite well. Naturally their true identities are not revealed to the other cadets.

Lelouch's spies in the EU bring information of problems between the EU knightmare designers and builders and Schniezel's people. None of the spies have been able to get close enough to get any information on Schniezel's people. He knows that Lord Ashford is somewhere in Europe or Africa. There is some slight collaboration between Schniezel and Karine although it is not enough to be an issue at the moment.

Before getting some much needed rest, Lelouch makes a call.

"Begin the operation."

Tuesday, August 24

Nunnally and Suzaku are waiting for Lelouch's prerecorded message to end. Basically he is declaring war on anyone that is officially involved in the Middle East Federation Civil War. In other words he is declaring war on Egypt and Turkey. The former maintains that it only wants to recover the Sinai peninsula that was taken away during the previous treaty. The latter attempts to appease Britannia by abandoning territory that is not part of EU Turkey. This is quite controversial in any regards. Many in Turkey dislike the idea of giving up any territory regardless of the possible future gains. Other in particular the EU dislike this because it leaves a potentially volatile area with little government.. This means that Russia or Britannia can take over the area with little problem.

"Blue team approaching Baku," Alice states.

"This is Green team. We are just south of Tabriz," Dalque says.

"Keep me updated on your movement," Nunnally orders, "Gold and Red teams are nearing Urmia."

Lelouch's strategy is pretty simple. As the Turkish army moves south to invade the Middle East Federation, Britannian forces will take to the north. Not the most complicated plan in the world, but Nunnally and Suzaku are basic, direct fighters. They locate the enemy and hit it as hard as they possibly can.

Alice is over the Caspian Sea, several miles south of Baku. A few hours ago Dalque successfully captures Tabriz and reintegrates it to Area 8. Alice does not expect her operation to be as easy. She suspects that there may be a few Turkish troops and some local rebels, however the large amount of petroleum may attract Russian incursions.

"Blue leader, we are facing heavy resistance to the north of Baku."

"Communications officer, can we tap into the enemy's communications?" Alice inquires.

"We are working on it. We did not expect to be facing such opposition this early in the operation."

Alice searches through possible camera angles to see what is happening in Baku.

"It appears that we may have to send out more units than we previously thought," Alice states. "Major Wiggins, you have the bridge. I will head out to observe the battle myself."

"Is that wise, Commander? We are not sure who we are facing."

"The best way to find out what is out there is to see for myself," Alice responds.

"Then perhaps we should send some scouting units."

"How would the emperor respond in this situation?" Alice asks with a smirk.

"That isn't fair," Major Wiggins responds with a whisper. "His Majesty is quite insane and thinks he is immortal."

"Well so do I. Send a few drones out and to investigate the area while my unit prepares for battle."

"Yes, commander."

Alice's force consists mostly of Bors and Akatsukis because she does not expect to face anything of consequence.

"Blue leader, we have a situation here. I will send you the images from the drones. We are facing knightmares of an unknown origin."

"Let's go," Alice orders. "I will look at the images on the way."

Alice leads her team out to the battle.

"What sort of knightmares are those?" Alice asks as she looks at the images on her monitor. "They aren't showing up in the database."

"Those are Romanovs. They are the latest Russian knightmares," Major Wiggins answers. "I will send you the information we have on them."

Alice grunts as the information is sent. She is certainly upset about Lelouch is keeping this sort of information secret.

"We need to regroup. These knightmares seem too strong for what we currently have here. I will attempt to contain them."

"Is that really wise, Commander?" Major Wiggins asks. "You need to think about your command responsibilities." slight pause. "On second thought never mind, I know you will respond with what will the Emperor do."

"Glad you understand. Since you are one of the Emperor's chosen few, assist me in making sure that everyone returns to the airship."

"Yes sir."

Alice quickly engages the opposing knightmares, however her forces are being overwhelmed. The only advantage they have is their experience. Alice does not expect to be facing newer knightmares. She sees several knightmares getting destroyed and the escape pods do not make it safely towards Britannian controlled territory.

"I have to go down to make sure everyone gets back safely," Alice states.

"If the king does not move, his subordinates will not follow," Major Wiggins replies.

"Something like that."

Alice lands her knightmare nearby two damaged escape pods. Alice quickly exits her knightmare to check on her soldiers.

"Is anyone hurt down here?

"Commander, my leg might be broken."

Alice looks down at the pilot and notices the injury is quite severe.

"Let's see if we can get you into my knightmare."

Major Wiggins sets his knightmare down to provide cover. "A VTOL is coming out to pick up survivors."

Alice nods as she attends to the injured pilot. "Don't worry, a transport is coming for you soon."

Alice notices that the Romanovs are moving elsewhere. She wonders if the Russians have any troops on the ground. She gets her answer when she hears small arms fire. In addition to Britannian and Russian troops, there are also Azerbaijani, Armenian, Lezgian, Georgians, Turks, and other minor groups in the area. Over the years of Turkish Russian, EU, Britannian, and occasionally local rule the population is quite mixed up although Azerbaijani still make up most of the population.

The VTOL lands and the medics quickly attend to the injured pilot. Alice notices that the VTOL is nearly full with injured pilots and medics. This is not an event that they plan for. Naturally injuries are expected but not at his point in the battle.

"Get the injured pilots out of here quickly" Alice orders. "We will reform at Point C."

Alice begins to walk back towards her knightmare as the VTOL takes off. Suddenly several wayward missiles it Alice's knightmare. This explosion also seem to hit Major Wiggins' knightmare.

"Shit! Where did those things come from?" Major Wiggins exclaims. "Get that damn VTOL back here and pick up the commander."

"No, get the injured pilots out of here. That is your first priority," Alice commands.

"Commander, perhaps you should reconsider. My knightmare's mobility systems appear to be damaged. It is better if they take a pilot prisoner than the commander."

"I do not believe that our enemies will bother with prisoners. Besides I won't be waiting here for the enemy to come, I will move towards the airship. No matter how powerful those Romanovs are, they cannot compare to the power of an airship."

"I suppose you are right about that.," Major Wiggins says as he jumps off his knightmare.

Other than Gino, most of Lelouch's West Point friends are quite plain looking. It almost makes you forget that they are from minor noble families. It also makes you forget that they are quite intelligent and skilled soldiers.

"Are you just going to leave your knightmare there?" Alice asks.

"Of course not, I set the self destruct sequence to activate when anything approaches it or it will detonate on its own in fifteen minutes."

"Very well, let's move forward. I will contact the airship and set up a rendezvous point."

From the ruins of a nearby building a man rushes out armed with only an hatchet. He recognizes that Alice's uniform is fancier and therefore she must be in charge. Major Wiggins quickly blocks the attack and gets behind the man.

"You realize that I could have handled that myself," Alice states.

"Yes, yes, I realize you are the great Knight of Three with your crazy immortal powers."

"So I take it all you West Point guys must know about this stuff."

"Not quite, my lady. I did succeed his Majesty as leader of the Black Knights at West Point so I am not your normal Britannian Military Academy, jr. division graduate."

"Oh, so you are that Wiggins. Anya always talks about how emo-ish you were back then."

Wiggins grunts and bows despite still holding the attacker. "Andrew Peter Wiggins at your service, my lady."

"You do realize you are still holding that man," Alice says with a grin.

"I was thinking of a humane way of taking him out. He doesn't seem like a soldier or rebel."

Suddenly several children come running out of the ruins screaming. Major Wiggins begins to reply converse with them in the local language. Alice does not understand since she only speaks English, Japanese, French, and Chinese. Although this is quite impressive, it does not help her in this situation.

"Shit!" Major Wiggins grunts out as he releases the attacker but keeps his weapon. "They are locals who simply want to protect their homes."

"What are we supposed to do about it. Did you forget that we have a mission to complete?" Alice questions.

"Of course not, but this might even assist it."

"In which manner?"

"Hold that thought," Major Wiggins states as tosses the hatchet over his knightmare. The hatchet hit someone who tries to get to close to the knightmare. "Can't waste the explosion on some poor sap who got lost."

"The VTOL is coming back for us so whatever plan you have in mind better come quickly."

"Fine, let me get some more information from this man."

After a few minutes of conversation, Alice decides to provide some assistance to the locals.

"Perhaps we should move to a safer location," Alice suggests. "The gunfire is getting closer."

Major Wiggins talks with the local man.

"He suggests we head back towards our airships. His fellow rebels are heading in that direction since we do not have any ground troops, and since we do not kill indiscriminately."

"Fine then let's go," Alice commands. "My subordinates will meet us ahead."

As they begin to walk, Major Wiggins converses with the local man. Alice notices that they are looking at her.

"What is he saying?" Alice asks.

"He wants to know how you got your fancy uniform."

"Tell him a slept with the Emperor."

Before Major Wiggins can translate, the man answers.

"He says that you do not seem like the Emperor's type," Major Wiggins states. "He says your breasts aren't big enough."

"The Emperor does have wives with a slim body type."

The man responds quickly.

"He says that your eyes are not the eyes of a woman who would be conquered so easily."

Before Alice can respond, Major Wiggin's knightmare explodes. Four men stagger through the explosion.

"Quickly get these people out of here," Alice commands as she runs towards the men.

Alice knocks down the man in front and takes his gun. Although the weapon is unfamiliar, Alice quickly makes sure that the safety is off. Within seconds all four men are dead. Alice picks up another gun and walks to the other side of the burning knightmare. There is a small burst of gunfire. Alice walks back through the burning knightmare and calmly picks up the rest of the weapons.

"That's badass," Major Wiggins comments. The man and his children nod. "How did you know that the sakuradite core wouldn't explode?"

"I figured you would do something about that. You are a magical West Point graduate, after all. I thought I ordered you to get these people out of here," Alice says as she tosses Major Wiggins a rifle.

Major Wiggins looks a the weapon. "These Russians might have fancy new knightmares, but their rifles are seriously outdated. This might as well be a musket."

Alice hands the remaining weapons the man. "Tell him to give these weapons to his children and move forward."

Major Wiggins does as instructed. "Shouldn't you keep a weapon?"

"I don't need it. My subordinates are here with something better."

Major Wiggins looks around for Alice's people. The local man does the same.

"I don't see anyone."

Alice smirks and raises her hand. "You West Point people aren't the only ones with cool skills." Several people appear to come out of nowhere. "I figured we would need to completely take control of the city so I sent some people ahead of the invasion force. Unfortunately they were not able to get any information on the Russians, however they know lots about the local rebels."

"Impressive, I was wondering why the Emperor put me here. My emphasis at West Point was Military Intelligence."

"Now that's an oxymoron."

The gunfire continues to intensify and sounds closer. Major Wiggins begins to relay instructions to the local man. After some back and forth the local man and his children begin to walk away.

"What now, Commander?" Major Wiggins asks.

"Now we teach the enemy that it will take more than fancy knightmares to beat us," Alice replies.

Wednesday, August 25

-Blast Reality. Burst it all into shreds. Banishment… this world!-

Kallen walks into Lelouch's office expecting to find him hard at work. "Are you watching anime again? You are supposed to be working on battle plans."

"You know, you remind a lot of this fake Mori Summer," Lelouch says with a pout. "Besides I spent the morning working with little James and his ninja on their fencing and kendo."

"What about this Middle East situation?"

"Don't worry. Nunnally is handling it. The bigger issue is the fact that Layla told her friends about our son. Also why would Lilicia send me more women to seduce."

"Aren't those two women scientists?" Kallen questions. "Maybe they are here to spy."

"Don't be silly. My Lili would never do something like that to me because she loves me," Lelouch says indignantly.

"Is that why she defected?"

"Of course, she figured Schniezel isn't man enough to challenge me so she decided to do it herself."

"That sounds stupid," Kallen comments.

"Do not worry about the Middle East that is just a side show. It's just a means to an end. The second side show is beginning soon so I better get the pieces lined up."

Friday, August 27

Naoto has become accustomed to being Rupert Landers. However being married to CC is another matter, one that he deals with carefully. Rivalz joins his crew as extra muscle, but his cousins manage to join the Australia military because of their knowledge of knightmares. The toughest part of Naoto's mission is living in Darwin. While none of Australia's cities can match Tokyo, Darwin is the absolute worst except that it is the perfect place for the mission because of its isolation.

"Hey boss, there is someone at the door for you," Rivalz states. "He is wearing a fancy uniform. He is probably a colonel or something."

Naoto nods and walks towards the door. "Colonel Danbury, I certainly did not expect someone such as yourself to be at my humble abode."

"Yes, well despite our obvious difference in thought, I believe you are the individual to get me what I need."

"Is that so," Naoto remarks. "Why don't you come in. Would you like some tea?"

"Yes, that would be excellent."

"Since you are here, it must be Britannian goods that you are after."

During his stay in Darwin, Naoto rarely receives visits from the military or law enforcement. Usually it is because they want information about a big heist or they are hoping that Naoto lets some information slip. They never come to him for weapons. Mostly because they do not trust him since he is not Native. The fact that the colonel is here means that they are desperate. It also means that all the rhetoric from the government about a potential war with Britannia is quite serious.

"Yes, like I said, you are the individual to get me what I need," the colonel says as he hands Naoto a list. He thanks Midori for the tea and begins to add milk and sugar to it.

Naoto slightly grunts as he looks at the list. Most Australians would little attention to an Eastern like Midori.

"It shouldn't be too difficult to get most of the items on this list. A few may take some pressure from my people, but it shouldn't be too difficult. However you understand that because of the risk, the fee will be substantial."

"Yes, I understand. We are prepared to give you a quarter up front. Half once you begin delivering the items and the final quarter once you finish the job. Of course there will be penalties for non-delivery."

"Yes, that is to be expected. However I will have to make a counter-offer. Half upfront and the other half upon delivery of the final item. We will need the money to make the necessary arrangements."

"Very well. I shall return in a few days to make the final arrangements."

Naoto signals for Rivalz to escort the colonel out of the room. Ichiro comes into the room to sweep for any listening devices. Once his search is done, Naoto begins to explain the situation to his people.

Tuesday, August 31

Paciano Bradley is looking across the border into the North Africa Republic. For the past several years, rebels in Mali and Mauritania have been receiving weapons and supplies from there. Paciano has managed to crush the rebels with the help of the Glaston Knights. However to continue pushing north, he needs to find proof of the NAR's involvement.

"My lord, we have found a large weapons cache in a nearby village."

"Good let's inspect this cache. Perhaps it is the proof that I need."

Paciano follows the soldier who informs him of the weapons cache.

Shin Hyuuga Shaingu was once part of the group, chosen by Emperor Charles, that was tasked with conquering and governing Europe. Now he is part of Karine's forces attacking Madagascar. His force a mix of his former subordinates and former members of Peace Mark. Since he expects little resistance, he leaves the operation to his subordinates as he continues working on more important things.

Orpheus Zevon, Rai, and Ze Dien are leading the UAA forces attacking Madagascar. Technically Shin Hyuuga Shaingu is in command, but he is allowing the knightmare commanders to handle the situation. As is his usual custom Ze Dien attempts to take control of the situation.

"Command wants us to establish a post on Mayotte," Orpheus states.

"We don't need to worry about that. I plan on taking the island in one quick attack," Ze Dien remarks.

Orpheus rolls his eyes. "What about resistance? Madagascar has been semi-independent for a few years."

"Just follow me. I know what I am doing."

Orpheus shakes his head, but does not argue.

"Something big seems to be heading in our direction," Rai comments. "It is coming up from the island."

Orpheus looks at his monitors. "Is that the Granberry?"

"Impossible that thing is supposed to be in Windhoek," Ze Dien notes.

"Do you possibly think that they could have made two airships with the same design?" Orpheus asks sarcastically. "Better yet, shouldn't we be stopping our knightmares from landing on the island. I think we need a better plan than just rushing in."

"I said, I have the situation handled. That airship is still miles away. We will have established a foothold on the island."

"Oh great leader, there is some commotion coming from Mayotte," Rai remarks, "You know that place that we ignored a few minutes ago."

"I will head back to investigate the situation. You keep pushing ahead," Orpheus states.

Suddenly several submarines rise out of the sea and begin firing upon the UAA invasion force.

Oldrin Zevon is aboard the New Granberry hovering above Madagascar. Apart form governing South Africa, Lelouch tasks her with keeping the UAA's ambitions in check in the area. To accomplish these goals, she brings the Glinda Knights with her. By now she is not surprised that Lelouch correctly predicts that the UAA will invade Madagascar.

"Your highness, the submarines are in position," Toto Thompson states.

"Very well. Give the order to commence the operation," Oldrin replies.

Like all of Lelouch's wives, Oldrin, has to play this game. She knows that she cannot win it, but she will try her hardest.

Charlotte ash Britannia walks into her father's study. As usual he is sitting in front of a chess board, however this one has some unusual pieces on it.

"Hey daddy, what sort of game are you playing? Are those Pokemon cards on the board?"

"It's a special game that I invented. If you want I can explain it to you."

Charlotte sits down as he father begins to explain his strange game. Most of the information is too complex for her to understand.

"Don't worry one day you will figure it all out."

"So you have to fight all these people to get the bad guys."

"Something like that. It's all about getting to the finish. Everything before is just a means to an end."

Author's note: In case anybody has forgotten, Schniezel destroyed Rome and most of central Italy near the end of Rise of the Black Prince. The reason the leaders still follow him is because of geass. The reason why the commoners still follow him is because they blame everything on Lelouch. Despite the relative peace around the world, most of the world still views Lelouch as the evil world conqueror. They are waiting for someone to unite behind to fight him.

Britannian South Africa includes South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and southern Mozambique.

New Areas and their viceroys
1 North America- Milly ash Britannia
2 South America- Villetta Nu
3 Southeast Asia- Annabel pe Britannia
4 Japan, Central Pacific Islands- Kaguya yama Britannia
5 China, Mongolia- Tianzi Lihua Jiang
6 India- Maribelle mel Britannia
7 Siberia- Evelyn Futaba
8 Iran, Central Asian Republics Nunnally Kururugi
9 New Zealand, Southern Pacific Islands - Maximus va Britannia
10 South Africa- Oldrin ze Britannia

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