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This is BBC News World Report.

It has recently been announced by the Russian Federation and the European Union that Kazakhstan is now recognized as an independent nation. It is not known if the Central Asian republic will apply for membership in the EU. While this does not change the Imperial stance on conquered territories in north and central Asia, it is yet to be seen what the EU's largest member will do going forward. Due to recent independent actions by Russia, many analyst believe that it will break away from the democratic union and return to its imperial ways.

The Emperor continues to demand that the EU ask its puppets, Turkey and Egypt, to cease involvement in the Middle East Federation Civil War. The Emperor states that until this is done, Imperial forces will continue to attack Turkish and Egyptian military installations.

Australia continues to demand that the Imperial Navy reduce its patrols in the Tasman and Coral Seas. Fleet Admiral Williams states that the Imperial Navy is simply responding to pirate activity that might be sponsored by Australia. Australia denies these charges. Australia states if this provocation continues it will have to act in response. The Emperor states that the Empire will defend its international recognized borders.

Tuesday, August 31, 2027

Baku, Area 8 (newly reannexed)

Alice has been on the ground in Baku for a week. Her airships are controlling the sky for now. Hopefully she can get newer nightmares soon. Nunnally and Suzaku pushed past Urmia and are facing little resistance as they move towards Van. Dalque was supposed to go through Tabriz and head for the Black Sea. However Russia is moving massive amount of troops through the Caucasus, forcing Dalque to turn northeast instead of northwest.

The only thing to Alice's advantage is airpower. On the ground things are quite confusing. There are locals that support either independence, Britannia, Russia, or something else. Many locals do not care who they kill as long as that person is not from their neighborhood or group. Still Alice manages to form a makeshift alliance with the majority of the anti-Russian locals.

Alice is out on patrol with Wiggins and several local soldiers. Suddenly a small Russian transport moves along the ground near their location.

"Instruct them to let this one through to point three. There appears to be others following it. I want to trap them," Alice orders.

It is one of the bigger issues in this battle. At first it is nearly impossible to get the local forces to attack the Russians the moment the enemy appears. However Alice's methods prove to be better. Just as Alice predicts several more transports follow the first one after it enters Alice's territory.

"Order the attack. Have the anti-knightmare patrol on alert. This may be a trap."

The attack goes exactly as Alice plans. She wonders if the Russians are trying to gauge the strength and location of their enemies.

After the attack Alice looks over at a map. Despite their success in many minor skirmishes, Alice's group is forced to move back. If their retreat continues, they will be cut off on the ground. While Alice's airships control the air, they need somewhere to land to provide supplies to the ground forces. Alice does have not the number or quality of knightmares to fight the Russians head on.

"How much time do you think that bought us?" Wiggins asks.

"Probably until morning. We should bring the knightmare busters up to the front. They may try to overpower this section in the morning," Alice states.

"I will see what we have left. There have also been scattered communications from Britannian forces to the west. They have encountered some difficulty."

Alice nods. She knows what sort of difficulties Dalque must be facing. In the morning she will have to decide whether to abandon this battle and their new allies or to continue the fight.

Wednesday, September 1

During the night, Alice tries to formulate a plan. Dalque's forces will probably be attacking the Russian supply lines and rear. This means that Alice has to find a way to defeat the Russian forces here and force them back. Her concentration is broken by a loud buzzing sound. She does not remember ordering any of her aircraft forward. She wonders if the Russians are moving their troops forward for an early morning attack.

She exits her tent to find out what is going on. Unsurprisingly she finds Major Wiggins around the breakfast fire. She wonders how much sleep the major got.

"Commander, did you come up with a plan on how to deal with the enemy?"

"I was wondering if we could hold them off while others attack them from the rear."

"Given the current political situation is that wise?"

"I am not sure," Alice replies. "We should probably begin preparations for today's battle. I was hoping to get some more knightmares on the ground to the north."

With Britannian airships controlling the air, Russian forces have stayed on the ground slugging it out.

"This loud buzzing has me concerned," Major Wiggins states. "I wonder what it could be."

"Let's begin our preparations for the day."

Alice begins gathering her weapons. Since forming this makeshift alliance with locals, Alice fights on the ground rather than in a knightmare.

"I am a little worried about the number of local troops we have on our side. It seems like every day, the numbers lessen," Major Wiggins notes.

"Yes, I have noticed it as well. Perhaps today it would be wise if we used knightmares in this section."

"If we do that the locals may request that knightmares be given to them as well."

"Unfortunately we do not have any available knightmares. Besides they do not have anyone capable of using a knightmare."

Suddenly Alice's forces begin retreating quickly.

"What is going on?" Alice questions.

"I'm not sure," Major Wiggins replies.

Several Russian knightmares break through into the area where Alice's group destroyed several ground transports the night before.

"I was afraid this might happen," Alice states. "Set off the self-destruct sequence to allow the others to retreat. Have our knightmares sent down here at once."

More Russian knightmares pour into the area quickly panicking Alice's force.

"Shit, the self-destruct won't work if they move forward too quickly," Major Wiggins states.

"How did they get this far into our lines without any warning?"

"I think you know the answer. Either way, we must order a full retreat and get into our knightmares."

Before Alice can responds, several black knightmares land and destroy the Russian knightmares.

"Karasu Tengu," Alice mumbles.

"How do you know what those things are?" Major Wiggins asks.

"Hello! I am the Knight of Three. You West Point people are not the only ones privy to imperial secrets. But why are those things here, and who is controlling them?"

Two identical airships appear from out of nowhere.

'No fucking way. Why are the twins here?" Major Wiggins asks in genuine surprise. "They are supposed to be getting ready for the other operation."

"Hello down there! Castor and Pollux here."

"You idiots aren't supposed to tell everyone your names."

"Calm down, Emily. I have this handled," Castor states.

"You idiot, don't say my name!" Emily yells.

Before the twins can get into their usual shtick, Alice contacts them.

"Boys, what are you doing here? You are supposed to be in Siberia with Evelyn."

"It got boring over there."

"Yeah boring so we came over here where there is action."

"Yeah action."

"Your highnesses, you must have another reason for coming here," Major Wiggins states.

"Don't even try arguing with them, Major," Alice says shaking her head. "Members of the royal family have a weird manner of reasoning. You must learn to simply go with the flow."

"Well it seems like our knightmare problem has been taken care of."

"So it seems. Just like that the balance of this battle is shifting."

"I do not believe that Russia expected us to commit this heavily to the situation."

"We should probably still get into some knightmares. Things will probably get dangerous on the ground."

Alice can already sense that her current allies are about to become her enemies. Her only orders are to capture Baku and head inland. The political ramifications of her actions are not her concern.

"Let's go see what the twins have to work with," Alice states.

Thursday, September 9

Neo-Pendragon, Holy Empire of Britannia

Faramond Langley, born Faramond eu Britannia, is regretting his decision to assist his uncle in administering the Holy Empire of Britannia. As a member of the mostly powerless Imperial Senate, he has to attend endless meetings. Although quite powerless and mostly inept, the Imperial Senate serves as a method for the remaining nobles and a few businessmen to vent their frustration. They pass resolutions and draft memorandums that probably end up on Milly's desk since she actually rules the Homeland. Very few if any reach Lelouch or Euphemia. None of the ones relating to the military ever reach Cornelia.

"Lord Langley, may I have a word with you?"

Faramond looks over at the elderly man. "Of course Lord Longstreet. My office is around the corner. Perhaps we could go there."

"Yes, that is agreeable."

Faramond leads James Longstreet IV to his office. After they sit down, Faramond's assistant brings them tea.

""How may I be of assistance, Lord Longstreet?" Faramond inquires.

"I am certain that you have been keeping an eye and possibly an ear to the situation brewing in Australia."

"Yes, well it is of some concern, but His Majesty does not believe that anything will come of it. Our troop movements in the area have been steady for years. I doubt they will do anything foolish. Especially considering the actions the Emperor has taken in regards to the situation in the Middle East Federation," Faramond says as he sips his tea.

"Yes, that may be," Lord Longstreet comments, "How prepared are we for a war against Australia?"

Faramond shrugs in genuine uncertainty. "That I do not know. Perhaps you should ask Senator Taylor. He is the head of the Senate Military Council. If you would like I can arrange a meeting with someone from Commander-General vi Britannia's office."

Lord Longstreet shakes his head. Most people expect Faramond to know everything since he is related the emperor.

"That will not be necessary. I shall make inquires with Senate Military Council although, I suspect, that they will have little information to provide." Lord Longstreet stands. "Thank you for your time… and your tea. It was quite delicious."

Faramond stands to walk Lord Longstreet to the door.

"What did the old bat want?" Monica Langley nee Kruszewski asks.

Faramond sighs. Now that she is no longer a Knight of the Round, Monica is less than polite to people except for those that can kick her ass, and that number is small.

"He wanted to know if we are ready to fight Australia if it ever came to that."

"Did you tell him that Lelouch could be leading an army of kangaroos and panda bears into Sydney tomorrow if he wanted to?"

"The capital of Australia is Canberra, and panda bears are from China," Faramond states matter-of-factly.

"Well he would blow that up and charge into Sydney on the back of a kangaroo, and he would capture panda bears and bring them along."

"I did not like the tone of his voice."

"Why? It sounded the same to me," Monica notes.

"It is like he will force me to learn about the Australian situation sooner rather than later."

"Like maybe suggest that you participate in the current trade talks with Australia," Monica says holding and envelope.

Faramond's assistant did not mention anything about an envelope so it must have been place there while she was away from her desk.

'The old man is crazy," Faramond states.

"No, he is upset."

Faramond and Monica sit as he opens the envelope. It is an invitation to be part of the Senate delegation in the Britannian-Australian trade talks.

James Longstreet IV was the first major noble to back Lelouch in public. For this he expected some sort of reward. Obviously he does not think that staying alive is good enough. Several years ago there were numerous rumors that Evelyn would marry Lord Longstreet's grandson, James Longstreet VI. Although there was never anything official said about these rumor, they still persisted in certain circles. Many Britannians still feel that it is a mistake for Evelyn to marry Jinta. After all Nunnally married a Japanese man as well, although Suzaku is an excellent knightmare pilot and comes from a noble family. Meanwhile Jinta is fortunate to be the little brother of Ayame Futaba who once had a fortunate meeting with the emperor as a child.

Faramond sips his tea as he contemplates the situation and the offer.

Friday, September 17

Britannian Military Academy at West Point, Holy Empire of Britania

James Longstreet VI and William Tecumseh Sherman II are sitting in their office. With war already underway in Turkey and Egypt, rumored skirmishes against Russia in Siberia, and possible war against Australia, it may only be a matter of time before they are sent to join a knightmare battalion. Still since they are amongst the best knightmare instructors, junior or senior, they remain at West Point giving lessons. After all only elite pilots can make a huge difference in any battle, and they are few in number (and also mostly retired or dead). Sherman in particular is distraught at the fact that they may not see combat. For any soldier combat is the most effective method of advancement through the ranks.

"Hey Longstreet, you hear that Watson and Holmes are being transferred to Area 8."

Longstreet sighs, "I heard. More for the meat grinder."

"It cannot be all that bad. The emperor wouldn't just send people charging in."

Longstreet looks over at his friend. "But the emperor is not completely in charge over there. He cannot be here, dealing with hundreds of other issues, and planning every little battle detail. That is what generals and others are for."

"I suppose you are right," Sherman looks over at a map. "You think the rumors about the Russians getting involved are true. If they start something in the Caucasus, why wouldn't they attack in Siberia?"

"I think you just answered your own question."

Sherman grumbles and continues with his paperwork. He looks over at the cadets helping them out.

"Wordsworth, Bradley, why don't you two head out? We will finish up in here."

The two cadets look over at Longstreet and Sherman.

"You promised you would let them use the simulator if they helped with the paperwork," Longstreet comments.

"Oh I forgot, well I guess you should stay so we can finish up," Sherman replies.

Wordsworth and Bradley nod and continue with the paperwork.

By now the new cadets have been divide in their training groups. In January they would be divided up amongst the regular cadet groups. From there the real training begins. Depending on how long the war against Egypt and Turkey lasts Longstreet and Sherman may actually be transferred when the new cadets move on. Of course if the Russians do start anything in Siberia, they will be moved out on the next possible flight.

Sunday, September 19

Madagascar, Area 10 (newly reannexed)

After reaching Van, Nunnally stops her force and waits for Turkish forces to attack her. She sends Suzaku towards the northwest with an elite team of knightmare pilots and a few supply airships. By now the Turkish leaders realize that the EU will not stop the Britannian and Russian invasions. Although for the most part those invasions are limited to areas that Turkey abandons, both appeared poised to head west into Turkey. Nunnally is already preparing her troops for such a move.

Down in the south Egyptian troops moved towards Gaza and Aqaba. Both attacks were stopped by the EU backed Damascus faction. Over night the bridges that cross the Suez Canal have also been destroyed with nobody taking credit. Nunnally knows who is responsible for the attacks. Just like that Egypt's attack is stalled.

With Oldrin's appearance in South Africa and Madagascar, it is obvious that the UAA will not be able to expand south. Because of this Karine is providing aid to Egypt and the North African Federation. Nunnally hopes that Lelouch's plan works because things are beginning to get complicated.

Oldrin is meeting with the other Glinda Knights. They have been battling in UAA forces in Madagascar for a month. Although not technically at war, the fighting will continue until one side conquers Madagascar. As long as the fighting remains confined to Madagascar and the surrounding islands, the outside world will not discover the truth. At the moment it is being described as a joint mission to restrict Madagascan pirates and rebels.

Despite the initial success against the UAA forces, Britannian forces find themselves under attack from the supposed allies on the island. Despite this Britannian forces outnumber all their opponents.

"Why don't we just go out there and pound these guys into the ground?" Sokia Scerpa inquires.

'The emperor simply wants us to maintain the situation," Oldrin Zevon replies.

"But this just makes us look weak to the EU, the UAA, and those little pissants in Australia."

"The emperor thinks otherwise. Meeting adjourned. Inform me of any changes to the situation."

The others quietly grumble about the situation, but exit quietly. To everyone probably including the enemy, Madagascar is a side show to every thing else. Full scale war could erupt any moment in the Middle East Federation or Siberia, and they are stuck in southeast Africa fighting over the Indian Ocean.

Over in India Maribelle has not said anything about the situation, other than Oldrin continuing on course. Whatever is going on must be so important that very few people know what is actually going on. Otherwise why would Lelouch risk a full scale war with Russia, the EU, and the UAA for rather insignificant territory. Britannia would not even lose face if Madagascar and the Middle East Federation were lost since it holds on iron grip over Siberia and South Africa.

Naturally there are rumors that Britannian scientists continue to create new weapons and knightmares for any future war. The EU and UAA must also be building there own and wondering what Britannia is building. There is not much danger of failure here since no one in the UAA camp has any sort of intelligence. Lelouch simply has to give the order and Oldrin would use maximum force to crush her opponents.

Aswan, Egypt

Lilicia is walking through the corridors of the Egyptian military headquarters in Aswan. Because of the Dam, it is one of the few areas that Britannia will not bomb heavily. Before Egypt and Turkey's foolish attack on the Middle East Federation, Lilicia is asked for her opinion on the situation by Schniezel. She states that Lelouch will not hesitate to keep his part of the agreement with the official government of the Middle East Federation.

Schniezel asks about Lelouch's insistence about not getting directly involved in the internal conflict of his ally/puppet state. Lilicia reassures Schniezel that Britannian forces do not have to be directly neighboring the territory they are attacking. Despite her objections to the war, Lilicia draws up plans to aid Turkey and Egypt quickly conquer the territories they seek. However the plans quickly become useless when the invading forces celebrate after every victory.

It did not occur to Lilicia that Turkish and Egyptian soldiers would be hungry for any sort of success. The early success against the Damascus faction which is actually allied to the EU is not that much of a surprise. Egypt and Turkey have been rebuilding quite successfully with foreign aid for several years. While their infrastructure was destroyed in the previous war, the population did not suffer much.

Still the endless arguing over the situation annoys her. After quick victories, the Turkish army is forced to withdraw because of attacks on its territory by Nunnally who now sits with a large army gather strength in Van and Baku. The latter taken in a bloody conflict with locals and the Russians. The Egyptians do not retreat despite their homeland being bombed to ruin. Of course all their land routes home have been destroyed, and the invading Egyptian army is stalled at Gaza with little hope of receiving new orders.

Soon enough Britannian will re-supply the Baghdad faction and it will pick-up the pieces. It is a rather brilliant plan on Lelouch's part. Of course only Lilicia sees everything as part of Lelouch's Grand Plan. The others view this as some form of hero-worship. Schniezel and Lord Ashford know better. They comprehend that Lilicia's understanding of how Lelouch's mind works. Even then it is hard for them to fathom that he is capable of all that she attributes to him.

Here in Egypt she is viewed with a mixture of loathing, intrigue, and excitement. Some excitement is lost when they discover that she knows very little about knightmares other than how to pilot them. Naturally they must understand the EU's reluctance to simply show them how to make knightmares. Of course Egypt has some people who have the necessary knowledge, but most of them have bee taken either by the EU or UAA. Lilicia is feared because of her origin. The Egyptians know that she once served as Lelouch's assistant. It is also what intrigues them about her. She understands their enemy's mind and actions.

She looks over the many plans to restart their offensive. Plans to retake control of the Suez Canal and rebuild the bridges. Plans to launch and attack through Aqaba or through the Arabian peninsula. Of course none of these plans would relieve the beleaguered cities of Egypt which continue to suffer through mass bombings. They did not understand that Lelouch only cares about their complete and utter retreat. He will not bargain with the territory of an ally/puppet. Lilicia makes suggestions to the plans as she has done since before the war begins.

As usual along with her usual messages dealing with local issues and EU politics, there are several messages from Russia asking her to come north and assess the situation. As usual she sends the same message that their situation is hopeless. Lelouch would not hesitate to unleash the full wrath of his armies to stop any attempt to retake Siberia. The main issue at hand would be the reaction of the rest of the EU. What would Schniezel do about the situation? Lilicia knows that the EU would quickly abandon Russia and would in fact aid the Britannian invasion. This would lead to another brief moment of peace until some other foolish group felt provoked by Britannia. Naturally Lelouch's peaceful words and talk of détente would make them think that he is weak and that Britannia is defeatable.

Today Lilicia finds something useful in all her reports. A person of interest that Schniezel has been tracking is making their way through Africa. Naturally it occurs to her that Schniezel would know that she is a master manipulator of computers and networks. Still until someone stops her, she continues to hack into important files and systems. Let them figure out what she is doing checking into the sanitation systems or school schedules of various European cities. The object of the reports is also of interest to Lilicia because she holds something that Lilica wants.

Even in sub-Saharan Africa, a lone Indonesian women is quite easy to find especially when the only common tongue she shares with those around her is English. Out of all the code bearers and geass holders, GG is really the most unfortunate. Lilicia almost feels sorry ordering the strike force that will end GG's little trip around Africa. The immortal's movement across the African continent is being tracked by several agencies. Many do not even understand why they are tracking an obvious lost, paranoid, frail middle aged Indonesian women. It does not matter much soon Lilicia will have GG in her grasp. That will change the situation.

Tokyo, Area 4

Nagisa Chiba is looking over several reports. The Emperor is certainly playing an interesting game. With so much surplus knightmares and weapons, how does Britannia get rid of it. Some older knightmares go to police forces and allies while others are deweaponized and transferred to civilian service. Still others are taken apart and used for parts. An even more devious way to make older knightmares and equipment disappear is too simply make it disappear. This is much easier than one might think: misplaced transport containers, wrong directions, mislaid files, omitted items, and something even simpler like corrupt officials.

Of course every knightmare and operating system in the last decade and a half has been developed in part by Lelouch and his team of scientists. Very few people actually understand the implications of this. Naturally people assume that knightmares can be tracked by their computer or tracking chips, but Lelouch has tracking systems in all major parts. This includes most weapons.

Nagisa makes some notes on the reports. A few people will have to be punished for their mistakes. Some will have to punished for the equipment that disappeared on purpose although that may actually be part of the plan. Like others around the world Chiba only has to perform her part as head of the Japanese Defense Force. What they actually have to defend from is beyond her? At least it makes the Japanese members of the Britannian Unified Armed Forces feel some sense of native pride since Britannia does not do this for any of its other conquered territories. Not surprisingly it makes the Japanese members of the military more willing to die for the Emperor that brings them equality.

"Mother, here are the reports on the training of the new units," Nagisa's seven year old son Takashi states.

Unlike his twin sister Rei and younger sister Haruhi, he refuses to spend his afternoon watching television or looking things up online. Like Lelouch's other sons, Takashi views every day as an opportunity to do better than his father.

"Set the reports on the table, Ta-kun," Nagisa remarks, "They can wait until later."

Naturally Takashi views every report as important especially those regarding new units even though it will be several years before he can attend a military academy. Nagisa feels like instituting a law that stops anime creators from having so many young heroes. In particular it affects those who have access to the right education and more importantly equipment.

Takashi stands there motionless as if he was a soldier. Nagisa almost feels like leaving him there for a few minutes to show him that he is not ready. Of course Nagisa is not that petty.

"You are dismissed, Takashi. Remember to finish your homework before dinner."

Nagisa is not petty, but she can be patronizing.

"Yes, mother. I will make sure that all my work is complete before dinner," Takashi replies as he exits the room.

Nagisa flips through Takashi's reports. New units are being trained every month. Each one contains a few good knightmare pilots and commanders. Those are sent for further training to military academies in Britannia for tactical or command schools. The rest simply join the regular Unified Armed Forces. This usually carries stints in army, navy, forward combat, and rear guard duty. Once their term of service is complete most soldiers enlist in reserve or police units.

Nagisa files a few reports on the missing equipment and possible insurgents in Okinawa. Despite Empress Kaguya's reluctance to act on many matters, Nagisa still has a free hand to move the JSDF as she sees fit.

Monday, October 18

Darwin, Australia

Naoto is looking over his shipments. Each one is must be moved carefully. Despite the fact that the military requests this special shipment, he still has to get it to his warehouse and from there move it to the specified meeting place. Thus far there has not been a problem, and Naoto would like to keep it that way. Naoto's contacts in Timor indicate that Australia has been aggressive in its patrols. There are even rumors of the Australian navy going as far north as Sulawesi. Naoto does not understand what sort of game Lelouch is playing, but he better be ready for Australia.

CC walks over towards Naoto. "That was the last one dear."

Naoto nods. At some point all nonessential personnel will have to be evacuated. At least until things settle down. Naoto already has emergency plans to get Ichiro and Midori out of here at a moment's notice. Even with those plans in place, Naoto has to be prepared for any situation.

Rivalz shows Naoto the local newspaper. On the front page is Colonel Danbury who vows to put an end to illegal Britannian supported activity. Naoto is about to toss the paper in the fire pile when he notices something in the background.

"Hey Rivalz, aren't these your cousins in the back near the knightmares?"

Rivalz rolls his eyes. "You didn't think I gave you the paper so you can read what the Colonel had to say. Jamison and Olivia are serious about this serving Australia crap. They have probably convinced themselves and others that victory against Britannia is possible even if it is on a small scale."

Naoto grunts at the comment. More than anyone he knows that there is no such thing as a small scale defeat for Lelouch. A loss is a loss. Some of Naoto's men say that it has to do with West Point training. All cadets are trained to take real life losses with pain. Australia must be truly delusional if they assume that Britannia will bear the loss of Timor, parts of New Guinea, or some other random Pacific island. Lelouch will send Australia back to the Stone Age before he concedes to losing territory to them. In Africa and the Middle East, he surrenders unruly territory, but in the Pacific things will be much different.

"Let's prepare for the next shipment," Naoto states. "I think everyone will have to go out for this one. Britannian patrols are getting tighter."

Everyone understands this as the code for, time to get out. At least for most of them it will be. Naoto will also be sending Lelouch a report with his thoughts on the situation.

Sunday November 14

Van, Conquered territory (Turkey)

Nunnally and Suzaku are floating above Van. Below their soldiers are occupying the city. After defeating the Russian and local forces at Baku, Alice is making her way west. Along with Dalque, Alice is slicing her way through the enemy. She is probably nearing Turkish territory.

Down south in the Middle East Federation, Turkey is quickly withdrawing its troops. Their offensive towards Tripoli was stopped because of Nunnally's attack. Of course Nunnally has been sitting over Van for over two months. Her mere presence forces Turkey to stop their offensive into the Middle East Federation. At the moment Turkish forces only control Aleppo. There is already talk of Britannia annexing all territory that it holds.

"Hey Suzu, I want to attack this town," Nunnally states.

Suzaku looks at the map to where Nunnally is pointing. "What is so important about Silvan?

"Not that one, this one."

Suzaku chuckles a little when he sees where Nunnally is point. "There is a town in Turkey called Batman." Suzaku looks at the map. "I don't see any strategic importance to the town."

Nunnally grumbles because Suzaku is correct. Still at some point she may be able to conquer the city of Batman, Turkey.

Nunnally looks over her troops movement. Despite the initial show of force, Britannian forces are already being shifted. With each shift Nunnally gets less troops. Of course the constant shifting makes this hard to notice since Alice is the only needs fresh troops to take Baku and move towards Turkey. Nunnally wonders where the troops are being sent. Notwithstanding the overall weakening of Nunnally's force, the remaining troops seem to be just as efficient.

Still like the others Nunnally wonders what is happening. No one really seems to know what Lelouch is up to. Even in this peaceful time, he is always plotting, always scheming. Lelouch has one plan in mind, world domination. Nunnally knows that Lelouch does not want to conquer the world simply to dominate humanity. He has a much deeper plan. A plan that very few people know about.

Despite being in Britannia for several months Anna Clement cannot get over the fact that Layla is essential one of the emperor's women. Although Anna is allowed to do more work here than in Europe. Unlike Layla, Anna does not have any connection to Britannia. Anna would much rather be in Europe helping with projects there. However politics have pushed Anna and several others aside. They were not able to make anything that could contend with Britannia's knightmares.

Anna is not the only one here. Kate Novak was also sent to spy, but she seems to be enamored with the emperor. Anna wonders if they were sent away from Europe so that they would not get in the way of the current leadership. Layla certainly would not like the way that her W-0 is being used. Anna's independent thought took time and resources away from projects that might compete with Britannia's technology.

Regardless of the fact that Anna is being provided with a laboratory and resources for her projects, she would return to Europe and serve proudly there. However events may make this no longer possible. Layla certainly would not return no matter the cost. The connection to her friend may cause Anna to be persona non grata in Europe. Anna hopes that she will not have to decide between her personal and professional feelings.

Monday, December 13, 2027

New Delhi, Area 6

Maribelle mel Britannia is observing the rhetoric coming from the many independent newspapers throughout India. Since Lelouch allows Japan and China to refer to themselves by their national name, Indians feel like they should be able to do the same. They also feel that Lelouch should marry a native woman and make her empress/viceroy. Of course India does not have anyone to match the Tianzi or Kaguya Sumeragi. These people understand little of such marriages

Even if Lelouch were to marry a local woman, he would still rule through the military. Not by show of force, but by the force of his personality. Soldiers follow Lelouch not because he uses them, but because he knows when not to use them. There is no one else in Britannia who can match Lelouch's accomplishments or his will. Even if the old emperor or Schniezel were to return, Lelouch has already prove that he is more than a match for them.

Still Maribelle must do something about the situation now. If Lelouch had been more forceful in dealing with the situation in the Middle East Federation, it would make things easier in India. Even though the peace conference is giving Britannia what they want, many take it as a sign of weakness that Britannia is not simply taking what they want. Like the other viceroys, Maribelle must wait and wonder what Lelouch is up to. Whatever he is planning, it better be good.

William Tecumseh Sherman II is finish packing his things for a trip. After several months of trying to get transferred, he is finally successful. After a week or so of training with a new unit, he will be sent a possible hot front. He specifically requests Siberia since he hopes Jinta will use his influence to put him where the action is. Sherman tries to get Longstreet to come, but the young minor noble does not want to go. It makes sense since his grandfather is working on making the Longstreet name great. Sherman knows that Longstreet wants to spend some time wit his family during their Winter Break. Hopefully he will tire of that and come to Siberia.

Wednesday, December 22, 2027

Faramond and Monica are their airship. After spending a few months in Australia, Faramond decides to end the current trade talks for the upcoming holidays. Despite their weak position, Australia continues to push and agitate the world's only true superpower. Britannia would never attack without provocation, but that does not mean that Australia would not initiate a war of their own accord.

"What do you think will happen next?" Faramond inquires.

"Oh, they are definitely crazy," Monica replies. "They might actually believe they can take some nearby islands maybe even New Zealand."

Faramond sighs. "I think you are correct in your assessment. They definitely have some sort of inferiority complex."

"Well they should."

"That is besides the point," Faramond says as he pours himself a drink. After downing the glass he offers Monica one. She shakes her head. "We are obviously prepared for war. There are so many units right now that have simply been rotating around for several years."

"They have been keeping busy."

"Yes fighting minor skirmishes. Even now there are people calling for a full-scale war to retake all of the Middle East Federation. There are some that think we should attack Australia first."

Monica stands to get something to drink. "Like that old bat, Longstreet."

"How long do you think it will take them to get ready?"

"What makes you think they are not already ready?" Monica retorts. "What makes you think that we are not ready to respond immediately?"

"I suppose it's a good thing that we left when we did."

"Not that we gave them much of a choice to let us go. I wonder if any of our operatives will be able to get out."

"If they cannot get out in time, then they would not be very good spies, would they," Faramond remarks.

"I suppose not," Monica says with a shrug. "However it is just a hunch on my part. All our recent movement in Siberia and the unrest in India might lead some insane party to believe we are open to an attack."

"Is that what I should state in my official assessment of the situation to the emperor?"

"I would imagine he already suspects such a thing is a possibility. Our nearest major forces are in Singapore and Manila. We could gather and move them quickly, but Australia would already have obtained their objectives."

"Yes, and in this now precarious situation, we would have to watch out for any movements by the Russians, and that unrest in India you spoke about."

"That means that he must be…" Monica is cut off by the sound of the door opening.

Faramond smiles at the figure standing at the door. "Yes, I suppose you are right about that."

James Longstreet VI is making a small detour on his way to Siberia. After a little more than a week with his family, he decides that he needs a little break. According to Sherman things are about to start up in Siberia once more. Britannia is secretly sending massive reinforcements to aid when the war begins again. Since he has not received the latest training, he will have to spend some time in rearguard duty. This means that he will be baby-sitting cadets for a week before he is allowed to move to the front. Of course all of this is just speculation. Officially things could not be more perfect between Britannia, the EU, and Russia. The Middle East Federation peace talks are beginning and things will probably go Britannia's way.

Longstreet and the others on is transport are quickly told to disembark.

"Everybody out! Everybody should have a color coded id card. Just follow the arrows on the floor. Let's move!"

Longstreet thinks that this is a bit complicated for a simple transfer. Of course this is the military so things tend to be overly complicated. He supposes it is to remind them of the potential danger of their destination. He notices that only a few head in his direction. As he suspected there are West Point cadets waiting for them.

"Everybody the aboard transport! We will be heading to the training grounds. You have a few days to familiarize yourselves with some new equipment before you head out."

Longstreet and the other veterans move quickly. A few help out the cadets. The younger ones, in particular, are still not accustomed to military procedures. As future officers, they expect some level of deference. Longstreet is surprised to see some of his students amongst the group of cadets. He is not that surprised to discover that it is his better students not necessarily the ones with the right connections. This means that this "training session" is serious business.

After a few days if training they are loaded up onto an airship. Longstreet is looking around at the equipment.

"It doesn't seem like we are bringing the right equipment for an operation in Siberia," Longstreet comments.

"Who said anything about Siberia, kid." a nearby soldier remarks. "We are going to where the real war is about to start."

Longstreet ignores the kids remark and wonders what the soldier means. He notices that others around him are equally confused.

December 25, 2027

Sherman arrives in Irkutsk along with a few others. Their training session takes almost two weeks, but they are up to date on all the latest equipment. Despite efforts by several officers to transfer him to New Guinea for the Cold War with Australia, Sherman refuses and demands to come to Siberia. Despite the current peace talks, he suspects that Britannia is preparing for a huge offensive against Russia. He has been studying troops movements through several channels, and it all leads to a likely war in Asia.

After several hours of agitating, Sherman finally makes he way to Jinta's office. With all the high ranking officers about to come to the area, Sherman needs to make sure he is seen alongside Jinta and Evelyn as much as possible.

Jinta appears quite surprised to see that Sherman is here. "Sherman, what are you doing here? I thought for sure you would be heading south for the big operation."

"Do you mean down in China or India?" Sherman asks. He assumes that any attack into Russia would be direct.

"No, I mean down under," Jinta replies. "In fact I happen to know that the Knight of Two asked for you and Longstreet specifically by name."

"I requested to be transferred here to participate in the big offensive."

"Haven't you been watching the news? The issue in the Middle East Federation is being settled. Everyone is getting a piece. Russia will probably get Kazakhstan back," Jinta shrugs his shoulders. "Hope they enjoyed their few months of independence."

Sherman assumed that the Middle East Federation peace talks were always a sham. He thought that the Emperor has some ulterior motive.

"So what is going on here?" Sherman asks.

"Nothing much. The twins built some drone knightmares to monitor the borders. We have a few hundred soldiers monitoring them. The drones go up and down the border making it look like we have thousands of knightmares on patrol." Jinta brings up a map of the area. "We purchase enough food locally to feed a few million. We store what we can and ship the rest south. Troops are constantly coming to train so it appears that we are always fully staffed. If the Russians had the guts, they could do some real damage here. Of course we can retaliate anywhere we please with our satellites and high altitude drones."

Sherman finds himself sitting down unable to process the information. He wonders if others made the same mistake that he does. Of course others would be less forceful in their attempts to be shipped to Siberia. Even with Evelyn's influence, Sherman doubts that he can be transferred to where the action will happen. Then he recalls Jinta's words.

"You said down under," Sherman states.

Jinta nods but puts his finger over his lips. "It is supposed to be a secret, but Evelyn has been observing some troop movements. And she place a tracking device aboard the twins' airship. They are hovering above New Guinea as we speak. It probably means that things are about to get started."

Sherman looks down.

"Still it is good to have you here in case Russia tries anything," Jinta notes. "Evelyn does not trust them completely. You should really head over to your barracks. They will be expecting you."

Sherman nods and exits the room. Jinta sighs and returns to his paperwork. He never imagined that Sherman would be the type of person to look between the lines. Obviously he did not want to get caught up in the mass of soldiers that would be coming here if war broke out with Russia. Still Jinta hopes nothing happens in Australia. The world is actually enjoying some peace. It would be nice if it could last.

Lilicia is unhappy with the reports that her people have been bringing her. By now he expected to have captured her target. Despite GG's inexperience in many matters, she does have decent survival skills. Still it will only be a matter of time before Lilicia has her prisoner and the gift that she brings.

Lilicia also looks over the top secret reports that she is not supposed to have access to. As she suspects there are various nefarious alliances where each member hopes to take a little piece of Lelouch's empire. From what she can piece together, Australia would get New Zealand, New Guinea, and various other islands depending on what it can conquer. Russia would get parts of Siberia, Kazakhstan, some of the Caucasus, and whatever it can conquer. Russia would also probably get complete independence from the EU or at least be the leading member. The UAA would get Madagascar. A referendum in independence will probably be held in South Africa. Egypt and Turkey would get to divide up the Middle East Federation. The rest is contingent on how successful the alliance is. Everything from independence of Iran and India to Russia taking all of Siberia is possible.

Of course the complete opposite could also be possible. Britannia will retaliate. How strong it will retaliate depends on where the attacks happen and how prepared Lelouch is for the attack. Lilicia suspects that he knows what is being planned to some degree. His network of spies is to great for him to be completely blind. Lelouch will retaliate and obliterate his opponents if possible.

The issue is where the attack will begin. Russia has the most to gain, but also the most to lose with large Britannian armies along its southern and eastern borders. Victory would restore it to major power status. However Lilicia suspects that the attack will be initiated by the nation who has never been a power. The one with the stigma of being a backward nation full of unwanted and discarded individuals. Now Lilicia wonders if Lelouch has figured this out as well.

Naoto has been uneasy the past few days. There has been increased military activity in and around Darwin. In fact throughout Australia there has been much more military activity than usual. This makes certain illegal activities difficult, but not impossible. This is why Naoto is cautious and sends all non-essential personnel away. This includes Ichiro, Midori, and anyone else not of Britannian origin. This leaves only Rivalz and a few undercover military men.

"Isn't it time for the big rugby game?" Rivalz asks.

Due to its isolation and high organized crime rates, Darwin sports are something of a national joke. Although every so often they manage to get the right combination of has-beens and never will bes.

Naoto nods and turns the television on. One condition to his mission is that Naoto receive money to purchase the best in entertainment equipment.

"What the hell is this? Why is this windbag on?" Naoto asks point at the television where Australia's president is giving a speech.

"For the decades the world has had little choice as Britannia and the EU battle for dominance with the intent of turning the world into their slaves. Australia will not sit quietly as this happens. Long ago our ancestors separated themselves from their disease. We will no longer sit here and allow Britannia and the EU dictate terms to us or the rest of the world. Britannia continues to infringe on our territorial waters and rights as an independent nation. Due to this provocation the Republic of Australia declares war on the Holy Empire of Britannia. Our forces are already moving to strike against the Britann.."

Naoto shakes his head and sighs. "Fools."

Suddenly the very annoyed face of Lelouch vi Britannia replaces the president on the television. The camera pulls away from his face and seems to pass through a wall. The camera continues to move and shows the refurbished Arthur Excalibur. The Emperor's personal knightmare withdraws its MVS and points forward. The camera turns to face in the same direction of the knightmare. It shows that the knightmare is floating above the ocean east of Sydney. The sound of thousands of MVS being unsheathed can be heard as a large explosion is seen above the city. Suddenly several more explosions occur around the city. Moments before the screen goes black, thousands of knightmares are seen flying towards Sydney.

Author's note: Really sorry it took so long for this chapter, but we finally get to some action. I am also getting a handle on this ensemble cast thing. I am trying to make all the characters interesting. More importantly we see the return of the main character. Lelouch will be quite active in the next few chapters as we continue the transition to his kids.

New Areas and their viceroys

1 North America- Milly ash Britannia

2 South America- Villetta Nu

3 Southeast Asia- Annabel pe Britannia

4 Japan, Central Pacific Islands- Kaguya yama Britannia

5 China, Mongolia- Tianzi Lihua Jiang

6 India- Maribelle mel Britannia

7 Siberia- Evelyn Futaba

8 Iran, Central Asian Republics Nunnally Kururugi

9 New Zealand, Southern Pacific Islands - Maximus va Britannia

10 South Africa- Oldrin ze Britannia

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