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December 26, 2027, Darwin, Australia

Naoto is tied to a wooden chair. He was only unconscious for a few seconds, but he has been pretending to knocked out. It is part of the spy training. He is a bit heavier with his cybernetic parts. Of course, his captors are not exactly nice to him either way.

He has been able to pickup several key pieces of information. There is a Britannian invasion of Australia going on from both coasts. The description of the force invading from the west coast fits Kallen's knightmare and airship. Everyone knows that Lelouch is near Sydney. He also hears that Australia is embarking on invasions of New Guinea and New Zealand. He knows the former is understaffed, most likely on purpose.

He does not know much about New Zealand. The Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand is huge. Lelouch could be hiding forces anywhere out there. Hell, Lelouch could have high altitude drones hovering above Australia's radar capabilities. At the moment, there is no news from the New Zealand invasion force. From Naoto gathers, it should have already reached its destination.

"Is he awake yet?

"No, he hasn't moved."

"Give him an injection to wake him up. Just don't use too much."

"Colonel, we are going to give Landers an injection of adrenaline."

"Landers huh, according the information we just received he is actually Naoto Kouzuki."

"An Oriental."

"According to the data our spies stole, he is half-Britannian."


"More importantly, his father is a noble, and his sister is married to the Britannian emperor."

"So you plan on using him as leverage."

"I hope it does not come to that, but things are not looking good with the invasions. Wake him up already. We need to prepare him to make a video. Make sure not to give him too much."

Naoto almost scoffs loudly at their thinking that they could use him as leverage against Lelouch. If only they knew that, too much resistance will lead Lelouch to pound their country back to the Stone Age. Keeping Naoto prisoner will not do them any good.

Naoto prepares to take the syringe away from his captors and give himself the full injection. The extra boost of adrenaline might be what he needs to break free. He feels the prick of the needle when suddenly there is lots of commotion. He knows that the spy team is long gone. Those bastards are too well trained to stick around. That means it is the one person who is the most useless in this situation.

Naoto quickly grabs the needle and injects all the adrenaline. As he hoped, it was full. Once more Australians do not disappoint with their stupidity. Naoto breaks free from the ropes. The guard who injected him is standing there stunned.

"What the hell!"

Naoto recognizes his voice as being the more racist guard (not that any of the others were particularly endearing).

Naoto jumps forward and stabs them man in the eye with the syringe. Naoto begins making his way towards the commotion. Sure enough, Rivalz is the one that comes to save him. Actually, Rivalz is not doing such a bad job of taking on the guards. With the war going on, the troops that go after Naoto would most likely be untrained or in a secret police unit.

Another blast rocks the building. Naoto almost falls to the ground. The walls begin to crumble.

"Hey asshole, stop standing there and get moving!"

Naoto looks and sees members of his spy team on the other side of a huge hole in the wall. Naoto quickly makes his way towards Rivalz. The poor bastard probably offered to sacrifice himself in order for the rest of the team to get Naoto out. Full of adrenaline Naoto is able to knock out several soldiers.

"Hey you were supposed to head for the opening," Rivalz remarks.

Naoto notices that he is not badly hurt. Rivalz has an updated cybernetic body.

"Don't be stupid without you, who would we have to kick around?" Naoto questions jokingly.

Rivalz hands him a rifle. "Well now, how are we getting out of here?"

"Unfortunately unlike our dear emperor I did not attend any academies where they taught us strategy. I worked my way up the ladder."

"I don't think now is the time to talk about that," Rivalz comments, "We are in real deep shit now."

The Australians begin to organize as the Colonel regains his composure.

"Come on, Kouzuki. If you come quietly, we will send you right back. In you can be in your nice comfortable bed by tomorrow. Of course we will need some compensation from that brother-in-law of yours."

Naoto chuckles. "Don't be an asshole. As if he would ever trade anything important to get me back. He did send me to this shithole of a country to be a spy."

Naoto's comment enrages the Australians who open fire.

"Did you really have to call this place a shithole?" Rivalz asks.

"Don't worry. I heard them saying that they were short on supplies."

"I think they still have enough to take us out."

"Do you hear that rumbling?" Naoto asks. "It sounds like something is coming from high above."

Rivalz tries to listen, but his ears not as advanced as Naoto's.

"Cardemonde, find some cover! Drones, drones are on their way down!"

Naoto wondered when Lelouch's retaliation would go next. Darwin is the probably not a major enough target to invade with knightmares and airships. With drones, Lelouch can bring war to any place he wants.

Naoto pushes Rivalz under a nearby table. Barring a direct hit, they should survive. As the bombs begin to land, Naoto notices that the Australians are not so lucky.

After the bombing quiets down Naoto pushes through the rubble. The poor Australian bastards have nowhere to go.

Naoto lets out a sigh of relief. "Looks like we got out of this one."

Rivalz looks around for the rest of the spy team. Since they were outside, they could see what the drones were doing.

Smoke is rising from Darwin in the distance as Britannian drones attack the city. What little defenses the city has, will not be a match for the drones.

"We better get out of here. The police at least will send someone to investigate this place," Naoto says, "We probably need to find a boat or something to get us out of here." Naoto begins to stagger away. "Let's go."

The other surviving members of the spy team join them as they move through the rubble. Hopefully in the confusion they will be able to get out of the city.

New Guinea

Britannian forces are driven back from Port Moresby despite the efforts of Longstreet and his cadets. The Australian forces simply overwhelm the defenders. The order to fall back comes almost immediately. If the twins do not arrive with their airship, many more Britannian soldiers would be dead.

At first he Britannian forces are scattered throughout, but they soon gather and begin heading inland. Longstreet assumes that Britannian forces would remain scattered to not provide Australia with one large target, but soon he realizes that Australian forces do not have many airships. Britannian forces quickly attack the few airships they have. The initial move towards the Solomon Sea is to put some distance between them and the invaders. They move along the northern coast until they reach Lae. From here, they will begin moving in to the interior.

Australian knightmares will have to pursue using their own power. It will take time for Australian sea ships to move into position. It bothers Longstreet and the cadets that Britannia will fight a war of attrition here. Although the Australian force outnumbers Britannian forces, they do not have enough to completely surround New Guinea. This means that Britannian forces can simply move to avoid Australian forces. In fact, Britannian forces may even turn south and head to Australia. New Guinea is sparsely populated. As long as other Britannian armies do their job, nothing done in New Guinea matters. Well except to the locals and the soldiers who may lose their lives.

Their airship is guarding the rear of the Britannian position as it begins to pivot towards the interior.

Several alarms beginning going off.

"Seems like there is something below us," one of the twins states (Castor).

"Let's bring it up on the monitors," the other twin says (Pollux).

Two Australian aircraft carriers and three small airships appear.

"They must have sent those around the coast," Castor comments, "I suppose it was a little foolish for us to move so far away from the coast."

"We should move quickly to get away," Pollux remarks.

"That won't work," Miranda replies, "They are already deploying knightmares."

"I have already sent a message to the airships in front of us, but it will take some time for them to turn around."

The effects of the battle are evident. Although Britannian forces retreat quickly, the Australian forces swiftly overwhelm. Britannian knightmares suffer extensive damage.

"I'll head out there to hold them back," Longstreet states, "It should only be a few minutes."

"Your knightmare is too damaged," Pollux comments. "We should send drones out there."

"It can fly. Most of the weapons systems are operable."

"We can replace a few of your exterior parts from other units," Castor remarks, "We have few captured Kangaroos that are being outfitted with drone equipment."

Longstreet takes that as a yes and heads down to the knightmare hangar.

"He isn't going to last very long out there," Pollux declares, "We should just send the drones out."

"Whenever I am confronted by a situation, I always think of what would big brother do."

"James Longstreet VI is not Lelouch vi Britannia!"

"No, he is not, and neither are we," Castor states, "Let's just hope, he can be James Longstreet VI."

"That isn't very comforting."

"Would you two stop arguing about this," Emily comments, "The enemy is approaching. We need to provide support."

"Already gave the order, Emily my love," Castor remarks, "Drones are on their way out."

"Better yet, prepare the EMP cannon," Pollux commands, "That should give them a nasty surprise."

Longstreet sits in his cockpits as the repairs to his knightmare are finished. A part of him wishes for the repairs to fail. For the technicians to inform him that the weapon's systems are inoperable. However, the lead technician gives the all-clear and his knightmare is moved to the unloading dock.

Below Longstreet can see the Australian knightmares deploying. Unlike the attack at Port Moresby where they attacked piecemeal, Australian forces are gathering for one big strike. A few other pilots volunteer to join him. Some of his cadets are amongst them. He knows there is no point in trying to stop them. After the battle begins, the drones will be sent out to confuse the enemy. In total they may have eighty knightmares in the battle with half being drones.

"Look at those Kangaroos, all lined up for us to take out," one of the other pilots says.

Longstreet flips his communicator on. "I'm not one for pontification or noble speeches so I'll keep this short." short pause for effect. "Let's show these Aussie bastards who's on top of the food chain!"

The Britannian soldiers let out cheer as they deploy.

Longstreet quickly pulls out his MVS. The Australian knightmares remain lined up above their sea ships and in front of their airships. The Britannian knightmares get in formation around their airship. The Britannian knightmares charge forward despite being outnumbered five to one.

For a moment, the Australian knightmares seem stunned. Military doctrine dictates that those with lesser numbers defend. A few Australian knightmares move forward to confront their enemy.

Longstreet slices through the nearest knightmare. He continues pushing towards the carriers. He connects his MVS to his knightmare turning it into a rifle (an adaptation created by the twins). The crews of the carriers are standing around so Longstreet unloads on them. In an attempt to take him out quickly, Australian knightmares and airships fire down upon their own carrier.

Longstreet stops and turns back into his pursuers. His abrupt, impulsive action catches the enemy by surprise. Longstreet slashes through his opponents.

The Australian knightmares pull back from the Britannians. Longstreet continues charging at them. The Australians learn from the initial attacks and scatter while staying away from their own ships.

"Old Pete is fighting like a madman," Pollux comments, "Time to give him a reward for his efforts. Fire the EMP cannon."

Longstreet and his cadets are surrounded by Australian knightmares.

"I will charge the enemy, and I want all of you to head back to the airship," Longstreet commands, "There is no point in all of us going down here."

"That's a load of bullshit, sir," John Joseph Bradley says.

"I agree," William Wordsworth adds, "If we go down, we go down together."

Longstreet prepares to charge the enemy when a strange light shoots out of the Britannian airship.

"What the hell was that?" Bradley asks.

"I don't know but look what it did to their knightmares."

Several Australian knightmares that were caught by the light begin to fall towards the water.

"It is an electromagnetic pulse," Wordsworth comments, "We learned about them in science class. From the looks of the light, it is probably only strong enough to temporary disable electrical systems because of the sakuradite core."

"Good enough for me," Longstreet says as he moves around the enemy knightmares surrounding his group.

He heads straight for the disabled knightmares.

"We need to spread out so we do not get caught in the pulse," Wordsworth states.

Longstreet looks around and sees that the Australian knightmares are also spreading out. That new weapon will not work under these conditions. The Australians are learning quickly. He can already see enemy knightmares heading towards the Britannian airship. Even if the Australian transport ships are damaged, capturing the twins' airship makes up for it.

Longstreet moves towards the airship cutting down enemy knightmares that get in his way.

"Move out of the way!"

Longstreet wonders why the airship is not pulling away. His small group will only last a few more minutes.

Suddenly small flying objects begin crashing into the Australian knightmares. A large shadow moves slowly over the battlefield.

"What the hell is that?" Castor and Pollux ask in amazement.

"Hello down there!" a child-like voice screams.

"Who is this?" Longstreet asks.

"James kou Britannia, first prince of the Holy Empire of Britannia, future Knight of One, and all around badass."

"Holy shit, little James is out here!" Castor and Pollux exclaim in amazement.

James sighs, "Why do people think that anyone would allow a ten year old child into a battlefield? I am back home controlling the drones," James pauses for dramatic effect, "However inside the airship are dad's old school buddies, Ganderson and Soodley."

Longstreet looks up as the shadow reveals itself as a giant airship. Hundreds of knightmares begin to fly out of it.

"What the fuck are those?" Castor questions.

"Castor!" Emily exclaims in shock.

"Sorry my love, but what are those things?"

"Titan Mk VII," James replies, "Dad had little Sora's dad steal some of your designs and combine them with the Arthur Excalibur and Karasu Tengu. Obviously no human can pilot it yet."

Longstreet looks up in amazement as the new knightmares destroy the enemy knightmares.

"Are you saying that those things are drones?" Longstreet asks.

"Yes, dad developed a program that helps me control hundreds of drones at the same time. By the way who is this?"

"That's Old Pete," Castor answers. "Sherwin was supposed to be here too, but he's in Liberia or something."

"Siberia," Emily says annoyed.

"Old Pete, huh," James comments, "What the hell happened to your knightmare? Maybe you want to try one of these."

"Don't be silly little James," Pollux remarks, "Old Pete can barely handle the knightmare he has. What makes you think he can handle that monster?"

Little chuckles can be heard.

"Give me one of those things," Longstreet states.

James lowers one of the Titan Mk VII to Longstreet.

"Just jump onto the knightmare. I will use dad's program to hack into your old knightmare."

Longstreet's cadets form a barrier around him as he opens his cockpit. He looks down at the ocean below him.

"Sir, you better get your ass moving" Bradley comments, "These Aussie bastards aren't going to wait for you to take your sweet time."

Longstreet leaps out of his knightmare towards the Titan Mk VII.

"Hope somebody recorded that shit because it was sick," Bradley comments.

Longstreet takes holds of the controls. He can tell that while this knightmare was designed to be a drone, it has many pilot features. As he sits there, dozens of battle possibilities flow into his mind. He can tell why people call the Titan a monster.

"Time to finish these bastards off."

The remaining Britannian pilots let out a cheer.

Sydney, Australia

Anya and Gino are in Sydney. Lelouch changes the plan and has them come here instead of Melbourne. He needs their presence to make up for the absence of Jeremiah. The city has been calm since the previous day; however, there is an uneasy feeling in the air. There is the hope that the constant movement of Britannian troops shows their power.

Rumors are spreading that the Australian president has escaped and is gathering soldiers to push Britannia out of the country. That the president's speech from the day before was actually a trick by Britannia to justify an invasion. That Australia has a secret weapon that will soon be unleashed. If Gino were not here, all these rumors would be humorous to him. Since he is here, at some point the will have to deal with the situation.

"Hey Anya did you talk to your little munchkins?"

"Yes, I spoke with them yesterday. It was their birthday. Hopefully Milly didn't do anything weird to them."

"I talked to mine too. They were in New York to start the celebration there."

Anya decides to get back to business.

"The people are getting restless," Anya comments.

Gino nods in agreement. The quickness and power of Lelouch's initial awes the Sydney city government into submission, however the general populace is not pleased with this.

"Well Lelouch isn't going to like it if we allow the people to run amok down there."

"Didn't the Australian president declare that all citizens are now soldiers?" Anya questions.

Gino learns from the other officers that this is a contentious matter. Some argue that the Australian president's statement is legal and that all Australian citizens who confront Britannian soldiers should be treated as soldiers. Others argue that the president's statement is absurd and that civilians caught fighting should be treated as spies and terrorists. Lelouch has probably argued both sides to different officers to get his way.

"We should wait until the civilians to rise up first," Gino remarks.

"I will prepare the units to counterattack," Anya replies in her monotone voice.

Gino nods once more as Anya walks away. The only time that Anya is not monotone is around Lelouch.

Gino decides to check on his knightmare. He knows that the civilian uprising will come sooner rather than later. The civilians below have no idea the sort of twisted mind they are facing in Lelouch. By the time, the world finds out there is a war going on, Lelouch will have crushed Australia.

Manila, Philippines

Sora Cummins and Kosetsu Urabe are leading a force of Japanese and Chinese soldiers who wish to pledge their loyalty to the Empire. At Manila, a small force made up of soldiers from Southeast and South Asia joins them. A few are experienced, either in their former independent nations' military or in the Britannian Unified Armed Forces Area Auxiliary. Many are new recruits who hope to use the military to further personal goals, through government university grants or joining the science corps.

Being Knights of the Round Sora and Urabe are above the military hierarchy. Sora does not have a military rank, and Urabe is a colonel. Of the six KOR groupings, they are the oddest and have the greatest age difference. Urabe is already a soldier when Sora is born. Sora has had a harmonious relationship with Lelouch vi Britannia. Her father is one of the first nobles and scientists who supports the prince, now emperor. Urabe's relationship with Lelouch and Britannia has been more contentious. Although now he is more or less a loyal soldier. His marriage to former Knight of Four Dorothea Ernst adds a bit to his rebellious image. Still at times they prove to be the most effective pair topped only by Lelouch and Kallen.

"The airships are getting into formation," Sora comments.

"The pilots are all veterans," Urabe replies, "The newbies are mostly ground troops. I doubt they will do much fighting. They will probably be used to garrison the major cities."

"I don't know. The information packet on Australia says that people are quite racist. I doubt they will put up with soldiers of races they consider inferior."

Neither says the unspoken detail that Lelouch may want the people to rebel after the conquest. Australia has annoyed Lelouch with their arrogant attitude. He may want an excuse to crush them. The invasion has thus far been successful and rapid. The people of Australia will not feel defeated, the way they would feel with a longer war. A short war will leave much of the infrastructure intact.

"We should get some the rest," Sora states, "Tomorrow will be a long day."

"First let's make sure that the other airship commanders have the proper orders," Urabe comments, "I don't want to wake up and have those fools launching their knightmares.

Sora sighs and nods in agreement. An overzealous commander could hamper the mission.

Brisbane, Australia

Cornelia is standing alone one a platform overlooking the knightmare hangar. After destroying the Australian fleet attempting to invade New Zealand, she is ordered to head towards Brisbane. Euphemia is sent back home by Lelouch. For once, he agrees with Cornelia about the risks Euphemia takes. The reports that Cornelia receives from the various fronts indicate that the war is going as planned. It will take a few days for things to settle down. Hopefully some settlement can be agreed to so that Britannian troops can return home.

Nonette joins Cornelia.

"The repairs are finished. The scouts report that there are few defenses in the city. It is mostly civilians. They are creating makeshift barricades. They are arming civilian knightmares and vehicles."

Naturally, civilians will want to protect their homes. Cornelia wonders why they would put up a fight with the odds compellingly against them. They must expect the Australian army to eventually come and drive Britannia out. Unfortunately for them, the Australian fleet invading New Zealand has been destroyed. The larger force attacking New Guinea is currently engaged in heavy fighting. Sometime tomorrow, they will get a surprise from the west

"If they fire upon us then, they are the enemy," Cornelia states, "I have conferred with the Emperor, and he is of the same opinion. Whether they are in uniform or not, anyone who fires upon us will be declared a soldier and be treated as such."

Nonette sighs, "Some might not be happy about treating civilians as prisoners of war rather than terrorists. I will relay the order to the company commanders."

"No, I will draft orders myself or perhaps I will make an announcement."

"If that is what you wish. I am going to rest. You should get some rest as well."

Cornelia decides to head to her office to draft orders regarding the treatment of enemy combatants and to get some rest.

Canberra, Australia

Lelouch is in Canberra dealing with the Australian government. Unfortunately the president has escaped. After disposing with the members of the Australian Parliament, he makes plans to move towards the interior. Kallen is moving west to rendezvous at Adelaide. Anya and Gino should be moving towards Melbourne to join that invasion force. Soon Cornelia will be arriving in Brisbane with the intent to sweep north. Lelouch decides that it is best for Euphemia to return to the Homeland.

A small contingent of Japanese troops is heading south. Lelouch has not decided whether to send them to New Guinea or Darwin. It depends on the situation in the former. The situation in New Guinea is not going to Lelouch's liking. A late shift in troops gives Australia a numbers advantage to the north. The mettle of the Australian soldiers may soon be tested as Lelouch conquers their nation. Will the invasion forces become discouraged after hearing the news of Lelouch's attacks? That will determine the course of this war.

"Your Majesty, reports indicate that the president and his entourage are heading west. There appears to be a decent sized knightmare forces guarding a laboratory there."

"I thought they dedicated every soldier to their invasions," Lelouch states.

"My lord, the troops in question appear to be from the EU. Satellite images cannot focus on what they are guarding"

"I thought the EU ships turned around."

"It appears that these arrived before the war began, Your Majesty."

Lelouch considers the situation. "It may not be of importance. We will continue with our plan. Besides, it will take some time to organize and head in that direction. If it turns out to be important. Kallen or Oldrin can move it that direction."

Lelouch boards his airship. Despite having more ground to cover, Kallen has less fighting to do on her side. Lelouch will have to occupy the more populated east coast. With the arrival of reinforcements from New Zealand, the task will be easier.

Lelouch looks at the satellite images taken before the war began. The EU force in the center of the country is not of significant size, that is why it is ignored. The structures appear to be laboratories. Unfortunately none of Lelouch's spies are able to find anything out about any Australian labs.

Lelouch taps his intercom. "Detach two airships to investigate this lab at," Lelouch pauses to look at the map, "Alice Springs. Make sure they are resupplied. The EU troops might not fight back, but there may be Australian troops hidden there as a last resort."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Lelouch looks at satellite images of the area from the past few days. Just as the war began two additional airships joined the three that were previously there. Lelouch goes back to look at the months before the war. Just before the arrival of the first EU troops, Australia seems to abandon the base. Unfortunately, for Lelouch whatever is being unloaded is in wooden crates.

"Just what could be in those crates. Perhaps I should send these images to someone else. They may just be knightmare parts."

"Talking to yourself, Your Majesty," CC says sarcastically as she enters Lelouch's office.

Lelouch ignores her and sends the images to high ranking scientists. At first he thinks about only sending them to Lloyd and Cecile, but he wants to get an insane suspicion out of his head."

CC walks over to Lelouch's desk. "Those are some unusual looking boxes. They appear too large to carry small arms. They also appear too odd to carry knightmares."

"If they were knightmares, wouldn't it be less cumbersome to just let someone pilot them? Besides the EU sending knightmares to Australia is not a secret."

"Perhaps they are knightmare parts or some special weapon system."

"Yes, perhaps, but that is what I am most afraid of," Lelouch says with a sigh, "I have sent this to others to see what their opinion on the matter is. We should know by tomorrow. Either Australia will use what is there or our troops will get there."

CC drapes herself across Lelouch's back. "I suppose you are correct. Any word from Darwin."

Lelouch is a bit amused that CC would be concerned about Naoto.

"Naoto was captured, but the others were going to attempt a rescue. I sent some drones to the area to provide support."

CC stands up. "Well I will head over to the kitchen. All this war talk makes me hungry. I assume your chef knows how to make pizza."

Lelouch nods and continues with his war planning. CC walks out of the office. The situation in New Guinea is not going as planned. Australia shifted troops from the New Zealand force to the New Guinea one at the last moment.

A message from Cecile comes on Lelouch's inquiry about the wooden boxes. After exchanging some pleasantries, Cecile begins to express her thoughts on the matter.

"The boxes may continue special knightmare weapons."

"I had similar thoughts. But why wouldn't they wait until the weapons arrived to start their attack? It seems to be a matter of days."

Cecile smiles and nods in agreement. "That is your purview, You Majesty. I am simply a nerdy scientist not a political scientist."

Lelouch smirks and closes his eyes. "Thank you for your opinion, Cecile. Let me know if you have any further thoughts on the matter."

Lelouch ends the communication and decides to get something to eat. CC is in the kitchen instructing the chef on how to make the perfect pizza. Lelouch decides to wait. He eats mostly food high in fat and calories since he is quiet active. The extra calories help with his lack of sleep due to his body constantly repairing itself.

After eating Lelouch decides to walk around the airship. Below there is still light fighting going on. Units protecting the capital are attempting to fight for every inch of the city. Despite being given the supposed easy task of guarding the capital, the soldiers are fighting quite well.

"Your Majesty, the ground commander wishes to give his report on the situation."

"Have the commander join me in the knightmare dock."

Within minutes, several officers join Lelouch at the knightmare staging area. From here they can see vehicles being loaded and unloaded onto the airship

"You may begin you report, commander."

"Yes Your Majesty. As you can see we are pushing through the city, however the populace is restless. Unlike Sydney the police force has refused to accept our offer to declare an open city."

Awed by Lelouch's initial attack the government of Sydney allows Britannian troops to move through. Whatever soldiers and police force were there surrendered. Lelouch detached a small garrison and some airships to keep order. Canberra has a whole day to prepare for the attack.

"Execute whatever members of Parliament are left somewhere publicly," Lelouch states.

"That may earn cheers from the crowd."

"Have anyone caught fighting without uniform executed publicly as well."

This has been a contentious issue. As Lelouch begins his attack, the Australian president declares that every able-bodied citizen is a member of the military. Even as Lelouch walks into the Parliament chamber, they are discussing the legality of that and the war itself. The Defense Minister sends Lelouch a message that there is shortage of uniforms so many soldiers may dressed in civilian clothes. Ironically, Lelouch receives the message just as he manages to track down the minister and kills him.

"Take whatever measures are necessary to crush the enemy," Lelouch commands.

With that, Lelouch dismisses them and returns to his office. As he sits in his chair, he notices that he has an urgent message from Milly. He assumes that it has something to do with her festivals. He is about to ignore the message when he reads the subject line, strange boxes. Lelouch clicks on the message and a video appears.

"Since I knew you would not answer my call, I sent you this message. I showed the images and video of that Australian base with the EU troops to some people that you did not think to send them to. They say that it is definitely not conventional weaponry." Lelouch sighs goes to close the video. "I also showed it to Nina who said there was one obvious thing that could fit in those boxes."

Lelouch quickly hits his communicator. "Jeremiah, where are you?"

It takes a few minutes for Lelouch to receive a response.

"Your Majesty, what can I do for you this afternoon."

Lelouch can tell by his tone that Jeremiah is a little annoyed. Lelouch seems a bit surprised since Jeremiah is always elated to serve.

Lelouch sends him the images of the Australian base with attachments of Lelouch's opinion based on Cecile and Nina's thoughts.

"I need you to find out what is in those boxes. The sooner you can leave the better."

Jeremiah quickly regains his composure. "How large of a force do I take?"

"There is a small EU contingent there and possibly a few Australian troops, whatever the president has with him. Take five airships with you now. There are already two on the way. I will redirect them to meet up with you. I will move others after I look at what is available."

"Five airships?" Jeremiah poses. "that seems like a bit much. The situation here is still tenuous. Perhaps we should send an airship to gauge the situation?"

"I will worry about Sydney," Lelouch says a bit agitated. "I hate to put you in this position, but I need you to take your wife with you. Once you are there, her team will be more useful. I have already sent the orders to the airships that you will take."

"I will see this through, Your Majesty," Jeremiah salutes and closes the communication.

Lelouch hopes that Jeremiah understands his urgency on the matter. As Lelouch speaks with Jeremiah, he sends Milly's message to Cecile to get her thoughts on the matter. Cecile quickly responds.

"No one in the EU would be crazy enough to send weapons that destructive to novices."

"Let's hope you are right about that," Lelouch says as he closes the communication, "Let us hope you are right." he repeats as he begins to move units around.

Author's note: In case you are wondering, Britspace is making a comeback.

The former capital city, Pendragon, has been converted into a giant theme park called Milly World. This will be important later on.

If you haven't gotten any of the clues, fun stuff happens in the next chapter.