Okay, so here is the second chapter and I kind of love it…maybe because there is some Saley in this chapter as well as Brooke and Dean obviously not being able to not talk about each other, haha.

WARNINGS: Language, Sex, Innuendo, Angst



Sam was beside himself with laughter.

It didn't even matter how many times that Dean told Sam to just knock it off, Sam thought that Brooke kicking Dean out of the diner was more than justified, and hilarious. They were still feeling a little tense with each other, him and Dean, but they were bonding a bit over this Brooke Davis character because it was clear that Dean liked her. He had been complaining since he came back to the motel about how she was hot and she was beyond annoying and Sam kind of wanted to go and check her out for himself…maybe match make a little bit.

More than anything, Sam wanted Dean to be happy and if this Brooke Davis could potentially be the one to make Dean stop putting his life on the line every second, then so be it. Sure, she was rather upset and annoyed with him right now, but to be honest, Sam hadn't seen his brother this beside himself over a girl in well…ever. Dean liked to have at a woman and then leave her for bigger and better things and sometimes just in general to get back out on the road again and have other women.

Yes, the man had a heart, but he also had an exuberant sex drive and he enjoyed the thrill of meeting a new girl—that didn't mean he hadn't thought about settling before. Dean was growing just as tired of this job as Sam was and Tree Hill was actually a nice enough place to spend some time even though they were supposed to be just passing through. Besides, that's exactly what Brooke was hoping that Dean Winchester would do: pass right on through town.

"He came back and…ate pie…" Brooke said making a face as Haley smirked. "Don't smirk at me, Hales, it's not funny!"

Haley laughed and nodded. "Actually, it's incredibly funny."

"How? How is it funny?" Brooke asked her as she tried to wipe down a table.

"It's funny because he's not the first jerk to blow through here and yet you're still talking about him…"

"Because he's the king of all of the other jerks!"

Haley stilled laughed when Brooke yelled that, and just shrugged her shoulders, which made Brooke make a noise and just angrily head to the back. She would rather be in the kitchen to sneak some chocolate than stand there and listen to Haley try and tell her that obviously Brooke was attracted to Dean. Brooke could have tried to argue with her over it, but part of her knew that Haley had a point and she most definitely was not going to admit that out loud no matter what she did because that just gave Haley more ammunition to use against her.

Dean had just given Sam a look took and so Sam asked to borrow the Impala and Dean told him to have at it. He wanted the motel room to himself and Sam was more than willing to let him have it, so Sam got into the car and drove to Karen's Café so that he could figure all of this out for himself. When he got there, he opened up the door and saw a beautiful blonde woman making some coffee behind the counter—he really hoped she wasn't Brooke. She was the kind of girl that Sam found himself drawn to and he was pretty sure that Dean had said that Brooke was a brunette…right? God, he hoped so.

Looking up from the coffee pot, Haley smiled as the tall man came in and found her stomach doing flip flops and she wasn't sure why. She was never like this really with men, but for some reason she was finding that this Sam Winchester was taking her breath away and he wasn't even really doing anything, just walking into the café. He came up to the counter and for a moment she almost fumbled over her words, but she managed to invite him in properly and Sam beamed at her—what a smile!

"Anything I could get you? A menu? The pie?" Haley asked him.

Brooke came out at the mention of pie. "Don't tell me that he's back…"

"No, my brother is locked up tight in the motel," Sam offered, assuming that Brooke was talking about Dean, seeing that look on many a woman's face before in relation to his brother.

"Brother?" Haley and Brooke asked at once.

Sam nodded and looked at Haley, holding out his hand for her to shake. "Sam Winchester. My brother, Dean, is a bit of a jerk sometimes but he really highly recommends this place."

Brooke smirked a little when Haley took Sam's hand and shook it, the handshake lingering a little bit and it made Brooke giggle. Haley heard it and blushed, pulling her hand away and Sam awkwardly put his in his pockets because he had a feeling that Brooke was noticing about what Sam had been noticing and he didn't quite know what to do about it since he wasn't used to this kind of thing. Yeah, girls hit on him and he hit on girls, but there was something about this Haley James that he just couldn't put a finger on at all and he wanted to know more about her.

"Well, if you can manage to keep your brother reined in then the pie is on me," Brooke told him as she jotted that down. "Also, Haley is free tonight and if you pick her up in a couple hours after her shift I promise she'll be all ready to go."

Haley whirled around. "Brooke Penelope Davis!"

"He is obviously interested, am I wrong?" Brooke asked Sam.

"You're not wrong…" Sam said slowly as Haley got redder in the face.

Smiling triumphantly as Haley smiled a little bit, Brooke nodded and Haley turned around to look at Sam and he smiled back at her. The sparks were flying and Brooke felt rather proud of herself, promising to get Sam a slice of pie to go as long as he promised not to give any to his obnoxious brother. Sam just promised and both he and Haley watched as Brooke nodded and went back into the back and then Haley turned to look at Sam. Yeah, she wanted to go out on a date with him and she fully intended to, but she could tell that Sam was just as entertained by all of this as she was.

"Do you want to do something with me?" Haley asked Sam slowly. "I mean a date, yeah, I'd love to, but uh…I think your brother and my best friend like each other."

Sam laughed and nodded. "You see it too?"

"Yeah…what do you say we set them up without setting them up?" Haley offered smiling.

"I think that's a brilliant idea—we can discuss it more over some dinner." Sam said and then he smiled a bit more because Haley's smile just lit up the whole room. "I am so glad that you aren't Brooke…I honestly thought when I walked through the door that I was going to lose you to my idiot brother and I just…"

Haley blushed a little more and nodded. "I'm glad I'm not Brooke either—I like you already, Sam."

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