Author's note:Silence from Kanzaki's point of view, I can't believe I forgot to thank the lovely Skypeach from dA for the inspiration...well I'm doing it now thanks ! I'd also like to thank Maiks-heart for the review I'm glad you liked it =)

I'm going to start working on a series of one shots based around their relationship if anyone is interested...Once again I'd be happy to get some reviews, hope you like it !

You've been fighting again. It seems you're always fighting this days, stupid stuff really, you're not even sure who or what started it this time.

Not that it matters, it always comes back to the same thing anyway. You complaining he's never home and him being a damn nit-picker.

So you get pissed off tell him you're not his god damned maid and why doesn't he take care of it himself for a change since you don't seem to do anything "right". But of course he wouldn't he never had to do anything even close to housework before why start now... You're ranting, it's stupid and completely pointless. You can see him getting angrier by the second and you know today is going to be one of those days where one or both of you end up with fist-sized bruises at the very least.

You don't expect him to mention to mention work and how you should get some, as much as you'd like to explain how much of an hypocritical fuck he can be you don't get the chance. You've never really could control your temper. You think you see him mentally beat himself before your kick connects and he flies into the nearest wall but you're not sure. You regret it all the same at the sickening crack you hear when his head connects with the wall. There's a few horrifying seconds during which he doesn't move and all you can hear is that sound over and over again. You go check on him anger forgotten in the shadows of the fear to have hurt your lover far worse than you have in years, since you started the whole relationship thing...You notice blood seeping from a nasty looking cut on the side of his head as you go check on him but he pushes you away when you try to get him up. Can't be that bad then. He makes his way to the bathroom and you don't follow, better to let you both cool down a bit.

You sit down against the wall and try to get yourself under control. Breathe in, breathe out, repeat. The coppery scent of blood in the air doesn't help but you manage to calm down a bit. You don't feel like taking your frustration out on the first thing you see anymore but you're still royally ticked off. He may make a big out of it now but even if you did get a job he'd just complain more about the housework like he did the last time, as if you'd have the time to take care of such a big place with work to worry about too. You've gained a whole new level of respect for housewifes and single mothers since you moved in, not that you'll ever admit it of course. Even if you did look for another job he never let's you pay for anything if he can help it, another quirk of his you suppose but an annoying one, might as well keep what you earn he said, just in case. It makes sense but you don't like the thought, as if your living arrangements were just temporary and he expected you to leave at the first opportunity. What scares you is that you thought about it, maybe it would make things easier, you didn't fight so often before...No, no matter how much you dislike the pointless arguments or having to do stuff like housework you would never leave this place -leave him- willingly.

This train of thought is way too depressing for you so you decide to go see what your lover is up to, hopefully he calmed down enough to let you take a look at his wound. You have to use all of your willpower to resist the urge to facepalm at what you find in the bathroom. There he is, standing in front of the mirror and poking at the cut with something resembling childish amazement, he's so lost in his own world he didn't even hear you enter. As you don't want to startle him back to reality, he can get testy when he's surprised, you try to get close as quietly as possible and sneak your arms around his waist. He only realize you're there when you rest your head against his back, he tenses a bit at first but quickly relaxes in the embrace. You don't say a word as they don't seem to do much good tonight and wait for him to do something, you expect him to push you away again. He doesn't. It takes a few minutes for him to decide what to do, you don't mind keeping on holding him as long as you can but you'd like to get that wound properly treated and the bedroom would be a more comfortable place for cuddles anyway.

Soon enough he breaks free of your hold and starts looking for something. He hands you the first aid kit and you get to work. For the amount blood that found its way on his clothes the cut is not that bad, it doesn't even need stitches. He closes his eyes almost right after you start cleaning the injury and his breathing even out, he doesn't even flinch at the disinfectant. The silence is a lot less awkward than you expected, whatever he's been thinking about it seems to be as far away from your fight as possible, must be nice to be able to let it all go for once. Does he even realize how bad this could have been ? You bit back a sigh as you start washing the blood away, refusing to go back to your guilt induced musings, you don't succeed all that well and decide to focus on the task at hand instead. You make long careful strokes down the side of his face and his throat, he tilts his head and let out a contented sigh. You pull his collar away and lean in close to make sure you didn't miss any trace.

You're still leaning over him when he opens his eyes. You entertain the idea of kissing him for a second but give it up quickly, as nice as "making up" sounds he's too out of it for anything right now, it doesn't seem right to do anything else than take care of him after you almost cracked his head open. He's pouting when you put the first aid kit away and you have to fight a smile as you lead him to the bedroom. Leave it to him to get cute on you at a time like this.

He still doesn't say a thing when you start undressing him which is unusual, he always liked hearing himself talk. His jacket comes off and next his tie does too. The bloodstains make you feel guilty all over again, you try to focus on what you're doing and not the person you're undressing. His eyes are following you or attempting to at least, you're pretty sure he gets lost in thought again by the time you discard his shirt and get on the floor to get his socks off. He tenses and you freeze instinctively, you still expects him to lash out, he can be unpredictable when he's injured. He relaxes and you keep going, you don't bother looking up, he's probably back to the trip in his own head anyway.

As you work his belt open you sneak a glance at him only to see him looking back at, no through you. Thinking so hard can't be good for his head, even on a good day, you wonder what he's thinking about, knowing him it can be anything from work to kittens. You toss the pants with the rest of his clothes and when you get back up to get his T-shirt off something catch your eye near the collar. It's a scar, the last one you gave him. You run your fingers along the thin line, thinking back on that fight.

It shouldn't have been a remarkable day. You ran into each other a couple of weeks after graduation, you argued as always and you fought,as always, that time though no one else was there to stop you from merrily ripping each other to shreds. It lasted for a while, both of you concentrating only on each other, no interruption, no distraction. He ended up falling through a wire fence, hissing as a loose wire cut through the skin of his neck just deep enough to leave a scar. he tripped you and you fell on top of him, you don't remember who started the kiss. Half an hour later you were stumbling in a room of the nearest love hotel you could find. The morning after had been awkward as all hell.

You snap back to the present, he seemed to be in the middle of an epiphany and doesn't realize the pause. You get his shirt off and thoughtlessly start tracing lines down his chest while you wonder if you should get rid of his underwear too, you both usually sleep in the nude but that's mostly because it would be too much of a hassle to get clothes back on... You get startled enough to look up at his face when he grabs your wrists and a bit confused when you see him get frustrated for no apparent reason. What did you do this time ? Maybe he just realized you almost cracked his head open. You consider apologizing but you don't the time to get a word in as he yanks you toward him, you instinctively tense but relax quickly when kissing is the only thing on the program.

It's kind of strange, as if he's trying to pour every single thing he's feeling into that kiss. Frustration and confusion mixing with love and something resembling forgiveness when you come up for air you look at him in disbelief screw you, you asked for it you think, somehow that seems to be his point. You're about to start cursing at him out of habit but he's kissing you again, and again, and again everytime you act like you're about to talk. By the time he understands you're doing it on purpose you're trying -and failing- to contain a smile, it took him longer than you thought but you're not about to complain. He rolls his eyes at your antics, gives you a once over and decide you wear too many clothes. He tries to get your shirt off but gives up after a few moments and let you undress on your own, preferring to make himself comfortable in your bed. You join him soon after tuck yourself in his arms, your mind still reeling from the night's events.

You look up when he lets out a slightly annoyed sigh and you can tell he's trying very hard not to make some smart ass comment. He gathers you close instead and starts petting your hair, you fall asleep soon after.

***the next morning***

You wake up first and just wish you could go back to sleep or stay in bed all day,it's nice here all warm and stuff .The alarm clock didn't even ring yet why the hell are you awake? Your stomach reclaims food that's why, you completely forgot about dinner last night and it's not happy with you, nope not happy with you at all. You snuggle closer to your partner, breakfast can wait for a while... Or maybe it can't, you try to untangle yourself from your lover without waking him, with the crazy hours he's pulling he can probably use the sleep, and take a good look at him. He seems fine enough, if you don't take notice of the massive bruise on the side of his head.

You make a point to leave painkillers next to his breakfast, he'll probably need them. He's still not up when you decide to make a trip to the store so you leave him a note.

Hey there sleeping beauty went out for a bit to get some yogurt.

I'd like to apologize for almost cracking your head open but I feel more sorry for the wall...

If you get your lazy ass out of bed before I get back there's some breakfast in the kitchen with a nice bottle of painkillers on the side

Try not to drop dead while I'm out, love ya you bastard, you're a lot more tolerable when you don't talk

As you make your way down the street you can't help but think you should try the silence thing more often, words never were your thing anyway. You just hope he doesn't take the hint as an invitation to leave sticky notes everywhere again.

The end