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"Whew, I'm so glad I wasn't called today !" Tsuna said, giving a sigh of relief.

"Haha !" Yamamoto laughed, back to his usual self. "But I did. And I'm so lucky that I got the right answer."

"Tch, stupid Baseball Idiot. Hurry up and grow a brain inside that stupid head of yours why don't you." Gokudera said. "If you became something like me, I'll acknowledge you as the Tenth's left hand man."

Still Tsuna?

Yamamoto thought.

When will you start to care about other people? When will you start to care about… me?

Yamamoto was interrupted from his thoughts when Reborn came out of nowhere and kicked Tsuna in the head.

"AH ! ITAIIIIIIII ! What are you doing, Reborn?" Tsuna cried with both hands covering the spot where Reborn kicked.

"Tsuna, that stupid cow got out of the house and now he's gone." Reborn said. "Mama is getting worried. Ipin is comforting her while me, Bianchi and Fuuta are earching for him."

"Lambo? We need to find him ! Who knows what trouble he'll cause in the neighborhood?" Tsuna said scratching his head in frustration.

"That Stupid Cow ! I kill him when I find him for making the Tenth worried !" Gokudera cried. "Let's go, Jyuudime !"

Yamamoto watched as the two run out.

Why is it always Tsuna?

"Hey Yamamoto, got going." Reborn said, jumping onto Yamamoto's shoulder.

"Oh, got it." Yamamoto replied, casing after Tsuna and Gokudera.

"Lambo ! Lambo ! Where are you?" Tsuna shouted in the streets as they searched. They searched the school grounds first, since it's also one of the places Lambo usually goes to. Then they searched the playground, the takoyaki store, the pond ….

"Nee, this doesn't seem to be working." Tsuna said, panting. "Let's separate and look for him around Namimori."

"Okay, fine with me."

"If it's the Tenth's order, I carry it without hesitation."

Yamamoto frowned.

Stop Tsuna this Tsuna that all the time ! It's irritating !

Yamamoto run off.

"Anyway, let's hurry up and search for the kid before he got himself into troubles."

Yamamoto said, not turning back.

…. …. …. …. … …. …. …

Yamamoto ran all over Namimori but still did not found Lambo.

"Where could that kid go?" Yamamoto scratched his head.

"Hey, you fucking bastards ! What are you going to do to the Stupid Cow?"

He heard a yell from the park.


Yamamoto thought as he rushed to the park. Just in time to see Gokudera facing a group of men dressed in black, one of them holding Lambo in his hand.

"He's a Vongola guardian, we're trying to use him to lure the rest of the Vongola guardians out, especially the boss." The one holding Lambo said. "And it seems to be working since we got 2 Vongola guardians here with us." He continued, noticing Yamamoto's presence.

Gokudera turned his head and noticed Yamamoto.

"Oi Yakyuu Baka, just stand there and watch the show, why don't you?" Gokudera said, smirking. "I can take care of these bastards by myself." He turned back to face the black-dressed man. "Prepare yourselves bastards, you're going to pay for messing with the Vongola."

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