Haha, this is the first time i wrote a disclaimer so suck it up fans and i plan to arrange Raphael's and Marie's wedding after u write finish this fanfic

Phantom R: What did u say!

ME:I decided to arrage you and Maire's wed...

Fondue bit me, Phantom r kicked me hard

Me {with a black eye): I don't own rhythm thief, if I do, I would make Raphael kiss Marie

Phantom R flying kick me

On with the show

CH 1 An Accident

Marie POV

It is been 2 years since i met raphael and found my mother. it has been very hectic since i moved in to her mansion. Whenever i was bored, i would play the violin to myself and remind myself about raphael. We haven't talk face to face since the Napoleon incident. But we still meet when i was at my performance playing my violin but he always gone missing after each of my performances ends. I still wish to see him again and hold his hand and might just ki... no wait what am i thinking, i should get ready for my next performance.

Raphael's POV

It is been 2 years since i talked to marie. i wish i could talk to her but charlie and inspector vergier would catch me so we can't i promise to go to all of her performances. speaking of performances, i should go to mare's next performance.

At an opera house

Marie is playing her violin while Phantom R is in a corner listening to her music while avoiding the police. suddenly, the roof collapse on the stage, crushing the people on stage.

Marie" shouted Phantom R

1 chapter down, a few more to go

Did Marie die?

Is this a coincidence?

Could Raphael save Marie?