Alright, it is chapter 10. Time to bring out the big guns

(inspecter vergier heard me)

you're going to jail for bringing out guns.

wait, it was a metaphor!


great, now lets hear our protagonist opinion of this fanfic.

very romantic and beautiful.

so humiliating that almost drive me nuts.

hey, Raphael! Dont be mean. i may be cute, but i am a nun.


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chapter 10 A movie

Raphael POV

ahh, today is a brand new day. The sun is warm, the birds are chiping, the people are happy. What a glorious day today is to forget yesterdays awkwardness.

Well, i am kinda interested of the movie, Blood Taste. Maybe i should bring Marie to watch it since i have more than 1 ticket.

(walk over to hospital)

"hey Marie, good morning" i greeted

"good morning to you too, Raphael."Marie answered

"hey, i still hold that ticket we won in that Dance Festival. Do you want to watch the movie today?" I asked

"Sure, why not?"she said

"hey Raphael?"Marie asked

"hmm"i said

"do you know a man called Phantom R?" she asked as i chocked on my coffee

i cant just tell her i am phantom r, she has amnesia, she would probably tell the police

emm... how will i answer?

"he is ehh... an artist thief. he steals famous artwork and returns them"i answered. kinda ruins your reputation.

"oh, that is bad. still, he is a nice person. he rescued me last night. it was romantic." she said, and again, i chocked on my coffee.

"oh... great!"i said as entusiatic as possible

"lets go watch that movie Raphael."she said with her brightest smile as posible. ahh, it warms up my heart

we walked out of the hospital,only to find the Duches right at the entrance

"going on a date again?"she asked

"no, it is not a date. i was going to ask Charlie to come and watch with us. You see, i kinda owe her a ticket from yesterday."i said

"ohh, that is so sad. oh well, have fun kids."she said

"we will. Thanks."i said

we walked over to Charlie's house and knocked on her door

"morning charlie. are you ready to watch the movie with us."i asked

"why should i, Charlie Private Eye, go to the movie's with a famed Phan..."she said as i interupted her

"well, it is better to go out as a group than being solo." i said

"fine, let me go change."she said "come on in"

Marie POV

As i entered Charlie's house, it wasnt very big, but it was very cosy

I then saw a shelf full of trophies

"wahh, Charlie, you won that many trophies?" i said

"yeah, we got into the state's national and won first place"she said

"wahh. That is so cool."i congradulated her

"it is no big deal."she said

"tell that to the person who hasnt beat me in soccer for the last 2 years" raphael said smugly


"sure, not going to happen" Raphael said

Charlie looks like she is about to explode

i went and calm her down

"charlie, calm down. Dont get too angry. Besides, if you believe hard enough wishes will come true." i said

"yeah, alright. Thanks." she said

(watching the movie)

eeeeep. this movie is soooooooo scary. there is blood everywhere and zombie's and vampires. how scary

eeeeeepp. there is another victim. i quickly clinged onto Raphael's arm and closed my eyes

when i opened my eyes, Raphael is smiling and his face gone red. was it because the chily fries were very spicy?

(after the movie. walked outside)

"man, that movie was awesome. the zombie cat went in to save the day, using that

ultraviolet light to kill off all those zombies. isnt that right guys?"charlie said

"nooooo. it was horribly scary!"i dont want to watch that again. right Raphael?" i said

"huh, what was that again?."Raphael said, still with his red face

"oh yeah, i heard there is this delicious cheeze cake shop down this street. want to go?" Charlie asked

"sure!" i said as i noticed raphael's face gone pale

"Raphael, what is wrong?"i asked him

he shivered and said "mom?"

whoa, raphael saw his mom! she is suppose to be dead. how will this story go on? read and review more folks