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chapter 16 a date with the dead


marie was staring face to face with her deax (death and ex) boyfriend, his cold stares gives the chills to Marie's soul. it is as if he is staring into her soul, plotting something bad.

Marie POV

i cant believe it, raphael doesnt remember me. i...i...i... i wont accept this!

"how could you forget about me raphael? we known each other for a long time. you cant forget that!"i shouted

he scoffed at me, as if i was telling a joke

"listen lady, i dont care who you are, but if you stand in the way of napoleon, i will have to take you down for good."he threaten me

that took a blow to my heart. raphael... working for napoleon... that is impossible

"raphael, remember who you are. this isnt you."i said. trying to bring him back

his glare lessened down. it is as if my words are bringing him back. who knew it did the opposite.

"you're right. this isnt me. i was going soft on you since you're a girl."he said in a low dark tone. his eyes looks like he wants to kill me. he raised a gun and pointed it at me. "die"

just then, a flying ball hit raphael

"looks like i made it in time" charlie said

"charlie"i shouted

"oh, hey marie."she waved "phantom r, you gone too far."

"another incest to squash huh, destroy them you stupid soldiers."raphael said

"lets go marie, we gotta jam."charlie said

we ran past the Diabolique Chevalier and tried to get out the amusement park. Unfortunately, we were caught by the soldiers

i struggle to break free as raphael walk closer to me

"raphael, please wake up. remember me, remember charlie, remember your father."i pleaded him to stop

"my father? what about him? he is working for napoleon, and he is the one who help ny father. now i have to help him and finish the debt." Raphael said "now die."

raphael fired his gun and the bullet was heading straight forward me. i closed my eyes' waiting for the inevitable. i shed a tear as i faced my end. suddently, a man around raphael's age stood in front of me with a sword and sliced the bullet in half

that man has brown spiky hair, slim strong build and looks a bit like raphael

"who are you?"raphael asked

"my name, is Matthew Pendragon; cousin."he said with a dark tone

"cousin/pendragon!"me and raphael said simutaniously

OMG! i put in a descendent of arthur pendragon and the cousin of raphael!

He is my COUSIN!

yep, though he does not wield Excaliber *sob

so... where is the sword?

Marie, Marie, this is not the conversation a woman is suppose to talk about


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