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raphael POV

sooooo... what is happening now? first, i was about to kill the intruder, second i tried to shoot them.3rd, the bullet got sliced in half by a man who claims to be my cousin.

"so raphael, long time no see. when was the last time...hmm... oh yes, when your mom died isnt it? you were so sad i comfort you the whole day."this cousin of mine said

the girl, who is called Marie, has a blank look on her makes me laugh a little... hey! i am suppose to kill her, not smile at her!

"so, you stooped to the level of working with Napoleon. huh, form what i heard, you are supposed to be dead."my cousin said while swinging his sword around

i stared at his sword and thought of something."if you are a decendent of the pendragon, then that sword is excalliber?"i asked

"maybe?maybe not? what you can see is nothing but an illusion. same as the price of you belonging in this realm."he said mysteriously

Marie POV

what are those 2 talking about. price, pendragon, raphael turning evil? what is going on here?!

" pendragon?"i asked sheepishly as i was inturupted

"call me Matt"he said"and yes, i will tell you about the price later. right now is fighting time!"then he assumed a battle position and in a flash, knocked out all of the guards

"hmm...why dont you join us cousin?"raphael ask "with your skills we can help master napoleon to take over the world"

i stared at those two. why is raphael being evil, and who is that mystery man?forst thing first, i have to get charlue outta here. she is knocked unconscience.

"dont wanna."matt said"that shorty is the enemy of our family. why do i have to work for couse i understand your reasin for working with him, you heartless person."

"i see then."raphael stared down at the ground. as he raised his head, his eyes looked like it has murderous intent on it. "then die" be raised his gin on matt and pulled the trigger


then, on what seems to be a dream, matt sliced the bullet to tiny little pieces. i was aweed by his swordsmanship

"it is uselss. guns are worthless against me."he said now then, lets go princess of the moon" he threw a smokebomb and grabed me and charlie away from there

raphael POV

they got away. doesnt matter. the eclispse is in alignment. now i can grabbed the sunstone that appears at an eclispse.

"you got it general raphael."my master suddenly appeared and talked to me

"yes. tjough i meet some inturuption, i found the person who knows the location of excalliber" i said

my master suddenly from happy to excited. "world domination, here i come!"he shouted

i sigh, master can be an idiot sometimes.

"oh yeah general raphael,your pakage arrived"master said

a knight came to me withna parcel. i opened it to find a red suit with black stripes. similar to mine.

marie POV

after or little escape, matthew brpught us to an underground base place.

"now then"he said "you want to ask how my cousin has join the dark side?" i nodded

"it is a very long story,but i will tell you the reason first, then the story"he continued

"those who receives sonething, must lose something equivalent to their gift. that is the law of the world. when a man drinks the blood of matita, they lose the thing most precious to them. raphael's most precious thing is memories of being phantom r, and most impotantly, memories of you"he said

"but that doesnt explain why he join napoleon?"i asked

"because his dad serves napoleon, so he is tricked into thinking it is family bussiness."he said coldly

"no, it cannot be."i said

"napoleon finally noticed the worth of raphael. he is indeed the best candidate."he said while slumping his hands on his face

i was puzzled "why?"

just then, charlie woke with a grunt.

"charlie, you are not suppose to move right now!" i said, worried

"becuase raphael is the diresct desendent of Arthur pendragon."charlie said

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