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Chapter 20 The game shows the message

Matthew POV

It was after I placed pickled soup next to Marie seat that I grabbed my laptop and started playing halo. It was fun until Charlie walked up to me and slapped me

"You didn't have to break her arm. I will apprehend you of assault after this mess!" That stinking private eye wannabe said

"Try me. I singled handedly took down an alien invasion once, survived being sucked into a black hole twice and took down an alien race. If you could apprehend me, I would be surprise!" I said boldly as I stared at her with killing intent

"Who believes that kind of crap! You are making this up!" Charlie said

"I don't care. Besides, this little scenario is going to sparked off a chain of events. I am sure of it." I said while continuing playing my game

"Well, if you tell me what this plan is, I may reduce your sentence to a year." Charlie said

"He is not going to give you information that easily. I can tell you that he will play a game with you." Aunt Matilda said. She always knew what I am going to do

"What is the game Phantom R's cousin?" Charlie crossed her arms, looking at me intensely like a kid wanting candy on Halloween night

"Well, ex-champ, let's play Cardfight Vanguard." I said whilst pulling out my deck" If you are up for the challenge"

"Well, bring it on! I am still no pushover" she said while pulling out her deck


Marie POV

"Grr…..these shackles are really hard to break and my arm still hurts." I mumbled as I struggled to break free from these shackles while tending my broken arm

As I was about to give up, there was a beep next to the pickle soup that Matthew left behind.

"Sir Matthew, it appears Raphael is at his apartment" the device at the table said


Did it say it knows Raphael's location, I must go there. But I can't break free. Wait; there was something Matthew said about the pickle soup


"You know, this pickle soup has wondrous healing properties. It can mend broken bones in seconds. And gives you a muscle boost for a few minutes. You could probably rip through steel if that is the case" Matthew said like he was proud of it

"So… it is like steroids. You know that could wind you up in jail" Charlie said

"Oh, come on! Cigarettes are harmful yet it wasn't banned. This stuff doesn't have any side effects. It is made from vitamins and pickles." Matthew said as he slurped the soup. "Dang, this soup fills my aching tummy"

"More like fill up the blood in your brain." Charlie said

Flashback ended

Looks like I have to drink the soup

Matthew POV

Matthew damage:5 Charlie damage:2

"Man, you really suck at this game. How long have you played this game?" Charlie asked as she was looking smug

"Well… 2 years" I said sheepishly

"You must be a real noob." Charlie said triumphantly

"We will see about that!" I said.


"Dude, what can you do with that suckish field and 1 card in your hand" Charlie said

"The stage of the plan. Watch closely." I said

I ride Spectral duke dragon. I activate his skill, when Black Dragoon Knight is in its soul, it gains 1000 power. Black Dragoon Knight skill activates, when a card named "Spectral Duke Dragon" rides this unit, if you have a card named "Scout of Darkness, Vortimer" in your soul, I retire 1 gold paladin and look at the top 2 cards of my deck and call them onto the field. I retire Elixir Sommelier and superior call Charging Chariot Knight and Battlefield Storm, Sagramore.

"Don't tell me, an all-out assault!" Charlie shouted

"yes, sagramore skill, counterblast a card and it gains 3000 pover and I boost it with Evil Slaying Swordsman, Haugan and attack your vanguard." I shouted

"No Guard." Charlie said

Charlie damage:3

"Charging Chariot Knight skill, if my hand is smaller than yours, it gains 3000 power. With the boost Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth, it attacks your vanguard."

"No Guard." Charlie said

Charlie damage:4

" Spectral duke dragon attacks" I shouted as it is time for my ace to attack

"Perfect guard." Charlie shouted

Charlie cards in hand:2

"Twin drive, first check. Second check. Critial trigger. All effects to vanguard" I said

"What! You are giving a trigger to a card that can't attack."Charlie shouted

"You must be outdated. Spectral Duke Dragon limit break!"I shouted

"WHAT!" Charlie shouted and is confused

"counterblast 2 cards and sacrificing 3 gold paladin. The dark dragon will finally return to his prime." I said

"Wait, you don't mean, you are planning to sacrifice Marie to bring back Raphael!" Charlie said

"Yes." I said

"Master Matthew, the prisoner has escaped" a computer said

"Looks like she is at Raphael's apartment." I said

"We best go get her." Charlie said as she grabbed her jacket

Marie POV

I ran out of Matthew secret lair and into the streets. The moon has been especially bright today. I don't really care, because I need to find him

Raphael POV

Sooo….. why am I at the apartment?

I do not know, but the bracelet of Tiamat has been acting strangely and I been drawn here

Then, I heard the door opened. It was that girl, form the amusement park

"Raphael. I need to have a word with you." The girl said

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