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she slapped him hard and ran away. what things could be in store for these two characters? Read on folks. Marie, the disclamers.

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ch 8 Rescuing a Damsel in distress

Raphael POV

How am i going to find her in this crowd. There is too many people here. Oh man, if this keeps up, i will never find her and tell her i loved her!"

wait,did i just said that?

the crowd became silenced

em, did i say that out loud?

(Fondue pawpalm)


Marie POV

why did i start crying. do i have some emotional attachment to Raphael. i barely know him today. Why did i agree to go with him to this dance festival. i am so embaress i cant face people. I agreed to go with him because i... just blurted out yes for no reason. what is wrong with me? Do i like him or something?

i stop at an alley, catching my breath after running for so long. Suddenly, i felt someone grabbed me by the mouth as my conscience drift away...

Raphael POV

I finally escape that crowd. The famed Phantom R has been humiliated. Oh how humiliating.

i changed into my Phantom R clothing in an alley.

now where is Marie? i said that out loud

"she's been kidnapped" a familiar voice said

"chalie, what are you doing here? and how did you know Marie been kidnapped?" i said

"Long story. This note is for you. I found it at the alley Marie been hiding at"

the note says " Dear Phantom R, I Napoleon Bonapart, has captured your girlfriend. Meet me at the Notre Dam chathedral with the coin that you know well of during twilight."

Napoleon, it must be the real one. I may be able to find my father.

"I am going to rescue her.'' i said

" i am coming too." charlie said


"well.. long story..." she said

pointless flashback

Charlie POV

"so, i called you here because i can trust you on this secret mission, Charlie."the duches said

"Anything to be of assistant." i answered

" Well, i need you to spy on Raphael and Marie on their date. Record everything on this high quality digital camera and make sure they are safe. If this goes well, i will award you with a million euros." she said

"Deal." i answered

pointless flassback over

"That is about it." I said

Phantom R appeared shocked

"you recordered EVERYTHING!" he shouted

"yep, including the kiss." i said as i hold up the camera and show him

he fell down in depression

"whatever, what does Napoleon mean about the coin you know so well?" i asked

"It is this coin." he said as he showed me a golden coin. "it belongs to my father. he left me 5 years ago and dissapear."

he then told me his past

"That is so sad." i pitied him. he lossed both his mom and his dad. i cant think not being with my dad.

"well, it is almost twilight, lets go to the cathedral." he said

Raphael POV

we walked over to Notre Dam and saw that the tourist are leaving.

"Be prepared, there might be knights waiting for us." i warned Charlie

we entered through the door and saw the Diabolique Chevaliers with Napoleon and Marie

"Marie!" i shouted

"Give me the coin and she shall live." Napoleon demanded

"why do you need the coin? Are you tring to activate the Hanging Gardens again?" i asked

"no, not the Hanging Gardens, but something more powerful. something defies life and death itself, something that can never be defeated. That is what i wanted. now enough time wasted. Give me the coin now!" He said

"Only if you release Marie first." i said

" Fine, take her." Napoleon said as he ordered the knights to throw Marie to me. I caught her but she is still unconscience.

"Now give me the coin." Napoleon said

I toss the coin to Napoleon

"Good, now begone. My loyal soldiers, destroy them" he said

" Now Charlie!" i shouted

she threw a smoke bomb

"buh ha ha ha. Sneaky are you waiting for, After them"he cough and shouted

we escaped to the roof

Marie POV

what happened to me. My head feels so fuzzy. There was a lot of shouting and now there is a lot of bumps. What is happening?

I opened my eyes and saw a man carrying me. He looks like Raphael yet he doesnt.

"What is going on?" i asked the stranger

"You were kidnapped and i rescued you" he said

"oh, thanks." i answered. suddenly, my face lid upbumps as red as a tomato. for some reason, this feels familiar and romantic.

"hold on tight, we gotta jump." he said

then i relized, we are on top of a roof. since he said jumped i panicked "wait, DONT JUMP. JUST DONT JUMP!" i begged

"charlie, ready your hang glider." he said. Then he jumped

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. i screamed like a girl. Then we stopped falling

The man and another man was holding onto a hangglider and we were landing safely

or at least i tought we did

The wind was strong, it knocked us away and i flew away with the red haired stranger.

Then everything went black. Next thing i knew, our lips were KISSING!

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