First off, let me say thank you to those who actually decided to stop and read this. I'm honestly looking to get as much feedback as possible, positive, negative, doesn't matter. This is a fan fiction using Blank as the main character, The next chapter will be the set up to the entire plot, so until then I'd like for people to read this and tell me what they think.

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~Four years after the events of Memoria~

Blank stared around at the city of Alexandria. Four years…Four years and it's still being rebuilt. If he was the same person he was four years ago, he would have been right alongside Tantalus probably helping these people rebuild their homes. Things were different now.

Blank took a few steps forward before he was stopped by guards.

"HALT!" he stopped. His head actually processed that to be a familiar voice, but he paid no mind to it.

"You're dressed awfully suspicious, why are you so heavily armed?"

"Protection." Blank replied coldly.

"Do you mind turning around so I can see who you are?" Blank turned around to see a female knight with a white looking dress, and a headband over one eye. He still couldn't quite remember who it was.


"Lacking in manners, aren't you? State your business in Alexandria!"

"I'm here to meet someone."


"…." She drew her sword.

"Answer me!"


Without hesitation she charged towards Blank. He was more than ready; in the blink of an eye his sword was drawn and caught hers in a clash. He now recognized who she was; it was Beatrix, the strongest female knight ever. She disengaged the clash, and took a swipe at Blank; he immediately drew back and waited for her to make the next move.

She was already in his face again, but he smirked as he dodged and clashed with every slash. She went for a powerful looking slash, of course he had no time to determine what it was before he back flipped away. While in mid-air he pulled a handle out of his cape and tossed it. He timed it just right, the chain caught on to her sword and he had a tight grip on it.

She struggled trying to get it free, but to no avail. Blank had trained these four years and his skills weren't slacking. He decided to stop the charade.

"If I hadn't known you were Beatrix, I would have tossed a knife into your heart."

"I knew you looked familiar." She let her sword down, and Blank released the chain.

"You've changed, haven't you? I remember you saving us when Alexandria castle was under attack."

"That was a long time ago."

"What brings you here? I apologize for being hostile, I'm usually very wary of suspicious looking characters." She motioned her hands for her guards to stand down.

"It's fine." He sheathed his sword. "I came for-"

"I called him here." Somebody interrupted. He turned around to see who it was. It was Baku the leader of the Tantalus group; he didn't expect to see him.

"Boss.." What could he possibly want?