Craig and Sophie had been discussing it for a while. Sophie thought it was a good idea. Craig disagreed.

"What if the babysitter runs off with Alfie?" he asked for possibly the millionth time. "Can't we just ask my mum or something? Do we even have to do this? Why are we leaving our son with a strange person at home for a month while we swan off to Spain? Don't they have mosquitoes in Spain?"

"Craig," said Sophie, "we need a break. I need a break. We get a babysitter that we trust. It's only a month. What could possibly go wrong?"

"Everything!" said Craig. "Alfie might be kidnapped. What if the babysitter went off to some party and left Alfie at home and Alfie got kidnapped and sent to Cambodia?"

"That is not going to happen," Sophie told him firmly.

"Even if we do go to Spain," said Craig, "can't we get your parents or your sister or my mum to look after Alfie? Why some strange person who we don't even know?"

Sophie rolled her eyes. "Mum and Dad are in America," she reminded him. "Lucy's a lawyer – do you really think she'll have time for Alfie? And I'm not letting your mum look after an innocent baby."

Craig sighed. She had him there.

After a while, he gave in. "Fine," he said. "We'll hire a babysitter and they'll be fine. We'll go off to Spain and it will be fine. We'll come home and Alfie will be fine."

Sophie gave him a kiss. "Exactly," she said. "And we'll FaceTime every night. Everything will be just fine."

This was it. This was the day Craig had been dreading. The bags were packed. They were running late. Someone was ringing the doorbell.

Sophie opened the door. "Oh, hello!" Craig heard her saying. "Yes, yes, come in. Yes, it is a month – hope you don't mind. His name's Alfie and he's right through here, with Craig. Sure, come straight through!"

Sophie entered the kitchen, followed by a woman. He looked at her hair. He stared at her hair. What was wrong with it? It looked like she'd been electrocuted. It was blonde and incredibly curly and stuck out around her head.

She was wearing a dress too. Craig didn't trust women in dresses. He liked girls more casual, you know? Like Sophie. Sophie was casual. But this woman just looked like a flirt. In Craig's experience, all woman in dresses usually were.

Craig did not trust the babysitter.

However, Sophie definitely seemed to. The two women were getting along like a house on fire. Craig stood around awkwardly in the background, next to the pile of suitcases. Going to Spain didn't seem like such a good idea now.

"Well, this is Craig," said Sophie, "and this is Alfie."

The babysitter smiled at Alfie and looked up at Craig. "Hello Craig," she said, smirking.

"Hi," said Craig nervously.

Sophie checked her watch. "Oh my God, Crag, we're going to miss the plane! We've got to go! Come on!" She turned to the babysitter. "I'm so sorry, but we're late-"

"Oh, it's fine," the babysitter interrupted. "I'll take good care of Alfie. I'll FaceTime every night, like you said, OK?"

"Sure," smiled Sophie. "Craig, come on!" She dropped a kiss on Alfie's head, grabbed the suitcases and Craig's had and dragged him out the door. The last thing the babysitter heard was a loud "Bye!" and the sound of a door slamming.

In the car, Craig stared at Sophie, wild-eyed. "We didn't even find out the babysitter's name!" he cried. "She could be anyone!"