"You think they'll remember us?"

It was the strangest question he'd ever asked, and once upon a time, Tony had figured that to forget the Avengers was impossible.

To forget Iron Man and Captain America was impossible.

But the world was different than it once had been, and now he wasn't sure. He wasn't sure of anything anymore.

"Yeah," the man next to him breathed. Tony turned and looked at Steve Rogers, dusty and bloody and exhausted next to him, carefully positioned on a pile of rubble with his back up against a half-destroyed brick wall. "Yeah, they'll remember us," he smirked. "It's kind of impossible not to."

"I used to think that," Tony responded, reaching up to take his helmet off and set it on the wreckage between his legs, "but a lot of things have changed."

Steve shrugged. "Yeah, but they always do. Everything changed while I was trapped in the ice, but there are some things don't change. Like love and honor, and glory." The Captain smiled a little, the curve of his lips nearly imperceptible. "People will always need someone to inspire them. Might as well be us."

Tony watched his friend, the same smooth face that he'd seen a thousand times, the same bright eyes that told of all the hope he harbored. He watched Steve's determination blossom and answered with a frown. "Don't you think that's a little weird? People idolizing us?"

"Maybe, but we won't be around to judge it."

And there it was. The truth of their situation, the inevitability of their deaths.

"We had a good run," Tony finally agreed, eyes moving back to focus on his helmet. "We did a lot of good, saved a lot of people."

"We did." Steve watched his co-commander, his best friend for years, and grinned when Tony's eyes met his, burning with purpose.

"Let's go out with a bang," he said as he replaced his helmet and stood. He reached out a hand to help the Captain up. "Anything else would be…"

"Not our style." Steve stood and brushed himself off, then clapped a hand on his friend's armored shoulder. "Or at least not yours."

"Right." Steve could feel Tony smiling beneath Iron Man's stoic face, and for a moment, things didn't seem so grim. "And it is all about style, right, Rogers?"