"Kim what's the latest at the Grey's residence." Mike at the newsrooms says before they switch over to Kim.

"Well as you can see behind me there is an ambulance parked on the driveway of the Grey's home and look there they are bringing out what looks like to be Mr Grey, accompanied by his mother Dr Grace Trevelyan-Grey. We are not sure what is going on or why Mr Grey is being taken via ambulance. There is no sign of Mrs Grey, Mr Grey's wife or their two children. I do hope to get you more information as soon as we have it on hand." The reporter cuts out and it goes back to the news station.

"As you can see there was no sign of Mrs Grey in that segment, does this mean there is trouble in paradise for this couple that is worth Billions together. I can't see money being the issue now with Mrs Grey considering she on her own is worth millions of dollars after making Grey's Publishing into a multi-million dollar corporation all on her own. The company was gifted to her by her Husband on their first Wedding Anniversary six years ago now. And we all know Mr Christen Greys rein up the ladder to where he sits right now, as number five on the top earns in America. We will bring you another update on these unfolding events as we have them.


Pictures of a frail sick, looking Christen are flashed across the screen.

"Mike as you can tell from the pictures and short video we have, it looks like Mr Grey is not well and this may explain why neither have been seen in public for some time now. Could our Multi Billionaire be dying at such a young age with a young family to leave behind." A video is shown. "Hang on a minute I have just had word that Mr Grey had attempted suicide. Maybe there is trouble in paradise for the couple after all."

"Thank you Kim. As you can tell Mr Grey doesn't look well at all. We will bring you more once we have more to give you.