"Around and around and around we go, and where we stop, nobody knows."

Dickon finished spinning Colin round and ran over to Mary. Hide and seek was the best game to play when you had such a huge garden to hide in.

"Catch me!"

"Come get me!"

"Where are you?"

The two watched Colin as he began to stumble around, his hands stretched out in front of him, hoping they really were teasing him, and that they were just out of his reach. It was also the best game to play when you were hiding with a beautiful girl. Dickon grabbed her hand and began to move further away from her cousin. He was surprised with the way she held his hand just as tightly.

She stopped so that he had to turn back to her. To see what was wrong. Master Colin was a matter of feet away, but he noticed that Mary was about to do something important. Taking a deep breath she pulled him towards her and gently placed her lips on top of his. At first he didn't respond, he felt much to surprised. He had been planning on doing the same thing to her at the soonest opportunity. But as soon as the kiss stopped, his lips felt cold. She looked and certainly felt hurt. He hadn't meant for her to get the wrong impression.

With a quick glance over to Colin, who was walking in completely the wrong direction, he took Mary's face in his hands and crushed his lips back onto hers. She smiled as he took her hand and pulled her down onto the long grass.

His lips were soft and warm and his hands running through her long hair gave her butterflies, she found that she rather liked this feeling. At that moment she would give anything for Colin to go away, leave them alone, and never find them.

Jus t at that moment, they both heard Colin's voice. But it wasn't directed at either of them.

"The magic worked." Colin was saying to his father as the pair stood up slowly. As Son began to take Father on a tour of the Garden. Dickon watched Mary, as a sudden realisation hit her. She turned and began to run away.

"No one wants me!" She said probably more to herself than anyone. But Dickon still heard. But she was wrong. Hadn't 10 seconds ago just proved that?

"MARY." He called after her. But her legs just sped up. He followed and for a moment he thought he had lost her. Then he heard a muffled sob. He turned the corner and saw her. She had her head buried in the arms and her arms squashed into the bush. Slowly, he walked over to her. Gently he moved her hair from her face, and placed his lips next to her ear.

In a way that was so sweet and caring, it caused her already flushed face to turn even redder, he whispered, "I want Tha'."

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