Memories Come And Go

N.A: A few days ago, I read a fanfiction of Regular Show/Adventure Time. Scrolling through, I came across a fic about Benson and PB. I clicked on it and read. It was a brilliant story, rich in detail and excellent descriptions. Anyway, the basic summary of the story is The Mushroom War(Adventure Time) had ended and Benson had lost everyone. The only one he had left was his daughter, PB. The story described his loss for everyone and how they died. Absolutely loved it and added to favorites. So I decided to write a fic about these two. They definitely match the father/daughter relationship, I never noticed till I read the fic. My story will be about Benson discovering he has a daughter, PB(hence the title). Let's get on with the story, shall we?

"You two never get anything finished. How can I trust you to hand out these invitations?" I held envelopes in my hand, adressed to various people around the park, the cards decorated with balloons.

"Don't worry Benson, we'll do it" Mordecai said, reaching for the envelopes.

Rigby nodded. "Yeah chill out man. We got this"

I sighed and passed the invites to Mordecai. He smiled and turned to Rigby. The racoon grinned, seeming to read Mordecais thoughts.

"Free cake, free cake!" They began dancing in unison, shouting those words to eachother.

"Just hand out the invites!" I yelled. They stopped, still with those stupid grins on their faces. With Mordecai holding the envelopes, they turned and walked down the path, away from the park.

I sighed and turned to walk inside. The envelopes were for people invited to Pops birthday. He was turning... even older. I didn't really know how old Pops was turning, he never told anyone his age. He hadnt invited anyone we didn't know; just Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Muscle Man, HFG and me. I raised an eyebrow then walked inside and sat on the couch. Grabbing the remote, I switched on the tv. A news report was on with the words breaking news. A man holding a microphone was talking to the camera. The weather outside didn't look too promising, with grey skys and rain pelting down. Not to mention the howling wind.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been issued a weather warning. Everyone stay indoors. Do not go outside if you live in Australia. The weather here is astounding, with gusty winds and icy rain. Current floods are sweeping cars and trucks, passengers are stuck inside. It's like a war out here! I repeat: DO NOT GO OUTSIDE IF YOU LIVE IN AUSTRALIA!" The man was swept off camera, ending the report, but I didn't pay attention to the rest. The word war bought back a sudden memory:

"Come on Leutenant, we gotta do this", my partner, Carlos, told me, clasping a gun to his chest. His brow was drenched with sweat, black hair plastered to his forehead.

I nodded then raced outside,dodging bullets left and right, Carlos right behind me. The sky was a dark grey, black smoke illuminating the air. I crouched down behind a barrier then peeked out and shot randomly, managging to shoot at least a dozen people. My expression remained blank as Carlos sidled up next to me, a grin on his lips. I crouched down, dodging yet another bullet. Carlos nudged me.

"This is great, isn't it Benson?"

I stared at him with disbelief. "Are you kidding? We are at War Carlos! Families have lost their Husbands, fathers, boyfriends, sons and possibly grandfathers. How is this fun?"

"Haven't you heard of adventure Benson? This is it! This is what we've been looking for! Adventure!

"What are you talking about? This is not about adventure! This is about risking lives to save our country! I shouted over the gunfire. Carlos didn't seem to be paying attention. He was too focused on adventure, his eyes brightening with mishevious behaviour. I sighed and continued to fire, men falling and bleeding. It hurt to see a man go down, even if they weren't from your country, but I had to do it. For my place. I winced, watching the men fall. It wasn't pretty, I'll tell you that. I knelt down, then glanced at Carlos.

"Come on Benson, you know you want to" he grasped my arm. I pulled away, frowning.

"No Carlos. We have to keep going. We can't give up now." I told him, knowing for myself it was hopeless. He shook his head.

"No. I signed up for this for one reason and one reason only: for adventure. I'm giving up"

I shook my head and reached for his arm. He snatched away, glaring at me.

"I'm giving up Benson. Wish my family happy endings"

"Carlos, please"

He stood and I covered my head with my hands, knowing his fate. I heard the fire and the world seemed to slow down. When the firing stopped, I took my hands away and looked at the boy beside me with tears in my eyes. Carlos lay beside me, 7 bullet holes in his chest, blood slipping out. One small tear made its way down my cheek. I wiped it away then continued firing. What's done is done.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up. Mordecai stood in front of me with Rigby beside him, their hands empty. Mordecai took his hand away. I narrowed my eyes and frowned.

"How long did that take you?"

Rigby shrugged. "Bout 5 minutes"

"You didn't chuck them away did you?

"No Benson, we delivered them to each house they were addressed to." Mordecai said.

"Good. I have a few more chores for you"

Mordecai sighed. "What do you want us to do Benson?"

"The dishes need washing, the lawns need mowing and the windows need cleaning"

They got the clues and exited the room, heading to the kitchen. I smiled and my body relaxed. The memory was fresh in my mind, thanks to a reminder. My smile vanished, but only for a split second. That was close. That was only a little bit of the memory.