Touko throws her head back in exasperation," You're kidding me, right?" Her eyes blaze with anger, and her fists are clenched tightly to themselves. She leans against the table while yelling.

"Sadly, no. I'm dead serious," I state, giving her a firm look.

"So you're telling me, that I have to go all the way to Johto, just to get medicine?!" She yells, her voice peaking in volume. Touko's hair has quickly escaped the rubber-band used to hold it; Several strands float just centimeters from her face.

"I'm afraid so my dear," I sympathize, giving her an apologetic smile.

"Well-" She hesitates,"Well why can't you just get one of your servants to do it for you?! They pestered me all the way to the Elite Four!" She screams, slamming a fist onto the table. The teen's face has quickly turned red; it's shiny with tears of aggravation and anger.

"I must apologize Miss Touko, but that just can't happen," I explain, attempting to keep my voice formal, I feel the need to yell at her more, each and every moment that passes,"You see, you actually have trained Pokemon. You have gone through the trials of a well experienced trainer, and this task should be a no-brainer for you." She throws me a sarcastic look, sticking her tongue out.

"Fine then," she says," but this is the only thing I'll do for you, N!" I watch her storm out of the room, slamming the door behind her. I wait in silence as I listen to her footsteps fade down the corridor. When they finally melt into the sound of the radiator and flickering lights, I lay my head on the meeting desk before me. How I only wish that Touko was easier to handle.


I rush down the hall, flicking hot tears of anger away from my face. I hate N when he does this. Just throwing meaningless tasks at me in the hopes that I'll comply - which I always do.

I stomp with as much force as humanly possible as I proceed down the hall in attempts to annoy nearby servants or sages. The white linoleum floor causes the sound of my footsteps to be magnified. The mingling echoes around me satisfy my anger in a way only achievable by stomping.

"If you only saw it my way," I whisper furiously. I pull tears away from my cheeks which leave wet smears behind.

The elevator at the end of the hall is quickly approaching. I can hear the successful ding as it passes my floor. I grunt in aggravation, and stop by the doors. The scent of fresh metal and cleaning supplies lingers in the air here. The smell soothes me, but only slightly.

I smash the elevator button repeatedly, never enough to my satisfaction. I hear another ding, and the doors slide open, revealing a carpeted floor, and Red waiting for me.

I glare at him, a dissatisfactory scowl instantly forming on my face. "Hello Red," I throw at him, glaring once and then completely avoiding eye contact.

"Good evening Miss Touko," He greets, his face firm.

"Are you my escort for this task?" I question, taking my place in the far corner of the elevator. My eyes shift to the flashing numbers above the doors.

"Indeed, for the first time in months in fact," Red states, obviously disappointed that he was assigned to me.

"Oh yes, I remember, you were my escort for my very first mission! What a joy it is to have you here again," I say sarcastically, glaring at him. We didn't exactly have the best time on my first mission. Let's just say, Caterpies aren't Red's favorite Pokemon.

"Agreed, Miss Touko," He says, his voice solid, just like his expression.

"So, have you been enjoying life so far?" I ask, unnerved by the silence he left me in just moments ago. His expression softens for a split second, and then returns to its original state.

"I suppose," He says, his voice clipped. I nod, and return to studying the lights and buttons displayed in front of me.

We stand in silence for several floors, the numbers dropping from forty to ten.

"Before we exit, I would like to inform you, that the task at hand is in fact vital for King N," Red states.

"How?" I ask, the statement piquing my curiosity.

"It's needed for something of great importance Miss Touko," He says, completely ignoring my question. I don't want to make him explain more than he needs to. I'm not I the mood for a ten minute lecture on the word important.

"Okay, thank you," I say, looking at him. He's facing straight forward, his hands held firmly at his sides.

"My pleasure," He replies, his face expressionless.

As I anticipate the ding of the final floor, the I feel Red move next to me.

"What are you doing?" I ask, as I watch him shuffle through the bag on his back.

"I'm searching for Pidgeotto," He says, pulling out a pokeball. He tosses it in his hand once, and then closes the bag. He returns to his original stance just as the doors slide open.

"Well, looks like we gotta go now," I say, stepping out. He nods quickly, and follows me. The doors shut behind him, and he begins to walk.

As we approach the glass doors at the entrance, I begin to fumble through my bag. I need to find Swanna before we leave.

"You will be riding with me Miss Touko," Red explains, looking down at me. I give him a frown, the temptation to stick my tongue out is enormous.

"Why?" I ask, stopping before we reach the doors.

"Because we will be flying between regions, and N doesn't wasn't you to get lost," Red explains, rolling his eyes. He pulls a strand of hair away from his face.

"Fine then," I agree, crossing my arms.

There wasn't much of anything outside of the castle. Just a small area of grass to surround the castle and an old beaten up stone pathway, leading off the edge of the island. The air is chilly, my breath is visible against the white lights brightening the inside, and outside, of N's castle.

"I'm afraid to inform you, that this is going to be an overnight flight. So make sure you have a jacket because it gets quite cold," Red explains, leading me to the end of the path.

"If you say so," I reply, pulling my jacket out of my bag. When I successfully put on my jacket, Red turns toward the sea. He tosses the pokeball lightly, as if it was nothing, and Pidgeotto appears.

"Pidgeotto, we need to go to Cianwood City," He whispers to the Pokemon, softly petting its head,"Don't drop Miss Touko okay, N needs her to return safely with the medicine."

I glare over at him, but he doesn't notice. He ruffled the feathers on Pidgeoto's head, and then climbs on.

"Come on Miss Touko, we have to leave now if N wants the medicine by Thursday," He says, waving me over.

"Thursday?!" I ask as I approach the Pokemon. It doesn't seem reluctant to let me on. I jump onto its back, just behind Red.

"Indeed, Thursday, and Miss Touko, if you ever feel that you are going to fall, feel free to use me as balance," He says. I frown, giving him an unpleasant face to look at, and he turns forward.

"Are you ready to leave?" Red asks, keeping his face forward.

"I guess," I say, rolling my eyes. He nods silently, in reply, but only after he finished petting Pidgeotto's head.

"Let's go Pidgeotto!" He says, patting the bird Pokemon's side. It stays silent, but does as told. It flaps it's wings in place for a moment, and then takes off, flying at a slow but steady pace.


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