Chapter 14


This isn't the actual author's note, it's a response to one of the anonymous reviews I received-

*ahem* yeah, I mean, I know the characters are OoC, and meh, I could probably do better, but *shrug* I'm working on it, this story is about halfway done (maybe a little more?) and I mean, the only major human contact Red has had has been between him and Touko, which, at first he appeared to be, FORMAL, I guess, and then slowly warmed up to her? I don't know, sometimes I have that little nagging feeling that's like "stop Twilit- he's not acting how he should!" But *shrug* I'll try and do a bit better than before- now, I apologize if I seem rude, it's just a natural habit/compulsory sort of thing where I feel the need to explain myself, it gets in the way of my thoughts, ALOT. But anyways, I've actually been planning to really get the characters like, shown true in the following few chapters (to the end possibly?) so, if you are reading this, thank you, and I greatly apologize for not having Red (or anyone else for that matter) in character.


I curl up on the sofa, craning my neck to watch Red tidy up the house. He rushes from place to place, snatching up loose dish-ware needing to be cleaned.

"Red, why are you cleaning?" I ask, my eyes shifting to the blank television as Red leaves my sight.

"No reason," he replies, cutting his words short and emotionless.

"Are you okay?" I ask, slightly unnerved by his sudden lack of emotion.

"Absolutely," he confirms while distracted with whatever he's cleaning behind me. I sit in silence as I listen to him shuffle about, gathering dirty dishes and other trash.

"What time is it?" I ask, sitting up. I allow myself to lay against the back of the sofa.

"Almost nine-thirty in the evening, Miss Touko. You should get to bed soon, we're leaving early tomorrow," he explains, the sound of clattering plates coming from his direction.

"Where will I sleep? There's only one bedroom," I reply, slightly confused by his lack of an adequate description earlier. He made me think there were two bedrooms.

"Sleep where you wish, but I'll tell you now, I get the bed," he states, snatching a broom from the wall diagonal from me.

"Oh, okay then," I reply, watching him go about his cleaning. Dust quickly begins to be picked up by his rough strokes to the floor with the broom. He glances up at me occasionally, quickly returning his eyes to the wood beneath him.

"I think I'll sleep on the sofa," I announce, my eyes drifting away from him and towards the window above the sink. All that is visible are the dull, moon-lit waves and the clouds above.

"If you wish," Red replies, returning the broom to the wall. "Well, I'm off to bed. Goodnight, Miss Touko."

"Goodnight!" I shout after him, keeping my eyes focused on his back until he leaves my sight. His footsteps fade into the muffled clock-ticks, leaving me to my thoughts.

Why has he lost interest so suddenly? What's caused him to gain such a lack of emotion? It's almost painful for me to watch him distance himself from me. It's like he doesn't want to see me. Like he doesn't want to know me. It hurts.

My eyes shift to the clock, and I realize it's already eleven-twenty at night. I stand from my spot on the sofa, and stretch my arms. My hand moves to the back of my head, scratching it as I yawn.

I blink at the lamp hardly illuminating the room, only a faint glow emitted from it. My feet glide over the floor, attempting to hide my footsteps from Red, who may or may not be awake.

With door key in sight, I quicken my pace. I snatch up the key, and turn it in my hands, allowing the cold metal to cool my palms.

I drift to the door, hesitating before inserting the key. After it makes itself comfortable in the lock, I turn it, allowing the door to swing free.

The chilly nighttime air greets me as I step outside. The moon shines over the sand, creating different shades of mingling colorless splotches. I push the door closed, and begin forwards, planning out my path. Maybe I'll go to the beach farther down the island, then maybe to the medicine place, just to see if they're open, and back to Red's house. It shouldn't be too long.

My feet carry me to the beach, and a small excitement grows inside me. It's wonderful to be able to experience the beauty of this island.

As the buildings move out of the way, the ocean comes in to view, my pace quickens. I don't plan to go in the water, but I plan to sit by it, and think. The usual faint roar of the waves grows as I approach it, increasing at the same pace that the smile is on my mouth.

The stars sparkle against the water, creating endless amounts of reflected lights. The moon, although obscured behind a cloud, occasionally peeks out to add to the white light on the ocean.

I slide my feet through the sand as I approach, allowing the soft substance to soothe what was in pain from today's adventure. I contemplate sitting, but if I do, I'll fall asleep, which won't be good. I kick the sand around a bit, keeping myself busy as my mind flies through various scenarios about Red.

Maybe he doesn't like me? But he kissed me just a few hours ago. Does he regret it? Maybe he thought I was a bad kisser! That must be it. Dang, I ruined it all with that one kiss. Or he possibly is just sick and wants time alone. But that would mean I'm sick. Oh god now I'll get N sick when we return tomorrow, and then he'll get the castle sick, and then all of Unova sick. Oh god what have I done?

A small sigh escapes my mouth, dismissing the ridiculous thought from my mind. I continue on my way, scanning the darkened buildings for the windowless medicine shop. It's actually not too far.

I approach the door of the building, and knock, quickly following it up by attempting to pull the door open. No response. I shrug, and wrap my arms around myself. It's gotten quite cold since I left Red's house.

I return back to the small, wood crafted house, open the door, and enter. I quickly, yet silently, shut it, and lock it back, quietly shuffling to the table where I got the key from, and returning it.

My eyes shift to the sofa, and I make my way to it, ready to sleep and forget the cold. I sit, and fall to my side, still holding my arms around me. Red keeps his house freezing.

After laying in a fetal position, shivering, for several minutes, I stand, and make the decision to ask Red for a blanket.

I walk to his room, not afraid to make noise, and knock on the door. I don't receive a response, so I knock again.

"Yes?" He asks from behind the door.

"Can I come in?" I ask, hopping from one foot to the other.

"Hmm? Sure," he agrees. I grab the doorknob, and twist it.

"Red, the door's locked," I half-shout.

"Oh, sorry," he apologizes. Stumbling footsteps sound from inside the room, which are quickly followed by the noise of the door unlocking. After a moment's hesitation, the door swings open, revealing a tired looking Red.

He walks back to his bed, falling face first on top of it.

"Red," I start, approaching him," can I have a blanket?"

"Don't have any extra," he states, his face still against the sheets.

"Oh, well," I turn to the door,"


"We could share my bed. I mean, I'd get one side and you get the other..." He suggests, rolling to his back. His voice is slurred with exhaustion.

"Well I mean," I begin, actually considering his offer," if you really wouldn't mind."

He hesitates before restating his agreement in tired laughter," haha yeah Touko... It's no problem."

"Thanks," I reply with a nod.

"So you get the left side, and I get the right," he decides, scooting to the very edge of the bed.

"Sounds acceptable," I say, standing before it.


"How 'bout I sleep beneath the first layer of covers, and you sleep all the way beneath them," I suggest, pulling away the comforter on top.

"That's fine," he agrees, climbing beneath them all. I nod and make my way under the top blanket, positioning myself at the edge of the mattress. I pull the comforter to my chin, and smile slightly.

"Goodnight," I say, staring at the ceiling. I receive no reply other than the soft sound of his snores.


"So do you have any plans for where we're staying?" Hallie asks, throwing me questioning looks as we stroll down Nimbasa City's sidewalks in the dead of night.

"Well, I was planning just to stay at a hotel," I reply, watching a large, brightly lit restaurant window pass by.

"A hotel?" She asks, disappointment and anger flaring in her voice.

"I told you not to be angry at me," I state, keeping my eyes locked on another restaurant as it passes. "There's nowhere else to stay anyways," I finish. My eyes shift to her anger covered face, and I feel the temptation to laugh.

"How about we just stay with David?" She suggests, grabbing my arm to force me to turn towards a residential road.

"I don't think he likes me," I state, stumbling occasionally.

"Well too bad, we're staying there," she argues, pulling me quicker. For such a petite woman, her strength is surprisingly a lot.

"Um, no," I reply, yanking my arm out of her grip. I stop on the sidewalk.

"Um, YES," she echoes back to me.

"No Hallie, stop being so stubborn. I'm your king, and you'll do as I say," I command, glaring down at her. An expression of sorrow falls over her, and her posture slumps. "I'm sorry, but we can't stay there."

She shakes her head, and wipes at her cheeks," It's okay," she sobs," I just wanted t- to mend my relationship w- with him." I peer down at the girl, ready to laugh.

"Sob stories don't work on me, Hallie," I inform her, smiling. Her expression drops the sorrow and gains a neutral one. Her mouth moves as if she's muttering profanities. "Time to go!" I announce, turning and retracing the path we took.

"But really, N," she calls from where we were before. I spin on my heel, and return to her. "I really want to see David."

"Well, maybe if we can't find a hotel, we can stay with him," I agree, knowing that nothing of the sorts with never happen. I turn around, yet again, to the street, checking over my shoulder to make sure she's following.

We emerge back into the hustle and bustle of nighttime Nimbasa, quickly joining the river of people that have flooded the sidewalk. Before I step in, Hallie grabs my wrist.

"I don't want to get lost," she explains, her childlike voice emphasized by this statement.

"Okay," I agree, turning back to the mass of people.

I plunge in, Hallie trailing behind me, and begin following the flow to wherever it takes us.

My eyes get caught on ever bright building, hoping that I'll spot a hotel. Nothing seems to be appearing except for stores and the occasional apartment complex. Maybe we will end up staying with David.

"Do you see anything like a hotel, Hallie?" I ask, glancing back at her. She shakes her head, her hair falling over her shoulders. I don't reply, keeping myself focused on finding a place to stay.

"We could stay at that really fancy hotel up ahead," she suggests, pointing forwards. "But it's probably too expensive," she quickly adds on.

"I guess we could stay there," I agree, changing my course in that direction. I ignore what she added on at the end about cost. We rush through the people, occasionally colliding with the ones unprepared, and then quickly cross the street.

The hotel looks beautiful from outside, even at night. Bright yellow lights light the beige marble, and a fountain, lit with white lights, is centered in front of the building. I'm the king, staying here shouldn't be a problem.


So yeah, I cut the chapter short just cause I felt like it- umm... I have to let you guys know some thing- They're in Nimbasa, I will frequently (mistakenly) write Castelia City in it's place, unless I specify otherwise... *ahem* I would also like some constructive criticism please, either on the entire story or a chapter in specific, because I'm really looking to improve my writing. So, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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