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3 March 1996

Dash was nice to me today. He didn't call me names and he didn't annoy me when I was drawing. He was happy today so he was nice to me. Tucker told me it's because today is his birthday. I should get him presents I think. Maybe he'll stop being mean and start being my friends instead.

I know that he's actually really nice. He's nice to people that he likes. Like Jazz. He likes Jazz and he's nice to her whenever she visits me in my class.

He's really awesome at playing soccer. Maybe he could teach me. I want to be Dash's friend.


Screeches of the ghost mage could be heard as well as the rattling of her bangles. The jingling of metals loud against the massive silence of his lab as Vlad descended slowly down the steps, one hand fingering the bricked wall of the long narrow lane.


The man emerged from the shadows. Desiree was shaking the metal bars keeping her captive with undulated rage, her red eyes flaring and lips twisted up into a hideous snarl. She bared her fangs at Vlad when she saw him stepping up in front of her.

"YOU," She hissed, whipping her head to the man. The beads on her skirt swinging with her hair.

"Desiree." He regarded calmly, nodding his head to the still fuming genie.

"I know you!" She spat angrily, "Plasmius— the other halfa."

Vlad wanted to wince. The only halfa now.

"What is the purpose of me being held up here against my wish, pray tell, Plasmius?" She crossed her arms.

"You should have known, genie."

Desiree scoffed and swung her hand around, one settled firmly on the side of her hip. She presented a mock bow to Vlad. "How shall I grant your wish, Masters?"

He didn't comment on the pun.

"Hm?" Desiree straightened herself up from her bow, regarding Vlad again with her red eyes. Eyes so red it reminded Vlad of his own. Does he look that menacing with his red eyes too, he wondered. Just like the genie in front of him. Desiree was exactly how he expected a female genie to look like. Harem outfit, long hair, bangles, beads. She snapped her fingers.

"Be quick and tell me your wish so I can be let out of these bars AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!" She shrieked the last part, the white of her ghostly aura flaring angrily. The man sighed. He strode closer to the human sized— no, he corrected, the ghost sized cage— leveling his face to the genie. She saw the look of complete authority in his eyes and unconsciously took a step back, giving a slight berth between them.

"The only halfa," he corrected.

The widening of eyes— a small intake of breath, "Meaning?" she hissed out, eyebrows furrowed.

"I thought you've heard of the news." Vlad inspected his nails, flexing nimble fingers and splaying them into view. The ghost mage racked her head for any missing information. "I don't recall having heard of anything about the pest," She scoffed out.

His eyes hardened. "He died," Vlad hissed out.

Desiree looked surprised for a moment; then she began to laugh. "So he was killed by the king? I thought he made it out alive!" She choked out heartily, one hand flying up to support her stomach. "That pest deserved it; he's been bugging the whole zone, dampening our fun."

Vlad raised a hand to strike the bars hard with his knuckles, shocking out the genie in it that she immediately ceased her laughing. "You wench. If you remember correctly, he died saving you all from the king!"

Desiree gave a gasp of indignant.

"Don't you dare call me that!" She hissed, incensed.

Vlad didn't know he'd struck a nerve in her. When Desiree was still alive, she was the harem of the sultan.

Ominous silence soon followed after her words. Vlad heaved a sigh and started rubbing his temple while Desiree just stood there rigidly, eyes burning holes into the man.

"I need your help, genie." Vlad leveled his eyes at the ghost, "if you want to be out soon, you will have to grant my wish without twisting it."

Desiree rolled her eyes and leaned back on the bars of her cage, folding her arms over her stomach in languid manner. She snapped her fingers and green sparks came out from the delicate tips of her nails. "How shall I grant your wish?" She smirked and glanced over to Vlad, emphasizing the word 'grant' just enough to indicate that she may or may not cater to his demand. He gave a subtle glare but the heat of his gaze was barely concealed.

"What could a Vlad Plasmius possibly want, I wonder?" She put her fingers on her lips and tapped it, "power? Wealth? You are already wealthy so it couldn't possibly be that. Must be power." She nodded to herself and gave a condescending look at Vlad. How dare her. Vlad clenched his hands and cracked his neck to the side. He crossed his arms in his usual arrogant manner.

"I want to completely be sure that you won't mess up whatever it is I wished of you to grant. If you twist it, I can guarantee that you certainly will never have a peaceful afterlife."

"I do not bow to anybody, much less to a man!" Desiree raged and formed her ghostly tail into a pair of legs. She stomped her foot down and green flames erupted around her. Her eyes glowed even redder than before.

"Can you bring the dead back to life?" He asked nonetheless.

Desiree gawked at him.

"You must be kidding me."

"I was not kidding anybody."

Desiree gave a small peal of laughter, red eyes glowing with dark mirth whilst she looked at the man standing before her. "Bring the dead back to life? If I could, I would have done so to myself first, not that I can grant my own wishes." She waved a hand and laughed again, the sound grating on Vlad's nerve.

"But you could try. You haven't tried so before, have you?"

"No, and I'm not keen on trying either. The Time Master would be furious if I were to mess with the stream."

"You lied." Vlad gazed evenly at Desiree, "I couldn't be the only one who wished for this and you were once new in your power that you must have granted this kind of wish before."

Desiree narrowed her eyes.

"Do not mess with the dead, so they say," Vlad continued. "But I'm sure I can fend off anything that will come after me. Even The Time Master himself."

"Even if it were the boy himself? He wouldn't be too happy to be alive again," Desiree sang mockingly. "It is a painful experience to be dead then be forced entering your rotting body. Not that I can do that."

"The body doesn't rot."

"It doesn't?" She quirked an eyebrow up.

"What can you do?"

Desiree grinned an awful stretch of lips. Purple lips curling into something… mischievous. Her eyes spoke of ill-intent, but Vlad was fairly sure himself that he could fend off any ill Desiree might 'bestow' upon him.

"Do you wish for anything to happen?"

Vlad considered, weighed his options, and looked back at the smirking genie.

Dash Baxter couldn't sleep.

He'd lie there on his bed while holding his ocean blue flip phone in between giddy fingers, wondering and wondering and trying so hard to close his eyes and waiting for sleep to come. But it never came. It never would. The night air outside chilled him; he'd let the windows open and he just couldn't bring it in himself to close it. He couldn't. Not when there is hope.

Hope that seemed to diminish each of every passing days.

And now he was laying on his bed again, blue flip phone in hand again, and the sheets tangled underneath his restless legs again. He couldn't sleep. The clock shows one AM and he was still so… so…

He didn't know what is it that he's been waiting.

He'd get flashes of white from the peripheral of his eyes and he'd scramble out of bed to look out the open window, gripping the edges with enough force to dent the wood but then it would turn out to be some pigeons passing or stray paper pamphlets flying through the dark sky. Not snow white hair. Or the glowing green eyes.

This night was no different. He waited though. He waited. He hoped.

The funeral was awkward.

He could only stay silent while Manson cried because of what he said. Foley didn't even flinch in his presence. He usually backed away, all afraid, intimidated. But then again, he supposed it was only natural. Foley had not friends he could back away with from Dash. His friend was laying there in his coffin. A coffin that seemed too big for such small body.

And how could such small body shield a man twice bigger than it?

Was he wrong? He had never admitted to anyone that he was at fault, nor would he ever. But this time. This time with that body laying cold, smelling of jasmine and still, still being degraded even in only remembered memories. The others were laughing behind, joking about the boy in the coffin while eating the free food provided for them from the dead's family. Disgusting. They were all disgusting.

And he was one of them. Those people laughing at the back were his friends. He should be laughing with them. He didn't. He didn't laugh.

That night after the funeral, he laid on his bed, staring up the ceiling.

The window was open too.

He didn't actually know what he was waiting for all these times, to be honest.

Vlad woke up when he heard someone banging at his door. He roved his eyes along the room, blearily trying to figure out the time without looking at his clock. The half drawn burgundy red curtain revealed the window. It was still dark, who on earth would dare wake him at this hour? What time was it again?

Bang. Bang. BANG.

He hissed in frustration. There goes a good night's sleep. It wouldn't be likely that he could fall asleep again after he dealt with whoever banging at his door. Vlad got off the bed and sullenly took a glance at the digital clock. Three in the morning?!

Oh that's it, that person would know how his underground cell feels like.

"Imbecile," he grabbed his silk nightgown, tying the sash haphazardly.


The knock became louder and Vlad cupped his ears, feeling mildly annoyed, but mostly sleepy. He just got into bed at 11, for heaven's sakes.

"Whoever that is, may it be the mayor or even the president, I'll strangle him to death," he muttered under his breath. Vlad slicked back his hair, putting the strands behind one ear.

He took his time walking down the stairs, taking each step with much consideration.


"Oh, that's it!"

He phased into Plasmius, bared his fangs and brightening his red, red eyes. Vlad flew to the door. He didn't care anymore, he'd scare that person off for good. He grabbed the gold, luxurious handle and pull it open with a loud click, eyes glowing red and fangs bared even more.

The person that stood behind the opened door didn't even blink his eyes. The unkempt strands of his black hair swayed by the wind, large blue eyes staring passively at the hissing vampiric ghost. Vlad felt his heart stopped thudding.

"It couldn't… be…"

White, pasty skin gave off an ethereal glow under the bright moon. His eyes were still the same, his face with the child-like quality, body even still clad in the suit he wore at the funeral.


5 March 1996

No, I don't want to be Dash's friend. He would never change, because he's just mean and he likes making other people feel miserable.

And I shouldn't give him presents ever too. He made fun of me all the time, and he never cared for my birthday either so why should I care. I wish he'd choke on his breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6 June 1996

I've been sick for three days now. I missed Miss Paula's test and I can't eat ice cream together with Jazz because I'm still sick. Tucker called and told me that Dash spread a rumor at school that I have a loser pox. He told everyone that they shouldn't touch or even be near him. Why is Dash such a prick?

5 May 2004

Dad is so excited about meeting his old college friend. I still can't believe the billionaire Vlad Masters was Dad's best friend way back then. I wonder if he'd be nice to me. He's such a busy man.

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