NOTES: I was inspired of a story where Misu and Shingyouji got married so I made a full version for them, I actually don't have lots of idea about wedding but I always wish to get married in the future, just kidding. I am not really into this typical traditional wedding exchange so I made them just speak on their own and I am sorry about the wedding details I really am clueless but I hope you like this EPILOGUE after everything that happened to them.

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Shingyouji and Misu finally decide to get married after the young man had finished college, everything was entirely planned by the older man's mother that would sometimes make him irritated especially there are thing that he won't agree with, but since he loves his mother so much he just let her get her way.

Shingyouji's parents choose not to attend their own son's wedding thinking that he made the biggest mistake of his life, though the young man did not expect them to be there as well he no longer care, the thing that made him sad is since his grandmother is too weak to got to travel she won't be able to witness the young man's special day but she had got her blessing and that's what matters.

At the day of ceremony Shingyouji sitting in a chair keeps looking in the mirror taking a deep breath, nervousness can be seen all over his, suddenly his friends enter his room and was amazed at their kouhai's appearance, he was dressed in long white wedding suit with a bow tie and a silver lining in its collar.

"My God Shingyouji-kun you look beautiful now, like a princess that comes out of a fairytale." Says Hayama.

"Arata-san's mother help me picked this gown." The young man shyly told him.

"Hey Shingyouji-kun what's with that face?" It was Takabayashi who asked him.

"I am really nervous now, what if I mess up with my words or I might not put the ring right?"

"Mou Shingyouji I think you're just having wedding jitters." Toshihisa told him.

As they are continuing on chatting with each other and comforting Shingyouji Misu's mother enter the room.



"What's with that face?"

"I-I'm nervous that's it. I feel like throwing up now and I might forget what I would say, what if I mess it up."

"Oh dear, well I think I have better idea for that." The elder woman smiled. "But for now I want you to have this." She took out a box that has a necklace in it filled with sapphire stones and a large one in the middle.


"I wear it once when I got married to Arata's father, and I want to give it to you as a wedding gift."

"I uhm."

"I want you to have it Shingyouji-kun you not only love my son as he is, you changed him so much and I am very happy that my son will end up with someone he loves, with you I just don't gain another son but a friend and a confidante who had tolerate my crazy antics, go with me shopping, and I don't want you to say No for an answer."

"Yes I will gladly accept your gift Mother."

Shingyouji cried and hug his mother-in-law and thanked him, she wiped the young man's tears and assures him that everything will be ok.

On the other room, Misu is just sitting in his chair along with Gii, Akaike and Yoshizawa. He is wearing the same suit as Shingyouji's the only difference is it has no details on it but all in pure white with a corsage pinned on it.

"Nervous?" Gii asked him.

"No I'm not." Misu answered

"Do you think Shingyouji would run away from his wedding?" Gii asked him.

"You're here to encourage me not letting me down on my wedding day." Says Misu

"I am just kidding." Says Gii

"I never thought my mother would invite so many people and I told her I just want a simple wedding."

"She loves you that much that's why and she is very fond as well of your lover so he wants the best for the both of you." Says Akaike.

"So Akaike, Saki and Hayama had already tied the knot, Takabayashi and Yoshizawa here already have plans next year looks like you'll just be the one left." Misu asked him.

"I'm just taking my time besides who says I'm not dating anyone?" Akaike said to them.

"Well we haven't remember you introduce anyone to us." Gii answered him.

"Hey Gii this is Misu's wedding why now ask about my love life that sudden?"

"Because you never have one." The three of them answered in chorus.

"Geesh." That's all Akaike could reply to them.

As they make fun of him, Misu's father entered their room and to get ready and the ceremony is about to start.

In a grand hotel, Shingyouji entered with Misu's mother in his side still nervous and can't walk properly but she helped him to have his composure back, Misu is standing beside his father smiling upon seeing his young lover that will be a part of his life forever. As Shingyouji arrived beside Misu the Minister presiding the wedding makes his speech.

"Ladies and gentleman we are here to witness the union of these two lovebirds per request by the wedding planner who will remain unnamed." The priest telling the guests, Misu looks at his mother smiling knows what she is planning now. "We'll have them tell you why they invited you in this ceremony in their own words."

Shingyouji and Misu look at each other, the young man faced his guests and don't know what to say, he looks at Misu's mother and the elder woman nods and smiled to him.

"I—I am not that good speaking in front of many people, I feel like I am going to be sick now. Uhm I still feel like this is all a dream, I hope no throws a bucket of blood on me." Shingyouji said which makes the guests laugh and his friends clueless especially Misu.

"Years ago back in high school I was this guy who don't know what to do in life, I decide to enter Shidou with just one goal to escape my parents, but then I saw Arata-san though I thought he is going to report me for cheating but I did not cheat that day I just don't have enough sleep when I arrived there. Then it was like love at first sight when I saw him, imagine seeing him almost three times I think its destiny I guess. So when I have entered Shidou I look for him and I finally got his name Arata-san." The young man suddenly look at his lover. "I was the happiest person when I had met you, I am this annoying guy who had no direction, I don't know as well why I continue to follow and love you even though you rejected me many times, then we dated, we broke up and then we got back together again and now we're here." Shingyouji suddenly starts to cry. "I'm sorry I am still this crybaby you had known years ago, but this tears are flowing now because I am happy in Shidou I got you, I got to have big brothers." The young man looking at his senpais." I got a mother and a father and I want to thank you and I love you." Shingyouji finally finishing his speech to everyone.

Misu looks at his mother ruining the usual tradition of wedding vow exchange don't know what to say in front of everyone since he is not the type of person that would express his self in public.

"You're annoying."

"Eh?" Shingyouji gave him a wide-eyed reaction and some guest are shocked on Misu's comments, his parents we're laughing when their son said it.

"You're annoying, silly and very childish when I met you; I was even bothered when you keep on following me around. I hate it when you keep bothering my things taking my book without my permission. But when you're not around it disturbed me, I told you before not to get close to Hayama but you still did not obey me." Hayama looks at him confusedly upon his statement.

"Why am I involved now?" Hayama asking himself

"But then, when I get used to all of it then make me realize how much you mean to me and I want to thank Saki for that." He looks at his rival acknowledging it. "When you have left me I felt like there is something missing and it was you, because I know you. I know you have these insecurities but believe it or not we're just having that same feeling it was because of you. I know we can get through all the things that will come in the future and I don't know where my mother gets this idea so I no longer need to say things I think you already know." Misu finally finishing his speech as well leaving the guest smiling.

The couple exchanged rings, their friends are watching them lovingly Misu's parents especially his mother is crying and now being comforted by her husband, Shingyouji and Misu kissed each other romantically which made the guest clapped their hand and welcome the newlyweds.

At the reception, Misu became more embarrassed when there was presentation of his childhood pictures along with Shingyouji's. Gii make fun of him, which Hayama tried to stop him. Suddenly an unexpected guest arrived.

"Tanaka-san." Shingyouji gasped.

"I'm sorry I'm late." Leo told them.

"We though you won't come." Misu said to him.

"At least want to congratulate you properly; glad I made it on the reception." Leo told him.

"I'm glad you're here." Says Shingyouji.

"You look beautiful today, Misu may I hug your partner?"

"Sure I'll give you 5 seconds to hold him."

"Still the same guy aren't you."

Misu just smiled at him, after he had hugged the young man he and his partner shaked hands. Afterwards Leo sits beside Gii and their friends."

After the celebration Misu and Shingyouji takes pictures with their friends, the older man's mother excitedly take out her camera and ask them to take their places.

"Nee Arata-san Sukidesu."

"I know." Misu answered him looking at him and kissing him in his cheeks.

Their mother called their attention to face the camera and tell them to wear a smile. Shingyouji looks at the image and looks at his wedding ring having his dreams come true like the princess finally being with his prince forever.


"it's not the broken dreams that break us, it's the one that we didn't dare to dream..." this has been my dream to write but I was afraid and insecure, i know i still have a room for improvement and once i return I will give more beautiful stories and improve my flaws.