Brian Moser. What is it I'm supposed to feel for him? I've asked myself that since the day the Ice Truck Killer's death was ruled as a suicide. They'll never know it was a murder. They'll never know he had a brother.

Brian Moser, the first child to my mother, Laura Moser, had spent his childhood in a Tampa Bay mental institute while I, Deeply Disguised Dexter, was learning how to blend in with the rest of normal society. I was at least given a chance. Harry Morgan, my adopted father, knew that I couldn't be repaired, but he saw that parts of me could be, if not replaced, hidden. Father/son activities usually involve fishing, or tinkering under the hood of a car, but I was Harry's own pet project. He channelled my urges into animals for as long as he could, while Brian taught himself how to hold a mask up to his face. But he didn't have a Code.

Harry taught me that not having a Code would mean that I'd be caught and, for the most part, he was right. I don't think he ever thought that Deborah would uncover my dark secret, but she hasn't turned me in yet. It makes me glad that I don't have to ask myself the question of 'would I kill her to keep my cover?'

Biney didn't have a Code and no one had ever gotten close enough to stop him. Except for me. But it wasn't due to his lack of code – or my having one – that brought him to his end. It was in feeling what I couldn't. What I can't.

"You can be yourself with me, Little Brother."

I had told him that I was 'setting him free' to protect Deborah, my 'fake sister'. But I knew that I was protecting the Code; protecting Harry. Brian's continued existence would have been pissing on Harry's grave. Proverbially.

Brian was proof that you didn't need a learned set of ways to blend in; people see what they want to see. How many other serial killers were there that would never lay on my table? How many unused slides were there compared to my small box full of them? Brian was proof that the only thing Harry taught me was to kill other killers instead of whoever I chose. Harry was God with the Code as his commandments, and Brian was… free-will. The snake in Eden.

I had to set him free.