Hey guys so I was watching fanvideos and got the inspiration for this threeshot. So, here we go. (I'll let you know the fanvids I used at the end of the story

Fabian is a teacher at his old boarding school when suddenly he starts to have dreams about his boarding school sweetheart, the lovely American, Nina Martin.

Nina is an actress in the UK for the first time since boarding school. The British backdrop prompted nostalgia filled dreams of her long lost love, the geek chic, Fabian Rutter.

To comfort the dull fire roaring in her stomach at rekindled memories, Nina drives 120 miles to the place where it all started for the last time.

But what will happen when they come face to face with the one that got away?

-basis inspired by "the one that got away" and "just a dream"

-flashbacks inspired by "pretending" and "parachute"

Fabian's POV:

The bell shirked in my ear and suddenly my class slammed their books closed and flooded the room like the building was on fire. It was a bit unsettling to think I was like this merely nine years ago, rushing off with the Anubis clan to deal with whatever the latest mystery was. Mr. Sweet must've been rather frustrated by our disinterest in his biology as I can't help but feel a bit disheartened by their empathy to my mythology. Though I suppose I have a rather emotional connection to the subject I teach.

Either way, I sighed, shuffling the papers on my desk into my messenger bag and tousling my hair with my finger mindlessly before turning my eyes across the now empty classroom. This had once been our French classroom and I could remember the exact seats where Nina and I'd sat so many years ago. Shaking my head, I turned from the room, heading down the vacant hallway toward the building designated as "staff quarters."

I pushed the heavy doors open, shoving past Mrs. Anderson, my old English teacher who I refused to call's first name because it was just too weird, that was walking down the hallway from her room, probably toward the kitchen. I really didn't feel like listening to her prate on about one thing or another at this moment. Not when she had a tendency to bring up my friends.

"Oh, Fabian, dear boy, come here!" She'd say, beckoning me toward her and I'd reluctantly join her only to be assaulted with questions. What you have to understand is that when Mrs. Anderson was my teacher, she was about sixty years old. Don't get me wrong, the lady's a brilliant English teacher, but now she's also a little senile. "Have you heard from that lovely Mara? She went to Oxford, didn't she? She was brilliant that one, I never understood her dating that troublemaker Jerome though." She'd shake her head, mention Amber or one of the others then she'd strike the chord she'd hit so many times in the three weeks I'd been working at the school. "Oh, and Fabian, what about Nina? She was a nice girl, wasn't she? Very pretty." She'd prate on for an hour about Nina and then I'd go back to my room and stare at the white walls, forcing my mind on the papers I needed to grade.

My plans were no different today, I sat at my desk, pulling the thick pile of essays from my messenger bag before reaching across the desk to grab my red pen. I hated grading their essays because, to be frank, none of them were exactly Mara's when it came to writing. Twenty five poorly written, ten average, and two exceptional essays later, I looked at the clock, groaning at my clock that read only 6:43.

Sighing, I opened my laptop and typed in the grades for the essays, watching as Ron Mathew's grade which was virtually always precariously balanced on the pass or fail line actually rose to a D plus as he'd written one of the ten "average" essays to my surprise. Then I shook my head as Anna, an otherwise brilliant girl, dropped from a high A to a high B which I knew would crush her, so I made it mental point to help her with her writing before she left my class at the end of the semester.

Once all my grades were recorded, I turned to look at the clock once again and it was 7:12. I clicked out of my grade book, scrolling through my Facebook page, shaking my head at the lack of thought provoking posts.

That was until I spotted the post from Jerome Clark, the very one Mrs. Anderson'd commented about, saying "Looks like I'm going to be a dad- wow, I feel old ;)" with Mara Clarke tagged. Yes, Mara and Jerome got married three years after we left school. I was in the wedding.

As I scrolled down, I saw Amber beaming from behind a white veil, holding her hand up to the camera, showing off a gleaming engagement ring, Mick beside her in his uniform, arms wrapped around her waist happily.

Even Alfie, the goofball of the house, seemed to be doing well, he'd been going steady with a girl he worked with for three months, with was a record for him.

I closed the laptop, sighing and flinging myself against the bed, uncaring that it was barely eight. I couldn't keep scrolling, looking at the wonderful things my old friends were doing. Instead, I pressed my face to my pillow, trying to forget that I'm the only one alone. Trying to ignore the fact that I was still here, at this school.

Though as my face pressed against the blue pillow case, I felt myself drifting off to sleep which wasn't much better than my waking mind because that's where she waited. In my dreams, Nina waited for me.

Long brown hair cascaded in gentle curls down her back and suddenly I was right there again, the house was bustling with life and mystery and promise, but it was just us for once. She was sitting on my bed, legs tucked under her body as I tapped my pencil against the wood of my desk, searching for an answer that was lost in the air between us.

"Fabian." She mumbled, looking over at me with an uncharacteristic smirk on her pink lip. "Put down the pencil." She whispered before motioning for me to join her with her finger. The corners of my lips turned down in confusion for a moment before she looked up at me once again, eyebrow quirked in a playful, almost mischievous manner. "Put down the pencil." She repeated, laughing quietly at her own attempt at seduction.

I stood and walked across the room, listening to the quiet pitter patter of the rain against the window and roof overhead. There was soft music playing in the background, nearly drowned out by the sound of the falling rain, but it made everything perfect as I sunk down beside her, sliding my fingers into her curly locks and cupping her face with my other hand.

She smiled at me, leaning forward to brush her lips against mine before laughing quietly, without moving more than was necessary to speak. "Took you long enough." She whispered, American accent striking me as it always did. I loved her voice so different from those I'd experienced all my life. Though Nina herself was a different breed entirely so it wasn't much of a surprise. She didn't give me very long to ponder over anything though because her lips quickly crashed against mine again.

I'm not sure how long I drifted in that moment with nothing but the feeling of her gentle fingers or probing lips against mine, but after some undeterminable amount of time the scene drifted off to harsh blackness and I knew the rain was coming.

She was standing in jeans and a tee shirt, hands fisted under her arms, eyes glistening and hair slick with the rain she was currently standing in. Heart broken because of the inevitable.

"It's over Fabian." Her voice was a rough whisper against the gentle lull of the rain and she reached down to pull up the handle on her suit case.

"It doesn't have to be." I'd whispered, utterly flustered as the rain fell harder around her. "Nina, come inside." I told her, frowning as the rain came steadily harder around her. I nibbled on my lip, worrying that she'd get sick, always me, always the nerd, the worrier.

She shook her head. "I've got to go." She told me, looking over her shoulder sadly. "I just had to say goodbye." Her eyes pressed closed and I watched a single tear slip from her beautiful eyes and in that moment my heart broke a thousand times.

"Nina." Her name was a whisper into the merciless rain as she turned, shaking her head violently and began walking away, toward the road, away from me. I shook my head, darting from the doorway after her a few paces into the rain, still calling her name, but she didn't stop or even slow, just ran as the rain coated us both. "Nina!" I yelled for the last time before sinking onto the soaking pavement.

The rain was cold, that memory was predominant. Rain drops like glass shards on my bare arms but I didn't move, letting the freezing rain soak into my thin gray tee shirt until I was numb, unfeeling and couldn't remember the pain.

"Fabian!" The shriek came from Amber who was standing in the doorway, frowning deeply in her little skirt and blouse combo, blonde hair artfully pulled into a side braid, but I didn't respond, still staring at the empty road. She huffed toward me through the rain, grabbing me by the shoulders and jerking me off of the ground. "Snap out of it, Fabian! Its freezing out here!" She yelled at me, shaking her head as she pulled me back to Anubis house but I was limp, unresponsive. "Fabian, what's wrong?"

At her words I snapped from my trance, eyes turning to rest on her genuinely confused expression, eyebrows pulled together in contemplation of my forlorn expression. She repeated the question, a probing sound penetrating the silence before suddenly the rest of the house busted through the doors, frowning at the scene. There was a rush of nervous breathes and questions I couldn't hear but I focused souly on Amber's eyes. "She's gone." I whispered, thinking of Amber's best friend, the love of my life, that beautiful specimen, the Chosen One, my Chosen One. Saying it aloud caused fresh tears to spring into my eyes and I watched it register on her face, sending me over the edge. "She's gone." I repeated, shaking my head as Amber stepped forward to gently enfold me in her arms.

Outside the rain was amplified ten fold and there was a clap of thunder sound over our heads. Mummers echoed through the room and suddenly I felt awkward so I pulled away from Amber, head shaking as I hurried from the room toward mine. I was still soaking wet but I didn't care as I crashed into my bed, burying my head in the soft material of my blanket and trying to shut the world out.

I woke up to the sound of a terrible rumbling clap of thunder, amplified by the dream's clouded flash of lightning that was either in the dream or reality, I'm not sure. I threw my arm over my eyes to protect them from the almost blinding light and exhaled loudly, cursing the retched dreams that have yet to cease to take hold of me since I've been back here.

The clock on my night stand read 7:03 and I sighed loudly as I stretched my arms over my head. The sky outside my window was clouded and rain slanted toward me mockingly through the glass as I shook my head, grabbing clothes for the day an heading down to take a shower.

Today was Thursday. Thursday was Egyptian mythology day. It was always the hardest.

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