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Nina's POV:

I gripped the steering wheel, sighing as the wind danced in my hair from the open window. The world flew by my window, scenes blurring together like a Picasso, but I didn't care. The voices in my head were being drowned out by the wind and lessened in volume with every mile I drove. I was going to extinguish this fire today if it killed me.

The countryside looked familiar, it was the same one I'd traveled at the beginning of every term to go back to school and now my fingertips tingled with the school's proximity. I needed to be there. I needed to face the memories head on. It was the only way.

The sign on the side of the rode signaled my exit and my heart warmed at the sight, I turned on my turn signal and merged into the empty lane toward the school and turned down the radio as I pulled into the visitor parking lot in front of the main school. Sunlight streamed through my windshield and I sighed quietly, feeling more at home than I had since I left America.

I pushed the doors open, letting my feet fall onto the pavement, gray sundress smoothing over my legs as I swallowed hard, swinging my ponytail as I looked toward the building, a nervous surge running up my spine. I walked toward the building, fingers fisting into the fabric of my dress mindlessly, nervously, before pushing the doors open.

It was strange to realize, but the hallway smelled the same as it had so many years ago. The mixture of teenager and books hit me fast, greeting me as I was drawn inside. My fingers skimmed over the lockers before stopping at my own, running over the numbers, the combination was still burned into my brain. Inwardly, I wondered if the conversation was the same now.

"Young lady! What are you doing out of uniform?" I must really be mad because I could've sworn I heard Mr. Sweet's voice behind me, but I simply shook my head. "Young lady!" The voice repeated and I frowned, letting my eyebrows crease together, as I turned to face Mr. Sweet, the one and only. Nine years older, still wearing a gray suit and a bow tie, hair thinned more predominantly but will a stunned smile. "Miss Martin?" He inquired and nodded.

"Yes sir." I wrapped my arms around my waist, suddenly realizing how crazy this plan was. "I was in the area…" I began, biting my lip because I wasn't sure what would look less pathetic.

"Ah, feeling a bit nostalgic?" He asked me and I nodded, glad he saved me from explanation. I nodded so he patted my shoulder with an understanding smile. "Feel free to walk around."

I smiled gratefully at him, nodding and watching silently as he disappeared into his office before walking on down the hallway. There was a door open at the end of the hallway. My old French classroom. Mildly interested, I slipped down the hallway, walking toward the room with a half hearted smile.
Nostalgia was a strange thing I suppose because suddenly I wanted nothing but to be in that room. Memories be dammed. (A/N: The other day in English we were popcorn reading The Tell-Tale Heart-dear lord let that be the right name… I always mess the name of that one up- by Edgar Allen Poe and of course during that certain part that said that word it was my turn. my being mature, I said it-it was in the literature!- and then half of my class was so immature about it. GOOSH they're idiots. sorry… had to rant)

It wasn't until I was standing in the doorway that I realized that I knew the voice that was drifting into the hallway. Then my eyes saw him. He was so different and yet the same. He'd grown to be tall with broad shoulders and his face was now composed of sharp, almost chiseled features, but somehow he still looked like the geek chic sixteen year old I fell in love with.

I didn't realize I'd said his name until his eyes trained on me in that deathly silent moment as his words cut off as if his breath had been punched from his stomach. It took only a moment for the whole class to turn to look at me and for my face to turn crimson.

Only a split second later the bell rang and the class was restless in their seats, obviously wanting to see what would happen but torn because it was the lunch bell. Fabian's face contorted in irritation. "You're dismissed." His words were directed toward the class, but his eyes were only for me which made my cheeks burn harder.

I stepped inside the room and looked at the ground so I didn't have to meet his intense gaze right then, because frankly with the class watching and my heart racing I couldn't handle it. I didn't plan on this.

Suddenly his hands were on my face, angling my eyes toward his. "Nina, what are you doing here?" His voice was quiet, almost a whisper, and I realized he'd closed the door.

"I was…" I frowned, trying to compose an answer but the words were running together at his proximity and the way his very smell was consuming me. "…feeling nostalgic." I answered, trying to catch my breath.

He let out a shallow breath, thumbs gently rubbing circles against my hair and the moment felt so intimate that my whole body burned to step closer, but I didn't. I had to focus. "Nostalgic?" He asked, chuckling inwardly. "About?"

I thought for a moment, formulating a response before turning to look into his wide, perfect eyes-the only part of him that were exactly the same- and then I did it. Without a second thought I leaned forward, pressing my lips against his and ending the tension I'd felt for so long, the sadness, the need. It'd always been him.

I pulled away, leaning my forehead against his and knitting my fingers through the hair at the back of his neck. "Fabian." I whispered into his lips and he nodded, pulling me into a tight hug.

He pressed his lips to my hair and whispered in the voice I'd been hearing for nine yeas, "I'm here. I'll always be here." He almost chuckled, tightening his grip on my waist. "And I'm never letting you go again so don't even try to leave again."

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