Love is Complicated by The Mad Poet

Love is Complicated...some say it's overrated

maybe even outdated

but never duplicated

while lust is just X-rated

like a porn flick

two bodies pulsating, gyrating

bed vibrating and shaking

ecstasy in the open for the taking

Song Inspiration: Complicated by Rhianna

Beta: Jessipooks

Pre-reader: LuvinJ/Mist

A/N: Okay, so now that I'm drawing near to the end of my self inflicted Seth/Bella challenge I'm starting up a new writing challenge for myself by writing a dominant/mean version of Jake. Hope you enjoy the story and look forward to hearing from you guys! Xoxo August

Chapter One: Bribery


The woman below me was willing and ready to do whatever I asked of her. Pulling her legs around my waist I sunk my fingers into her silky ,soft flesh. Hearing her moan released from her red painted lips, I watched as her eyes widen with a mixture of fear and excitement. I had her right where I wanted her and she knew it. There was nowhere for her to run as if she would. Her full rounded breasts heaved , up and down, in sync with her unsteady breathing. Licking my lips I leaned down and suckled one and then the other, nibbling on the sensitive dark pink nipples, while she squirmed and moaned for me to take her further than we've ever gone before.

The day I stepped into Seattle my life went from good to fucking wonderful in no time at all. Everything I imagined life could be, started happening for me. I graduated at the top of my class in college, got an intern position at one of the most well known advertising agencies and had so many women to choose from, it literally blew my fucking mind.

"OH MY GOD!" She shouted, twisting the sheets with her hands, and bucking her hips higher off the bed.

A wicked smile formed on my face as I gave her everything she could want and more. Alyssa, my present lover, and employers only child was my latest conquest of many. She was the perfect medley of innocence and vixen. When we first met I made a point of staying clear of her. Every time she smiled my way, brushedup against me all so innocently of course, made damn sure she understood that I thought little or nothing about her.

Women like Alyssa, enjoy the chase. She knew she was beautiful. Why should I acknowledge it? In my experience with such women, I learned not to dote on them. It was too taxing of a job anyways and besides they wanted a challenge in their men. They wanted what they couldn't have. When I was good and ready to take her to my bed, it would be my decision, not hers.

Whenever we had company functions where a date was acceptable, I always made it my duty to bring a sensuous date so my co-workers could drool over themselves with envy. Yeah, I know I sound childish but it was in my nature to prove to the rest of the world I was not only as good as they were but perhaps better than most.

"Leave it in, Jake. " She pleaded as she felt my dick twitching deep within her cavern walls. We both knew I was on the verge of exploding. What the hell was wrong with her? Did she think I was stupid enough to knock her up? Her pussy was good but it wasn't good enough to make me forget all reason.

I needed to punish her. If she thought I was going to fall for that she deserved whatever came her way. I pulled out and turned her around toward my twitching cock and rubbed it over her mouth.

"If you want me to cum in you so much, then open your mouth."

A guttural laugh roared in my head as I watched her gulp hard and having the knowledge that she hated to swallow made this more rewarding for me.

"Like I said before, open wide Alyssa and swallow every last drop. " My eyes burned in hers as I centered my cock between her lips. Her mouth opened willing and as I watched it slowly surround me, another round of laughter rang through my head. Grabbing her head I began to thrust in and out of her mouth with no care to the pain that I was inflicting on her.

My fingers slid between her locks of hair and pulled hard as I came like a racehorse deep in her throat. Opening my eyes I watched as she gagged and tears sprung into her eyes while I continue to pump hard in her swollen mouth until every last drop of my cum was released.

"Ahhhh! Yess..."

"That was so worth being late for dinner." she moaned,as she rolled off the bed and looked for her clothing.

I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and drank it while she slipped into the bathroom to freshen up. I didn't even bother with getting dressed. Today had been a long day and after Alyssa left, my plans were to take a shower and get some well needed rest. Over the past month we'd been spending twelve hour workdays on a new company AD that the Whitley's desired more than the bottle of champagnes that they kept in their half a million dollar wine cellar.

"Hey baby I got to run. Hopefully tomorrow we can hang out longer." She offered as she kissed me tenderly on the cheek.

"Sure." I nodded my head in agreement. I knew better than to act anxious at the thought of having sex with her again.

She was already late for her family dinner. It was a weekly ritual with them. It was also the main reason I called her over for a quick romp. It was a test, would she risk her father's disapproval and her mother's disappointment when she arrived late again just to spend an hour or two in my bed? Of course she passed it, this time.

She winked at me while licking her lips in an enticing way that made my limp dick, spring back to life. Normally I was in more control of myself but sadly today, she left me wanting more.

"Do you want to be even later?" Grabbing myself I stroked it while I stared deep into her eyes. I could see the desire already flaming in hers but she knew that if she didn't show up for the weekly family dinner there would be consequences.

"That's not fair?" she mumbled heavily.

"Since you're late already?" If I was honest with her and myself, I really didn't want to spend another hour with her. She was sexy and beautiful but there were moments when I found her quite lacking that something special that could keep a man like me intrigued.

"No. I have to go. Maybe I can drop by later?" she offered, with a hopeful smile.

"Nope. Afraid this guy is going to bed." I laughed bitterly.

"Okay. If you change your mind you have my number." She turned on her six inch heels and marched out of my apartment without another word between us.

It was always like that. No words of endearment. NO longing looks that we would miss one another while apart. It was exactly how I wanted it between us. Unlike some of my former so called friends, I was not in a race to be chained down. Freedom was like breathing to me. The very thought of being stuck with one woman for the rest of my life shot my blood pressure out the roof.

I was making my way to the bathroom when I heard a knock on my door. Wrapping a towel around me I made my way towards the front door. I was assuming it would be Alyssa's face on the other side. Opening the door I realized just how wrong I was. Instead of my lover it was my sister. Well, one of them anyways. She looked at me like I was somehow the uninvited guest went it was the other way around.

"Becca." I mumbled with a cold bitterness that we'd both become accustomed to over the years.

"Jake. Can I come in?" she asked as she pushed me aside and made her way in. It was just like Becca to be bossy. She was one of my twin sisters. Rachel who I tolerated better, didn't join her today. Iwasn't sure if this was a good sign or bad one. Anytime one of my relatives found themselves driving all the way to Seattle to see me, especially unannounced,it normally didn't end up being a fantastic time for either parties.

I left LaPush for several reasons. My greedy sisters was on top of that list.

"Why are you here?" I asked, ignoring the fact that I was half naked asI walked into my living room and sat in the recliner. Her eyes studied every inch of the room with a keen eye and I could tell she was impressed but of course shewould never admit it.

"Sadly since you won't take my calls or return my text messages I was forced to drive all the way here to inform you that father's health is taking a turn for the worse quicker than we first were informed. His doctor fears he has less than six months to live." Becca stated, her eyes misted over but her face showed no emotions.

Jake couldn't understand how a woman who was as kind, compassionate and nurturing as his mother had been could ever conceived such cold hearted daughters.

"Sorry to hear that but why do you feel the need to tell me this today?" I knew I was being a royal jerk off but we both knew that my father and I hadn't seen eye to eye since the day I left for college. I loved the old bastard but we were no longer on talking terms since I gave up my place to run his business.

"Damn it Jake! Do you think I enjoyed driving here to give you bad news in person? I know you and Dad don't exactly approve of one another's decisions about your future but he is your only father. Once he is can never turn back the hands of time to get back the precious time you lost." Becca's voice shook as she stared harshly at me.

"I know that. Don't you think after losing mom I know that better than most? What's the other reason for you to be here? Spill it. I don't like mind games. "

"Fine! Dad wants you to come home so he can talk to you about perhaps giving you the trust fund mom left for you before your thirtieth birthday."

Now I have to say, I was speechless for the first time in a long time by this unexpected news. Dad swore up and down that none of us would ever touch the life insurance money that our mother left her children until we turn the ripe old age of thirty. It was his way of forcing us to come to him when we were in need of financial assistance. Becca and Rachel were drawing close to thirty while I still had five years to go. Why would he be so generous now? Was this his way of repentance for being such a controlling ass over the last few years?

"Is this some kind of sick joke just to get me home?" I got up and went to the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge. A stiff drink would have been better, but I got distracted and forgot to run to the liquor store on my way home last night.

"Hardly Jake. I wouldn't manipulate you to return home. I like you being here. With you stepping down from the business, Dad will have no choice but to leave it to me and Rachel. We plan on selling it." She replied nastily.

"You two are some greedy bitches." I knew it was wrong to talk to my sister like that, even if I was stating a fact. Neither one of them ever had to truly work for anything. After college they both quickly got hitched and started up families so that they didn't have to join the workforce. No, they liked being kept housewives. Not that there was anything wrong with taking care of your home and children but these two preferred to do less than necessary. All their lives they took short cuts to get what they wanted. Both of them were pretty in their own ways and they used their looks and bodies to win anything they desired. It sicken me how I was the one who was forced to work for everything I earned.

"You are one to talk Jake! You haven't been home in nearly four years. You don't tend to father's needs or assist him with the business. You do what you want and don't give a damn about anyone but yourself." Becca snorted rudely.

"I work Becca. I don't sit here and let others tend to me. I went to college to get an actual degree I could use. You went to college in search of a husband." I laughed harshly.

"That is not true Jacob." Becca cried out defensively.

"Whatever." Rolling my eyes I sat back down and took a long sip of my beer as I watched her over the rim of the bottle. What was her game? Knowing her, there was more to this offer than she was willing to share at the moment.

"Okay, lets say I go home. What's the plan? Dad is going to take me down to the bank and sign over my account to me just like that? No bribery. No rules?" It pissed me off when people tried to play me for a fool.

"I don't know exactly how he plans to do it. All I know is that when he returned from his last doctor visit he asked me to drive up here and beg you to come home and offered to give you what you desired the most."

"So he is bribing me to come for a visit." Anger coursed in my veins like hot lava. It was just like him to offer me something in return to do his bidding. It was no wonder the man had started out with one rinky dink mechanic shop and within thirty years now own twenty of them throughout the entire state of Washington. He was one hell of a salesman. He could take one look at people and size them up in less than five minutes. It was once a talent I envied the most.

"Look Jake, you can take it or leave it. I honestly don't give a rats ass either way. I'm only doing what my dying father has asked of me."

I nearly choked on my tongue to fight back the laughter that threaten to erupt. Becca sat there acting like she really gave a damn about our father when she was the first to tell him that she didn't plan on ever working a day in her life. God, how our old man nearly flipped his wig hearing his daughter declare her laziness so openly and proudly.

"When am I expected to visit?" The temptation was too much to not at least give it some consideration. There were a few people I owed money to, and this might be the only chance I could get that kind of money quick. Also if I had the money now then I could start up my own agency in a few years. Why should I work for someone else, when I could work for myself?

"He would like you to come down this weekend if it's possible. We know how busy you are." Becca's tone clearly disputed her last statement. It was clear that she thought I was somehow living it up and not really working all those late hours that kept me from missing weddings, holidays, and other special occasions according to my so called family.

"I will check my calendar and see if it's possible. I will text you with the details." That was my cue for her to get up and get the hell out of my house.

Becca scanned the apartment once more before walking to the door.

"You know Jake, this is really a nice place. Mom would be proud of you." Becca gulped hard as she blurted out her compliment and then flew out the door before I could respond. That girl had never given me one compliment that I could ever remember. Now I knew something was seriously going on back home.

My gut twisted like a pretzel as I prepared myself to face the facts that perhaps my father really was dying. A part of me ached at the thought of losing another parent but another part of me, refused to let any emotion slip into my dead heart.



It was days like this that I found myself blessed to have a roof over my head. On my way home from work I found myself with the misfortune of watching a families home burn to the ground. It nearly broke my heart as the wife cried out for her children who luckily ran to their mother's side and embraced her. Tears trickled down my face as I continued my drive to the sitters to pick up my own precious angel, Charlotte.

Although I never planned to get pregnant with her, she was still the one dumb thing I could be proud of. My three year old was the center of my universe. Together we didn't need much to make us happy. However, her biological father seem to think that he could provide her with a much happier and wealthier life than the one I worked hard to provide her with.

It bothered me more than it should how people who were lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths could think they were above those who actually earn a living. Not all wealthy people were as obnoxious as the Cullens but they did represent a large number of them.

Driving up the muddy driveway of Rachel Lahote's house I couldn't resist smiling as I watched Charlotte and Paul Jr play together in the mud. The two of them seem to find such enjoyment with one another. Rachel's son was born a month before Charlotte but you would've thought they were siblings instead of friends with the way they communicated without words between them. They were inseparable and perhaps some of that was due to the generosity of Rachel who volunteered to babysit so that I could work after my father's death left us in a bit of a financial bind.

Charlie left me a reasonable life insurance policy but the majority of it was used to pay off his medical bills and the mortgage on the house. What little was left I was forced to used to obtain a lawyer to fight for custody of my daughter. Thankfully Rachel wasn't in great need of money and offered me a more than fair price to watch my child while I worked in the bakery that my friend Emily and I hoped to buy someday.

Stepping out of my car, Charlotte's head popped up and a smile as big as Texas crossed her lovely face as she climbed up off the ground and ran as fast as her little legs could take her and into my arms. Hugging her I felt more love and joy than I'd ever known in my entire life. My parents loved me but after their nasty divorce I often felt like I didn't belong with either of them in their new lives.

I of course was forced to remain in my mother's custody for most of the year and then got the priviledge of spending summers and every other Christmas with my dad. However as I grew up and became a teenager, I found myself busy with school and work so that my visits became less and less. Then before I knew it I was headed to college just in time for my mother to marry husband number two.

After I completed college, I found myself a little lost with what to do next. My college roommate reminded me that she was returning to her hometown, Forks. We both found it ironic that she grew up in a town where my father lived for many years and although I visited often as a child, we never crossed paths. Looking at the opportunity of living close to my dad and having such a good friend also seemed like the most practical thing to do.

It pissed my mother off and she warned me that nothing good would come of my life if I remained in Forks. Of course I ignored her ranting, knowing that she was just jealous that I would be closer to my dad than her but sadly in the long run, I did find myself stuck in a position that would forever keep me bound to this town.

Alice Brandon, my college roommate, was dating a wonderful guy who happened to have a single friend that they both thought would be the ideal man for me. Not wanting to disappoint either of them I finally broke down and agreed to a date. Just one I told them but that one date ended up with dating him for nearly six months before he suddenly showed me his true nature.

Edward started out as amazing person. He went to an Ivy League college and came from a well known family that was constantly giving back to the community. His manners were impeccable. His treatment of me started out quite romantic with roses and chocolates but soon afterwards he began to want to know my every move. If I was going to a movie with Alice, I was expected to ask him first and give them the exact title of the movie and time we would be there.

I tried to justify his behavior as being protective but eventually I began to see that my excuses were as lame as the bruises he left on my arm whenever we had a disagreement. My father saw through him of course and warned me that he might look like the perfect knight in shining armor but beneath that metal was a cold, calculating heart that thrived on controlling and abusing others.

It was instinctive to ignore my father when it came to guys. After all, what father ever really wanted their daughter to find happiness with someone who wasn't them? Unfortunately my father began to see the marks that Edward left on me. Being the town's sheriff he refused to tolerate my excuses and took Edward into the police station to question him personally.

Afterwards Edward came by our house and told me how we were not evenly matched for one another and that it would be in our best interest to not see one another any longer. Of course I was devastated at first but once the weeks rolled by I found myself relieved that I no longer had to answer to him.

Two things happened next that threw my short lived happiness up in a whirlwind. First, I learned I was pregnant. How was I going to tell the man that neither my father or I wanted in my life, that he would forever now be apart of it, through the birth of our unborn child? Secondly, my father's health took a spiraling downfall. After telling him about my pregnancy he fell over and suffered a heart attack which I naturally took the blame for. The shock of me being pregnant seem to trigger it. However, his doctor informed me it was the many years of drinking and eating unhealthy that inflicted it. No matter how many excuses he gave me for my father's failing heart I couldn't help but still believe my own guilt was the dooming factor.

It was rough the following eight months as I grew heavy with childwhile trying to tend to my father's health. It began to be too stressful for me. Luckily Alice dropped by to visit me when I went into premature labor. She promised to stay with my father while I rode off in the ambulance to go to the hospital to deliver my child. Charlotte was five weeks early but was in a fine healthy state that I was able to bring her home a week after giving birth.

My father was excited and proud of his grandchild and it brighten my days to watch him hold her in his arms and tell her stories that honestly a child her age couldn't understand thankfully. Then a few weeks before Charlotte's first birthday I woke up early to start breakfast and get my father's medicine prepared when I walk into his room and found him sleeping more peaceful than I had ever seen him. Touching his hand, I felt the coolness of his skin, my eyes raced to his chest where it remained unmoving. Rushing to the phone I dialed 911 but the operator assured me it was probably too late to save him but they would send out an ambulance to pick him up just in case we were both wrong.

After my father's funeral I saw Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his elegant wife Esme as they made their way to greet me and give me their condolences. It wasn't lost on me how they kept looking over at my daugher and then back at me. I knew the time of reckoning had come home to haunt me. Honestly with a town as small as Forks, I honestly don't know how I was able to hide her from them for as long as I did.

Just as I feared, a week later Edward Cullen stood on my front porch and insisted on knowing if Charlotte was indeed his daughter. We argued over why it was necessary to know if she was or not for several minutes before Billy showed up with a few of his employees to check on me and my car which wasn't running well. Edward knew it was best for him to depart but he let me know real quick that he planned on being a part of her life.

A small part of me was a little happy with the knowledge that he wouldn't completely disown her but a bigger part me knew that by him being honorable it would mean I would be forced to share her. Why should I? I was her mother. I took care of her night and day without any help from him. Why was it so damn important for him to take even a hour of her life away from me?

A few weeks later the legal documents began to fill up my mail box and soon I was forced to realize that if I gave him what he wanted that he would surely corrupt Charlotte into believing he could give her more than I could. It was a silly fear of mine and I knew perhaps even a petty one, but I couldn't stop myself from thinking that they might bribe her into loving them more especially when they could give her far more material things than I could ever offer her.

"Mommy!" Charly cried out ecstatically with her small head pressed into my knees.

"Hey sweetie. Did you have a good day?" It was my automatic question of the day when I picked her up. Bending down so I could unravel her arms from my legs I picked her up and put her on my hip. Paul Jr was close by my side as we entered the house. Rachel and I grew close over the years after we'd both become mothers.

"Hi Bella." Rachel called out from the kitchen where I could smell fried chicken cooking on the stove top.

"Hey girl. How are you?" I asked casually as I put Charly down on the ground so she and Paul could play a little longer before we left.

"Same old same." She chuckled nervously.

"That chicken smells heavenly."

"Thanks. It's dad's favorite. He asked me if you could stay for dinner tonight."

My eyes widen with curiosity. Billy became my surrogate father immediately after my own father's death. Both men were alike in some ways and so it made it easier on me to accept my father's death while on the other hand it also made me miss him even more.

"Sure. What's the occasion?"

"Honestly I don't know." She admitted and like me she seemed just as curious.

"Would you like some help?" I offered as I took off my sweater and began to roll up my sleeves.

"That would be a dream come true. I was hoping you might make the apple pie he likes so much."

I couldn't resist laughing. We both knew she liked it just as much but I wasn't about to point that out. I begun my task while the kids played together and we chatted while we worked.

An hour later Paul arrived home and then five minutes behind him was Billy. Shortly afterwards we were all seated around the table enjoying the meal that I and Rachel eagerly made for them.

The men were quick to give us praise and we both smiled with pride.

"So Bella, how is your case coming along?" Billy asked from the end of the table.

"Nothing new really. My attorney fears that if I don't cave in and give Edward some rights to Charlotte, it could not only make things nastier come court day but it might even encourage him to ask for full custody."

"Do you think you are being unreasonable about this?" His voice was deep with concern.

"I don't know anymore. I mean, on some days I think it would be better if she was surrounded by more family than myself but on my stronger days I fear that they might try to tempt her away from me." I admitted.

"I agree with you about that. It's healthier for a child to have both parents in their lives. However, when it comes to a man like Edward one has to wonder what is considered healthy. You know how I feel about him and how I dislike the way he treated you. Your father also didn't approve of him but it's your decision in the end to be made. You are her mother and so it's your responsibility to do what is right for her."

Everything he said, was like a replay of a conversation I shared with my father shortly after her birth. Neither of us trusted that Edward wouldn't start his abuse on her. He didn't lack control over his own temper but expected everyone else around him to behave at such a level that it was ridiculous.

"I just...the money...I hate that I have to spend it on this. There is so much more I could use it for but keeping Charlotte one day longer away from the Cullens is worth it." Shrugging my shoulders I scooped my spoon into the fluffy mash potatoes and shoved it in my mouth to prevent me from saying anything that might create tears in my eyes.

It was sickening to me that I was forced to use the money we dearly needed to fight a man whose own lawyer fees was just a drop in the bucket.

"Maybe I can help you with that." Billy set his fork down next to his plate, placing his elbows on the table he grasped his hands and looked directly at me. Rachel and Paul didn't join into the conversation. They sat there quiet as a mouse and were deeply engrossed in what should have been a private conversation between the two of us.

"How?" I gulped hard as I prepared myself for some outrageous plan he had his mind set on. We all knew that Billy's health wasn't in the best state. Rachel informed me just a few days ago that the doctors didn't see any point in trying to force chemo on him. The cancer that was once in remission, returned with a fierceness that they suspected couldn't be cured any longer.

"I've invited Jake home this weekend. As you know my son, a handsome devil, but unruly child, wants more than anything the inheritance from his mother. I'm going to offer him the money in exchangeif he marries you."

I dropped my spoon and heard it clank hard on the plate. My mouth fell wide open. Billy was always coming up with one wild ass scheme after another and most of them came out to his advantage, but not all of them. The thought that his medication wasn't strong enough or having some crazy side effects,crossed my mind. Why else would he propose such a preposterous offer such as marriage to a man I didn't even know. Sure, when we were kids we played a few times but by the time we both reached adolescence, I no longer took visits to Forks.

From what I gathered and heard from his family and my own father, Jacob was no longer the sweet and compassionate young man I had the privilege of knowing. The picture that was painted of him proved that he was capable of being like any other man, an ass. How could Billy think that I would accept his offer or even worse, that Jake would be willing to give up his freedom and marry a total stranger just for money? That really didn't say much about his reputation. I was already in a dangerous mix with one greedy neanderthal, I didn't honestly want to get tangled up with another one.

"Are you out of your mind?" Rachel cried out. It was a relief to hear her say what I was already thinking.

"Nope. I think it's a perfect arrangement. Bella needs a husband to show that Charlotte already has a family setting and Jake needs his money to do whatever it is he dreams about. The two of them could provide Charlotte a healthy and stable home environment. Why would a judge give Edward custody if the child was already provided with all she needs?"

My heart was hammering in my chest, a far off ringing roared in my ears. The air in my chest seem to lock up andthe room was starting to spin around me.

"DAD! There is no way in hell that Jake is going to agree to this. No offense Bella, but Jake already has a life and he isn't about to give it up and move back here."

"I have to agree with her." Paul muttered.

"If he wants the million dollars in that bank now, he will do it. If I really wanted to be an ass, which apparently all my kids think I am already, I could change the will to force him to wait until he is forty to receive it." his fist slammed hard on the table, causing the dishes to clatter.

"Billy, I appreciate the offer and I know you only want to help me but I really don't think this is the way to do it." My voice shook as I watched a vein pop in his forehead.

"Isabella Swan, I made a promise to your father on his deathbed that I would do whatever I could to keep Edward away from you and Charlotte. This is the only way I can honor that promise. None of you will stop me from trying." he looked around at all of them with a severe look before standing up and walking out of the room.

"This is crazy." Rachel sobbed.

Paul reached over and patted his wife on the back and for a moment I envied her. It would be nice to have someone to comfort me when I was dealing with trouble times in my life.

"I'm so sorry." My voice squeaked.

"It's not your fault Bella." Paul turned and gave me a sincere smile.

"No, it's not." Rachel agreed.

"I guess we have to hope that Jake feels the same way we do." I hoped Jake wouldn't be agreeable to this crazy notion of his fathers.

Rachel shared a look with her husband before turning her attention back to me.

"You might be onto something. Jake has never caved into Dad when it comes to bribery."

We all sighed with relief, realizing now the ball was in Jake's corner. If we were right about our hunch, Jake would end this crazy idea and none of us would have to hear about this again.