"Numair come here please." The king summoned his best mage, "I need you to do me a favour. There have been reports of a girl that can sense immortals. I want you to track her down and bring her here. With the onslaught that has been handed onto us we really need gifts like hers." The king sighed and slumped forwards as numair opened his mouth and prepared himself for an argument. Seeing the kings exhausted posture though, numair decided it would be easier to just go along with it, how hard could one girl be to find?

"Sure Jon. Just try get some sleep while I'm away okay?" He clasped king Jonathon's shoulder as he left the room. As soon as he was out of sight however, numair slumped down and sulked. The most powerful mage in all of tortall and he was sent looking after some girl. Pushing aside all his misgivings, numair stood up tall. It was true that they're in desperate need for someone who can sense immortals so the mission was an important one and at least he would get to leave the palace for the first time in months. Smiling happily, Numair hurried to his room, packing quickly. For all his initial disappointment, now that he was about to leave, he was actually quite excited. He could have a relaxing trip around the country looking for a girl whilst everyone else was confined to the palace until needed.

Numair growled in frustration and punched the wall, how hard could finding a single girl-child be? He had been looking for almost a month now and he hadn't heard anything for a week. Numair had been sent to his current location by a farmer who had had his dog healed by a girl matching the description he had been given. The girl's name was Veralidaine Sarrasri or Daine as she apparently liked to be called. She was 15 years old and could heal animals and sense immortals. She had curly brown hair that fell to just above her elbows and stormy blue-grey eyes. She was slender and carried a massive longbow, which gathered much attention due to her slim stature. She also traveled with a grey mare. Despite everything, Numair hadn't been able to garner any more information. Whoever this girl was, she covered her tracks well and knew how to stay hidden. Frustrated with himself, Numair decided to go for a walk to clear his head even though it was almost midnight. He walked through the small town and into the surrounding forests and was only a few hundred metres in when he saw a small campfire in the distance. Walking towards it, Numair almost gasped with amazement at his luck. There, sitting down in front of the fire. Was a girl matching the description of Veralidaine Sarrasri. He picked his way forwards towards her but stopped when a swarm of birds converged on him, pecking and scratching at his eyes.

A whistle split the air and the birds backed off, flying back towards the camp.

"Whoever you are, go away now before I send the not so small ones after you."

A young voice shouted from the direction of the fire. It sounded like the song of birds in flight and the wolves howling at the moon. It was the most beautiful voice Numair had ever heard and he could sense a slight gallan accent.

"Are you Veralidaine Sarrasri?" he called back, not afraid in the least.

The girl stood up and faced him. "How do you know my name?" she shouted, her face in shadow.

"I'm Numair. I need to talk with you about something can I come closer?"

After a moment of hesitation, Numair saw daine shrug and gesture for him to approach.

He walked to the fire and sat down on one of the logs surrounding it warily. There were many different breeds of animals in and around the camp, ranging from house cats to bears. All of them seemed to be in a truce though as none of the animals disturbed the creatures around it. Numair's eyes flickered to daine as she mad her way towards him. When she stepped out of the shadow however, Numair could only stare I surprise. Standing before him was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She matched the description he had been given, elbow length curly brown hair, blue grey eyes, longbow and grey pony but the description didn't mention how her hair caught the light thrown of my the fire and held it, turning it a multitude of colours. Or the way her eyes seemed to glow blue and held a maturity far beyond fifteen years. It didn't mention how beautifully tanned she was or how her full red lips and stubborn chin made her even more attractive. She was slender indeed and he couldn't stop his eyes from quickly looking at her chest. Boy. Between her face, figure and chest, she was one of, if not the, prettiest lady he had ever seen. How had she survived on her own? With all the predators out there, human or immortal, a girl this pretty would usually have been attacked a long time ago. He would find out on the way to the palace. Now he only had to convince her to come with him.