Hey everyone, just thought to extend on the disclaimer. i dont even own the plot i just realized... i only own the plot twist. this story still follows the same storyline as tamora pierces book:)

Daine stared about her in wonder. The trainees had only been given a days notice about the camp and they had packed well. They all gathered near the forest with the Queen, Lady Alanna, Sarge, Buri and several other leaders. Daine was on one of the wagons when Numair rode up to her, half slumped in the saddle.

"Wake me when we leave." He told her and to all appearances went to sleep.

It took half an hour before everything was secured and Daine asked Numair's pony, Spots, to wake up his master. Spots did it by half bucking, causing Numair to jolt awake and grabbed the reins if he wanted to stay on his horse. Daine couldn't hold back her laughter when she saw his expression and burst into giggles.

"I'm glad someone is amused." He told her tartly before riding off, face red.

"RIDERS MOVE OUT." The Queen shouted from next to Daine. She jumped and urged the cart pony, Mangle forwards. Mangle lurched forwards eagerly, ears pointed up. Daine and Mangle talked during the trip constantly, breaking only when Daine spotted a hare besides the road slashed open. She hopped off the cart to scoop up the half-dead hare and settled it in her lap to heal it. no matter how hard she concentrate though, with all the lurching and bumping the cart did she couldn't maintain her concentration long enough to heal the poor animal. Looking around desperately, she spotted Numair nearby and called spots over to her. Numair glared at her as he lost control of his mount and it headed towards her.

"Daine how many times have I told you. Don't control a horse when someone is riding it. It's rude."

"Sorry Numair," she said sheepishly. "But I was wondering if you would swap places with me for a while. She indicated the dying animal on her lap and Numair's frown disappeared quickly replaced by concern.

"Sure but don't wear yourself out." He warned while climbing onto the cart.

"I won't." Daine promised.

Healing on a horse was much easier and she had it done almost as quickly as she would if she was standing still. It still took a lot out of her though and by the end of it she was sweating and breathing heavily. She sent the hare off with warnings about looking out for predators and returned her attention to the going ons of the group. With surprise she saw that they were reaching the cliffs and beyond that was an expansion of blue-grey water stretching as far as she could see in every direction. Daine gasped out loud and fell back to where Miri was riding with Evin.

"That's the ocean you see and smell." She informed Daine with a smile. "I forgot how much I missed it."

Evin shoved her lightly and rolled his eyes at Daine. She grinned back and thought about returning spots to Numair when sarge called out for them to stop for the day and make camp. She pegged spots with the other horses and hurried to the cliff. Sending her magic out into the water, she sensed dolphins but couldn't reach them. the healing earlier had tired her out more than she had thought and now she couldn't reach them. Daine dived into herself and pushed out all other sounds, last of all was her heartbeat and no matter how hard she tried to quiet it, it just got louder. With one final push Daine quieted her heart and collapsed. Numair saw her fall.

"Alanna come quickly." He roared, running towards Daine.

He reached her the same time Evin, Onua and Alanna did.

"What happened?" Alanna asked, feeling for a pulse.

"I don't know she just fell." Numair replied helplessly, looking at the hand Alanna was using to take her pulse.

"She has no pulse. Everyone hold her down."

Numair grabbed her shoulders and Evin and Onua both grabbed a leg. Alanna kneeled beside the girl and placed both hands above her heart. Taking a deep breath, she forced her gift inside the girl, making her body spasm. Nothing happened. Alanna did it again and again, starting to lose hope when Daine gasped and sat forward, rapidly filling dead lungs.

"You. You're the purple lightning you brought me back?" She demanded.

"You gave us quite a scare youngster." Alanna told her. Daine could see her face was pale and drawn as she reached up to Evin to help her up and she was about to reply when Numair's furious face cam into her vision.

"You fiend!" he screamed. "You were dead. I aught to kill you myself!" Onua clamped a hand around Numair's mouth, effectively ending his ranting.

"Stop screaming." She ordered and he nodded and took a deep breath.

"I was tired." Daine explained, rubbing her eyes. "I wanted to talk to the dolphins."

"Mithros, Minoss and Shakith." Numair exclaimed, starting to lose his grip on his temper again. "Next time your time. Go jump in a pond. It helps extend your magic."

Daine thanked him and made her way to her feet. "Say Numair." She asked suddenly. "Do people have visions when they're dead?"

Numair's control vanished. "I don't know I've never tried it." he exclaimed.

"Well I can see there's no talking to you until your out of this pet your in.

"The pet I'm in?" he bellowed after her. Daine waved her hand behind her and walked back to her tent.

The next two days were quiet, nothing interesting happening. The third day however was not. She struggled with her feelings for ever since the dolphin experience she felt like she needed to tell Numair again. Then at night, she got a visit from the badger, her fathers friend. He yelled at her for being silly and told her to tell her new friends what happened and get it over with. He said a storm was coming and her shape shifting powers were going to be needed. Daine slept badly and woke up the next morning grumpy and tired. All day she fingered the silver badger claw she wore around her neck before coming to a decision. She called Alanna, Numair, Onua and the Queen that night and sat them down. She called cloud over and leaned into her, drawing on some of her friends strength.

"Please don't interrupt. If you do, I don't think I will be able to continue." She pleaded quietly. When they all nodded she continued. "I'm going to tell you everything – all the things I've been keeping secret." At their astonished looks she stared into the fire, already half consumed in her memories.

"I was born in a small village called Snowsdale in Galla. I lived with my ma and grandda in a small cottage at the edge of the village. My da didn't live with us but he taught me everything I know about my magic and taught me to use my bow. He only came every once in a while though so I was mainly left to my own devices. Ma was a midwife and healer and people from the village would ask me to train their animals because of my magic. Animals that spend time with me are smarter than normal animals an ya'know, that's good for a hunter. Anyway I was with one of ma's friends when it happened. I was delivering medicines and when I got back it was too late. They hit around dawn, burning everything and stealing anything worth something. I remember walking into my home and seeing the destruction. The kitchen was fine because ma had plenty of anti fire spells but most everything else was ruined. I found ma and grandda out back. The bandits had shot them down without a second thought. I remember staying there all day and no one except the animals came to see if I was alright. The wolves helped me bury everyone, ma, grandda, mammoth my boss dog, all the other dogs. Clouds family are all buried there as well all the other animals. Everyone fought and the bandits killed them for it. It was days before anyone else came. Days. So when they finally came, well, I snapped. I threw rocks and screamed at them to leave until they did. I remember giving into the fury and I shifted into a wolf. Me n' cloud stayed with the local pack and hunted the bandits down. I was crazy, eating with the pack, thinking like them. Cloud was terrified but I remembered enough that she was family and they couldn't touch her. One by one, we hunted the bandits and picked them off. They had taken a young girl hostage and we freed her but she just went back to the village and got hunters to follow us. Cloud started to nip at me, trying to get me back to normal. It happened slowly, bit by bit, and I remember there being a time where I was half and half. I had hair almost all over my body and couldn't straighten up properly. I would run on all fours and had claws. My nose was half a snout and I had massive wolf canines. This was around the time the hunters caught up to us. They saw me and half of them turned around and ran on the spot terrified. I'm not surprised. They tried killing me, saying it was a mercy, telling me to look at what I had become. Cloud saved me then. She got behind the archer and kicked him, causing him to shoot to early. I ran as far as I could everyday, knowing that they were hunting me. You don't know what it's like, knowing that the people you grew up with were right behind you, knowing that if you stop your hide is going to be stretched against someone's wall. I left the pack, not wanting them to suffer with me. It took a while but eventually I was human enough to enter a village. Ever since then I've travelled constantly, never staying in the same place for long. Before ma was killed I was fine, I could shape-shift without any problems but not anymore. Every time I try to I lose myself into the animal I become. Only I can't avoid it anymore. Badger said a storm is coming and we have to be prepared."

While she spoke Daine looked at the floor. Sometime during the retelling of the story tears that had stopped coming after her mothers death starting falling from her eyes. Onua came over and wrapped an arm around Daine's shoulders. She turned into her friends shoulder and cried, releasing all the pain she had bottled up inside for so long.

"I'm sorry I've been secretive and difficult lately." She muttered, wiping her eyes clear.

"It's ok sweety." Thayet replied, still trying to absorb what this girl had been through. "I'm surprised you made yourself ever look at a human again after what your village did."

She laughed wetly, "I had to. I had to get away quickly."

Numair looked down at his student with wide eyes, then something from the story caught in his brain and he frowned. "I-I think I remember you mentioning your father during the story?"

Everyone looked at him, Daine in stress and everyone else in reproach. He waited until Daine nodded until continuing.

"Well, how would he know so much about wild magic? Is there a book he learnt his from or some one else? Also why would he only visit? You must have gotten scorned for having a single mother." He stated bluntly, ignoring the glares he was receiving.

"Yes well-" Daine took a deep breath and looked around a little widely. "Well that's just it. My da is the God Weiryn."