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Chapter 3

On the drive to the Curragh Sue and Matt were talking and making a list about what they were going to do. They wanted to see how fast Skye could run for starters and probably branch out from there.

It didn't take long to find an abandoned part of the Curragh. Sue and Matt were waiting for Skye to phase. It had taken a few weeks but Skye had finally managed to get a handle on phasing, it felt more 'fluid', and her siblings were more used to it. Skye wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not.

Things started to get strange, well even stranger. Skye got stronger, her muscles got bigger and she almost had a six-pack. She almost had the figure of a female Olympic Gymnast. Her sister said that it must be because of the Werewolf thing. Even so Skye wasn't complaining. 'Hmm maybe we can use the Curragh to see how fast I am as a human too?'

They arrived at an area of the Curragh that wasn't used very often. Well the Curragh was huge so finding an unused area was pretty easy. Everyone got out of the car and decided to walk farther away to avoid any possible damage to Matt's car. 'I refuse to have ANY damage to my car!' he said when Skye and Sue asked.

So when they were deemed 'a safe distance away from the car' Skye went behind a Furze/gorse bush to phase. She neatly folded her clothes and focused her self. She felt her spine tingle and flare with heat, then the spasms started and Skye gave a mental push and 'exploded' into her wolf self.

At first phasing into a wolf was horrible. Skye felt to empty and alone. She knew that wolves needed a pack and that she didn't have one. She didn't know if she was the only one left.

When she told her brother and sister about it her sister said that she didn't need a pack because she had them. Skye didn't know how she ended up with a grate sister like Sue, but she was glad to have her and her ability to make everything seem better.

Skye grabbed her folded clothes in her mouth and padded her way from out behind the bush and toward her siblings. She walked over to her sister and placed her clothes into Sue's outstretched arms."Hmm..." Sue said "Your eyes are golden-y. Like a real werewolf" She laughed at the last part.

They used an abandoned part of the racecourse the three siblings were able to determine how fast Skye could run. At a full sprint it toped two hundred and thirty miles an hour (or three hundred and seventy kilometers OR as fast as an F1 Car). Skye was very happy to be able to let loose and run as fast as she could. After about an hour Skye had an idea, she went over to her sister and lay down on her stomach pointing to her back with her head and muzzle.

"Skye what are you doing?" Sue asked tilting her head. Skye sighed, ran behind a bush again and quickly phased.

"I want you to get on my back Sue. You have riding experience, don't you?" Skye asked, amazed at how they didn't understand.

Sue sighed remembering her horse riding experience, but she couldn't keep it up when her paycheck was needed to help pay the mortgage. "All right i'll give it a try, but no going fast. I haven't been riding in a while."

Her answer was Skye re-immerging from behind the bush giving a 'wolfy grin'. She lay on her stomach and Sue climbed on her back just behind the shoulder blades and grabbed Skye's fur where the rains of a horse would be.

Skye slowly raised her self up of the ground and got "Whoa..." from her sister on her back. Sue kicked her sides and Skye sighed and shook her head. "Sorry force of habit" Sue apologized and gave a nervous laugh. Skye started to walk slowly; she could smell her sister's anxiety and fear. After few minutes she felt Sue kick her sides again and Skye went into a 'canter'. She heard her sister laugh, she was enjoying this.

After a while Sue said "Hay, stop will you?" she pulled on her fur and Skye complied and lowered her self so her sister could get off without hurting herself. Skye's ears twitched, she never would get used to hearing literally everything around her. She could here the birds in the trees and the many sheep that grazed on the land and the horses being taken for a small exercise. As it was getting late the trio decided that it was time to head home, but not before going into the town to get dinner. Skye gathered her clothes and went behind a bush to change.

. . . _ . . .

Later that night Matt and Sue were chatting while seated at the table talking about finances while Skye was sitting at the couch not far away.

"How are we going to afford food AND pay the mortgage?" Sue said while hanging her hands on her head, elbows on the table.

"Im not sure. How much longer can we go until one of us gets paid?" Matt asked his head resting on his knuckles. Listening to this got Skye very depressed. Her siblings were worrying about money and it was because she couldn't change into a wolf fast enough to save there parents.

"Umm Im going to go out for a walk or something..." Skye said looking fir any excuse to quickly leave the room. Once she was out of the house she started walking (nearly jogging) away from the house, she tried thinking a out anything to get her mind off her siblings and there financial situation. While she was racking her brain an idea came to her, 'Maby I should try something with my Phazeing?'

It was a good idea, Skye always felt that her Phazeing was a bit 'forced' not fluid that she wanted it to be. Skye found a small empty forest (which was easy) and got in a stance, ready to phase. She could feel her spine tingle and was about to give her final mental 'push' when she immediately stopped.

'Stupid, Don't blast out of you clothes. Take them off first. That's just wasting money' So after that mental scolding she placed her clothes (folded) next to a tree and tried to slowly phase into her wolf form. Needless to say it didn't work. Skye felt her body 'explode' and felt her paws hit the ground.

'Damn' she thought 'That didn't go at all like I wanted it to. I didn't see ANY difference. Hmmm mabie I should try again and concentrate more or something.'

And she did. More than two hours later Skye was thoroughly 'sick' of being in wolf form. On the up side she felt that her 'Phazeing' was more fluid. She didn't need to give the mental 'push' as much any more.

Or mabie that was her imagination and she wanted to feel like she accomplished something. Skye was very hungry at this point; it seemed that exploding oneself took a lot out of someone. So Skye did the only thing she could think off. She went off to hunt a dear.

The only place that she could think off to even find a dear was in the Phoenix Park in Dublin. Now anyone that looks at a map will see that Kildare and Dublin are pretty far away (an hour and thirty minutes by car driving with speed) Skye wanted to see how quick she could make it. And the strange thing was Skye could feel where she was. Like she knew there north was so she know on a map that Dublin was to the east.

Skye took off, feeling free. She felt her powerful legs running in rhythm; she easily dogged trees and ran through empty fields, she kept her ears up to alert her to cars so she could steer clear of any roads. At one point she found a field full of cows. But Skye felt too happy in running to stop. The cows got spooked and bolted running around the field; that made Skye laugh in her head.

Half way through the journey Skye started panting. She didn't even think about it she just let the 'wolfey' part take over. She made it to the Park in about forty-five minutes to an hour, 'not bad' she thought smug. She started sniffing the air and quickly got a sent of something. Hopeing it was dear she started to follow it and (much to her relief) it was deer. So she committed the scent to memory.

Skye saw about twenty deer, two were full grown bucks. She decided to go for a female so she wouldn't hurt the ecosystem. She got ready mentally preparing her self and jerked forward but didn't move her feet, the thought of killing another living thing was sickening. So Skye thought back to the night her parents were killed, back to how she felt, how 'out of sink' she was with her human side.

Again she readied herself, and this time she jumped at her target, landed on the deer's back brought her teeth down on its neck. The bight wasn't enough to kill it and Skye could feel its blood filling her mouth, so she jerked her head and snapped the dear's neck. She then started to tear at the flesh of the deer, cringing at the taste and the warmness.

'im just eating raw venison-'she reminded her self 'just warm, raw venison'

She finished eating and cleaned her self off in a stream before making her way back home giving her a lot of time to think. 'well at least I may have saved them money. If they don't have to buy as much food for me then it will go to paying the mortgage. And all it took was for me to eat a dear...Yeah I hope I get use to that quick'

It didn't take Skye long to get back to the spot where she left her clothes. She just followed her nose. By the time she walked back home her Brother and Sister were just about to put dinner on. When they asked if she was hungry she got very strange looks. Skye couldn't help being sympathetic with the looks that she was getting. Her response to the looks were

" I know..." And she walked up to her room jealous of the delicious smells.

. . . _ . . .

The next few weeks became pretty routine for Skye. Whenever she got angry at her brother (which was pretty often) she felt like she wanted to 'explode' into her wolf self. It was through sheer will that she didn't. Skye also found after her little hunting experience with the deer that she would Never go after Sheep! The annoying things scatter in every direction and are way to woolly.

On an up side she found that if she brought a deer to a butcher's they would skin and clean it for her, taking a small portion themselves for funds. So Skye was so very happy to know that she didn't have to eat raw deer as much. She almost cried with joy and happiness, and got strange looks from people on the street.

Skye also continued to practice on her slow phazeing, with the help of her siblings. Her sister had found a website that had relaxing and stress relieving techniques that actually made a difference. In little under a month Skye could 'half phase' and resemble the werewolf from Van-Helsing or the 'Worgen' from 'Word of Warcraft'. Which she thought was "Epic beyond all belief!"

In her half form she could easily outrun an Olympic runner, and found it quite fun to run around on all fours in 'Half form'. Skye keep trying to find little in 'betweens' for her phasing. The only way she could describe her half form was giving her mental 'push' as slow as possible and slowly releasing a tense muscle and holding it.

The strangest thing happened to Skye in her back garden (If transforming into a Horse sized wolf wasn't strange). It was a warm sunny day in Ireland, which didn't happen nearly often enough and Skye and her Sue were sitting on the back garden grass while Matt was off at work. Skye was sprawled on the grass enjoying the small amount of heat (Not that she ever felt cold much anyway) and Sue was leaning back on her arm's one leg out and one up close to her body.

Skye herd a rustling noise from the bush's and trees that acted as a natural fence and tensed up. Only to have popped out a squirrel...A freaken' Squirrel! Skye sat up and brought a knee to her body. The Squirrel was a 'Red Squirrel', ironically more dark orange, with a huge bushy tail. It scurried right up to Skye and hopped onto her knee, while Skye looked on open mouthed, Sue had a similarly open mouth, but she was attempting to keep her self from laughing.

She defiantly failed when a Jackdaw, with a black face and silver middle landed right on Skye's shoulder. Skye jumped up swatting her shoulder and knee stepping away from the Jackdaw and Squirrel. The Squirrel stood up on its hind legs and quickly bowed down a few times in a little dance thing and scurried away. Sue was crying with laughter attempting to say "So were-werewolves ah- actually do commune with nature hahahah..."

Skye left her outside on the ground laughing and headed inside.

. . . _ . . .

When it was comeing up to three months since Skye, Sue and Matt's patents were killed by the two crazy vampires that Skye went psycho on and literally mauled to death. Skye was still hunting all manner of things in the wild and had really gotten good at holding her phasing at different 'Stages'. She could go Quarter or 'Quart', Half and Three Quarter or 'Three Quart'.

Her Quart form made large fangs appear in her mouth and her nails became long and sharp and light fur appear on her body, the only dramatic change were her eyes, they would change to a gold color (Just like her full wolf form). She could still talk normally and as long as she wore a jumper nobody would ever know.

Skye's half form made her look like a 'Worgen' from 'Word of Warcraft'. More like the generic werewolf. She would walk on the tops of her feet and her legs were more 'Wolf like'. Skye stood at about seven feet tall, towering over everyone. She had a short wolf face and muzzle with huge canine like teeth and her braded hair would fall past her shoulder blades. Actually she found it strange that she still had her braid at all. Skye imagined that with long hair came a long wolf coat. Her hands were sharp claws and Skye found that she could leave huge deep groves in trees and cut right through small thin ones.

And Skye's Three Quart form was much like her full wolf form. The most noticeable difference was the very pounced dew claw that acted very like a thumb and when Skye stood on her hind legs, she had a bad slouch.

Skye, Sue and Matt were sitting in the lounge watching an old James Bond Movie with Sean Connery. It was late, about ten at night and the moon was bleaching the dark night when there was a knock on the front door. Skye, thinking it was one of the neighbors, un-thinkingly unlocked and opened the door.

On the other side were three people dressed in pitch black cloaks, there hoods were down so Skye could see there faces. They were hauntingly beautiful with blood read eyes. Skye immediately had a horrible flashback to the night her parents were killed. The man on the far left had dark brown hair and an incredibly board look, the one in the middle was the obviously the leader and had a Cheshire cat grin, Skye knew to avoid this one, he seemed dangerous under that false smile and the man on the right had snow white hair and an absolutely livid expression.

"So-" The man in the middle said sounding like an excited child "-You're the supposed 'Child of the Moon?'"