Chapter 6

I started to see a bright light shining in my eyes. I instinctively tried to block the light, but my arms felt like lead blocks. I finally snapped back to full awareness and immediately found I was restrained.

"Don't try to move, son. Your body is severely broken and further motion could break your bones apart. We've strapped you down to help you, not hinder you," I heard someone say. True enough, I felt like a pile of broken glass, whatever that feels like.

"How long have I been here?" I asked, noticing I sounded horrible.

"A week or two. We thought you were in a coma. Your responses up to today have been minimal. Also, your body seemed to be either rewriting itself or repairing every part of your being. Thankfully, you snapped out of it."

"Where's Collin? Is he okay?" I nervously asked, worried about him.

"He's fine. His injuries were healed by the time we arrived. There was nothing but a small scar where the bullet entered, but he was unconscious. He recovered in a couple days, though. You have some explaining to do, though. Lt. Col. Marsh virtually blew a fuse after he heard about what happened. He's here to discuss the events of that day."

I heard some footsteps, a muttered discussion, and then I saw Marsh move towards me. He undid my restraints, helped me sit up, and sat in a nearby chair.

"Son, what the hell happened? Your message was vague, and nothing makes sense right now. Please explain everything," he calmly inquired.

"Sir, the others attacked without a motive. I just defended myself. What did I do wrong?" I asked, a slight amount of anger and confusion leaking through.

"What you did is impossible. They are fast strikers, and attack relentlessly. Yet you dodged every one of them as if you knew the direction and speed of each attack-"

I drew a breath and, interrupting his speech, replied, "There's a reason I could dodge their attacks. I could see their moves before they made them." After I said that, I knew he was confused.

" is that possible?"

"I have a rare gift. Among other things, I can see a few seconds into the future when under stress and I can heal any wound, no matter the severity. These abilities are inherent in my bloodline. Starting from Altaïr, my distant ancestor, my family has been gifted."

"What? Altaïr is an ancestor of Desmond Miles. You're not from his family." he yelled, clearly mad.

"My ancestral line is virtually identical to Desmond's, but after the Revolutionary War, our bloodlines separated. Connor had two wives. Each one started a new bloodline. My ancestry comes from Catherine, his second wife. Trace it back if you want. You'll find I speak the truth." I knew he didn't believe me, but I knew the truth.

"The Connor? The one who formed this whole division?"

"Yes." I answered.

Okay, if you have the same ancestors, why hasn't Desmond exhibited anything closely resembling your...unique powers? Your ancestors are identical," he retorted.

"Desmond's gift is recessive. Between Connor and his link to Altaïr, the gift was less frequent. My bloodline maintained a strong link to our gifts."

"So, where does this gift spawn from?"

"The First Civilization, the people who rebuilt Earth and humanity after a solar flare destroyed the Earth. They made a mistake and accidentally left these powers dominant in an early ancestor of mine. Altaïr's killing prowess came from a genetic ability, granting him unnatural speed and strength. Ezio's gift was improvisation and stealth. Connor's ability is still unknown to me, but it appears to be a rare trait. I can't pinpoint the exact source of his ability, but I believe his is linked to his unrivalled accuracy during the war." Marsh leaned in closer.

"This presents a unique advantage to us. We could use your powers to-"

"My powers are still sporadic. I haven't found out how to unlock full control or how to enhance their effects. There are certain sequences of my DNA that are affected, but I have no means of decoding them properly or even finding them." Suddenly, Marsh looked very pleased.

"Maybe you do. Your biometric readings spiked while you were unconscious. We looked at a sample of your skin, and it was rebuilding itself. We found at least 14 different genetic sequences reacting in odd ways. I can get a copy of your DNA scans if you'd like."

"Sure. Perhaps I have other gifts, hidden or locked away."

"Well, your body has fully healed. You can leave now. Tomorrow, you start training. Be ready, we don't go easy on anyone."

Finally able to stand, I responded, "Bring it on."