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Splendours You Never Have Dreamed-

The sun was bright in the sky over the marina, where a boat was waiting to take the wedding party to its destination, Silvis Island. The decks were loitered with guests- dressed for the occasion and in high excitement for the events to come. They chatted, sipped on champagne and watched the seagulls swoop and soar in over the water as they waited for their departure. Yes, the wedding celebrations were to be a spectacular occasion, and none was more excited than the bride-to-be's younger sister.

"- and the flowers arrangements are just beautiful. Katniss, this is going to be so amazing" gushed Primrose Everdeen as she stood with he sister on the highest deck of the boat. At 17, Primrose was ecstatic to have been appointed maid of honour and had been in a flurry of excitement ever since. Her sister however, was much less enthusiastic.

"I just don't see why we're going to all this bother. I would've been just as happy getting married at the registry office." She said good naturedly, fidgeting with the neckline on her burgundy dress. This was all too much. Too over the top and definitely not what she'd ever have chosen for herself. But her mother had insisted on 'the perfect wedding' and this included hiring the best wedding planner in the state, Effie Trinket. From the moment Effie had been hired, the wedding planning had become a seemingly never ending parade of pink ribbons, flowers and sampling every type of cake known to man. And Katniss, who had never been good at those sort of things, had simply let her do what she wanted.

"You just don't want to be the centre of attention" remarked Prim teasingly, giving Katniss a playful poke in the arm. A loud burst of laughter sounded from the deck below. Leaning over the rails, Katniss could see her college roommate downing champagne in the centre of a crowd of guys.

"No, I think that's really more Johanna's job" laughed Katniss, and Prim joined her. A moment later, Effie Trinket swanned over towards them and the sisters immediately stopped laughing.

"Do we have everyone here now? Ready to go?"

"Umm…I don't think Delly Cartwright is here yet. Can we wait 5 minutes?" Katniss asked, though she knew the exact reply she would be receiving.

"Well if you want to end up behind schedule then of course we can wait." Effie's tone was pleasant, as always but Katniss knew that her wedding planner greatly disliked having her plans muddled.

"Delly's down there" said Prim, pointing to the lower deck. "Looks like we can leave now".

"Wonderful" trilled Effie, clapping her hand together "I'll just go and tell the captain".

And with that she marched off, her silver heels clacking against the wooden deck of the boat as the vessel shuddered into activity. Prim disappeared downstairs to find her mother, while Katniss watched as the boat began to swiftly sail out of the marina. As she did so, she felt a pair of familiar arms wrap round her waist.

"Having a good time?"

"Can't you tell?" smiled Katniss, rolling her eyes as she turned to face Gale.

"It's a bit over the top isn't it?" he commented, shooting a grimace at the pink roses which line the rails of the boat.

"Just a little" smirked Katniss, leaning in and giving her fiancé a light kiss before suddenly pulling back. "Crap, here comes Effie again. Let's go downstairs before she comes over"

Hand in hand, the couple climbed the short staircase down to the lower deck where they were greeted with a loud cheer from their guests. It was all Katniss could do to smile and not glare at them all. Prim had been right, Katniss really did not enjoy being the centre of attention. Even at her own wedding.

Silvis Island was situated about 37 miles off the coast of Seattle. The plan was to spend five days there. Four days of celebrations before the ultimate event, the wedding on the 5th day. Given the situation of the wedding, only a limited number of guests were able to attend the festivities. Only forty five in total. Not that this bothered Katniss, if she'd had it her way she and Gale would've gotten married at the registry office with just their closest friends and family members. But Lillian, her mother, had wanted it to be big. Her oldest daughter getting married, of course that was something she wanted to be made special. And Effie Trinket had done just that.

Gale's mother, Hazelle, had been less involved with the planning. In her mind, a wedding should be about the couple in love- not about how extravagant the decorations were. But she'd stood with Lillian, Prim and Katniss, feigning delight at table decorations, hair accessories and bridesmaids shoes and it was during this time that Hazelle realised her future daughter in law shared her views. She and Katniss had shared many discussion on the topic of the over the top wedding , but had both eventually agreed that it was simply best to go along with the read set plans. There would be no changing Lillian's mind, let alone Effie's. Voicing their opinion would only have caused an unnecessary argument followed by tension which may well have ruined the wedding completely. Yes, Hazelle thought it was best to simply avoid an argument. Until she saw her daughters flower girl dress. Posy had cried for an hour after seeing her reflection in the mirror while wearing it, where she resembled an over large pink rosebud. The dress, complete with puffed up sleeves, numerous ribbons and a headpiece which almost completely obscured Posy's face had been a step to far for Hazelle. She had put her foot down and the resulting disagreement meant that she was now avoiding Lillian Everdeen for the rest of the wedding.

The deep teal waves splashed against the sides of the boat while the guest mingled and chatted. Katniss found herself the subject of many hugs throughout the journey, but none was as enthusiastic as Delly Cartwright's.

"Katniss, this is just lovely!" squealed Delly as she threw her arms around her old friend, who responded by weekly patting her on the back.

"Thanks…I'm glad you like it"

"Are you kidding? I love it. With the whole boat, and then the wedding on an island? This is going to be amazing!"

The young man beside Delly, whom Katniss vaguely recognized cleared his throat.

"Katniss, you remember Peeta right?" asked Delly, grabbing Peeta's arm and pulling him into the conversation.

"Umm…." began Katniss. She recognized him, yes, but from where she didn't know.

"He went to school with us. His parents ran the….."

"Bakery" finished Katniss "Yes, I remember now. Nice to see you again"

She and Peeta shook hands, and he smiled softly at her.

"I hope it's ok, Delly invited me to be her plus one"

"No, that's fine" Katniss smiled back "So…are you two together?"

"No, don't be silly" laughed Delly loudly, causing several nearby people to glance over.. "Peeta and I are just friends. I thought he might like to come to your wedding. Do you know, I remember he had such crush on you in high school…"

"No I didn't Delly, you're thinking of someone else" said Peeta uncomfortably, running a hand through his blond hair.

"Am I? Silly me. Well Katniss, I'm sure you've got plenty of other guests to chat to so I'll let you go" Delly beamed, giving Katniss one last hug before prancing to the other side of the deck, dragging an embarrassed looking Peeta behind her.

"If you ask me, that girl has had far to much to drink already" Katniss heard Johanna say from behind her.

"That's just the way she is Jo. Not everyone is a chronic alcoholic you know"

"You're mean. I come all the way from New York to see you get married and this is how I get thanked? Maybe I'll ask the driver to turn back so I can go home"

"Very funny" said Katniss, rolling her eyes. "Like you'd pass up a week long party"

The two had met four years previously , when they were assigned to room together at college. Katniss always remembered her college days as one of the best times in her life. It was then that she had first moved away from her mother, gained several new friends and really began to live her life. It was then that Gale, her best friend since childhood and her boyfriend since high school had first proposed to her. And now they were going to be married. Despite the celebrations not quite fitting in to her taste, and despite the fact that her mother and Hazelle now refused to talk to one another Katniss was sure that the following few days would be looked back on in years to come with happiness and joy. How wrong she was.