If only life were enough,

love would not have wandered over time,

and would have surrendered even death.

You hear the screams of a father coming from below, the distant sound of a waterfall, the heavy breathing of a warrior, the crunch of your shoes wet on the rock, the wind in your hair.

Your heart that is still beating, which is still burning, that you thought was dead but still paws.

And him.

He that is no more.

He who sought your eyes before you fall into the void. You that looked him for the last time with the promise to follow him soon.

You don't feel hands on your body, you are free now. Free to choose, for the first time in your young life. Free to follow your destiny, because you know, it could not be anywhere else, if not in his arms.

You walk up to the edge of the promontory, and do so by looking at the savage who killed your man, he that saw in him eyes fell in love and with contempt has decided to close them forever.

Then you stop breathing, look upon your feet, and you see him, the lifeless body of the man you love, and you know that whatever happens you will end up next to him, that whatever happens you're together.

So you let yourself go into the arms of the air, you let yourself fall on deaf ears, closing his eyes, because after all, there's nothing more to see.

In your eyes by eighteen years old, you know that there is more room for other images. You know that all you have seen you will see it again, behind closed eyelids.

But it's just his face what you want see, what you know that you will can save.

There is no anger, no pain, there is nothing in your skinny body. All you had have given it to the man who is lying next to you, your hands are close, your fingers are touching.

You had not premeditated, it just happened.

You loved him before, when you still did not know.

And you fell dead already, only then you had not realized.