~ Road to The Unlimited ~

By: Andou Masaki

Disclaimer & Author's Forewords:

Series and characters appeared in this fanfiction owned by their respective authors. I only own my Self-Insert as well as other original characters that would be appearing in this fanfiction as well. It's prohibited to copy the content of this fanfiction partially and/ or fully without author's (my) consent. As an author, I personally would love to welcome any reviews as well as constructive critics. However, I would never welcome any flames regardless to any reason behind them. I hope dear readers would be able to understand and accept this disclaimer while keep on supporting this fanfic like always.

After I finally finished my first multi-chapter fanfiction known as End Of The Eternity: Resonance of Fate, I began to look back on these past two years since I started on writing the said fanfiction. Even though in the end I could fulfil my promise to my dear readers to finish the said fanfiction, I personally as an author feel dissatisfied over how the said fanfiction being written.

Some of fellow fanfic authors I knew pointed out about the flaws of End Of The Eternity: Resonance of Fate fanfic for being cluttered with a way too many casts from massive crossover series that spawn across twenty-eight episodes and one epilogue. It was when I as an author realized that I have been biting more than I could chew and started to loose control over the flows of the story itself including all the characters I use within it.

It was when I decided to re-interpret the entire concept of Resonance of Fate from its humble beginning that would also in the same time write a prequel/ spin-off for Resonance of Fate as well. The first thing I would like to inform my dearest readers, the whole concept of this new fanfic known as End Of The Eternity Alternative: Road to The Unlimited is to create alternative re-interpretation based on Resonance of Fate with less number of series that would be crossover-ed in order to make dearest readers easy to connect with the whole lore and characters that would be appearing in this fanfiction. In the meantime, I would also like to inform my dearest readers about the focus shift from a number of series that was hinted previously as the foundation of the new world I created would be replaced by a single series known as Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles.

Of course Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force would still be main focus that narrate this fanfic like how it was in Resonance of Fate, and I do hope dear readers would be happy and accept that. In the end, I would like to present the newly re-interpretation prequel and spin-off for Resonance of Fate, as I believe dearest readers would be able to enjoy it as much as or even more than Resonance of Fate itself. Thank you very much once again and please enjoy!


Andou Masaki

OP Theme Song

Metaphor of Paradise (Performed By: Rekka Katakiri)

ED Theme Song

Gleam In Twilight (Performed By: Aoi Eir)

2nd OP Theme Song

AURORA (Performed By: Aoi Eir)

2nd ED Theme Song

Forget-Me-Not ~ Wasurenagusa ~ (Performed By: FLOWER)