Well, I'm finally back. Summer seems to be the only time I can find enough spare time (and computer time) to write fanfics. I was suddenly inspired to work on this idea I've had for the LONGEST time when a younger writer friend of mine asked me to proof and read his story.

When I say I've had this idea for the longest time I mean it. It's been brewing in my head for months. I've actually taken a lot of notes and ideas down in a notebook for this one. Each vacation or trip I take in which I have a lot of spare time while we are traveling I think over the story line in my head and try new ideas. My trip to France this past spring has also influences a few ideas for this puppy.

This fanfiction will again focus on my favorite Rayearth character, Umi Ryuuzaki, and her relationship with Clef. There will be romance but there will also be an actual story line behind it. Not just fluff this time. This story takes places a few years after my last fic. (A good incentive to read my last fic. Heh heh.) Clef is still in his older OAV form. I will recap and reveal other things about the setting in my writing so, enjoy.

Reviews and emails are welcome of course. There will be some language used that may not be appropriate for younger readers, but I think anyone can handle it. Certain mature situations may be implied. Lime-ish but I doubt this will turn into a lemon. ^_~

Disclaimer: Rayearth is the property of CLAMP/Kodansha, not me obviously!




Author: Blue Angel Samui

Chapter One


Her hands lazily brushed across the text she was intently reading. Letting a small sigh escape her lips she closed her eyes and lightly rubbed her temples. She had been studying all afternoon and she was beginning to feel like she was going to scream. A hand gently rested on her shoulder and she quickly spun around, startled by the new presence in her small, dim corner of the massive library she was studying in.

"Take a break will you? You've been studying for hours Umi, any normal college sophomore would be out socializing on a Friday evening."

Umi smiled up at her roommate Izumi from her chair. "How can anyone tear themselves away from the intriguing and life changing study of Greek Mythology?" she teased.

"Cut the crap," groaned Izumi as she quickly snatched the textbook from Umi's lap. "You study too hard, too often. You need to get out and do something fun or you are going to kill yourself," sighed Izumi glancing at her wristwatch. "It's already quarter past seven and..."

"Shit! It's already seven?" Umi quickly leapt from her seat and frantically began packing her scattered books into her messenger bag.

"Well, aren't we Miss Bi-Polar?" laughed Izumi. "You're in a rush, did we forget an appointment of some sorts Umi?"

"I promised I meet someone tonight and I'm late," Umi breathlessly replied as she scampered from the floor and placed her messenger bag around her shoulder.

"Ah! A date with the man who refuses to meet his girlfriend's roommate and prove his worth! I want all the details afterwards hon."

Umi looked over her shoulder and waved to Izumi as she dashed for the library's entrance. "All right all right!" she called back to her smirking friend.

"Quiet! You're in a library! Honestly, you have no respect for authority or rules anymore!" screamed Izumi as she gave a nearby reader an evil grin when he looked up from his reading, disturbed by the noise she was making.


"Excuse me, sorry!" sputtered the blue haired girl sprinting through the crowded streets of Tokyo. The image of Tokyo Tower in the distance grew closer as she hastily looked at her watch. "Fuu is going to kill me..." She let a small smirk grow across her face at the thought of her mildest mannered friend becoming violent. Well, maybe Fuu wouldn't kill her, but she would be disappointed. Umi had promised to meet her at Tokyo Tower this evening at seven thirty to make the trip back to Cephiro together. Hikaru would already be waiting for them in Cephiro, having decided to take the trip they had all planned a day early. Umi smiled at the thought of who else would be waiting for her when she arrived.

The portal to Cephiro had wondrously remained open to the Knights after their second trip to Cephiro. A most convenient miracle, allowing the girls to visit their distant friends and new found loves. The time change between worlds, although not as drastic as it had once been, allowed the girls to stay very long time periods in the other world while only a fraction of the time pasted on earth. The anomaly was convenient but also distressing to Umi. She may only have left Cephrio and her love for a week in Earth time but her poor lover had to wait for her return months later. What she would give to stay with the man that always occupied her thoughts and dreams, for all of eternity. But the girls were not yet ready to fully release their lives on Earth and the sacrifices were made.

The grandeur of the tower dwarfed the small sapphire haired girl standing before it. Stopping to catch her breath and place a stray strand of hair back into place she glanced at a nearby publicly posted clock. "It's quarter past eight!" her racing mind scolded. She adjusted the duffle bag she carried with her and calmly walked to buy a ticket to the top of the tower. Upon arriving to the top she slowly walked to a window and gazed onto the awe-inspiring sight of Tokyo at night. "Beautiful," escaped her lips as she leaned on the railing that seemed to be the only thing separating her from the city below. She quickly glanced around her taking note of the other observers on the platform. Scattered couples stood near windows entranced by the sight and their companions. Without anyone's notice she moved oddly to the center of the observation deck. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes, focused, and was gone.


When she opened her eyes she was greeted with the sight of the entrance to the majestic castle, which she had so often visited. Looking up into the night sky she made a quick playful spin overcome with happiness. A low voice quietly spoke to her mind, "Welcome back Magic Knight, thy company has been sorely missed."

A warm sensation filled her and she smiled reveling in the feeling. "It's wonderful to be back Selece," she replied softly. "I have missed the comfort of your constant presence and protective vigil. You're a wonderful, ever present, friend."

She felt Selece's warm laughter filler her mind. "Go, companions await your arrival and it grows late."

As the words were spoken the enormous castle doors creaked open admitting the Water Knight entrance. As she quietly entered the castle she sadly noted her apparel. She hadn't had time to change into something more appealing in her rush to Tokyo Tower. At least she had time to pack a few things for her stay. Wrinkling her nose in distaste at her worn gray college sweatshirt and faded low-cut jeans she continued down the long elegant hallway. Noting the lack of noise from the dining hall as she passed she accessed that the dinner they all had planned must already have been finished. "Oh, he's going to be angry," she sheepishly admitted realizing that it must be later than she had originally thought.

Silently continuing her way down the twisting corridors she slowly approached the Master Mage's personal library and study. The large, carved wood doors admitted a small strand of warm light into the dim hallway. Bowing her head like a child ready to receive a reprimand she entered the quiet room placing her duffel bag on the floor next to the doors. Not hearing any response to her sudden arrival she looked up to be greeted with a sight that warmed her heart. Sleeping in a large, worn leather armchair was Clef. The fire in the nearby fireplace cast a warm glow on the mage's face as he slept soundly. In his lap was a large, open book and his head rested lazily on his fist, which was propped up by the chair's arm. He must have been reading while he waiting for her she sullenly noted. She crept closer to lovingly gaze at the peaceful and content look on his face. Listening to his quiet rhythmic breathing and the crackle of the fire in the elegant stone fireplace she let out a happy sigh. Leaning over to wake the adorable mage she suddenly decided that this was the perfect chance for her to change into nicer clothes and to set her things up in her room before becoming to fixated on the tempting form before her. Resisting the urge to lightly plant a kiss on his forehead before leaving she quietly gathered her bag. As she silently slipped out of the study Clef's eyes mischievously opened and a smirk played on his lips.


Lightly singing to herself, Umi lit the small, dim, oil lamp in her room and opened the glass doors to the balcony overlooking the seashore below. Taking a deep breath of the salty air her heart seemed to lighten and any remaining worries over her awaiting schoolwork when she returned to earth faded. Walking back into the room, brushing past the long sheer curtains fluttering in the slight breeze, she noted that the castle had seemed devoid of life. Perhaps it was already late into the night or the couples had already wondered off for alone, intimate time together. Pulling the hair tie from her hair she let the long locks fall from their messy knot. Taking a long, light blue, flowing dress from her bag she laid it on the bed and then proceeded to take of her shoes. Slipping off her tight jeans she continued to quietly sing as she bent over to her waiting bag on the floor. Folding the jeans and placing them in the bag she lazily brushed her hair behind her ear as she spun around reaching to pull off her sweatshirt.

"Did you really think I'd let you wonder off without so much as a hello?" a familiar masculine voice questioned.

Umi let out a small shriek as she looked up from her task to see the tall and darkly clad Master Mage leaning against her doorframe.

"Please, don't let me stop you. I'm enjoying the show," he teased as a mischievous grin played on his lips. He eyed the tempting form before him, silently cursing the oversized shirt she wore that hung temptingly at her upper thigh.

"For love of decency let a girl change her clothes in peace!" she scolded throwing a nearby pillow at the mage.

Clef easily moved out of the pillow's path and laughed as he shut the door behind him. He sauntered over to her, amused by her annoyed face, and lightly placed his hands on her hips. "Girl? All I see is an amazingly beautiful woman, there is a difference," he commented with a smirk as he leaned over her form.

She warmly welcomed his kiss, letting a murmur of approval escape her lips as she thread her arms around his back and leaned into his tall frame. Breaking the kiss, Clef let his mouth hungrily travel down her neck lightly placing kisses in some invisible pattern. "Welcome back," he lightly breathed into her ear. Umi giggled at the sensation as a shiver went up her spine.

"I've missed you," she replied, gently running her hands through his soft lavender hair. Slowly he brought his head up and softly looked into her shinning sapphire eyes. "And I you," he quietly retorted. Letting her eyes flutter closed she took in a deep breath marveling at the distinct smell that had so decidedly imprinted itself in her mind, it was his wonderful sent. She felt his hand come to rest on her cheek as he slowly coaxed her closer, lightly placing a kiss on one of her closed eyelids. This was an adorable ritual for them. She knew what would come next and she hungrily awaited his wandering lips to find hers. Letting his lips caress her other eyelid he felt her let out a contented sigh. A smile crossed his face as he gently drew away from her anticipating form. Her eyes fluttered open in dismay and she watched him unconcernedly walk towards her bag on the floor.

"But don't let me keep you from whatever task was so much more important than greeting me," he calmly teased lifting the bag and placing it on the nearby vanity. He looked at her over his shoulder to see her staring at him, pouting. "Gods, she is adorable," he thought. Turning back to face her he carelessly crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at the ceiling of the room. "And, let me remind you that you were also late."

With a look of indignation she sat on the bed across from him and replied, "I was studying and lost track of time. It was you, remember, that encouraged me to focus on my studies. I tried to get here as fast as I could." Not letting her eyes meet his she carelessly played with the edges of her sleeves and seductively crossed her bare legs. She knew he was watching, she could play this game of indignation too. Looking at him thought the corner of her eye she smirked to herself, seeing she definitely had his attention now. "I was going to see you first but I wanted to change into something more appealing. You should be honored that I would show such consideration and concern," she continued glancing at her polished nails.

"Oh really?"

She looked up and was shocked to find him standing right over her. "How did he move so quickly and quietly?" she marveled. "Yes," she stubbornly replied.

"But I like this outfit so very much," he teased as he leaned toward her. His hand slowly, gently, caressed her thigh. He watched her with satisfaction as she bit her lower lip. Letting his hand travel farther up along her leg, under her shirt to her hip he slowly massaged circles with his thumb as he shifted his weight into her. She leaned back on the bed and let out a surprised gasp as he hungrily took her mouth. Taking advantage of her reaction he deepened the heated kiss. Her hands ran across his back and slowly up to the nape of his neck to play with his hair. Much to Clef's dismay his blue haired angel slipped out from under him and seductively walked to the open balcony doors. She was going to play with him too, was she? Well, he was ready. He sat on her bed and eagerly took in her every graceful movement.

Slightly closing the doors she basked in the feel of the ocean breeze that played with her hair. Leaving a small break in the doors to allow a little fresh air in she turned to the awaiting Mage. As if on cue the lamp in her room flickered and dimmed more. From behind the mask of the sheer curtains dancing in the breeze she slowly began to remove her shirt.

Clef watched her body gracefully stretch and twist as she pulled the shirt overhead. "What a temptress," he mused.

Allowing the shirt to noiselessly fall to the ground at her feet she glanced at the motionless mage with satisfaction. Sauntering over to him she straddled his legs and sat on his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck she hungrily kissed him. Allowing for shock time to pass on his part she drew back from him, slightly disheveled.

A contented and stupid grin was plastered across his face. "I was wrong," he murmured. "This outfit is much better." He let his eyes travel her whole scantily clad form.

"I knew you'd like it," she giggled.

With a snap of his fingers the lamp was extinguished plunging the room into darkness.


Ferio contentedly looked over the sleeping form in his arms. Lightly running his hands through Fuu's golden hair he glanced up at the sight of the moon reflected on the ocean body. Gently he scooped Fuu into his arms and effortlessly rose from his spot on the beach. A sigh escaped Fuu's lips as she remarkably snuggled closer to Ferio as he walked along the shore back to castle. Lovingly he placed a light kiss on her forehead.

Glancing up at the castle on the cliffs above Ferio saw the lights in what he guessed to be the Water Knight's room suddenly extinguish. A squeal followed by a loud giggle escaped the room and echoed along the beach before the balcony doors magically swung shut. Chuckling he shook his head and continued on his trip back to the castle. "When would those two grow up?" he lightheartedly wondered.


End of Chapter One



Well, I think I'm off to a good start. Hopefully you're enjoying the story. I'm going to warn all of you that this story is going to be LONG and it's probably going to take me a while to write all of it. But please stick with me!!! ^_^ Reviews are encouraged, they keep me going. I know someone is at least reading this sucker then. Anyway, stay tuned for Chapter Two.




Sapphire Elegance (An Umi Ryuuzaki shrine!)