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Reid's nails dig fine, red crescents in the lines of his palms. He pulls the collar of his coat higher around his neck; goes to tighten his purple scarf.

His head swims with the sight of dead young men— thin ribbons of red around their neck; the efficient cut of a killer.


That's what they were…clouded eyes staring up at him; begging him to help them.

And in the moment— he felt like he'd failed them. Mind a clusterfuck of emotion and irrationality threatening to pull him under.

They found the killer as he put his last victim to rest.

If they'd been a little faster…

If he'd been faster making connections and just… the kid would have been alive.

He could have saved him.

Reid spirals a little deeper into the darkness.

He takes his time walking in Highland Park— trying to clear the buzz in the back of his head; crowding his mind, making his stomach churn.

All he wants is peace and silence.

His breathe puffs out behind him— feet scuffing, stirring up leaves.

*This was a bad idea*, he thinks as the soggy, moldy leaves waft this scent that kicks him in the fucking chest and he's on his knees in an instant— nails biting the ground as he grips saddened grass and leaves alike.


Gasps of air forced out of him, catching his chest as his heart squeezes so painfully tight.

He can't breathe and he's alone… the park deathly still as leaves shutter as a cold breeze passes through; jumping wizened branches like suicide jumpers, they fall to their death.

He squeezes his eyes shut- trying to block out the world. It's too much...too fast... why won't everything stop for just a damn second?

Blood rushes through his veins- pounding against his temples.

He whimpers as he remembers the smell…the pain, oh god the pain.

He feels a warm hand on his neck and he cries out.

Feels someone pull him up by the arm— he struggles.

He doesn't expect the gentleness as they press their hand to the back of his head— stroking his hair.

He doesn't expect the comforting words that wrap themselves around him like a receiving blanket.

He doesn't expect to strain to listen for the steady heartbeat against his ear.

He doesn't expect the familiarity of this smell…masculine, woody, sweat, and something… to drown him. To wipe Tobias, Raphael, Hankel from his mind, just for a little while.

Doesn't expect Morgan to take the time to find him in a deserted park and just…hold him.

Reid's body shivers with sobs that spring free. Morgan rocks him, pressing his body close.

Eventually Reid's body goes limp; Morgan presses his lips to Reid's sweaty brow.

The leaves swirl around them as they stand.

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