5. Depression


I slumped against the wall, my head in my hands.

Clank was gone. Gone, gone, gone. Where? I don't know. All I know is that those stupid, stupid Zoni had taken him away from me.

Would I see him again? I don't know that either. A warm feeling came to my eyes. Tears. I never ever cry. It would damage by reputation badly. I blinked them away as fast as they had came.

"Ratchet?" A hand touches my shoulder. I give my eyes a fierce final rub with my gloved fists and look up. Talwyn stares down at me, a concerned look in her big brown eyes. I hate it when people see me at a weak point.

"Were you crying?" She asks me gently.

"No." I reply immediately, turning away. "Had something in my eye, t'sall."

I can tell she doesn't believe me, but she gets the hint and doesn't pursue the matter.

"Well, if you need to talk, you know where to find me." She sighs and leaves the room. I sigh. God, she doesn't deserve this. I know I should probably leave. She doesn't need this right now. I make a mental note to leave as soon as possible.

Two weeks later, I'm up early. I'm not sure of the time. Probably about 5:30am or something. I shower quickly, and dress in my hyperflux armour. I grabbed my OmniWrench 8000 from the bed and hurry towards the exit.

Talwyn's voice stops me in my tracks.

"Where are you going?" I turn around. She's in her pyjamas. Her hair is sticking up on one side and her arms are folded. She doesn't look to pleased. Crap.

"I appreciate your hospitality Talwyn. But I'm gonna find Clank." I mutter apologetically.

Talwyn narrows her eyes. "Not without me you aren't. Besides." She says, looking me up and down. "You look like a zombie. Plus, you haven't eaten or slept in days. Do you think I'm stupid?" For the first time in over two weeks, I look at myself in the mirror that hung near the door. She's right. My fur is thin, my eyes are dull and there are dark circles underneath them. I look a sight.

She puts a hand on my shoulder. "Eat some breakfast, Ratchet. I'm coming with you."

I open my mouth to argue, but she's already left, smiling wickedly. I close my mouth, and it stretches into a small grin.