'One, two, three, four.'

Tom Nook counted out his stock order, double checking like he always did.

'Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail!' He would tell himself.

By busying himself at the store every-day and working hard to get to the top, it was hard for him to focus on much else.

Except, unfortunately for Tom, his business was hard to focus on when he always had such few customers. When he's left alone to sit in his shop and do nothing other than to think and reflect. Think and reflect on things Tom Nook didn't want to think about, and didn't want to reflect on. Because that would just make his stomach do that awful twisty pull of guilt that he hated so much. And his head would fill with thoughts, memories of things he regretted saying or doing, things he wished he could go back and change.


Sable was stitching yet another swatch of fabric for sampling later that week.

She'd already accomplished a rather impressive, neat little pile of other patterned swatches that her sister, Mabel, would later test and sample for new designs.

The pile kept growing as the day drew on, but Sable didn't want to stop. Because while she was sat there, stitching and sewing, her mind was fixed. Fixed on something positive and not on something she wished she hadn't let her mind wander to. Something she wished she hadn't remembered. Because every time she paused for a quick lunch break or to readjust the pile that sat beside her on the desk, images of his face would flood her mind and she'd wince.

Wince in pain at their last memory, wince in anger at herself for letting her guard slip so easily, wince in regret after what happened when they parted, and wince in longing perhaps?

Longing that things hadn't turned out the way they had. Wishing and forever wishing that she hadn't run off like she had, wishing and forever wishing that she'd stayed to finish the conversation, stayed to kiss him on the cheek and wave goodbye. Wishing she'd stayed and shown him she was happy that he was leaving to follow his dreams. Even if it meant leaving her behind, because following your dreams is a good thing.

Wishing and forever wishing that a heart was as easy to mend and a swatch of fabric.

I am considering writing a multi-chapter story for these two as I feel there aren't enough stories of this pairing! Please let me know whether it would be worth my time, and what you thought of this little one-shot! Thanks!