Yaoi Warning! Ozbert 3 (Oz X Gilbert) don't like? Please don't read! Its just really fluffy fluff~!

This a just an old little story I wrote a long time ago.. I thought it was cute when I was transfering files to my new computer, and thought I'd share it on here :3 I might put some other short little one shots I've discovered on here as well.

Sleep Silently

Panic and anxiety rushed over Oz as he tossed back and forth under his blankets. Eyes tightly held shut and hands clenched on strands of his hair. He had never felt so much fear before, pain that burned through his muscles. His mind dragged him through haunting nightmares, dreams he had often but refused to take them to heart. Echoing words that told him he didn't belong, that no one cared or wanted him around.

"Oz.. Oz.. Oz!" Oz jumped up, sweat rolling down his face and neck. He scrambled to the left, pushing the blankets away from him. "Oz calm down! It's just me!" Oz's eyes blinked a few times, causing him to sigh heavily once his servants form come into view. "G-Gil…" Oz whispered, hand pressed against his chest. Gil sighed and took a seat on the bed. "Another nightmare... Huh?" Gil asked. Oz nodded and moved back towards Gil. "Sorry... Did I wake you up?" Oz asked. Gil smiled and ruffled the blonds hair up, "Its fine, I like being here for you~" Gil whispered and wrapped his arm around the blonde, pulling him closer.

Oz's checks burned a pink tinge as his head fell against his servant's chest. The nightmares started only days after his return from the abyss. He thought it was just because of all the changes he was going through at the moment and not to mention the fear he went through while in the abyss. But those dreams kept coming back, at least five times a week. It was common for Oz to wake up screaming and for his servant to be there for him when he did. He always enjoyed the company seeing as Gil was always willing to hold him when he needed it. The dreams seemed to differ from death of himself to death of the closes people to him. It caused the blonde to wonder what it meant, if anything..

"My head hurts…" Oz mumbled and nuzzled his head closer to his servant. Gil nodded and wrapped a blanket around the young noble, holding him in his arms as a parent would do their child. A quite yawn escaped Oz, causing a smile to cross Gils face. His master was so small, so thin and fragile to the touch. It concerned Gil, to know his master was falling victim to such fearful dreams; he never wanted Oz to be hurt! And it pained him to know he couldn't do anything about it. Gil honestly thought the dreams would stop after a while, but they weren't.

A long whistling gust of wind echoed into the room, sending a cold breeze to linger across the two boy's skin. Oz shivered and mumbled his protest of the sudden cold feeling that shot a jolt up his spin. "Oz..." Gil whispered, brushing a few loose strands of hair from his master's eyes. Oz quickly slipped his hand into Gils, sticking his servant silent when his master tightened his grip. A warm blush crossed the dark haired man's checks, bringing a satisfied smile from Oz. "Yes Gil~?" Oz snickered. "Is there something you need?"

Gil gulped and shook his head, throat painfully dry from the sly actions his master presented. "Mmm-" Oz mumbled back. Oz always liked the small reactions his servant gave off, his blushes and silent flinches, unable to speak from the overwhelming emotions he felt. It was all too wonderful, to know his servant felt so fondly of him. "Can we stay like this tonight…" Oz whispered.

"Eh... Uh sure…" Gil whispered back, reddened face become even warmer.. Oz smiled and looked up to Gil. "I am glad~" Oz chuckled, "Gil is always so caring and warm~ It makes me forget those dreams~!"

Gil smiled and leaned down, pressing his lips against the top of Oz's head. "Good~"

3 the end 3

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