When he came to, everything was black. The last thing he could remember was riding his bike into Charming. He didn't remember seeing the black SUV tail him, wasn't paying attention when it had pulled up beside him, and certainly wasn't expecting to be struck in the head only to be knocked out cold. He inhaled deeply and tried to exhale through his mouth but the piece of duct tape quickly restricted that. There was a faint smell of iron in the place meaning either he was somewhere industrial or he had bled...alot.

He heard the door open and the sound of heavy footsteps scuffing against the floor. From the sounds, he could make out two men. This was confirmed by the dialogue that followed between the two. Trying to listen carefully, he wanted to see if he recognized the voices, but they were no one he knew. "Can we hurry this shit up-we got that patch in party tonight," a deep, raspy voice said.

He suddenly felt someone at eye level and could feel the heat from their breath. The smell was familiar-cigarettes and booze. He could tell that, whoever this was, the person was staring at him. Almost as if he could feel the person's eyes burning a hole through the blindfold into his core. Then the blindfold was pulled off.

His suspicions had been correct; there were two of them but he didn't recognize the men-both tall, but one was bald and the other had curly black hair.

While he didn't recognize the men, he did recognize their cut. As the two men placed them on the opposing edge of the table, his assumptons were confirmed-they were Sons.


Tig and Happy had been going at the Outlander for the last hour, and the hostage still wouldn't give up the location of the guns. The Outlanders were a small group that had caused a lot of trouble for the Sons by intercepting the latest shipment. This Outlander, Marcus Feldman, was the secretary to the Outlanders and was also proving to be more of the silent type. The two Son's had been at Feldman for the last hour, taking turns on and off beating the man senseless with all sorts of objects in order for him to reveal information.

Time flew by, and the Outlander remained quiet-save for his screams. No matter what they did or what they broke, which at this rate included most of Feldman's fingers and his nose, the Outlander said nothing. Tig had been at the Outlander for the last 20 minutes when he felt his hand go numb. "Hap, I gotta take a break, man." Tig took a step away from the biker as Happy was all too anxious to take over. Tig panted heavily from the corner chair and he reached into his cut for his pack of smokes.

Lighting it, Tig took a heavy drag as he watched Happy pick up the hammer from the table and slam it across Feldman's face. Tig hadn't always gotten off on violence, but since his tour of duty, Tig found the more pain he caused the more pleasure he received. As the hammer met the Outlander's face for a second time, Tig could feel his dick harden. He continued to smoke and chuckle as the Outlander screamed in pain. These were the moments that made life worth living.

After about another half an hour, Tig pulled out his cell phone. Adjusting his crotch as he stood, he noticed the time-6:25. He and Hap had to be back at the clubhouse ASAP for Damien's patch-in. Even though he would've loved to stay here all night and take a part this guy piece by piece until he either caved, or went back to the Outlanders in a tupperware, Tig knew he and Hap had prior arrangements. Tig threw what was his second cigarette to the ground and put it out with his boot before walking over to the Outlander.

"Hap, move," Tig said, and Happy obliged. As soon as he had asked him to move, Tig had his gun drawn and shot the Outlander in the knee cap. The Outlander screamed and Tig pistol whipped him. Tig shouted over Feldman's screams, "I don't have time for your bullshit, where the fuck are the guns?" Feldman looked up and spat at Tig. Not even taking a moment to wipe the spit gracing his cheek,Tig whipped him again. "If you don't tell me where the God damn guns are, I will blow your other fucking knee cap off." Feldman, wanting to remain true to his club, choked through the pain and said, "" Rolling his eyes, Tig diverted his attention to another sensitive area of the body, the elbow. The sound of the silencer resonated throughout the tiny bunker and was met with Feldman's shrieks. The pain was intense and all Marcus could think about was wanting to pass out. Through the screams, Tig shouted again, "I got a whole 'nother side to take down, asshole-where the fuck are the guns? We ain't got all day!" Feldman stared at Tig, panting. Tig waited a moment for the slightest whimper before shrugging his shoulders and placing the gun against Feldman's remaining knee cap...he'd had enough.


Tig smirked and turned his glance to Happy, who stood behind Tig like an excited puppy waiting to go to the park.

"Told you we'd get there on time."


Mina was finishing up the portrait of Molly's baby girl. "So, he tells the court that he's paid, like, 12,000 in child support over the last three years. Like, for real?" Mina snorted as she switched from one machine to another to add the white highlights. Since finishing up her apprenticeship, Mina wanted a change of scenery and moved to Charming to begin her new life as a licensed tattoo artist.

She also wanted spend more time with her Uncle Bobby.

She hadn't seen much of Bobby since her Uncle Heinz passing, but they had always had a strong bond with each other. Bobby had been a friend of her Uncle Heinz, and it was because of Bobby that Mina adored Elvis. He would sometimes work Mina into his act which was how she earned the nick name "Little Lisa Marie." Bobby always knew she was an artist and always supported her artistic talents, so when she went looking for a tattoo job, she figured she'd give Bobby a call. Bobby called in a favor and got her a job at the shop in Charming in exchange for giving the guys some tattoos.

Now, however, she sat and listened to her best friend give her the latest dead-beat-Daddy dirt from back home. "So I'm like, 'Why would I take him to court over fifty bucks a week if the motherfucker has given me over 12 grand the last three years?'"

"Such bullshit," Mina remarked as she put the last bit of white in the portrait. "Finished! Take a looksie!" Mina said as she grabbed a mirror from the counter and handed to Molly. Molly had gotten the portrait of her daughter, Penelope, on her shoulder. With her back to the adjacent full length mirror, Molly clasped onto te hand held mirror in her right hand. "Wow, Min, you're getting really fucking good."

"You like it?" Mina asked, always self-conscience about her work. "No, Mina, I fucking love it, she's stunning." Mina sat back on her stool and pulled the black latex gloves off, tossing them into the red hadzard container under her counter top. "Good, I'm glad."

"How much do I owe you?" Mina always hated asking for money from her friends when she did tattoos. "Don't worry about it. When you sell your first novel, though, I want a car." Molly laughed, "Deal. So, what's up for tonight?" Mina pulled a pack of cigarettes out of the top drawer and lit one. Four hours straight on this portrait about damn near killed her. Tossing the pack to Molly, she lit her cigarette. "Uncle Bobby wants me to stop at the clubhouse tonight. I guess they got a prospect patchin' over, so he wants me to ink the Reaper on him."

Molly nodded. "Damn, a week here and you're already inkin' bikers." Mina chuckled. "Yeah-Shit!" Mina glanced at the clock, "6:30? I gotta go!" Mina hugged her friend, "Coffee tomorrow before you take off for your mom's?"

"Absolutely, gives Penny a chance to see Auntie Mina before we head back." She managed to bandage her friend's tattoo quickly before they both ran out to their vehicles. Turning up her latest mix cd of Danzig, Mina sped to the Teller-Morrow garage like a bat outta hell.


"Where's this tattoo artist friend of yours, Bobby?" Clay asked as Bobby walked up to the bar.

"I told her 6:30-she'll be here." Bobby yelled to one of the prospects to pour him a shot just as Tig and Happy walked in. The rest of the club had turned their heads thinking it was the new artist but were met with disappointment. As Tig walked up to Clay to give him the news on the guns, Happy went to the murder of croweaters that flocked the newest Son. "Outlanders hid the guns in the outskirts of Oaktown."

"Oaktown?" Clay was shocked. "Ain't that Niner territory?"

"Kinda makes you question what kinda shit these monkeys are trying to pull."


Tig pulled another smoke from the pack in his cut, "Dunno, but I'll find out."

"See that you do- BOBBY!" Bobby looked at Clay who mocked pointing to his wrist. "She'll BE HERE" Bobby shouted as he asked for another shot.

Just then, the door opened and Mina entered. She was wearing a pair of ripped jeans, black boots, and a Ramones shirt she had ripped to appear more low cut hoping she wasn't under dressed. In her right hand, she held a case with her machine and a box of gloves. There was a hoot and holler coming from the crowd but she could ignore that. She quinted to look around for her one familiar face but was met with a tall glass of crazy, complete with a mop top of messy black curls.

Of course he'd been intrigued by the mystery "relative" Bobby talked about. He didn't know much, only that she tattooed but that didn't stop Bobby from reading the guys the riot act. "Don't be thinking she just some piece of ass up for grabs or anything, because I'll kill ya-if she doesn't first." Yeah, he was quick to add that. Maybe she looked like him, round, pudgy, with a mass of fried curls. No thanks.

When he had seen this girl walk in though, with her ripped clothes and curvy figured, he'd actually hope it was her. And if it wasn't, perhaps she'd be the bitch of the night. Either way, Tig walked over-nay, sauntered to the girl. "You lost, sugar tits?" Mina was taken aback by his brash tone and had considered turning around and walking out had it. This was before she was stopped by the tubby biker with the large poof of hair stumbling towards her. "Little Lisa Marie" he slurred as he lifted her off the ground in a huge hug.

"ELVIS!" Mina laughed as Bobby swung her around. Her mood immediately changed and she was smiling. Goddammit, Tig thought to himself, this was her.

After making himself a bit dizzy, Bobby placed Mina on the floor and put a hand against the wall to regain his balance. The commotion by the door naturally peeked more curiosity,and Clay walked over to see the artist for himself. Finally able to see more clearly, Bobby turned around and introduced the two, "Clay, this is Mina Iver. Mina, Clay Morrow." Mina wasn't sure where to go from this spot so she stuck her hand out for Clay to shake. Clay looked at her and then to Bobby.

"She's a chick."

Mina was used to this reaction. There was a lot of stigma about female's tattooing, but she figured she'd let her work speak for itself. Clay noticed her tattoos, namely the portrait of Vincent Price on her right arm, and asked, "You do any of your own tats?" Mina walked over to the bar with Bobby and Clay and sat her case and box of gloves on the bar. Reaching into to her never-ending purse, she pulled out a store bought photo album with shots of her work. "Nah, but those I have done," and she handed Clay the album. Skimming through, Clay thought her work was decent enough. "Alright, well, ya ain't bad, kid. Not great, but not terrible."

"Um, thanks?" Mina said. Bobby, who was still slightly taller than she was, threw his massive arm over her shoulders and pulled her close,. "Clay, this gal's going places. Plus, she's pretty great kid, likes a lot of the old stuff."

"Must be why she's taken a shine to you," Tig interupted as he and Chibs joined them at the bar. Leaning in close, Tig's speech came out slow and slinky, almost like that of a serpent. "Listen, sugar tits, I was kinda thinking of getting a tattoo to make my dick look like a snake. I'm talking snakeskin like on the shaft and beady little eyes-think you can do that?"

Seriously, Mina thought, and looked from Bobby to Tig. His blues, which ha he not been so much of a creep would be gorgeous, looked him over. Two could play this game she thought before leaning in to him slowly. Tig's breath trembled a bit as he could feel her breath on his face. She smelled of lavendar and nicotine and Tig's nostrils flaired. She got him, she thought, and Mina raised an eyebrow. As a smirk grew across her face, she mimcked his own sppech pattern.

"Yeah, you know, I don't do miniature tattoos yet, but when I master it, I'll give ya a call." Bobby, Chibs, and Clay laughed hysterically as Tig backed away from her and the group taking a swig of beer. En route to the couch, he muttered "Bitch" under his breath.

"Is he for real?" Mina said laughing to Bobby and Chibs. "Tha's Tig, just ignore him-names Chibs." "Hi, Mina Iver," not learning from before, Mina stuck her hand out again but, this time, Chibs shook as he asked, "Iver? Y' Scottish?"

"Well, I wasn't born in Scotland but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't mostly Scottish and Hungarian blood flowing through my veins." Chibs laughed, "Excellent." Clay patted Mina on the shoulder, "Yeah, she's good. Listen kid, lemme introduce you to the newest member." Mina kissed Bobby on the cheek before saying, "I'll see you in a bit." Bobby shook his head and watched Mina follow Clay. He turned and joined Chibs for another shot.

Tig finally found a spot next Happy. Though a croweater had been there trying her best to attract some attention from Happy, Tig whistled. When she hadn't heard him, Tig threw her off the couch and sat down. Happy looked in the direction Tig had just come from and saw Mina laughing with a few of his brothers. "Who's that?" he asked Tig.

"I guess Bobby know's her. She's a smart ass tattoo artist."

"Tattoo artist, huh? I've been looking for a new one. Got some faces to add."

Tig sighed into his beer. Not him, too, he thought. Here we go, in walks a pretty new face for all the guys to oogle over but, mustn't touch seeing as her "uncle" is Bobby. Who'd want to oogle her anyway? With her Bettie Page hair, creme colored skin, and big honey colored eyes; nope, didn't matter that she was curvy in all the right places, yet slightly bigger in the tit department...shit.

As he surveyed the room, he began to think of earlier and how torturing the Outlander made him hard. His observation concerning Bobby's guest wasn't helping either. Luckily, a wide array of crow had shown up tonight and suddenly remembered the girl he'd thrown from the couch earlier. He looked down and saw she hadn't moved from her spot. Just huffed into her compact while checking for shiny spots. Whistling at her, she looked up at him and grinned. Tig stood up and stuck his hand out to her to help her up. The girl giggled and moved to be in front of him. He could smell alcohol on her breath, a complete contrast to the smell of Mina.

Tig looked in Mina's direction and found her talking to the prospect-well, no, now Damien was his brother. As she bent over his right arm to lay the stencil, Tig noticed just how low cut her shirt had been. Her breast made his mouth water and he could feel his crotch swell. Just then, the croweater in front of him turned to push her ass against his growing member, which made Tig whisper something in her ear. As the girl continued her rhythmic grind, Tig stared intently at Mina. Just as he was about to suggest they go to his dorm, Mina caught his gaze. Stopping herself, she stared back. Tig knew he should play it off, simply laugh and walk away but he was mesmerized.

As Mina watched the croweater sloppily grind her back into Tig's thighs-God, this bitch was short-Mina only had one thought-why? Why was this freak staring at her? Just to get a rise out of her? Maybe think she was jealous-jealous of what? When he winked at her, that's when she knew. So Mina gave him a killer look back and decided it was best to ignore him. What a douche, she thought.


"It's beautiful, kid" Clay said, examining the Reaper Mina had just finished on the newest Son, Damien. "Absolutely beautiful."

Mina smiled, "Thank you, Sir."

"Clay," he corrected. "I ain't no Sir. Just Clay."

"Thanks Clay," Mina smiled as she pulled the gloves off and tossed 'em in the trash. "Hey, Clay, where's the bathroom?"

Following his directions, Mina made her way to the bathroom. Now, she had thought he said last door on the left but, when she went there, the only thing she saw was an ass...thrusting. Ah, she thought, thinking she had burned her retinas. Unfortunately, she couldn't find the door knob quick enough to close the door without drawing attention to herself. "What the hell?!" the girl screamed as the pasty white ass turned. Fuck, she thought, it would have to be him. He smiled before pushing the girl completely forward away from him and changing his direction towards Mina.

"Fuck" Mina said, "Sorry." Finally, she thought. Finding the door handle, Mina tried to close it, but was stopped when the biker had grabbed hold of it first. "What's the rush?" There it was again, she thought, that slow serpent-y voice.

"Um, I thought this was the bathroom." Mina said quietly as her gazed moved to the floor-well, tried to move. Of course it caught sight of Tig's member standing at attention. Mina immediately tried to direct her gaze elsewhere, perhaps the screws in the door. Screws-shit-SHIT! She could feel the heat rush to her ears as her mind dwelled on his cock again. Dammit. This made her blush and anxiety rushed through her. "I-uh,…"

Tig smiled. He saw her blush- knew she liked what she saw. "Well, sugar tits, the bathrooms are that way." Mina looked up at him into his blue eyes and looked away, "Yep," she said as she turned in the direction of the bathroom. She tried to think of other things-puppies, kittens, snakes-GAH!It didn't help when she felt Tig's grip on her wrist. She was almost away but found herself turning to face him again. Tig smiled, "As you can see, there's quite a bit of canvas...if you ever wanna tranform my dick." Mina blinked and then smirked. "Ain't enough black ink for your garter snake,...Pig."

"Actually it's Tig." Mina pulled away from his grasp and looked at him. "Nah, I think I was right the first time." Tig watched as she turned and went towards the bathroom. Cunt, he thought. What the fuck was her problem, anyway? Suddenly, he felt the croweater work her arms around his waist as she sloppily kissed the middle of his back. "Come on, Baby, come back to bed."

Tig was more annoyed with this Mina broad than ever. How could she resist him? No one, man or woman, could resist the charms of Tig,...who the fuck is this bitch?