A year had passed since the incident with Quint. The boys went through quite a bit of trials and tribulations, none of which was brought on by Mina. Mina was able to, when she wasn't performing tattoos, was able to go back to school while Molly was able to support her and her daughter Penelope on her knitting projects. Of course, it didn't really matter what they did considering the club would always be there to look out for them.

This also didn't mean that their respective relationships with their Sons wasn't as hot and heavy as ever. In fact, Molly was pregnant and Chibs big bad biker exterior melted when she was in the room and he would entertain Penelope with funny voices and piggy back rides. He treated her as his own and the three were happy.

Mina and Tig,... well…..

"Babe,..." Mina panted as Tig sucked on her ever hardening bud while adding another digit to the one currently inside her. She could feel orgasm coming hard and faster and, as if he could read her body, Tig removed his fingers in favor of his tongue. He rode her orgasm while lapping up the juice secreting from her cunt as Mina's arched back flattened against the mattress. Lazily, Mina laced her finger into the tangled black curls and pulled Tig up to her mouth, tasting herself as her tongue demanded entry into his mouth. Her legs quickly regained feeling and she pushed Tig on the bed. The clubhouse was empty tonight, not that that had ever stopped their loud moans and groans before, but it was nice to be really alone.

His member stood at attention like a soldier saluting a general. Mina smiled at Tig and, without breaking eye contact, licked from the base of his shaft to the tip of his head. She could taste his pre cum as she licked the base of his head in a circular motion. Judging on the stiff grunts from Tig, she was doing something right. When she took his entire length into her mouth, however, Tig stared wide-eyed and his head fell back in pure ecstasy. Mina continued, alternating between deep throating Tig's cock and licking it, massaging his balls in the process.

"Mina, s..stop," Tig hissed and Mina looked up. Tig sat up and motioned for her to ride his cock. As he guided his cock into her slick wetness, Mina moaned. She could feel her walls forming to him, welcoming and milking him. She started slow, massaging her breasts before Tig's hands took that job from her. Instead, she placed one hand over one of Tig's hands that massaged her breast and the other played with her clit. Their pace quickened, Mina grinding her hips into Tig's pelvis and Tig thrusting into her as deep and fast as he could until Mina screamed his name. And just as Tig came, there was a pop and the bed collapsed to the floor.

"GODDAMMIT," Tig shouted and Mina laughed before falling into him and kissing him on the nose.

And that's it. I hope everyone enjoyed these last few chapters. I'm sorry it took me so long and I hope you were ok with the ending. I know it isn't much but I wanted to go out with a bang...or them banging...hahaha. As always, thank you to everyone who took the time to read this. I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement and I hope this story made you, if even for a brief moment, forget all the bad shit in the world. :)