The Lost Spirit: Lost

(19/10/13) A/N: Hey there! Thanks for clicking on this story! Hope you enjoy it! Just a heads' up: The writing for this fan fiction is unpolished because I started it last year, when I literally just started writing, and I'm not planning on editing it either, unfortunately, because I have a lot of other writing to get to so yeah… Anyways if you want to keep reading I appreciate the support and yeah I really hope you'll like it I guess? (: Have a nice day and God bless!

Flashing lights everywhere. The car horns rang about in my ear drums. The braking sound of the tires screeched loudly, as though someone were screaming. Everything went blurry, and I could feel pain on my head, ribs, and limbs. There was a faint, metallic smell of blood filling up the area around me. I was dizzy, and the agonizing pain was shooting up quickly. I was panicked, yet strength was leaving me so quickly, there was no way for me to move. Then… everything went dark.

[4 years ago…]

The sea breeze blew softly against my hair and clothes, and I stuck my tongue out to taste the salty air. The scenery was breathtaking. The beach had always been my favorite family outing place; the breathtaking scenery, the spacious play area and the ocean that reached all the way to the horizon reminded me of Haku and our promise. The sun was setting, with magnificent streaks of pink, gold and orange painting the sky. I took out my Polaroid to snap a picture. I wanted to remember this moment.

"Chihiro! Where were you? We were supposed to continue building a sandcastle together, remember? C'mon! We have to hurry before the gigantic monster stomps all over it!" Mum shouted.

I ran over to Mum's outstretched arms and I hugged her. I could smell her sweet scent and hand in hand, we ran over to our unfinished sandcastle, just in time to see Dad running over, pretending to be the horrifying monster about to stomp all over it. "Halt, in the name of Chihiro!" I yelled. The "monster" plastered a shocked expression on his face, and raised both of his hands above his head in surrender. I laughed and ran right into him, causing both of us to fall over in the sand.

"Aww, you guys kicked the sandcastle over." Mum sighed. I was giggling and Dad helped me up. I took out my Polaroid, and the three of us huddled close together to take a picture. The picture that came out was so beautiful; it not only captured the scenery in the background, it also captured the love and eternal bond between us. I was elated and bubbling over with joy. Both of them kissed me on the cheeks, one side each. Then, they went to keep all the playing tools we used to build the sandcastle. I bent down to help, but as I was picking up the shovel, the picture was blown away from my hands, and to the ocean.

"Oh no! That was my best picture so far!" I pouted. "Don't worry; we'll get it for you okay?" Dad patted my head, before heading to the ocean together with Mom. My eyes followed them as their figures before shifting to a sign that read "No swimming during high tide."

Alerted, I leapt up and down, trying to get their attention. "Mom! Dad! Come back! It's high tide now! The sign over there says not to go to the sea when it's high tide! It's too dangerous!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. However, they didn't seem to hear. They were still laughing and giggling away like a typical young couple.

The picture had floated away pretty far from the shore, and Mum stood at the shore to wait for Dad to go get the picture. Dad folded up his pants, and ventured out into the treacherous waters. Soon, the water went up to his knees, then his waist, and then his chest. I was beginning to get worried, so I started to run to them to stop them.

Suddenly, a horrible scream broke my train of thoughts. I looked up to see Dad waving his arms above his head frantically. Oh dear. The strong current was pushing him away. Without hesitation, Mom jumped in to chance saving him. My feet rooted and planted themselves firmly on the sand, too shocked to move.

The two of them struggled to swim back, and pedal as they might, but they were still moving backwards with the force of the current. "Stay there, honey! We'll be back soon!" Mom shouted, though it was clear that swimming back ashore would be a daunting and extremely challenging task.

I had a feeling she didn't want me jumping in as well, so I stayed there, unable to move my limbs. I watched as they floated away, their heads getting tinier and tinier as they floated further out to sea. Soon, they disappeared from my sight. Everything around me seemed to darken too soon, but I had promised my parents to stay there and wait for them. I lay on the sand, wishing upon the stars that when I woke up, they would be lying right there beside me…

The next morning I woke up to a sunrise, however, my parents were nowhere in sight. I was afraid, and terrified. What if something bad had happened to them? What if they leave me here all alone? I'm scared… Haku… Where are you..? You're the Kohaku River! Please help to protect my parents… I'm scared…

I remained seated on the sand, but after a few hours, I felt slightly dizzy under the blazing sun. The sand burned beneath me, and it was scorching hot. 'Where had the calming sea breeze gone?' I wondered sadly. The migraine knocked my head again, and my butt lost its balance, making me fall to the , my vision blurred and I was enveloped in darkness.

When I came to, I was on a bed, and there were monitors around me. There was a strong smell of medicine, and after a while I realized I was in a hospital. A nurse entered the room and looked at me for a while. She seemed to be thinking about something. She then hurriedly went to get the doctor to check up on me. I was still groggy, probably from some drug they gave me. The doctor did a thorough checkup on me and nodded to the nurse. She closed the door and we were left alone in the room. He was smiling at me, though I could detect a hint of grief. I wonder what happened to him.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"I'm fine. What about my parents?" I inquired.

My question seemed to make him flinch a little. He smiled at stroked my hair. His hands were strong and warm, but I felt uncomfortable. "Well, your parents… They... they were found at the beach…" He said with caution. I brightened up almost immediately, and the heavy weight that was on my chest was instantly lifted. "So, that means they're fine! Oh I was so worr-"

"They were found dead on the shore of a nearby island."

It took a few seconds for his words to register. "W-What?"

"Your parents… they've passed away, unfortunately… I'm very sorry…" he murmured a little softer this time, trying to remain as sensitive as possible to my plight.

'…W-what? No, that's impossible… My parents… My parents promised never to leave me alone… They… promised… Haku… promised…'

The world seemed to collapse right in front of my eyes. My parents were dead. I could only live with the truth. I would never see them again; we could never play together at the beach again. We would never be together again.

"A-are you… alright?" The doctor was concerned about my frozen-like state.

"It was… my fault… that they died… It's my entire fault… If I hadn't wished to retrieve that picture back, then… they wouldn't have… died…" I was mumbling to myself. I could feel my heart being stabbed and broken into a million pieces. I started screaming and wailing in my agony and pain, making the doctor jump. He tried to calm me down, but I was hitting his arms, trying to get away from him. I wanted to escape everything. I didn't want anything. I just knew that I wanted my parents back!

Hastily, the doctor injected something into me. I screamed at the pain when the needle sunk deep into my flesh before being retracted out, but all too quickly, I felt numb and everything vanished before my eyes. I seeped back into never-ending darkness again, wishing that I could stay there and never wake up.