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Edward's & Bella's age: 39 years old – Savannah's age: 21 years old - Nathan's age: 19 years old

Edward's POV

I can't believe my little girl is going to marry today. A lot has happened since that day I asked my beautiful girlfriend to marry me.

First of all, we did a parental test and it came back with a 99% match. Savannah is Paul's daughter. I left the room and start crying. My beautiful princes wasn't mine anymore. I couldn't face the fact that I was loosing her.

I lost grip of everything, until Bella brought me back to reality.

I'm standing out the hospital, crying for everything that I'm losing. The test was conclusive Paul is Savannah's biological father. The past six years meant nothing anymore, because I can lose her.

I hear footsteps come closer and somebody starts to hug me.

"I'm sorry," Bella whispers. "I'm so sorry."

I pull her back and look into her eyes. "What are you sorry for?" I ask her. "It's not your fault that I'm going to lose my daughter."

Bella gasps. "What?!"

"My lawyer told me three years ago that I could keep Savannah, if we couldn't find her father. Now, that Paul is Savannah's father…" I stopped talking, because I can't finish that sentence.

"Listen to me Edward," Bella yells. "You cannot give up hope."

I look at her. "What do you mean?"

"We have to talk to our lawyers about Paul's parental rights," she answers. "There is maybe a possibility that you can keep Savannah."

She was right, we can't give up hope.

And that's what I did, hoping. We called both our lawyers and asked them to come to the hospital. When they both arrived we told them our story. They decided to work together to terminate Paul's parental rights, but it could be years before it was decided.

My lawyer told us that the trial of Paul must be ended, so that the judge couldn't deny that Paul was an unfit father.

The trial of Paul was another story. It took one year, before going to court and another six before the conviction. He was sentenced life without parole. The judge and the prosecutor both found the death of Lauren premeditated, because Paul told them numerous of times that he only used her to get to my money.

The trial was both hard on me, but also on Bella. Paul admitted during his testimony that everything about his marriage with Bella was based on a lie. At one point he loved her, but he loved money and a career more.

We were both glad that Paul was out of live for good, because after the sentencing of Paul, our lawyers asked the judge for terminating Paul's parental rights and he agreed with our motivations. That was the moment we started our adopt process.

I adopted Nathan and Bella and I adopted Savannah legally. Nathan is now a Cullen and he couldn't be more proud of it. They both started to call us Mom and Dad after we told them everything.

A year after the trial we decided to marry, it was a beautiful ceremony with the most important people in our lives. Tanya was Bella's maid of honor, which made Alice sad, because she really thought that she would be the maid of honor this time.

Now, thirteen years later, my little girl is getting married to her college boyfriend.

"Dad," Nathan's voice pulls me out of my thoughts. "You are not going to lose her."

I look up to him. "She just growing up so fast."

"Oh don't tell her that, Dad. She is going to kill you." Nathan laughs. "She hates that you are still treating her as a little girl."

"But she is my little girl."

"And Luke knows what will happen if he hurts Savannah," Nathan says seriously. Nathan is maybe younger as Savannah, but he's very protective over her. I remember the night Luke came for the first time to our house.

Bella and Savannah are in the kitchen busy with dinner. This gives me time to warn Luke.

"So Luke, how did you and Savannah meet?" I ask him.

"At college, we have the same classes."

"And you love her?"

He only nods. Just at the moment I want to threaten him, my son walks in.

"Oh, is this my sister's boyfriend?" he asks.

"Indeed. Luke meet my son Nathan. Nathan, this is Luke Philips."

"Does he already know what will happen when he hurts her?" Nathan asks me.

I shake my head. "I was just going to start, when you entered the room."

"Oh this is going to be fun." He smiles.

"Luke, my son and I know a lot about making people disappear," I lie. "So remember that when you hurt my princess."

The fear in Luke's eyes makes me happy. "Y-Yes, sir."

Eventually, I warmed up to my princess' fiancé. He truly loves her and would move the world for her.

"How is your mother?" I ask Nathan, changing the subject very quickly.

"She's helping Savannah," he answers. "Savannah is a mess and Nessie isn't making it any easier."

"Don't let your Mom hear you call your sister that." I laugh. "She would be murder her."

"Then she should have chosen an easier name."

"You know that the name represent very important people in our life."

I can't believe that we have another daughter. Renesmee was born eight years ago and was, besides Nathan, Savannah and Bella, the light of my life. She was the perfect combination of Bella and me.

Renesmee, or Nessie as everybody shorten the name, was only very keen on attention. So, Bella gave her an important job today. She was going to be flower girl. Apparently, it isn't enough.

"What did Renesmee do now?" I finally ask.

"Oh, she was eating chocolate, and almost ruined the dress."

I start to laugh. "It sounds like her."

"Yes, and Savannah almost killed her."

"But she loves her little sister."

"Only not today."


A few hours later, my little princess is Mrs. Philips and her smile lights up the whole room.

"Isn't she beautiful," my fantastic wife asks.

"She has always been beautiful," I say. "But tonight she really looks like a princess out a fairytale."

"Our son is also finally getting of the street."

We both look his way and see him talking with one of Savannah's friends. "Well, when he is out of the house, we still have Renesmee to take care of."

"And our little peanut," she says taking my hand and putting it on her belly. "I'm pregnant again."

"What?!" I whisperyell.

"We have to be careful this time around, but we are going to be parents again."

I smile and look around the room. My two oldest kid are finally getting their bright future, but Bella's and mine is still going on.

Fifteen years ago we rediscovered love and now our love will last forever.

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