MapleStory: Rise of the Black Mage

By Shunto aka Black Viper Meggido

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Prologue: Pact of Darkness

Skarn lay facedown on the crystal surface as he got up and looked around his surroundings.

As he stood up on his feet he noticed something unusual about the area.

For one, there were people frozen in blocks of ice.

As the young explorer went up to one, he felt a surge of power rise up in his body.

It was short lived, however; the power disappeared as he walked away.

Suddenly, the crystals shattered, and Skarn covered his face to protect himself from the rain of crystal.

Nothing touched him. He lowered his arm and looked forward to see a man in a black cloak.

The hooded individual turned around to face the boy.

"You… the sixth hero…!"

Skarn backed away. "I-I have no idea what you're talking about… I'm just an explorer living in Henesys…!"

The cloaked figure lunged at Skarn and pinned him on the ground.

As his face drew closer, Skarn turned his head away to avoid gazing at his eyes.

But he couldn't move; he was frozen to the ground.

The figure spoke once again.

"You…you hold the key to free me…!"

Skarn was scared out of his wits now.

"W-what key!? I don't know what you're talking about!"

The figure raised his left hand and a scythe appeared.

"Give it to me… Give me the power to unite my soul with a new vessal…!"

The scythe came down on Skarn and he closed his eyes for the impact…

Suddenly, Skarn shot up in his bed. Gripping his chest he breathed heavily, trying to forget the nightmare that transpired…

But when his hand came to his face, he froze.

On it, was a black and gold bat wing with a glyph in the center.

It wasn't a dream; he knew that for a fact.

He knew because the day before…

That glyph was never there.

End of prologue! It's dark, I know, but I think it sets up a good plot. You'll understand the sixth hero thing much later in the fic.

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