This is about a two friends who are being stalked by Slender Man in their friend's journal after about chapter 3 I am going to be switching POVs of them two.

I was in Chemistry half asleep listening to the droning of my teacher when I heard my name called over the intercom.

"Josh Ruggins to the main office please, Josh Ruggins to the main office." I thought of all the things I'd done that I would get in trouble for; I've been called over the intercom before. My teacher Mr. Ree wrote me a pass and man was I glad because he was just getting into polynomial ions and my brain was already fried from quantum numbers. As I was walking to the office I kept thinking that maybe they wanted me to write a statement for the fight I witnessed earlier today, but boy was I wrong cause when I walked in and saw my best friend Kyle sitting in a seat by the door and sat down and joined him.

"You know why we get called down here?" Kyle asked as I sat beside him wondering the same thing. I had thought it was because of the fight but once I saw my friend I knew it wasn't because Kyle hadn't been there to see it happen.

"Boys! Please come in and sit down" our principal yelled from down the hall in his office. We got up and sat in his office and he looked a little sad. "I'm afraid I have some bad news. Your friend Andrew was found dead today hanging from the fan in his room. The police suspect it was suicide and they wanted me to ask you if you were aware if Andrew was depressed or if he'd been having any issues." Kyle and I looked at each other thinking the same thing.

"We didn't know Andrew was depressed and he hardly had issues. Andrew was sort of a loner. He sometimes needed his space and didn't like having people too close. Kyle and I met Andrew a few years ago after we stopped a guy bullying him." Our principal came to the conclusion that we didn't have any information for him so he told us we could call our parents to pick us up so could be with Andrew's family and try to comfort them. We went back to our classes and collected our things and left school heading to Andrew's home. His mom looked like a total wreck. Her makeup was smudged; she looked like she had been crying for a few good hours. Kyle's mom and my mom decided to talk while we went into the living room.

"So why do you think he did it" Kyle asked as we sat on the couch.

"I don't know it just doesn't seem like something he'd do. He always seemed fine; I can't see him being able to do this." Just then, the moms came from outside and told us the funeral would be tomorrow. Kyle and his mom left and told Andrew's mom they were sorry for her loss and hugged her. My mom was also ready to go and I gave Andrew's mom my condolences and we left.

The next morning I dressed in a suit and tie and my mom drove to the church where Andrew's funeral would take place. We met with Kyle and his mom and went inside to begin the service. Kyle and I were asked to talk about Andrew and we both said some funny things he used to do like make some of the stupidest jokes and we replayed them, which it seemed to make some people laugh. After the funeral, Kyle and I told our moms we were going to walk around and maybe get some lunch. They said that was fine and told us to be home before 9. Before we left Andrew's mom asked us to come by her house to give us some of Andrew's things she thought we might want to have. We told her we would be over around 6 and started walking to this Mexican restaurant called El Tigre. After lunch he and I silently walked to Andrew's house. When we got there Andrew's mom was still in the clothes she had mourned in as she buried her son.

"Oh hello boys come on in" Andrew's mom said as we shut the door. "Here is a box of Andrew's things I thought you might want." We both thanked her and gave her hug and left while carrying the box back to my house. When we got to my house we went straight to my room and opened the box. Inside were a few Xbox 360 games, a couple of pictures of Andrew with the two of us, some of his CDs he burned his music on, some headphones, some of his books, and finally at the very bottom of the box was a journal.