The next day I knew I had to find Josh. I had to tell him all the things I found and better yet tell him what I saw. I printed some of the newspaper articles from last night to show him, but I didn't see him until lunch.

"Hey Kyle" Josh said as I sat my try down and start to take my seat next to him. "You don't look so good what's wrong?" He asked as I began digging in my bag for the newspaper articles.

"I did some research into "this creature" of Andrew's and I think I found out its name is Slender Man." I said as I put the papers on the table. "Also I found these articles last night on the web" I said as Josh picked them up and began reading. After he read it he didn't speak for a while. Then he asked about the journal if I read the next part to it. I told him I did and let him read it.

"Andrew really thought he couldn't talk to us about this?" he asked as he put the journal down. I told him that Andrew was just scared and he didn't think he had anywhere to turn. I decided to tell Josh about my sighting of him.
"So last night I saw him." I said as Josh looked at me in shock. "I was walking over to window when I saw him in my backyard staring at me. I didn't know what to do but I ran downstairs and locked everything up and when I got back upstairs he was gone." As I finished Josh looked at me and almost spoke but stopped then he took a deep breath and said "I saw him the night before in my backyard looking at me I didn't know it was him before now" Josh said as he grabbed his because the bell rang to go back to class. "I'll talk to you later I want the journal back because I want to read more." I gave him the journal and told him to be careful and to tell me what happens tomorrow.