The end of another boring school day began as slow as it ended. As usual I had 4 assignments due by tomorrow and not enough sleep in between to keep me up long enough to complete even 1 of them. I saw Josh as I was leaving the school building. Thank God I don't have to hunt him down I told myself. The sooner I get rid of this thing the better.

"Hey Josh here is the journal I really need to head home and help my mom, so I will see you tomorrow. I didn't experience anything out of the ordinary so see you tomorrow. Bye!" I told Josh as I handed him the journal and rushed as fast as I could towards my house.

I ran as fast as I could everything passed by me like I was seeing my life before my eyes. When I got home I realized I wasn't running from the troubles of the contents in the journal but from my friend. Josh, who, had been there for me since we first met in kindergarten.

I remember the day so well that it just comes to me as a movie that I could never forget. I was as quiet as I could be in class not really worrying about how to count from one to ten or how good my coloring was and how I could stay in the lines. No, the reason Josh and me became friends was because of this particular day half way through the year. I was sitting in the cafeteria by myself as usually when these three fourth graders came up to me and started accusing me of sitting in their seats. I always thought you could sit where you wanted. Apparently not to these guys. They started yelling at me to move and before I knew it I just froze in my seat.

They started calling me names like retard and dumbass that it just scared me even more. I didn't know what to do when they started trying to shove me out of the chair. Before I knew it I was pushed to the ground and scrapped my knee. I started crying which only caused the guys to start laughing. I felt so bad but then out of nowhere Josh comes running up to the table and starts hitting one of the guys. From all of the commotion teachers started running over trying to get Josh off the guy and figure out what happened. I told the teachers and of course because Josh started hitting the guy he got in trouble for it. I was sent to the nurse for a band aid and Josh got the "Silent Table" for three weeks.

Afterwards, I told Josh thank you and ever since we became the best of friends. Josh and I actually became friends with Andrew a few years later. He was a new student who just joined our third grade class and no one wanted anything to do with him but we all three started hanging out. Doing all of our group work together spending endless hours at each other's house and playing video games like they were going out of style. But now Andrew is dead from this thing, and now Josh and I are being stalked by it. I decided that a perfect name for him would be Slender Man, but still everything about him shakes me to my core.

I couldn't tell Josh about my encounter with Slender Man. Last night as I finished up with reading the journal I decided to spend some time on the internet after homework. When I was getting ready to turn my computer off I saw him out of the corner of my computer screen. I didn't move but just froze in my chair. I contemplated on turning around and face him or to just hope he goes away. I awkwardly started watching him and for a moment I thought I saw tentacles coming out his back. I thought about running out my door and to the kitchen where my mom was. I guess he thought I was thinking it because before I could even make a move he put himself between me and the door. I really felt like crying at that moment because I didn't want to die at that moment. I really did see my life flash before my eyes and I finally accepted Death's inevitable knock. I closed my eyes for I didn't want to see what he had in store. But before he could do his harm though my mom yelled from the kitchen.

"Kyle can you come downstairs please I need your help ." I guess the voice of my mom scared him because I opened my eyes and he was gone. I took probably the biggest deep breath of my life. I accepted my mom's comfort for anything was better than being in my room at the moment.

When I got downstairs she asked me if I saw a ghost or something because I looked more scared than she has ever seen me before. I told her I was fine just a little tired and she asked me if I could help her move some things from the kitchen to the living room. I was glad for I don't think I could go back into my room for awhile. Afterwards, it was a little past 10' o clock and I decided to head to bed. I was nervous at first about returning to my room. So I decided to grab my phone set the alarm clock for 8 grabbed a spare pillow and a blanket and crashed on the couch.

The next day I was hoping to see Josh because I really wanted to tell him I wanted to end this whole journal situation. And put it behind us because I feel like the journal is playing with our imagination and making us see this thing. It was strange because I never saw Josh at all at school. When the day finally ended I thought about heading to his house. I decided would call him first. When I got his voicemail I knew something was wrong. Josh always answers his phone no matter what he's doing he would rather catch you first then to call you later. I decided to walk to his house. When I got there I knocked on the door and his mom came.

"Hello Kyle. How are you?" Josh's mom asked. As she wiped her hands with a paper towel.

"Hey Ms. P. Is Josh home? I didn't see him at school today." I said as I saw the look of puzzlement on her face when I explained how Josh didn't go to school.

"That's strange I haven't seen him at all today either. He usually is gone for school by the time I get ready for work." She told me as she let me into the house. "Maybe he's in his room, you can go check if you want. If he's up there tell him to come down I don't like him missing a day of school." She told me as she made her way back to the kitchen while I made my way for the stairs. When I got to his room his door was open, bed made, but what was strange was Josh's book bag was by his door. He usually puts his bag over by his desk. I didn't see Josh, so I decided to head back downstairs. As I was about to turn I saw from Josh's window, Slender Man standing by one of Josh's trees that leads to a path of endless woods. I turned around and ran downstairs and told Josh's mom he wasn't up there but that I had to go because my mom was calling me to come home. I made my way from around Josh's house to the beginning of the path I saw him beckoning me to follow him into the unknown.